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[Bound with the above] Mozart, by Dr. F. Gehring, and Purcell, by William H. Cummings. 1881. [20 h.] MARSHMAN, JOHN CLARK. Memoirs of Major-General Sir Henry Havelock, K.C.B. London, 1860. [20 i.] MARTIN, A. PATCHETT. Life and Letters of the Rt. Hon. Robert Lowe. 2 vols. 1893. [21 e]

MARTIN, [Sir] THEODORE, K.C.B. The Life of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort. 5 vols. London, 1875-80. [21 a.]

-Horace. Edinburgh and London, 1870. Reprint, 1881. [21 f.] MARTINDALE, C. C., S.J. The Life of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson. 2 vols. London, 1916. [21 e.]


and Platform. 1902. [20 e.]
burgh and London, 1884. [21 f.]
MICHELL, The Honourable Sir LEWIS. The
Life of the Right Honourable Cecil
John Rhodes. 1853-1902. 2 vols.
London, 1910. [21 e.]

Death not Premature. Edinburgh
and London, 1857. [21 h.]

MILL, JOHN STUART. Autobiography of.
London, 1873. [21 c.]

-The same. London, 1875. [21 c.]
MILLER, Mrs. F. FENWICK. [Life of]
Harriet Martineau. 1889. [20 d.]
Rt. Rev. Robert Milman, D.D., Lord
Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan
of India. London, 1879. [21 i.]

Sketches, 1852-1868. London, 1869. MINTO, WILLIAM. Daniel Defoe. Lon[20 h.]

don, 1879. [21 c.]

MARZIALS, FRANK T. Life of Leon Gam-MOFFAT, JOHN S. The Lives of Robert

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[20 g.]

Popular Leaders
Tyler, Ball, and

-Lives of English
in the Middle Ages.
Oldcastle. London, 1875. [20 g.]
MAXIM, Sir HIRAM S. My Life. London,

1915. [20 1.]

Creevey Papers. 2 vols. 1904. [21 j.]
-The Life and Letters of George Wil-
liam Frederick. 2 vols. 1913. [20 c.]
-Life and Times of the Rt. Hon.
William Henry Smith. 1893. [20 e.]
MAY, FLORENCE. The Life of Johannes
Brahams. 2 vols. London, 1905.
[21 a.]
MAYO, LAWRENCE SHAW. Jeffery Amherst.
London, 1916. [21 b.]
MAZADE, CHARLES DE. The Life of Count
Cavour. London, 1877. [20 b.]
MEEKER, Ezra. Personal Experiences on
the Oregon Trail. Sixty Years Ago.
Seattle, Washington. 1912. [20 g.]
MELENA, ELPIS. Garibaldi. Recollections
of his Public and Private Life.
London, 1887. [20 a.]

Memoirs of a French Officer who escaped
from slavery. Oxford, 1786.

of, from 1833 to 1847. 1890.
-Letters from Italy and Switzerland.
1891. [20 j.]

[21 h.]


[20 j.]

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and Mary Moffat.
[20 h.]


London, 1885.

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Sir Richard Steele, .. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1865. [20 e.]


WILLIAM FLAVELLE and GEORGE EARLE BUCKLE. The Life of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield. 6 vols. London 1910, 1914, 1920. [21 e.] MOORE, GEORGE.

Confessions of a Young [21 e.]

Man. 1904.
Journals of
1860. [21 b.]
-Letters and Journals of Lord
Byron. 2 vols. London, 1830. [21 b.]
-Memoirs of the Life of the Right
Honourable Richard Brimsley Sheri-
dan. (2 vols.) London, 1825 [20 i.]
MOORHOUSE, E. HALLAM. Nelson in Eng-
land. 1913. [20 e.]

The Life, Letters and
Lord Byron. London,

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London, 1890. [21 h.]

MORLEY, JOHN. [Life of] Rousseau. 2 vols. London, 1886. [21 j.]

-Burke. [English Men of Letters.] London, 1879. [21 c.]

-Diderot and the Encyclopædists. 2 vols. London, 1886. [21 f.]

-The Life of Richard Cobden. 2 vols. London, 1881. [20 b. and e.]

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MORRIS, WILLIAM O'CONNOR. Memories and Thoughts of a Life. 1895. [21 e.]

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NASMYTH, JAMES, LL.D. James Nasmyth,. Engineer: an Autobiography. Lon-don, 1883. [21 h.]

MORSE, JOHN T. junr. Thomas Jefferson. NEAVES, CHARLES NEAVES, Lord. TheEdinburgh, 1886. [21 i.]

MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP, D.C.L. Life and Death of John of Barneveld, Advocate of Holland. 2 vols. London, 1875. [21 h.]

MOTON, ROBERT RUSSA. Finding a Way Out. London, [1920] [21 k.] MOZELEY Rev. T., M.A.

Reminiscences, chiefly of Towns, Villages and Schools. 2 vols. London, 1885. [21 i.] MOZLEY, ANNE. Letters and Correspondence of John Henry Newman during his life in the English Church 2 vols. London, 1891. [21 i.] MOZLEY, J[AMES] B[OWLING], D.D. ters of. London, 1885. [21 i.] MUELLER, FREDERICK MAX.



Essays. London, 1884. [21 h.]
The Life and Letters of the Right
Honourable Friedrich Max Müller. 2
vols. 1902. [20 e.]

-My Autobiography. 1901. [21 j.] MUGGE, M. A. Friedrich Nietzche. His

Life and Work. London, 1914. [20 k.] MUIRHEAD, JAMES PATRICK, M.A. The Life

of James Watt. London, 1859. [21 g.] MULLOCK, WILLIAM HURRELL. [Life of] Lucretius. Edinburgh and London, 1878. [21 f.]

MUNDY, Major-General [GODFREY BASIL]. The Life and Correspondence of the late Admiral Lord Rodney. 2 vols. London, 1830. [20 j.]


Medea of [21 f.]

Euripides. London, 1910. MYERS, FREDERIC W. H. Wordsworth. London, 1881. [21 c.]

NAPIER, Major-Gen. ELERS. Life and Correspondence of Admiral Sir Charles Napier, K.C.B., 2 vols. London, 1862. [20 i.]

NAPIER, General Sir W[ILLIAM] F[RANCIS] P[ATRICK], K.C.B. Life of. 2 vols. London, 1864. [20 i.]

-The Life and Opinions of General Sir Charles James Napier, G.C.B. 4 vols. London, 1857. [20 i.] NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. Confidential Correspondence of: with his brother Joseph, sometime King of Spain. 2 vols. London. 1855, [20 a.] ་

The History of: Reprinted from the Family Library. London, 1877. [20 a.]

Greek Anthology. Edinburgh London, 1874. [21 f.]


NELSON, Vice-Admiral Lord Viscount. The Despatches and Letters of. 7 vols.. 1844-1846. [21 j.]

-The Letters of, to Lady Hamilton.. 1814. [20 k.]

-Nelson's Last Diary, September 13: Octtober 21, 1805. London, 1917. [20 1.] NETTLESHIP, HENRY, M.A. Ancient Lives of Virgil, with an Essay on the Poems. of Virgil in connection with his Life and Times. Oxford, 1879. [21 d.] NEVILL, RALPH. Leaves from the NoteBooks of Lady Dorothy Nevill. London, 1910. [21 k.]

-The Reminiscences of Lady Doro-NEWCASTLE, MARGARET, Duchess of: thy Nevill. London, 1906] [21 k.] The

Life of William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle. [1906.] [20 j.] NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY. Correspondence of, with John Keble and others 18391845. London, 1917. [21 j.]

[Cardinal]. Letters and Correspondence of: during his Life in the English Church. 2 vols. London and New York, 1891. [21 i.]

NEWTON, Lord. Lord Lyons. A Record of British Diplomacy. 2 vols. 1913. [20 g.]

NICHOL, JOHN, LL.D., M.A. Byron. Lon-don, 1880. [21 c.]

-Thomas Carlyle. London and New York, 1892. [21 c.] NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON.

ters. 1913. [21 a.]

A Bookman's Let-

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Letters of Charles Eliot Norton. 21 PAUL, HERBERT. Famous Speeches. 1911.

vols. 1913. [20 c.]

NUGENT, CLAUD. Memoirs of Robert, Earl Nugent. 1898. [20 e.]

O'CONNOR, THOMAS] [POWER,] M.P. Lord Beaconsfield: a Biography. London, 1884. [20 c.]

OLIPHANT, LAURENCE. Episodes in a Life of Adventure; or Moss from a Rolling Stone. Edinburgh and London, 1887. [21 h.] OLIPHANT, MARGARET WILSON. Cervantes. Edinburgh and London, 1880. [21 f.] -Dante. Edinburgh and London, 1877. Reprint, 1881: [21 f.]

-Life of Edward Irving, Minister of the National Church of Scotland. 6th ed. London, n.d. [21 c.]

-Memoir of the Life of Laurence Oliphant and of Alice Oliphant, his wife. Edinburgh and London, 1892. [21 h.]

-and F. Tarver. Molière. Edinburgh and London, 1879. [21 f.] -Sheridan. London, 1883. [21 c.] OMOND, GEORGE W. T. The Arniston Memoirs. Three Centuries of a Scottish House, 1571-1838. Edinburgh, 1887. [21 h.] ORLEANS, Duchess of. The Duchess of

Orleans. (Helen of MecklenburgSchwerin.) London, 1859. [21 d.] "ORR, Mrs. SUTHERLAND. Life and Letters of Robert Browning. London, 1891. [21 d.] ·O'SHEA, JOHN AUGUSTUS. Leaves from the

Life of a Special Correspondent. 2 vols. London, 1885. [21 i.]

OWEN, Rev. RICHARD. The Life of Richard Owen. 2 vols. 1894. [21 e.]

-Another Copy. [21 j.]

[blocks in formation]

[21 k.] PALLESKE, EMIL. Schiller's Life and Works. 2 vols. London, 1860. [21 d.] PANKHURST, EMMELINE. My Own Story. London, 1914. [20 1.]

PARKIN, G. Life of Thring. [21 k.] PARKMAN, FRANCIS. Montcalm and Wolfe. 2 vols. [1908.] [20 e.] PARRY [Sir] C. HUBERT H. Johann Sebastian Bach. 1910. [20 e.] PASCAL, JACQUELINE: or Convent Life at

Port Royal. London. 1854. [20 a.] PASTEUR, LOUIS. The Life and Labours

of Louis Pasteur, by his Son-in-Law. London, 1885. [21 j.]

[21 e.]

-Letters of Lord Acton to Mary, daughter of The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone. 1904. [20 c.]

-The Life of Froude 1906. [20 a.]
-Matthew Arnold. 1902. [21 j.]

-Queen Anne. London, 1906. [21 k]. PAYN, JAMES. The Backwater of Life. 1899. [21 j.]

PEARCE, E. H., M.A. The Monks of Westminster. Cambridge, 1916. [21 f.] PEARSE, Colonel HUGH, D.S.O. The Hearseys. Five Generations of an AngloIndian Family. Edinburgh, 1905. [20 m.]

PEEL, GEORGE. The Private Letters of Sir
Robert Peel. London, 1920. [21 k.]
PEEL, Sir LAWRENCE. A Sketch of the

Life and Character of Sir Robert Peel.
London. 1860. [20 d.]
-Another Copy. [21 a.]

PEEL, Sir ROBERT. Memoirs by: Published
by the trustees of his papers.
London. 1857. [20 d.]

2 vols. PENN, GRANVILLE. Memorials of the Professional Life and Times of Sir William Penn, Knt., 2 vols. London, 1833. [20 j.]

PENNELL, ELIZABETH ROBINS. [Life of] Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. 1893. [20 d.]

PEPE, General [G] Memoirs of: comprising the Principal Military and Political Events of Modern Italy. 3 vols. London. 1846. [20 b.] PEPYS, SAMUELS, F.R.S. Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys, F.R.S., Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II and James II. 5 vols. London, 1848-1849. [21 f.] -The same. 3 vols. London, 1858.

[21 f.]

The same. 8 vols. 1904. [21 a.] PERRIS, G. H. The Life and Teaching of Leo Tolstoy. 1901. [20 j.]

PHILLIMORE, CATHERINE MARY. The Warrior Medici, Giovanni delle Bande Nere. An Historical Study in Florence from the "Archivio Storico" and original MSS. in the Magliabechiana Library. London. 1887. [21 j.] PHILLIPS, CHARLES, A.B. Curran and his Contemporaries. Edinburgh and London, 1851. [21 g.]


CONSTANTIN. George Mere [20 g.]

dith. 1913.

Pillars of the Empire. Sketches of living
Indian and Colonial Statesmen. 1879.
[20 j.]
Piozzi, Mrs. [MRS. THRALE]. Autobio-
graphy. Letters and Literary Re-
mains of. 2 vols. London, 1861.
[21 d.]

PITMAN, Mrs. E. R. [Life of] Elizabeth
Fry. 1894. [20 d.]
"Grain or

1879. [21 c.]

Chaff?" 1903. [20 h.]

PLUNKET, IERNE L. Isabel of Castile and | RERESBY, Sir JOHN, Bart. The Memoirs

the making of the Spanish Nation. 1451-1504. London, 1915. [21 f.] PLUTARCH. Plutarch's Lives, from the Original Greek, with notes, critical, historical and chronological, and a new Life of Plutarch. 3 vols. London, 1812-13. [20 g.]

-The same. Langhorne Translation. 4 vols. London and New York, n.d. [20 g.]

-The same. London, 1886. [20 g.] Pontis, Memoires du Sieur de; qui a servi dans les Armees cinquante six ans, sous les rois Henri IV., Louis XIII. et Louis XIV. 2 vols. 1749. [20 e.] PORTER, Proefessor J. L., D.D. Life and Times of Henry Cooke, D.D., LL.D London, and Belfast, 1877. [21 i.] Prince Consort, The: The principal speeches and addresses of His Royal Highness. London, 1862. [21 a.] PROTHERO, ROWLAND E. and the Very Rev.

G. G. BRADLEY. The Life and Correspondence of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley. 2 vols. 1894. [20 e.] PULLING, F. S., M.A. The Life and

Speeches of the Marquis of Salisbury,
K.C. 2 vols. London, 1885. [20 c.]

RADZIWILL, Princess CATHERINE. (Catherine Kolb-Danvin). Cecil Rhodes, Man and Empire-Maker. London. 1918. [21 e.]


1896. 20 e.]

Sheridan. 2 vols.

and Travels of. London, 1813. [20 h.] REUTER, EDWARD BYRON. The Mulatto in the United States. Boston, [1918.] [21 1.]

RHODES, CECIL. A Biography and Appreciation. 1897. [21 e.] RHYS, ERNEST.


Rabindranath London, 1915. [21 f.] RIBBLESDALE, Lord. Charles Lister. Letters and Recollections, with a Memoir by his Father. London, 1917. [20 i.] RICHARD, HENRY. Memoirs of Joseph Sturge. London, 1865. [20 d.] RICHTER, JEAN PAUL FRIEDRICH. Levana; or the Doctrine of Education. 1876. [21 e.]

RIDEING, WILLIAM H. George Washington. New York, 1916. [20 b.]

RIETH MUELLER, CHRISTOPHER JAMES. Alexander Hamilton and his contempor

aries, or the Rise of the American Constitution. London, 1864. [21 a.] RILEY, B. F., D.D., LL.D. The Life and Times of Booker T. Washington. New York. [1916.] [20 i.]

Madame de Sevigné. Edinburgh and
London, 1881. Reprint, 1882. [21 f.]
Lord. Forty-one years in India. 2
vols. London, 1897.
[20 j.]

London, 1918. [21 j.]


ROBERTSON, ERIC S. Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. London, 1887. [21 e.]

[RAFFLES, SOPHIA]. Memoir of the Life ROBERTSON, GEORGE CROOM. Hobbes. Edin

and Public Services of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, F.R.S. 2 vols. London, 1835.

[21 k.]

RAIKES, THOMAS. A Portion of the Journal kept by: from 1831 to 1847. 4 vols. London, 1856-58. [20 d.] RALEIGH, Sir W. Milton. [21 1.] RANDOLPH, Rev. HERBERT, M.A. Life of General Sir Robert Wilson. 2 vols. London, 1862. [20 j.]


Bess of Hardwick and her Circle. London, 1910. [20 1.] READE, Rev. COMPTON. Charles Reade, Dramatist, Novelist and Journalist. 2 vols. London, 1887. [21 b.] [REDDING, CYRUS]. Memoirs of William Beckford of Fonthill. 2 vols. 1859. [21 e.] REEVE, HENRY. Petrarch. Edinburgh and London, 1878. Reprint 1879. [21 f.] REEVES, JOHN. The Rothschilds: the Financial Rulers of Nations. London, 1887. [20 h.]

REID, STUART J. Life and Letters of the First Earl of Durham. 1792-1840. 2 vols. 1906. [21 e.]


Life of the

Right Hon. William Edward Forster. London, 1889. [20 d.]

burgh and London, 1886. [21 f.] ROBERTSON, JAMES CRAIGIE, M.A. Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. London, 1859. [21 i.]

ROBERTSON, Rt. Hon. J. M. Bolingbroke and Walpole. London. [1919.] [21 k.] ROBERTSON, Sir W. From Private to Field Marshal. [21 1.]

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ROBINSON, WILLIAM. Friends of a Half
Century. 1891. [20 c.]
ROBSON, WILLIAM. Life of Richelieu.
London and New York, n.d. [20 a.]
Roby of Castle Donington, Co., Leicester.
Pedigree of. 1889. [21 b.]
1917. [20 g.]

Beethoven. London,

W. Life of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. London, 1889. [21 e.]


Letters of. 1896. [20 j.] ROOSEVELT, THEODORE. An Autobiography. 1913. [20 g.]

Diaries and Cor2 vols. London,

ROSCOE, WILLIAM. The Life of Lorenzo de Medici. 1851. [20 j.] ROSE, Rt. Hon. GEORGE. respondence of ... 1860. [21 a.] ROSE, J. HOLLAND.


Personality of

Napoleon. 1912. [20 c.].

-William Pitt and National Revival. | SANDERSON, Lord. 1911. [21 e.]

London, n.d.

Evelyn Earl of Cromer. [21 b.]


Earl of, LL.D. Life of Pitt. London and New York, 1891. [20 h.]

-Lord Chatham. His Early Life and Connections. 1910. [21 e.]

-Napoleon. The Last Phase. 1900. [21 f.]

-Lord Randolph Churchill. 1906. [20 e.]

Ross, Sir JOHN, C.B. Memoirs and Correspondence of Admiral Lord



The Great Governing Families of England. 2 vols. Edinburgh and London, 1865. [20 g.] Sarawak, The Ranee of. My Life in Sara-wak. 1913. [20 g.]




hauer. London, 1901. [20 i.] SCHAFF, DAVID S., D.D. John Huss, His Life, Teachings and Death. London, n.d. [20 k.]

Saumarez from Original Papers in SCOTT, EMMETT J. and LYMAN BEECHER possession of the Family. 2 vols. London, 1838. ROSSETTI, WILLIAM MICHAEL.

[20 i.]

PreRaphaelite Diaries and Letters. 1900. [21 j.] RUMBOLD, Sir HORACE, Bart. Recollections of Diplomatist. 2 vols. 1902. [20 h.]

STOWE. Booker T. Washington, Build-er of a Civilization. London, 19116. [20 a.]

SCOTT, Admiral Sir PERCY, K.C.B. Fifty Years in the Royal Navy. London.. 1919. [21 k.]

Further Recollections of a Diplo- SCOTT, Sir WALTER, Familiar Letters of. 2: matist. 1903. [20 h.]

-Final Recollections of a Diplomat

ist. 1905. [20 h.]

RUSSELL, C. W., D.D. The Life of Cardinal Mezzofanti. London, 1858. [21 e.] RUSSELL, Col. FRANK S. The Earl of Peterborough and Monmouth. (Charles Mordant.) 2 vols. London, 1887. [20 b.] RUSSELL, Lord JOHN. Life of William Lord Russell. London, 1853. [20 d.] RUSSELL, RACHEL, Lady. Letters of. 2 vols. London, 1853. [21 i.] RUSSELL, W. CLARK. Horatio Nelson and the Naval Supremacy of England. 1890. [20 k.]

-William Dampier. 1889. [20 j.]

ST. HELIER, MARY JEUNE, Lady. Memoirs of Fifty Years. 1909. [21 j.] ST. JOHN, BAYLE. Montaigne the Essayist. 2 vols. London, 1858. [21 d.] ST. JOHN, JAMES AUGUSTUS. Louis Napoleon, Emperor of the French: a biography. London, 1857. [20 a.] ST. JOHN, Sir SPENSER. Rajah Brooke. 1899. [21 j.] SAINTSBURY, George. Dryden. London, 1881. [21 c.]

-Marlborough. London, 1885. [21 j.] -Matthew Arnold. 1899. [21 j.] SAINT-SIMON. Memoirs of the Duc de: on the Times of Louis XIV, and the Regency. 4 vois. Boston, 1909. [20 1.] SALISBURY, Most Hon. The Marquis of: Calendar of the Manuscripts of the etc., etc., preserved at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire. London, 1915. [20 h.] SANDERS, E. K. Vincent De Paul, Priest and Philanthropist. 1576-1660. 1913. [20 g.] SANDERS, LLOYD. The Holland House

[blocks in formation]

1894. [21 d.]

vols. -The Journal of Sir Walter Scott,. from the Original Manuscript at. Abbotsford. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1890.

[blocks in formation]

SECCOMBE, THOMAS. The Age of Johnson. (1748-1798). London, 1920. [21 1.] SEDGWICK, HENRY DWIGHT. Robert Sedg-wick. 1896. [20 j.]

The Life of Colin Campbell, Lord
Clyde. 2 vols. Edinburgh and Lon--
don, 1881. [20 j.]

London, 1879. [21 c.]

Tercentenary of the death of Shakespeare 1616 April 23, 1916.. Manchester, 1916. [20 j.] SHAPCOTT, REUBEN. The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford. [20 c.] SHARP, WILLIAM. Life of Heinrich Heine. London, New York and Toronto, 1888.. [21 e.] SHAW, Lord of Dunfermline. Letters to. Isabel. London, 1921. [21 k.] SHERIDAN, P. H., General, U. S. Army. Per-sonal Memoirs of. 2 vols. London, 1888. [20 b.]

SHERMAN, General WILLIAM T. Memoirs of: by himself, 2 vols. London, 1875. [20 b.]

SHERWELL, GUILLERMO A. Simón Bolívar (El Libertador). Washington, 1921.. [20 1.]

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