Code of Federal Regulations: Containing a Codification of Documents of General Applicability and Future Effect as of December 31, 1948, with Ancillaries and Index

Division of the Federal Register, the National Archives, 1966

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Página 290 - If any valuable constituent has been in whole or in part omitted or abstracted therefrom; or (2) if any substance has been substituted wholly or in part therefor; or (3) if damage or inferiority has been concealed in any manner; or (4) if any substance has been added thereto or mixed or packed therewith so as to increase its bulk or weight, or reduce its quality or strength, or make it appear better or of greater value than it is.
Página 203 - Stat. 1040). nonfat dry milk Is the product resulting from the removal of fat and water from milk, and contains the lactose, milk proteins, and milk minerals In the same relative proportions as In the fresh milk from which made. It contains not over 5 per centum by weight of moisture. The fat content Is not over 1% per centum by weight unless otherwise Indicated. "The term 'milk', when used herein, means sweet milk of cows.
Página 95 - Within seven days after the receipt of the aforesaid notice and statement of reasons by such licensee, he may file an appeal, in writing, with the Secretary supported by any argument or evidence that he may wish to offer as to why his license should not be suspended or revoked. After the expiration of the aforesaid...
Página 315 - Secretary has reason to believe that any label in use or prepared for use is false or misleading in any particular, he may direct that the use of the label be withheld unless it is modified in such manner as the Secretary may prescribe so that it will not be false or misleading.

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