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Attached is a packet of Standard Position Descriptions (SPDs) for
OPCCP Area and Field Offices recently transmitted to Regional
Personnel Officers' by Director of Personnel Management (DPM)
Larry Goodwin. They may be used immediately, according to
provisions of the GS-360 Corrective Action Plan.

The first objective should be to apply the GS-12 SPD to the
GS-12s in those offices where the proper ratio exists. To
effect this, the module chiefs, through their AODs, should
certify an SPD for each GS-12 EOS and submit the SPD, along with
an SP 52, to the Regional Personnel office.
Classification authority for GM-14 AOD positions remains at the
National Office level. When an Area Office meets the criteria
stipulated in the corrective Action Plan, i.e., there are at
least 15 professional and technical positions below the Area
Office Director and a supervisory ratio of at least 1:7 in each
of the modules, a Table of Authorized Positions (TAP) should be
submitted to me. Classification of the AOD and GM-13 Module
Chief positions may then proceed as soon as the TAP is approved
by DPM.

Your Regional Personnel Officers can provide assistance to you
in preparing these actions and submissions.

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Director of Personnel Management__


Office of the Assistant Secretary
for Administration and Management
Washington, D.C. 20210

Reply to the Attention of:

Standard Position Descriptions,
GS/GM-360, for ESA/OFCCP

Attached are three standard position descriptions (SPDs) and position evaluation reports for use in ESA/OFCCP Area and Field Offices.



Equal Opportunity Specialist

Supervisory Equal Opportunity Specialist

Supervisory Equal Opportunity Specialist


& Grade





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These SPDS are advance copies, they may be used immediately, and you are authorized to establish them in your Region according to provisions of the ESA GS-360 Corrective Action Plan. We will issue these SPDS through the Supplemental Guide to Classification Standards system shortly.

For additional information, please contact Joe Hale on FTS 523-6557.

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7. Fair Labor Standards Act

X Exempt

10 Position Status



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Excepted (Specify)

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8. Employment/Financial Sim Required 9. Subject to IA Action

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13. Competitive Laval Code


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Area/Field Office

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72. Standards Used in Classifyingj Grading Positan


12. Sensitivity

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Name of Employee iıf vacancy, specifi

that this information is to be used for statutory purposes relating to appOINTment and payment of public lungs and inal faise or misreading statemen may constitute violations of such statures of the implementing regulalions

D. Typed Name and Title of Higher Level Supervisor or Manager (optional)



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Information for Employees. The standards and information on their application. are available in the personnel office The classification of the position may be reviewed and corrected by the agency or the Civil Service Commission informa tion on classification/job grading appeals and complaints on exemption from FLSA is available from the personnel office of the Commission

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24. Remarks

25 Omeration of Major Duties and Hesponsibilition in attachodi


• GPO : 1977 O-344-3.30 (3080

Options Farm & Rev 4

US. C. Senace Common & PC.


Equal Opportunity Specialist

This position is located in an Area or Field Office of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. The incumbent is tasked with independently conducting or leading others in the conduct of difficult reviews and investigations of contractors' compliance with applicable equal employment opportunity regulations generally within the geographical area served by the Area or Field Offices. Mission and functional statements for the OFCCP are on file..

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Conducts (typically) difficult reviews and investigations of contractors' compliance with applicable equal employment opportunity regulations; negotiates remedies, and prepares written reports of findings. Reviews and investigations which the employee conducts or leads are normally characterized by: issues of potential systemic discrimination or failure to develop or make a good-faith effort to implement acceptable affirmative action plans; need to identify, analyze, and synthesize voluminous and disparate data into findings of fact; complex investigative or data collection problems; complicated and/or deficient personnel systems; and complicated collective bargaining agreements. The specialist performs the following assignments;

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- Independently conducts or leads others in conducting
difficult compliance reviews, preaward reviews and
complaint investigations. In so doing, routinely
develops strategies for investigation or data collection
and analysis, conciliates issues which are strongly
contested and frequently negotiates with corporate
officials, union officials, and their attorneys, and
drafts remedies for discriminatory practices and other
noncompliance; when necessary, prepares show-cause
notices and recommendations for enforcement action.
These involve analyses and organization of widely
varied types of evidence, such as relevant labor
statistics, personnel files, policy statements,
employment practices data, and results of interviews,
in such a manner that the completed files can be
readily used by attorneys as the basis for complaints,
briefs and other requirements of administrative or
judicial proceedings;

- 2

Identifies systemic discrimination where it exists in contractor organizations based on facts developed through reviews and investigations. Develops and presents evidence of systemic discrimination meeting applicable standards of proof. Identifies and defines persons and classes affected by discrimination, and calculates the extent of their monetary and other losses due to discrimination. Fashions remedies designed to eliminate those losses and to secure the placement of discriminatees in positions they would. hold "but for" discrimination;

Monitors reports and/or other activities of contractors to ensure their compliance with the terms of conciliation agreements, letters of commitment, consent decrees, and/ or other contractor commitments:

- Provides technical assistance in developing acceptable affirmative action programs to contractors with large or complex operations. Where contractors are found not to have developed and implemented acceptable affirmative action plans as required, such assistance is provided in the context of developing an overall remedial action package which not only assures future compliance, but includes additional comnitments required to completely eliminate the effects of the contractor's previous failure to develop and implement acceptable affirmative action programs; - Maintains a current knowledge of developments equal employment opportunity law and other applicable disciplines, as well as the social and economic characteristics of the relevant labor areas as they relate to equal employment, and organizations and other resources in the various labor areas;

- Establishes and maintains contacts with minority, women's, handicapped, and Vietnam-era veterans interest groups, community organizations, job training and development organizations, and trade and business organizations in the labor areas served to obtain information on employment trends, ecial opportunity problems, and the extent of, or resources or improving contractors' compliance with equal employment opportunity regulations;

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