The Declaration of Indulgence, 1672: A Study in the Rise of Organised Dissent

University Press of Liverpool, 1908 - 143 páginas
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The Declaration of Indulgence was proposed by King James II. Although he wasn't considered a great leader by most, Penn supported him because his Declaration granted religious tolerance to the Quakers.

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Página 5 - And because the passion and uncharitableness of the times have produced several opinions in religion by which men are engaged in parties and animosities against each other which when they shall hereafter unite in a freedom of conversation will be composed or better understood we do declare a Liberty to Tender Consciences and that no man shall be disquieted or called in question for differences of opinion in matters of religion which do not disturb the peace of the kingdom...
Página 56 - A man so various, that he seemed to be Not one, but all mankind's epitome : Stiff in opinions, always in the wrong, Was everything by starts, and nothing long; But, in the course of one revolving moon, Was chemist, fiddler, statesman, and buffoon ; Then all for women, painting, rhyming, drinking, Besides ten thousand freaks that died in thinking.
Página 77 - ... that conscience ought not to be constrained, nor people forced in matters of mere religion. It has ever been directly contrary to our inclination, as we think it is to the interest of government, which it destroys by spoiling trade, depopulating countries and discouraging strangers; and finally, that it never obtained the end for which it was employed.
Página 147 - ... shall be desired, in all parts of this our kingdom, for the use of such as do not conform to the Church of England, to meet and assemble in in order to their public worship and devotion, which places shall be open and free to all persons.
Página 18 - Considerations the several directions and rules, forms of Prayer and things in the said Book of Common Prayer contained, and to advise and consult upon and about the same, and the several Objections and exceptions which shall now be raised against the same...
Página 49 - I, AB, do declare that it is not lawful upon any pretence whatsoever to take arms against the king, and that I do abhor that traitorous position of taking arms by his authority against his person or against those that are commissioned by him...
Página 77 - ... from whence we hope, by the blessing of God, to have many good and happy advantages to our government ; as also for preventing for the future the danger that might otherwise arise from private meetings and seditious conventicles.
Página 77 - But it being evident by the sad experience of twelve years that there is very little fruit of all those forcible courses, we think ourselves obliged to make use of that supreme power in ecclesiastical matters which is not only inherent in us, but hath been declared and recognized to be so by several Statutes and Acts of Parliament...
Página 109 - Penal Statutes, in matters Ecclesiastical, cannot be suspended but by Act of Parliament...
Página 7 - ... yet didst thou set thy servant among them that did eat at thine own table. What right therefore have I yet to cry any more unto the king?

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