Levi Ben Gerson's Prognostication for the Conjunction Of 1345: Transactions, APS

American Philosophical Society, 2007 - 60 páginas
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Levi ben Gerson (LBG) (1288-1344), was a prominent scholar in Orange (France) who wrote in Hebrew on biblical exegesis, philosophy, theology, & the sciences. Although Levi referred to astrology in his main work, ¿Milhamot Adonai¿ (¿The Wars of the Lord¿), his only known work in this domain is edited here for the first time. In this prognostication, based on the conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter to take place in 1345, Levi depended upon his own astronomical theories for the positions of the Sun & the Moon, & upon Abraham Ibn Ezra for astrological interpretations. Contents: LBG¿s Text in Hebrew: Transl¿n.; LBG¿s Latin Text: Transl¿n.; Transl¿n. of Iohannes de Muris¿ Latin Text; Notes to LBG¿s Prognostication; Notes to Iohannes de Muris¿ Latin Text.

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Página 19 - Quoniam angelis suis mandavit de te : * ut custodiant te in omnibus viis tuis. In manibus portabunt te : * ne forte offendas ad lapidem pedem tuum.
Página 21 - Et eciam signum quod postea vidimus anno Christi 1339° quod, ascendens de Scorpio et veniens usque Leonem contra motum signorum, terminavit ibidem, ubi tune lupiter residebat, signavit hoc idem, scilicet meridionalium conflictum, ut tune prediximus domino nostro, summo pontifici sancte et felicis memorie, domino Benedicto Pape xii. Michi eciam frater Petrus circa festum nativitatis Christi predixit hoc idem, per meridionales Saracenos exponens; et statim eodem anno sequutus est in Hispania eorum...
Página 25 - Indeed these influences can be changed in two ways: first by man in respect to those things which are subject to free will, secondly by the grace of God.
Página 29 - Staff was motivated, according to Levi, by the discrepancies between the magnitudes of two eclipses (26 June and 9 July 1321) derived from Ptolemy's models and his own observations. Levi adds that the discovery of the instrument...
Página 12 - The ascendant will also be [in the sign of the ascendant at the time of] the conjunction [of the Sun and the Moon].
Página 2 - Lune et de coniunctione trium planetarum superiorum que apparaverunt anno domini 1345, which, he states, he completed on 20 March 1345.

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