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SIR HENRY Wotton said of Angling, it was

A rest to his mind, a chearer of his spirits, a diperter of sadness, a calmer of unquiet thoughts, a moderator of passions, a procurer of contentedness; that it begat habits of peace and patience in those that possessed and practised it.”


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BBOTT, CHARLES C. Notes on some Fishes of the Delaware

River. See Report of the U. S. Commissioner, 1875 - 76.

ADAMS, A. LEITH. Field and Forest Rambles, with Notes and Obser

vations on the Natural History of Eastern Canada. London,

1873. 8vo. The Lake Trouts. See Report of the U. S. Commissioner, 1872 –


Friend of the Family. [William Ayrton.] Together with Notes
for the Fly Fisher' in North Wales. London: Pickering. 1853.

I 2mo.

ÆLIANUS, CLAUDIUS. De Natura Animalium. Libri xvII. Gr. et Lat.

Ed. Schneider. Leipsic, 1784. 8vo.

The first, and indeed the only, writer amongst the ancients that makes mention of fishing with the artificial fly. See Book xv.

AGASSIZ, Louis. Histoire Naturelle des Poissons d'Eau douce de

l'Europe centrale. I. Salmo et Thymallus. 27 plates. II. Em-
bryologie des Salmones. 14 plates. Neuchatel, 1839-42.

The plates in folio, with the text in octavo.
Lake Superior : its Physical Character, Vegetation, and Animals,

compared with those of other and similar regions. With a
Narrative of the Tour by J. E. Cabot. And contributions by
other scientific gentlemen. Boston, 1850. 8vo.


AKERMAN, JOHN YONCE. Spring-Tide; or, The Angler and his

Friends. London, 1850. 12mo.

A series of fishing scenes with illustrations of the West-country dialects.

ALBIN, ELEAZAR. History of Esculent Fish. With [18 coloured]

plates, drawn and engraved by Eleazar Albin. And an Essay on the Breeding of Fish and the Construction of Fishponds, by the Hon. Roger North. London, 1794. 4to.

ALDAM, W. H. A Quaint Treatise on "Flees, and the Art a Artyfichall

Flee Making." By an old Man well known on the Derbyshire Streams as a first-class Fly-Fisher a century ago. Printed from an old MS. never before published, the original spelling and language being retained, with Editorial Notes, and patterns of Flies, and samples of the materials for making each Fly. London, 1876. Royal 4to.

ALDROVANDI, ULYSSES. De Piscibus, Lib. v. et de Cetis, Lib. unus.

J. C. Uterverius collegit. H. Tamburinus in lucem edidit. Bononiæ, 1613. Folio.

ALEXANDER, Col. SIR JAMES EDWARD. Salmon Fishing in Canada.

By a resident. Edited by Col. Sir James Edward Alexander.
London, 1860. 8vo.

ALLERTON, R. G. Brook Trout Fishing.

Brook Trout Fishing. An Account of the Oquossoc Angling Association to Northern Maine in June, 1869. New York, 1869.

I 2mo.

ALLPORT, MORTON. Salmon Experiment in Tasmania. See Report

of the U. S. Commissioner, 1878.

AMERICAN ANGLER'S GUIDE: being a Compilation from the

Works of popular English Authors from Walton to the present time; together with the opinions and practices of the best American Anglers; with engravings on wood. By an American Angler. New York, 1845. 18mo.

AMERICAN ANGLER'S GUIDE: or Complete Fisher's Manual for

the United States : containing the opinions and practice of the experienced Anglers of both Hemispheres; with the various modes adopted in Ocean, River, Lake, and Pond Fishing; the usual Tackle and Baits required; instructions in the Art of making Artificial Flies; methods of making Fishponds; transportation of Fish, &c. Fourth edition, with the addition of a

Second Part. New York, 1857. 8vo. The Same. Fifth edition, with the addition of a Third Part. New York, 1876. 8vo.

By John J. Brown, whose name appears for the first time on the titlepage in the fifth edition.

No. 12.

AMERICAN NATURALIST. Abbott, Charles C. Notes on Fresh

Water Fishes of New Jersey. Vol. iv. No. 2. — Mud-loving Fishes.
Vol. iv. No. 7. -- Further Notes on New Jersey Fishes. Vol. iv.

- Notes on the Habits of certain Craw Fish. Vol. vii.
No. 2. — Notes on the Cyprinoids of Central New Jersey. Vol. viii.
No. 6. Adams, A. Leith. Death of Fishes in the Bay of Fundy.
Vol. 11. No. 7. - Agassiz, Louis. Concerning Deep-Sea Soundings. .
Vol. vi. No. I. Blake, James H. The Habits and Migrations of
some of the Marine Fishes of Massachusetts. Vol. iv. No. 9. –
Clarke, S. C. Notes on some of the Coast Fishes of Florida.
Vol. iv. No. Il. - Collins, A. S. The Impregnation of Eggs in
Trout Breeding. Vol. iv. No. 10. Cope, Edward D. Observa-
tions on the Systematic Relation of the Fishes. Vol. v. No. 9. –
Coolidge, A. A. Monstrosities among Trout. Vol. 111. No. 6.
Dexter, Edward. A Fish Farm. Vol. 11. No.4. Gill, Theodore.
The Sperm Whales, Giant and Pigmy. Vol. iv. No. 12. - On the
Limits of the Class of Fishes. Vol. VII. No. 2. Goode, G. B.
The Bill Fish in Fresh Water. Vol. v. No. 7. — Hart, L. L. A
Chapter on Cuttle Fish. Vol. II. No. 5.-

Vol. III. No. 5.- Lockwood, Samuel. The Sea Horse and its Young. Vol. 1. No. 5. - Morse, Edward S. Something about Jelly Fishes. Vol. 1. No. 5?- Packard, A. S. Colossal Cuttle Fishes. Vol. vii. No, 2. Putnam, F. W. Blind Fishes of the Mammoth Cave and their Allies. Vol. vi. No, I.

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