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Statutes at Large,

From the Nineteenth Year of the Reign of


To the Twenty-fifth Year of the Reign of

KING GEORGE the THIRD, inclufive.

To which is prefixed,

A TABLE of the TITLES of all the Publick and Private
Statutes during that Time.

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Publick and Private Statutes,




The TITLES of the ACTS from the Eighteenth Year of the Reign of GEORGE III. to the Twenty-fixth Year of the Reign of GEORGE III.

Anno 19 Georgii III.


N Act for further continuing an Act made in the feventeenth Year of the Reign of his prefent Majefty, intituled, An Act to impower his Majefty to fecure and detain Perfons charged with, or fufpected of, the Crime of High Treafon, committed in any of his Majelly's Colonies or Plantations in America, or on the High Seas, or the Crime of Piracy.

2. An Act for granting an Aid to his Majefty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain, for the Service of the Year one thoufand feven hundred and feventy


3. An Act for continuing and granting to his Majefty certain Duties upon Malt, Mum, Cyder, and Perry, for the Service of the Year one thoufand feven hundred and feventy-nine.

4. An Act for granting further Time for allowing the Drawback upon the Exportation of certain Muflins, Callicoes, and Coffee.

5. An Act for granting Relief to the Captors of Prizes, with refpect to bringing and landing certain French Prizes in this Kingdom.


6. An Act to authorife the Lord High Admiral, or the Commiffioners for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral, for the Time being, to order any Court-martial, which may be appointed on the Charge of Vice Admiral Sir Hugh Pallijer against the Honourable Admiral Auguftus Keppel, to be holden on Shore.

7. An Act for making the Church or Chapel erected by Charles Roe Efquire, in the Town of Macclesfield, in the County Palatine of Chester, a perpetual Cure and BeVOL. IX.

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10. An Act for repealing an Act made in the laft Seffion of Parliament, intituled, An Act for the more eafy and better recruiting of his Majefty's Land Forces and Marines; and for fubftituting other and more effectual Provifions in the Place thereof.

11. An Act for rendering more beneficial an Act, made in the thirty-firft Year of the Reign of King GEORGE the Second, intituled, An Act for establishing Agreements, made between Charles Brandling Efquire, and other Perfons, Proprietors of Lands, for laying down a Waggon IVay, in order for the better fupplying the Town and Neighbourhood of Leeds, in the County of York, with Coals, by enabling the faid Charles Brandling to fupply, annually, a larger Quantity of Coals, to and for the Ufe of the faid Town and Neighbourhood; and for regulating the Prices of carrying Coals from the Repofitory at Caffon-clofe.

12. An Act for repairing the Highways and Bridges in the County of Linlithgow and Bathgate.

13. An Act for the better Relief and Employment of the Poor within the feveral Hundreds of Hartfmere, Hoxne, and Thredling, in the County of Suffolk.

14. An Act for the better Supply of Mariners and Seamen to ferve in his Majefty's Ships of War, and on board Merchant Ships and other trading Ships and Veffels. 15. An Act to continue an Act, made in the fourteenth Year of the Reign of his prefent Majefty (intituled, Ar



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