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[The letter R indicates the Ridgway Branch, and L the Loganian Library.)


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Adams, Myron-Creation of the Bible. B. 1892.

R. 59484, D. ANDOVER review, vol. XVII. B. 1892.

24271, 0. ARMITAGE, Thomas-A history of the Baptists to the year 1886. With an introduction by J. L. M. Curry. N. Y. 1887.

4359, Q. Gift of Mrs. G. W. Little. BARCLAY, Robert-Apology for the true Christian divinity. Phila., n. d.

R. 58574, 0. BARTLETT, Edward T., and PETERS, John P., editors-Scriptures, Hebrew and Christian. Vol. III, Christian scriptures. N. Y. and L. 1893.

25507, 0. BIBLE-Genesis printed in colors, showing original sources from which it is supposed to have been compiled, with an introduction by E. C. Bissell. Hartford, 1892.

R. 59237, 0. BOISSARIE, Dr.-Lourdes, bistoire médicale. P. 1891.

R. 57407, D. BOURKE, John G.-Scatalogic rites of all nations. Wash. 1891. R. 69414, 0. Briggs, Charles Augustus—Higher criticism of the Hexateuch. N. Y. 1893.

R. 59435, 0. Campbell, Douglas—The Puritan in Holland, England, and America. 2 vols. N. Y. 1892.

26446, 0. CATHOLIC world, vols. LIV-V. N. Y. 1892.

16444, 0. CHARLES, Elizabeth—The book of the unveiling. Studies in the revelation of St. John the Divine. L. 1892.

35918, D. Within the veil. L., D. d.

R. 57650, D. Churcu quarterly review, vols. XXXIII-IV. L. 1892.

20565, 0. CLARKE, H. Wilberforce, translator— The Awārifu-l-Ma'ārif, written (in Arabic) in

the thirteenth century; translated for the first time out of the Persian. Calcutta, 1891.

R. 11461, Q. COPLESTON, Reginald Stephen-Buddbism primitive and present in Magadha and in Ceylon. L. 1892.

R. 59370, 0. Cutts, Edward L.-Handy book of the Church of England.

36187, D. Some chief truths of religion. L. (1892).

R. 59326, D. CUYLER, Theodore L.-Stirring the eagle's nest, and other practical discourses. N. Y. 1892.

R. 59210, D. DARMESTETER, James-Les prophètes d'Israel. P. 1892.

R. 59306, 0. DAVIDSON, Samuel-Introduction to the Old Testament, critical, historical, and theological. 3 vols. Edin. 1862-3.

178711, 0. Ex-CHURCHWABDEN, pseud.—Protestant Episcopal layman's handbook. N. Y. 1891.

R. 57626, D. PARMER, John, editor-Hymns and chorales. Oxford, 1892.

R. 59436, D. FARBAR, Frederick W.-The voice from Sinai. L. 1892.

R. 57600, D. FRADENBUROH, J. N.-Fire from strange altars. Cin. (1891.)

59486, D. FREDERIC, Harold—The new exodus; a study of Israel in Russia. N. Y. 1892.

R. 59266, 0. FULLER, Thomag--Collected sermons. 2 vols. L. 1891.

R. 59027, 0. Fulton, Joho— The Chalcedonian decree; or, historical Christianity, misrepresented

by modern theology, confirmed by modern science and untouched by modern criticism. N. Y. 1892. (Charlotte Wood Slocum Lectures.)

R. 59031, 0. Gibbes, Emily 0.—The dotted words in the Hebrew Bible. N. Y. 1892. Gift of the Author.

R. 36227, D. GOODMAN, George—The church in Victoria during the episcopate of Charles Perry, first bisbop of Melbourne. L. 1892.

R. 59402, 0. GORDON, M. L.-American Missionary in Japan. B. 1892.

R. 69212, D. GRADWELL, Robert, Monsignor-Succat. The story of sixty years of the life of St. Patrick A. D. 373-433. L. (1891).

R. 59100, 0. GRATRY, A.-Guide to the knowledge of God. Translated by Abby L. Alger, with introduction by William R. Alger. B. 1892.

R. 59431, 0. GUINNESS, H. Grattan—The approaching end of the age viewed in the light of history, prophecy, and science. 11th ed. L. 1892.

R. 59442, 0. HARLOW, Louis K., compiler-The world's best hymns. Introduction by J. W. Churcbill. B. 1892.

R. 59423, D. Hays, George P.-Presbyterians; popular narrative of their origin, progress, doc

trines, and achievements. Introduction by Rev. Joho Hall and William E. Moore. N. Y. 1892.

R. 69298, 0. HOLLAND, H. S.—Pleas and claims for Christ. (Sermons.) L. 1892. R. 59443, D. Hope, Mrs.-Conversion of the Teutonic race; or, the first apostles of Europe.

Edited by John Bernard Dalgairus. 2d ed., revised and enlarged. 2 vols. L. (1892)

R. 59406, D. Hug, John Leonard—Introduction to the writings of the New Testament. 2 vols. L. 1827.

R. 58613, 0. Huntington, William Reed-Short history of the book of Common Prayer, together with certain papers illustrative of liturgical revision, 1878-92. N. Y. 1893.

R. 69496, D. HURLBUT, Jesse L., and DOHERTY, Robert R., eds.-Illustrative notes: a guide to the study of the Sunday-school lessons for 1893. B. 1893.

26410, 0. HURST, John Fletcher-Short history of the Christian church. N. Y. 1873.

R. 59432, 0. Huxley, Thomas Henry-Possibilities and impossibilities. L. (1892). R. 57561, D. Hymnal revised and enlarged, being the report of the commission appointed 1889, [B.] 1892. Gift of James S. Biddle, Esq.

26406, 0. Iliowizi, Henry-Jewish dreams and realities contrasted with Islamitic and Christian claims. Ph. 1890. Gift of Miss Emily Phillips.

26478, 0. Jaun, John-Biblical antiquities. L., D. d.

R. 59033, 0. JAMES, Croake-Curiosities of Christian history prior to the Reformation. L. 1892.

R. 59246, D. Jamieson, Robert-Cyclopædia of religious biography. 3d ed. L. 1853.

R. 59226, D. Johnston, Rev. James-Missionary landscapes in the Dark Continent. N. Y. (1892.)

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R. 57614, D. King, John H.-The supernatural; its origin, nature, and evolution. 2 vols. N. Y. 1892.

R. 59341, 0. KINGSLEY, Charles--Out of the deep. Words for the sorrowful. L. 1891.

R. 59334, D.

KNOWLING, Rev. R. J.-The witness of the epistles. L. 1892. R. 59153, 0. ** Lamech and Agrippa"-Chronicon Ephratense. Lancaster, 1889. R. 59069, 0. LA ROQUE, A. de Galtier de—Le Marquis de Ruvigny et les Protestants à la cour de Louis XIV. 1643-85. P. 1892.

36139, D. LASSERRE, Heori-Notre Dame de Lourdes. P. 1892.

R. 59034, Q. Lea, Henry Charles—A formulary of the Papal penitentiary in the thirteenth century. Ph. 1892. Gift of the Author.

26422, 0. Lewis, Abram Herbert—Paganism surviving in Christianity. N. Y. 1892.

R. 59030, 0. LIGHTFOOT, Joseph Barber, Bish op of Durham-Leaders in the porthern church: sermons preached in the diocese of Durham. L. 1890.

R. 69191, D. Lightfoot, J. B., Bishop-Dissertations on the apostolic age; reprinted from edi. tions of St. Paul's epistles. L. 1892.

R. 59239, 0. Lilly, William S. –The great enigma. L. 1892.

R. 59417, 0. Lorghey, Rev. J.-History of the church in Eastern Canada. L. 1892. (Colonial Churcb Histories.)

R. 57590, D. LUTHER, Martin-Catechism for the people, pastor, and preacher; a reproduction of

the edition printed at Frankfort-on-Main, in 1553, ed. by W. Harry Rylnods. Manchester, 1892. (Holbein Society.)

L. 1301, F. Lyons, Rer. Daniel—Christianity and infallibility—both or neither. N. Y. 1892.

R. 57622, D. MacDonald, George—The hope of the Gospel. N. Y. 1892. R. 57433, D. McLANE, William W.-Evolution in religion. B. (1892.)

R. 57621, D. MACLEAN, Arthur Jobn, and Browne, William Henry—The Catholicos of the East

and his people. Five years' work in the Archbishop of Canterbury's Assyrian mission. L. 1892.

59348, D. MACLEAR, George Frederick-Class-book of New Testament history. L. 1890. (Elementary theological class-books.)

36168, D. Class-book of Old Testament history. L. 1890. (Elementary theological class-books.)

36167, D. Evidential value of the Holy Eucharist Boyle lectures for 1879-80. 3d ed. revised. L. 1890.

36220, D. MAGEE, Archbishop W. C.-Growth in grace, and other sermons. L. 1892.

R. 59105, 0. Malan, Rev. 8. C.-Original notes on the book of Proverbs. I, II. L. 1889-92.

R. 59029, 0. Mathesox, George-Distinctive messages of the old religions. Edin, 1892.

R. 59405, D. Maurice, Frederick Denison- Christmas Day, and other sermons. 2d ed. L. 1892.

R. 59217, D. MIDDLETON, Erasmus-Evangelical biography. New ed. L. 1816. R. 59389, 0. Milman, Robert_Mitslav; or, the conversion of Pomerania. A true story of the twelfth century. L. (1892.) (Home library.)

R. 59404, D. MIRKUAND, Mohammed Bin Kbavendshak-Ranzat us safa; or, Garden of purity,

translated from the Persian by E. Rehatsek. L. 1891. (Oriental translation fund, New series.)

R. 59272, 0. MOELLER, Wilbelm-History of the Christian church, A.D. 1-600; translated from the German by Andrew Rutherford. L. 1892.

R. 69399, 0. MONERIE, Alfred Williams, Agoosticism. Edin. 1891.

R. 57409, D. The basis of religion. Edio. 1890.

R. 57504, D. Belief in God. Edin. 1891.

R. 57429, D. --lospiration, and other sermons. Edin. 1890.

R. 57585, D. MULLER, Friedrich Max, ed.- Pablavi texts, trans. by E. W. West, part IV. contents

of the Nasks: The Gribya-Sutras, trans. by Hermann Nienberg, part II. (Sacred

books of the East, vols. XXX, XXXVII.) 2 vols. Oxford, 1892. 22083, 0. Neil, James--Palestine re-peopled. L. 1892.

R. 57561, D. PATH, vol. VI. N. Y. 1892. Gist of the l'ublisher.

25188, 0. Pool, John J. --Studies in Mohammedanism, historical and doctrinal, with a chapter on Islam in England. Westminster, 1892.

R. 59288, D. Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States --General Convention, 1892. Report of the joint committee on a Standard Book of Prayer. N. Y. 1892.

4371, Q. Reynolds, Joseph William-Natural history of immortality. L. 1891.

R. 57569, D. Rice, Edwin W.-Hand-book on the international lessons for 1879-80. 2 vols. Ph. 1878-9. Gift of the Author.

35668, D. Organization and classification of Sunday-schools. Ph. 1881. 33551, D.

Gift of the Author. Our sixty-six sacred books: how they came to us, and what they are. 3d rev. ed. Ph. (1892.) Gift of the Author.

36040, D People's commentary on the gospels, according to Mattbew, Mark, Luke, John : containing the common version, 1611, and the revised version, 1881. 4 vols, Ph. 1887-92. Gift of the Author.

26415-18, 0. Scholars' handbook of the international lessons, with an introduction by John Hall, 1874-9: Second series, 1880-6: Third series, 1888. 21 vols. Pb. 1873-88. Gift of the Author.

33666, D. SANDAY, W.-Oracles of God. Nine lectures. 4th ed. L. 1892. R. 69,328, D. SCHAFF, Philip—History of the Christian church. Vol. VII. N. Y. 1892. 14688, 0. Schaff, Philip—Theological propædeutic, general introduction to the study of theology. Vol. I. N. Y. 1892

R. 69250, 0. SCHAFF, Philip, and Wace, Henry, editors-d select library of Nicene and post-Nicepe

futbers of the Christian church. Second series. Vol. III. : Theodoret, Jerome, Genundius, Rufinus. N. Y. 1892.

26362, 0. SCHICKLEB, Baron F. de-Les églises du refuge en Angleterre. 3 vols. P. 1892.

R. 11469, Q. SELBORNE, Roundell, Earl of Hymns; their history and development in the Greek

and Latin churches, Germany, and Great Britain. L. 1892. R. 59452, D. Sermong on the international Sunday school lessons for 1893. Monday club. Eighteenth series. B. (1892.)

21423, D. SKENE, William F.-Gospel history, being lectures on the life of Christ. Edin. 1892.

69234, D. SKINNER, J. Ralston-Key to the Hebrew-Egyptian mystery. Cir. 1875.

R. 59168, 0. Smith, I. Gregory-Christian monasticism. L. 1892.

R. 59140, 0. Society of Biblical Archäology-Proceedings, vols. VI, IX-XIV. L. 1883-90.

20270, 0. Spurgeox, Charles Haddon— Messages to the multitude. N. Y. 1892. (Preachers of the age.)

R. 57326, L. Stanton, Vincent Henry- The Jewish and the Christian Messiah. Edin. 1886.

R. 69404, 0. Stock, Sarah Geraldina–Story of Uganda and the Victoria Nyanza mission. N.,Y. 1892.

59219, D. Stokes, Margaret-Six months in the Apennines. L. 1892.

R. 59054, 0. STROEHLIN, Ernest- L'état moderne et l'Eglise Catholique en Allemagne. Vol. I. Genéve, 1875.

R. 59283, O.

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