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Shaler, N. S. Notes on the Right and Sperm Whales. Vol. vii.
No. 1. —

Tisdale, S. T. Habits of the Black Bass. Vol. v. No. 6.
Verrill, A. E. On the Food and Habits of some of our Marine
Fishes. Vol. v. No. 7. — The Giant Cuttle Fishes of Newfound-
land and the Common Squid of the New England Coast. Vol. viii.


No. 3.

ANDERDON, J. L. See River Dove.

ANGLER IN IRELAND: or, an Englishman's Rambles through Con

naught and Munster, during the summer of 1833. London, 1834. 2 vols. Crown 8vo.

By Belton, author of “ Two Summers in Norway.”

ANGLER, THE. Containing a Complete Description of all Fresh

Water Fish, and the most approved methods of catching them; the best places for Angling near London ; together with Useful Hints to Anglers in general. London, [1834.] Small 4to.


and Guide to the Principal Rivers, Lakes, and Fisheries in Great Britain and Ireland. By a Practical Angler. 1853, 1854, 1855. London. 3 vols. 18mo.

ANGLER'S COMPANION. Being a Complete Practical Guide to

Angling; with the properties, names, and where to be found of all River Fish. To which is added Nobbs's Art of Trolling. London : Hughes. 1824.

I 2mo.

ANGLER'S COMPANION, being a Description of where to Find and

how to Fish the various Swims in the Horse and Groom, Lea Bridge, and White House Fisheries. London (no date). 12mo.

Attributed by Pickering to J. Martin.

ANGLER'S DESIDERATUM. Containing the best and fullest Direc

tions for dressing the Artificial Fly; with some new and valuable Inventions by the Author from a practice of nearly half a century. [Capt. Clarke, R. M.] Edinburgh, 1839.

I 2mo.


ANGLER'S DIARY and Fisherman's Guide to the Rivers and Lakes

of the World: to which are added a List of Rivers of Great Britain, with their Stations; also Forms for registering the Fish

taken during the year. London, 1878. ANGLERS' EVENINGS. Papers by Members of the Manchester

Anglers' Association. London, 1880. Crown 8vo. The Same. Second Series. London, 1882. Crown 8vo.

ANGLER'S GUIDE. Containing Easy Instructions for the Youthful

Beginner, with several observations on fishing, pointing out the proper times and seasons for the different kinds of Fish, as also the best mode of angling for them and directions for the proper Baits and Tackle to be used. By a Lover of the Art. London, 1828. 18mo.

“The Gentleman Angler" under a new title. ANGLER'S HAND-BOOK; containing Concise Instructions for every

Department of the Art, and two coloured plates of Flies, including many never before figured. Third edition. London, 1840.

24mo. ANGLER'S MANUAL; or, Concise Lessons of Experience, which the

Proficient in the delightful Recreation of Angling will not despise and the Learner will find the advantage of practising. With twelve plates designed and etched by S. Howitt. Liverpool,


Repertory of Fact, Inquiry, and Discussion on Field Sports and subjects of Natural History. The Green Series complete. With

six woodcuts. London, 1880. 4to. ANGLER'S POCKET-BOOK; or, Compleat English Angler : contain

ing all that is necessary to be known in that Art. Also Nobbs's celebrated Treatise on the Art of Trolling. Third edition. Lon

don, 1805. 12mo. ANGLER'S SURE GUIDE. See HOWLETT.


ANGLICIAN FRIAR, and the Fish which he took by Hook and by

Crook. A Comic Legend. By a Novice, A. F. & F. Dedicated

to all Lovers of Angling. London, 1851. ANGLING EXCURSIONS. See GREENDRAKE. ANGLING SCRAP BOOK. Consisting of Newcastle Fisher's Gar

lands. Prices Angling Books have brought at sales. Various Scraps from Angling Works, numerous engravings of Fish and

Fishing Scenes, and a few cuts by Bewick. 2 vols. 8vo. ARMIGER, CHARLES. The Sportsman's Vocal Cabinet. Comprising

an extensive Collection of scarce, curious, and original Songs and Ballads relative to Field Sports. London, 1830. I 2mo.

Contains twenty-five songs on Angling. ART OF ANGLING. Intended not for Sale. London, Printed by

D. Lewis, 34 Mount Street, Grosvenor Square. 1819. I 2mo.

“Printed for private circulation. Mr. Heseltine, of the Covers,' Lale. ham, possessed a copy of this work which he believed to be unique. On the fly-leaf Mr. H. G. Bohn certifies that he knows of no other copy. This copy is not in the ‘Bibliotheca Piscatoria.' It is identical in every particular saving the imprint, D. Lewis, 34 Mount Street, Grosvenor Square, and same date.” — Greville Fennell.

Edward Soltau, whose autograph it bears, was the author of Soltau's “Trout Flies of Cornwall and Devon."


ART OF ANGLING: Eight Dialogues in Verse. See RUDDIMAN'S


Ascribed to Dr. Scott, a Dissenting minister of Ipswich. It contains

ironical notes in imitation of Dr. King's “ Art of Cookery.". ARTEDI, PETRUS. Synonymia Piscium, sive Historia Piscium Naturalis

et Literaria ab Aristotelis usque aevo ad seculum xiii. deducta

duce Synonymia Piscium. Lipsiæ, 1789. 4to. ARTIFICIAL PRODUCTION OF FISH. See PISCARIUS.

ARUNDO. Practical Fly-Fishing: founded on Nature and tested by experience of nearly forty years in various parts of the United

I 2mo.

Kingdom. With instructions for imitating all the most useful

Flies. Also Remarks on Fly-Rods. London, 1849. 12mo. ASHWORTH, EDMUND and THOMAS. A Treatise on the Propagation

of Salmon and other Fish. London, 1853. ATKINS, CHARLES G. The Salmon of Eastern North America and its

Artificial Culture. See Report of the U. S. Commissioner, 1872 – 73. — On Fish-Ways. Ibid. — The Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar). Ibid., 1873 – 74, 1874–75. — Collection of Eggs of Schoodic Salmon. Ibid., 1875-76, 1877, 1878. — Cheap Fixtures for the Hatching of Salmon. Ibid., 1878.


ADDELEY, J. London Angler's Book, or Waltonian Chronicle,

containing much original information to Anglers generally, combined with numerous amusing Songs and Anecdotes of Fish and

Fishing never before published. London, 1834. 8vo. BADHAM, Rev. C. DAVID. Prose Halieutics, or Ancient and Modern

Fish Tattle. London, 1854. Crown 8vo.

Reprinted in part from Fraser's Magazine. BAGNALL, GEORGE. Piscatorial Rambles : or, the Fisherman's Pocket

Companion. London, 1865. 12mo. BAILEY, WILLIAM. The Angler's Instructor. A Treatise on the best

modes of Angling in English Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds, and on

the habits of the Fish. London, 1857. Svo. The Same. Second edition. London, 1866. The Same. Third edition, revised. London, 1878. 8vo.

An excellent practical treatise by the best Nottingham angler of the day. BAINBRIDGE, GEORGE C. The Fly Fisher's Guide, illustrated by

coloured plates representing upwards of Forty of the most use-
ful Flies, accurately copied from Nature. Second edition, with

Additions. London, 1828. 8vo.
The Same. Fourth edition. London, 1840. 8vo.
One of the text-books of the Fly-Fisher.

I 2mo.

BARKER, THOMAS (of Bracemeale, Salop). The Art of Angling.

Wherein are discovered many rare Secrets, very necessary to be knowne by all that delight in that Recreation. London, 1653. 4to.

This is the Barker from whom Walton says (Complete Angler, Ch. 5) he derived his principal knowledge of fly-fishing, in which he himself was no adept. — Dr. Bethune.

This edition is without the author's name. The Same. Reprinted from the edition of 1653. Leeds : Inchbald and Gawtress. 1817. Royal 4to.

The only copy that was printed on large paper.
The Same. From the First edition. London, 1820.

One hundred copies reprinted for J. H. Burn.

I 2mo.

BARKER'S DELIGHT; or, The Art of Angling. Wherein are discov

ered many rare Secrets very necessary to be known by all that delight in that Recreation, both for catching the Fish and dressing thereof. Second edition, much enlarged. London, 1820.

I 2mo.

From the edition of 1657. One hundred copies reprinted for J. H. Burn. The Same. Reprinted by Hodgson & Co. London (1824]. 12mo. BARLOW, FRANCIS. Seuerall Wayes of Hunting, Hawking, and Fish

ing, according to the English manner, and invented by Francis Barlow. Etched by Hollar. London, 1671. Oblong 4to.

BARNWELL. Game Fish of the Northern States of America and

British Provinces. See ROOSEVELT.

BARRY, W. Moorland and Stream. With Notes and Prose Idyls on

Shooting and Trout Fishing. London, 1871. 12mo. BATHURST, CHARLES. Notes on Nets; or, The Quincunx practically

considered. To which are added Miscellaneous Memoranda.

London (no date). BAUDITTEN, EBEN. Carp Culture, chiefly in its relation to Agriculture. See Report of the U. S. Commissioner, 1878.


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