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1. House called Bodwell House, Tuynycoied (Tynycoied) .........Indep.

Cong. Cong.


1. House of William Winne, Christianate (Christionydd).....
2. House of John Hughes, Glimmin (? Glyn)
3. House of Elizabeth Elston, Kensfroid (? Tynford

or ? Her d)
4. House of John Roberts, Ruthin
5. House of David Thomas, Wimblinglyn
6. House of John Hughes, Wilxham (Wrexham)

.Cong. ..Cong. Presbyt.



1. House of Luke Lloyd, Bryn
2. Houses of James Jackson, Katherine Key and

William Bennett, Hanmer
3. House of John Prichard, Penyralt, Denbigh (Flintshire)..



1. House of Henry Griffith, Bishopston

Cong. 2. House of Lewis Rees, Kellygare (Gellegaer)

.Cong. 3. House of Rice Powell, called Kildandy

.Presbyt. 4. House of William Rowland, Llanfabon

.Cong. Ŝ. Houses of Joshua Franklin and Edward Williams,

Llangennyth (Llangennech), Carmarthen (Glarmorgan) ... Indep. 6. House of Llewellin Morgan, Llangewyth (Llangewydd) ...Anabap. 7. House of Elizabeth Morgan, Neath

..Presbyt. 8. House of Robert Gethen, Nicholaston

.Cong, 9. House of Richard Devan, Roxilly (Roscilly)

.Cong. 10. House of Widow Williams, St. Bride

.Anabap. 11. House of Stephen Hughes, Swansea



1. House of Ellis Davis, Bodvegny (? Bodgadvan)
2. House of Mary Lloyd, Cymvell (? Cynfal)
3. House of John Owen, Errowgoyed (? Erwgoed)
4. House of David Williams, Peniarth

.Cong. .Cong. .Cong. Cong.


1. House of John Kynaston, Bryng (? Bryn-Ayre)
2. House of Widow Morris, Newto(w)n
3. House of David Rogers, Welshpool

Cong .Presbyt. .Presbyt.


1. Houses of John Philips and Mark Gibbons, Uzmaston......Presbyt.


.Cong. ..Cong.

1. Houses of Richard Mills and Thomas Price,

Glascombe (Glascwm) 2. House of Ann King, Llanbister 3. House of Thomas Tonman, Llanyhangel (Llanfihangel)

Nant Melan 4. House Richard Griffith,

)o 5. House of John Weaver, New Radnor


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Osmund Airy.
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Insolence and Impudence triumphant.'

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come to live at London.'

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Quakers.' J. S.

Ancient 1670. 'The People's and


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[ocr errors]

Liberties Asserted.' W. Penn.

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1670. An Antidote against Mr. Baxter's Palliated Cure of Church Divisions.'

1670. Some Seasonable and Serious Queries Upon the late Act against


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