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Arc. 1909. [20 g.]

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and Miscellaneous Letters of; includ-
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GALTON, ARTHUR. The Character and

[20 a.]

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GAPON, Father GEORGE. The Story of my
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GARRICK, DAVID. The Private Correspond-

ence of; with the most celebrated per-
sons of his Time. London, 1831-
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SON]. The Life of Charlotte Brontë.
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-The same. London, 1888.


[21 c.] Life of Sir Based

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dotes of the Camp, the Court and the Clubs, at the close of the last war with France. London, 1864. [21 i.] GUEST, WILLIAM, Stephen Greliet. 1880. [20 a.] GUIZOT F[RANCOIS PIERRE GUILLAUME]. Corneille and his Times. London, 1852. [21 d.]

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[blocks in formation]


Chatham. 1905.

John Ruskin. 1902. [21 j.]

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thorne and his wife. 1885. [21 g.]

Nathaniel Haw

2 vols. London,

of the Day.

London, 1885. [20 g.]
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London, 1878. Reprint, 1884. [21 f.]
from the Correspondence of; from
1834 to 1884. London, 1886. [21 i.]
The Life of General
London, 1859.

H. Havelock, K.C.B.
[20 j.]

HELPS, Sir ARTHUR. The Life of Pizarro
with some account of his Associates
in the Conquest of Peru. London,
1869. [21 j.]

Memoirs of Count HEMSLEY, W. BOTTING, A.L.S. The Gal

Grammont. 1905. [20 e.]
HAMILTON, J. A. Life of Daniel O'Connell.

London. 1888. [20 e.]
-Another copy. [20 e.]

HAMILTON, Lord G. Parliamentary Reminiscences. [21 1.]

HAMLEY, Sir EDWARD. Voltaire. Edin

burgh and London, 1877, reprint 1883. [21 f.]

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[20 e.]

lery of Marianne North's Paintings of Plants and their Homes, Royal Gardens, Kew. London, 1886. [21 h.] HENDERSON, Lt-Col. G. F. R. Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War. 2 vols. 1903. [20 e.]

HENSCHEL, Sir GEORGE, Mus. Doc. Musings
and Memories of a Musician. Lon-
don, 1918. [21 i.]
HERITTE-VIARDOT, Louise. Memories and
Adventures. London. [1913]. [21 i.]
HESSE, Princess ALICE Grand Duchess of.
Letters to Her Majesty the Queen.
London, 1885. [21 h.]

HILL, FRANK H. George Canning. London, 1887. [21 j.]

HILL, Sir ROWLAND, and GEORGE BIRKBECK HILL, D.C.L. The Life of Sir Rowland Hill, K.C.B., and the history of the penny postage. 2 vols. London, 1880. [21 a.]

[blocks in formation]

HOGG, ETHEL M. Quintin Hogg. 1904. [20 j.]

HOLLAND, Lady. A Memoir of the Rev.
Sydney Smith. London, 1855. [21 e.]
HOLT, EMILY S. John de Wycliffe. [20 e.]
an Agitator's Life. 1909. [20 g.]
HOOD, Sir SAMUEL, (Viscount Hoop). Let-
ters written by Sir Samuel Hood in
1781-2-3. 1895. [20 e.]

the Archbishops of Canterbury, 12
vols. London, 1865-1884. [20 f.]
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America. London, 1879. [20 g.]
HUCHINS, R. Mrs. Montagu and her
Friends. 1720-1800. London, 1907.
[21 g.]

HUE, FRANCIS. The Last Years of the
Reign and Life of Louis XVI. 1806.
[21 e.]

HUGHES, THOMAS, Q.C. James Fraser, second Bishop of Manchester. 18181885. London and New York, 1887. [21 i.]

Elizabeth, Lady Holland. (1791-1811.)
2 vols. 1908. [21 e.]

-The Spanish Journal of Elizabeth,
Lady Holland. 1910. [21 e.]
INGRAM, JOHN H. [Life of] Elizabeth
Barrett Browning. 1892. [20 d.]
IRVING, WASHINGTON. A History of the
Life and Voyages of Christopher
Columbus. 4 vols. London, 1828.
[21 g.]

-The same. 4 vols.; Paris, 1828. [21 g.]

Together with the voycompanions. 3 vols. [21 g.]

-The same. ages of his London. 1849. -The Life and pher Columbus. -Voyages and Companions of 1831. [21 g.]

Voyages of Christo-
London, 1830. 21 g.]
Discoveries of the
Columbus. London,

-Life of George Washington. London, 1875-1885. [20 b.]

-Life and Letters of. 4 vols. London, 1862-1864. [21 e.]

ISAACS, Rev. ALBERT AUGUSTUS, M.A. Biography of the Rev. Henry Aaron Stern, D.D., for more than forty years a Missionary amongst the Jews. London, 1886. [21 i.]

and Letters of Stopford Brooke. 2
vols. London, 1917. [21 b.]
Memoirs of Celebrated Women. Lon-
don and New York, n.d. [20 h.]

HUNTER, Sir WM. WILSON. The Thack-JAMES, HENRY, jr. The Letters of William erays in India and some Calcutta Graves. 1897. [20 j.]

HUTCHINSON, HORACE G. Portraits of the

Eighties. London, 1920. [21 k.] HUTCHINSON, LUCY. Memoirs of the Life

of Colonel Hutchinson. 1906. [20 j.] HUTTON, ARTHUR WOLLASTON, M.A. Cardinal Manning. London, 1892. [21 d.] HUTTON, RICHARD HOLT. Cardinal Newman. London, 1891. [21 i.] -Sir Walter Scott. London, 1880.

[21 c.] HUTTON, WILLIAM HOLDER. Philip Augustus. London, 1896. [21 k.] -Thomas Becket. 1910. [21 j.] HUXLEY, THOMAS] H[ENRY], F.R.S. -[Life of] David Hume. London, 1879. [21 c.]

-Life and Letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, O.M. 2 vols. London, 1918. [21 f.]

James. Edited by His Son. 2 vols.
Boston [1920]. [20 m.]

[Life of Nathaniel] Hawthorne.
London, 1879. [21 c.]

The Life of Robert 2 vols. London,

Stephenson, F.R.S.
1864, [21 g.]
JEBB, R. C., M.A., LL.D.

[Life of] Bent-
ley. London, 1882. [21 c.]
JENKINS, HERBERT. The Life of George
Borrow. 1912. [20 d.]

JERROLD, WILLIAM] BLANCHARD. The Life of Douglas Jerrold. London, n.d. [21 c.]

-The Life of George Cruikshank. 2 vols. London, 1882. [21 c.]

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JEVONS, W. STANLEY, M.A. Letters and
Journal of. London, 1886. [21 h.]
Novelists. London, [1918]. [21 f.]
-Another copy. [21 k.]

-Life and Letters of Thomas Henry JOHNSON, R. BRIMLEY. The
Huxley. 2 vols. 1900.
-The same. 3 vols. 1913. London,
1900, 1913. [21 k.]
and His Time. London, 1919. [21 f.]
ILCHESTER, The Earl of. The Journal of

JOHNSON, SAMUEL, LL.D. Lives of the most eminent English Poets, with critical observations on their work. 3 vols. London, 1854. [20 h.]

[blocks in formation]

"Preface to Shakespeare" and the Re

-The same. With additions. 3 vols.. London, 1854-1858. [20 g.]

view of "The Origin of Evil." Lon-LANE-POOL, STANLEY. The Life of the don and New York, n.d. [20 h.]


Andrew Hunter

Dunn, Fifth Bishop of Quebec. London, 1919. [21 h.] JONES, Sir WILLIAM.

The works of. 13 vols. London, 1807. [21 h.] JOURDAN, PHILIP. Cecil Rhodes His Private Life. London, 1911. [21 e.] JUSSERAND, J. J. With Americans of Past and Present Days. London, 1916. [20 g.]

KAVANAGH, JULIA. French Women of Let-
ters. Biographical Sketches. 2 vols.
London, 1862. [20 g.]

The Life and
Correspondence of Major-General Sir
John Malcolm, G.C.B., 2 vols. Lon-
don, 1856. [20 j.]

-Lives of Indian Officers. 3 vols. London, 1880. [20 g.]



of George Crabbe. London, New York and Toronto, 1888. [21 e.] -Life of Lord Beaconsfield. London, 1888. [20 c.] KIMBALL, GERTRUDE SELWYN. Correspondence of William Pitt, when Secretary of State, with Colonial Governors and Military and Naval Commissioners in America. 2 vols. New York, 1906.

[21 d.]
KINGSLEY, Rev. CHARLES. His Letters and
Memories of his Life. In 2 vols.
London, 1877. [21 b.]
KITCHEN, GEORGE. Sir Roger L'Estrange.
A Contribution to the History of the
Press in the seventeenth Century.
1913. [20 c.]
KNAPP, OSWALD G. The Intimate Letters
of Hester Piozzi and Penelope Pen-
nington 1788-1821. London, 1914.
[20 1.]

-Another copy. [21 k.]
KNIGHT, JOSEPH. Life of Dante Gabriel
Rossetti. London, 1887. [21 e.]
Edinburgh and London, 1886.
KNUTSFORD, Viscountess. Life and Let-
ters of Zachary Macaulay. 1900.
[21 j.]

[21 f.]

KRAUSE, ERNST. Life of Erasmus Dar-
win. London, 1879. [21 b.]
KUGLER, FRANZ. Geschichte Friedrichs
des Groszen. Dritte Auflage. Leipzig.
1848. [20 i.]

LACOMBE, BERNARD de. Talleyrand the
Man. 1911. [20 a.]
celebrated characters. 2 vols. Lon-
don, 1854. [20 g.]

Right Honourable Stratford Canning,
Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, K.G.,.
G.C.B. 2 vols. London and New
York, 1888. [20 c.]


The History of Napoleon I. LANG, ANDREW. Shakespeare, Bacon, and 4 vols. London, 1872-1879. [20 a.] the Great Unknown. LAUGHTON, JOHN KNOX. Letters and Des-1912. [20 d.] patches of Horatio, Viscount Nelson.. 1886. [20 k.]

-Nelson. 1895. [20 k.]

-Nelson and his Companions in! Arms. 1896. [21 f.]

[LEAR, H. L.] A Sketch of the Life of

the Rev. Pere Besson of the Order of St. Dominic. London, 1879. [21 i.] [LECKY, ELIZABETH.] A Memoir of the Right Hon. William Edward Hartpole Lecky. 1909. [20 a.]

LEE, Sir SIDNEY. A Life of William Shake-speare. 4th ed. London, 1899. 2 vols.. [20 j.]

-The same. Later ed. 1915 [20 j.]! LEGGE, EDWARD. King Edward in his true Colours. 1912. [20 e.]

LENNOX, Lord WILLIAM PITT. Celebrities I have known. 2 vols. London, 1876-1877. [21 j.]

-My Recollections from 1806 to 1873. 2 vols. London, 1874. [21 j.] LENOTRE, G. The Dauphin. [21 k.] LESLIE, SHANE, M.A. Henry Edward

Manning His Life and Labours. Lon-
don, 1921. [21 k.]
LESPINASSE, Letters of MLLE DE. With
notes on her life and character by
D'Alembert Marmontel, De Guibert,
etc. Boston, 1909. [20 1.]
-Another copy. [20 i.]

LESSEPS, FERDINAND DE. Recollections of
Forty Years. Translated by C. B.
Pitman. 2 vols. London, 1887. [21 h.]
LE SUEUR, GORDON. Cecil Rhodes. 1913...
[21 e.]


Works of Goethe.
1855. [21 b.]

The Life and 2 vols. London,.

The same. 2nd ed. London, 1864. [21 b.]

-The same. 3rd ed. London, 1875..

[blocks in formation]

mains of Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton. 2 vols. London, 1883. [21 b.]

opinion on Secession. London, 1861. [20 d.]


A Century of Family Letters. 1792- MCCABE, JOSEPH. George Jacob Holyoake. 1896. 2 vols. London, 1915. [21 b.] LOCKHART, J[OHN] G[IBSON]. The Life

Life stories of Famous Men. London, [1922] [21 1.]

of Robert Burns. London, 1882. MACCARTHY, DESMOND. Lady John Rus[21 d.]

sell. 1910. [21 e.]

-The Life of Sir Walter Scott, MCCARTHY, JUSTIN. Reminiscences. 2 abridged from the larger work. Edinburgh, 1871. [21 c.]


-Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. London, n.d. [21 c.] Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain. 12 vols. (bound in 6). London, 1835. [21 1.] LODGE, RICHARD M. A. Richelieu. London, 1896. [21 k.]

LOLIEE, FREDERIC. Le Duc De Morney. 1910. [20 a.]

-The Romance of a Favourite [Madame de Castiglione]. London, 1915. [20 h.]

LOMENIE, LOUIS DE. Beaumarchais and his Times. 4 vols. London, 1856. [21 d.] LOW, CHARLES RATHBONE, I.N., F.R.G.S. General Lord Wolseley (of Cairo.) A memoir. London, 1883. [20 j.] -Major-General Sir Frederick Roberts, Bart, V.C., G.C.B., C.I.E. memoir. London, 1883. [20 j.] LOWE, CHARLES, M.A. Prince Bismarck: an Historical Biography. 2 vols. London and Paris, 1885. [20 j.] Letters of.


[20 e.]



vols. 1894. LUBBOCK, PERCY. The Letters of Henry James. 2 vols. London, 1920. [21 k]. LUCAS, REGINALD. Lord North. 2 vols. 1913. [20 g.]

vols. 1899. [21 e.] MACAULAY, [THOMAS BABINGTON]. Life of Johnson. London, 1918. [21 c.] MACBEAN, WILLIAM M. Roster of Saint Andrew's Society. Part I. 1756-1783. 1911. [20 a.]

M'CRIE, THOMAS, D.D. Life of John Knox.. Containing illustrations of the History of the Reformation in Scotland. Edinburgh and London, 1855. [21 j.] MACKAIL, J. W. The Life of William. Morris. [21 1.]

MACKAY, THOMAS. The Autobiography of of Samuel Smiles. 1905. [20 e.] MACKENZIE, Sir MORELL. The fatal illness. of Frederick the Noble. London, 1888. [21 h.] MCLAUGHLIN, ROBERT W. Washington and Lincoln. 1912. [20 e.] MAHAFFY, JOHN PENTLAND,

M.A. Descartes. Edinburgh and London, 1880. Reprint 1884. [21 f.]

MAHAFFY, R. P. Francis Joseph I. His Life and Times. 1908. [20 f.] MAHAN, Captain A. T. The Life of Nel-son. 2 vols. 1897. [20 e.]

-Types of Naval Officers drawn from the history of the British Navy. 1902. [20 j.]

The Lifeand Letters of Leslie Stephen. 1907. [21 e.]


George II. and his Ministers. 1910. MAJOR, RICHARD HENRY. The Discoveries. [21 e.] LUDLOW EDMUND. Memoirs of Edmund

Ludlow with a collection of Original Papers serving to confirm and illustrate many important passages contained in the memoirs to which is now added the case of King Charles. 3 vols. Vols. 2 and 3 wanting. Edinburgh, 1751. [21 h.]

LUMSDEN, General Sir PETER S. and

GEORGE R. ELSMIE. Lumsden of the
Guides. 1899. [21 e.]

of Prince Henry the Navigator and their results. 1877. [21 g.]

MALDEN, Mrs. CHARLES. [Life of] Jane Austen. 1889. [20 d.]

MALLESON, Col. G[EORGE] B[RUCE]. [Life. of] Akbar. Oxford, 1890. [21 a.]

[Life of] Lord Clive. London, 1882. [20 j.]

-[Life of] Prince Eugene of Savoy.. London, 1888. [20 j.]

-Life of the Marquess Wellesley.. [20 d.]

-Life of Prince Metternich. [20 d.]

LUPTON, J. H., D.D. A Life of John Colet, MALMESBURY, JAMES HARRIS, 1ST EARL OF.. D.D. London, 1909. [21 k.]

LYALL, Sir ALFRED. Tennyson. 1902. [21 j.]

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LYTTELTON, EDITH, Alfred Lyttelton. An Account of His Life. London, 1917. [20 i.] LYTTON, The Earl of. The Life of Edward Bulwer. 2 vols. 1913. [20 c.]

-The Life, Letters and Literary Re

Diaries and Correspondence of. 4 vols.
London, 1884. [20 e.]

Memoirs of an Ex-Minister.
2 vols. London, 1884. [20 c.]
The same. London, 1885. [20 c.]
MARCIANT, JAMES. Alfred Russell Wal-
lace. Letters and Reminiscences. 2.
vols. London, 1916. [20 j.]
miral Sir Leopold McClintock.
[21 e.]

of Ad1909..

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