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GANOT's Elementary Physics .
GIANT (The).
GILBERT's Cadore

-- and CARCII!LL's Dolomitcs
GIRTIN'S House i Live In
GONDA** inful Stories

Poems, Illustrated
Gyl id's ver Store
GRAHAM's Book About Words
GRANT's Ethics of Aristotle..

Home Politics....
Graver Thoughts of a Country Parson...
Gray's Anatomy...
GREENHOW on Bronchitis
GROVE on Correlation of Physical Forces
GURNEY's Chapters of French History
GWILT's Encyclopædia of Architecture

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LATHAM's English Dictionary.

5 River Plate.... LAWLOR'S Pilgrimages in the Pyrenees 16 LECKY'S History of European Morals

Rationalism........ Leisure Hours in Town...

6 Lessons of Middle Age LEWES's Biographical History of Philosophy S LEWIS's Letters

4 LIDDELLand Scott's Greek-English Lexicon 6 Abridged ditto

6 Life of Man Symbolised......

19 Margaret M. Hallahan.....

14 LINDLEY and Moore's Treasury of Botany 9 LINDSAY's Evidence for the Papacy..

14 LONGMAN'S Edward the Third

2 Lectures on History of England Chess Openings.........

20 Lord's Prayer Illustrated ..

11 LOU DON's Encyclopædia of Agriculture 13


13 Plants

9 LOWNDES's Engineer's Handbook.

12 LUBBOCK's Origin of Civilisation

0 Lyra Eucharistica

15 Germanica

11, 15 Messianica


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MORELL's Elements of Psychology
MORELL'S Mental Philosophy.
MÜLLER'S (Max) Chips from a German

Lectures on the Science of Lan. guage....

(K, O.) Literature of Ancient Greece MURCHISON on Liver Complaints .. MURE's Language and Literature of Greece


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ODLING's Animal Chemistry

Course of Practical Chemistry
Manual of Chemistry.
Lectures on Carbon

Outlines of Chemistry
O'FLANAGAN's Irish Chancellors
Our Children's Story
OWEN's Comparative Anatomy and Physio.
logy of Vertebrate Animals

Lectures on the Invertebrata.....


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Lyra Mystica

15 MACAULAY'S (Lord) Essays

History of England
Lays of Ancient Rome 18
Miscellaneous Writings 7

5 Works

1 MACFARREN's Lectures on Harmony

11 MACLEOD's Elements of Political Economy 5

Dictionary of Political Economy 5

Elements of Banking...

- Theory and Practice of Banking 19 MCCULLOCI's Dictionary of Coinmerce 19

Geographical Dictionary 8 MAGUIRE's Life of Father Mathew Pius IX......

14 MALET's Overthrow of Germanic Confederation

2 MANNING's England and Christendom 15 MARCET on the Larynx

11 MARSHALL’s Physiology

11 MARSHMAN'S History of India

2 Life of Havelock MARTINEAU's Endeavours after the Chris. tian Life

15 MASSINGBERD's History of the Reformation MATIESON's England to Delhi

16 MAUNDER'S Biographical Treasury

4 Geographical Treasury

8 Historical Treasury

3 Scientific and Literary Treasury 10 Treasury of Knowledge... 20

Treasury of Natural History 9 May's Constitutional History of England.. 1 MELVILLE's Digby Grand....

17 General Bounce

17 Gladiators

17 Good for Nothing

17 Holmby House..

17 Interpreter

17 Kate Coventry.

17 Queen's Maries

17 MENDELSSOHN's Letters MERIVALE's Fall of the Roman Republic .

Romans under the Empire 2 MERRIFIELD and Evers's Navigation

8 MILES on Horse's Foot and Horse Shocing. 19 on Horses' Teeth and Stables

19 MILL (J.) on the Mind

5 MILL (J.S.) on Liberty. Subjection of Women

4 on Representative Government

on Utilitarianism
's Dissertations and Discussions
-Political Economy

4 Mill's System of Logic.......

5 Hamilton's Philosophy

4 -Inaugural Address at St. Andrew's. MILLER's Elements of Chemistry Hymn Writers

15 MITCHELL's Manual of Architecture

12 Manual of Assaying

13 MONSELL'S Beatitudes

15 His Presence not his Memory.. 15 'Spiritual Songs'

15 MOORE's Irish Melodies...

18 Lalla Rookh

18 Journal and Correspondence 3 Poetical Works...

18 (Dr. G.) Power of the Soul over the Body ..


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RONALDS's Fly-Fisher's Entomology
Rose's Loyola
ROTISCITILD's Israelites
Rowron's Debater
RULE's Karaite Jews
RUSSELL on Government and Constitution

's (Earl) Speeches and Despatches

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TODD (A.) on Parliamentary Government .. 1

and BowMax's Anatomy and Physiology of Man

11 TRENCH's Ierne Realities of Irish Life

2 TROLLOPE's Barchester Towers............ 17 Warden

Twiss's Law of Nations
TYNDALL's Diamagnetism

Faraday as a Discoverer.
Lectures on Electricity
Lectures on Light
Lectures on Sound
Heat a Mode of Motion

Essays on the Imagination in

9 Uncle PETER'S Fairy Tale

16 URE's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines


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SANDARS's Justinian's Institutes

5 SCOTT's Lectures on the Fine Arts

21 Albert Durer......

11 SEEBOHY's Oxford Reformers of 1498

2 SEWELL's After Life

17 Glimpse of the World

17 History of the Early Church

3 Journal of a Home Life

17 Passing Thoughts on Religion

15 Poems (f Bygone Years

18 Preparation for Communion

15 Principles of Education

15 Readings for Confirmation

15 Readings for Lent

15 Examination for Confirmation

15 Stories and Tales

17 Thoughts for the Age

15 Thoughts for the Holy Week 15 SHAKSPEARE'S Midsummer Night's Dream, illustrated with Silhouettes..

12 SHIPLEY's Four Cardinal Virtues..

14 Invocation of Saints....

15 SHORT's Church History

3 Smart's WALKER's English Dictionaries 5 SMITH'S (SOUTHWOOD) Philosophy of Health 20

(J.) Paul's Voyage and Shipwreck 14
(SYDNEY) Life and Letters

Miscellaneous Works 7
Wit and Wisdom

7 SOUTHEY's Doctor

5 - Poetical Works..

18 STANLEY's History of British Birds..

9 STEBBING's Analysis of MILL's Logic.

5 STEPHEN'S Ecclesiastical Biography

4 Playground of Europe

16 STIRLING's Secret of Hegel...


7 STONEHENGE on the Dog..

19 on the Greyhound

19 STRICKLAND'S Tudor Princesses Queens of England

4 ron

!! Suda. Aftroons at the Parish Church of a Sitish Cniversity City



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WARBURTON'S Hunting Songs

18 Watson's Principles and Practice of Physic 10 Watts's Dictionary of Chemistry...

10 WEBB's Objects for Common Telescopes...

WEBSTER & Wilkinson's Greek Testament 14
WEST on Children's Diseases

10 - on Nursing Children

20 WIIATELY's English Synonymes


WHITE and RIDDLE's Latin Dictionaries

Wilcocks's Sea Fisherman...

19 WILLIAMS's Aristotle's Ethics

History of Wales...
WILLIAM3 ou Climate of South of France.. 10

WILLICH's Popular Tables
Willis's Principles of Mechanism
Wixstow on Light....
Wood's (J. G.) Bible Animals..

Homes without Hands

(T.) Chemical Notes WOODWARD and Cater's Encyclopædin

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YARDLEY's Poetical Works
Yoxge's History of England

English-Greek Lexicons

Two Editions of Horace
YOUATT on the Dog

on the Horse..

13 1 6 18 19

TAYLOR's History of India

2 (Jeremy) Works, edited by EDEN 15 THIRLWALL's History of Greece

2 Thomson's Conspectus .

11 Laws of Thought

5 Tl:ree Weddings


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