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The first Catalogue of the Library of the Zoological Society of London, which was published in 1854, contained the titles of about 460 works. To this a Supplement, issued in 1864, added 1090 others, making a total of 1550 titles. The second edition, published in 1872, contained about 2100 titles of works ; the third, issued in 1880, 3200, to which a Supplement, issued in 1883, added 1000 more.

The fourth edition of the Catalogue of the Society's Library, issued in 1887, contained the titles of about 6560 works.

In the present (fifth) edition, which has been prepared, like the former, by Mr. F. H. Waterhouse, the Society's Librarian, are given the titles of about 11,000 different works now in the Society's Library, exclusive of the Periodicals, the titles of which are contained in the second part of the Catalogue (p. 733).

The Library at the present time contains about 25,500 volumes.

A few books, which have either been accidentally omitted or added to the Library too late to be inserted in their proper places, will be found catalogued in the Appendix at the end of the volume.


Secretary. 3 Hanover Square, W.

August, 1902.


1. The Library will be open every day in the week (Sunday excepted) from Ten in the morning to Five in the afternoon *, except on New-Year's Day, Good Friday to Easter Monday inclusive, and Christmas week : and it will be closed one month in the year, in order to be thoroughly cleaned, viz., from the first to the last day of September.

II. Every Fellow of the Society is entitled (subject to the exceptions specified below).to borrow as many as four volumes at one time. Exceptions :1. Dictionaries, Encyclopædias, and other works of reference and cost, Minute

Books, Manuscripts, Atlases, Books and Illustrations in loose sheets,

Drawings, Prints, and unbound Numbers of Periodical Works. 2. New Works before the expiration of a month after reception. III. The title of every Book, Pamphlet, Map, or Work of any kind lent shall first be entered in the Library register by the Librarian, to whom application must be made by the person who wishes to borrow it.

IV. No work of any kind can be retained longer than one month ; but at the expiration of that period, or sooner, the same must be returned free of expense, and may then, upon re-entry, be again borrowed, provided no application shall have been made in the meantime by any other Fellow.

V. In all cases a list of the Books, &c., or other property of the Society, in the possession of any Fellow, shall be sent in to the Secretary on or before the 1st of July in each year.

VI. In every case of loss or damage to any volume, or other property of the Society, the borrower shall make good the same.

VII. Fellows transgressing any of the above regulations will be reported by the Secretary to the Council, who will take such steps as the case may require.

VIII. Visitors to the Society's Library are requested not to replace the books they have been using on the shelves, but to give them to the Librarian to put away.

P. L. SCLATER, Secretary.

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Aa (P. J. B. C. Robidé van der). Reizen naar Nederlandsch Nieuw

Guinea, ondernomen op last der regeering van Nederlandsch-
Indie in de Jaren 1871-72, 1875-76.

8vo. 's Gravenhage, 1879. Abbot (John). See Smith (J. E.). Natural History of the Lepi

dopterous Insects of Georgia. Abbott (Charles C.). Primitive Industry. 8vo. Salem, 1881. Abel (Clarke). Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of China, and

of a Voyage to and from that Country in the years 1816 and 1817.

4to. London, 1818. Abel (J. C. A. M.). Die Conchylien in dem Naturalkabinet seiner

hochfürstlichen Gnaden des Herrn Fürsten und Bischofs von Konstanz.

12mo. Bregenz, 1787. Abercromby (John). A Trip through the Eastern Caucasus, with a

chapter on the Languages of the Country. 8vo. London, 1889. Abercromby (Ralph). Seas and Skies in many Latitudes; or, Wanderings in search of Weather.

8vo. London, 1888. Abraham (Phineas S.). Notes on some Genera of Nudibranchiate

Mollusca, with notices of a new Genus and of some bitherto undescribed Species, in the collection of the British Museuin.

8vo. London, 1876. (Misc. Zool. xxiv. p. 1.) Abruzzi (Duke of the). See Filippi (F. de). The Ascent of Mount

St. Elias.
Abyssinia, Routes in.

8vo. London, 1867.
See Des Murs, Voyage en.
See Ferret et Galinier, Voyage en.



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