The Platyrrhine Fossil Record

John G. Fleagle, Alfred L. Rosenberger
Elsevier, 2013 M09 17 - 256 páginas
The Platyrrhine Fossil Record is a compendium of papers presented in a symposium of the 12th Congress of the International Congress of Primatology held in Brazil. One paper reviews evidence from fossil platyrrhines where the author concludes new dating and environmental data where these animals lived. Another paper describes the major changes pertaining to South American mammalian fauna during the Cenozoic Era, which he relates to global and regional geotectonic changes. Other papers review the paleontology and geology of the Miocene Pintura Formation and reassess the morphological transformations traditionally assumed as having been involved in platyrrhine phylogeny. One author also proposes that a prosimian-like ancestor is probably the predecessors of anthropoids; any similarities and primitive mammals can be evolutionary reversals associated with quadrupedal movements. The text also addresses the issue whether anthropoids, including platyrrhines, evolved from a prosimian ancestor or prosimians are just a group with mammalian postcranial skeletal structure. One author also reviews fossil remains found in the Caribbean, citing seven endemic taxa of platyrrhines in Cuba, Hispaniola, and Jamaica. Anthropologists, researchers involved in anatomical sciences, academicians, and administrators whose works are connected with museums of natural history or institutes of primate research will find this collection valuable.

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Chapter 1 Chronology of Cenozoic primate localities in South America
Chapter 2 Evolving climates and mammal faunas in Cenozoic South America
Chapter 3 New fossil platyrrhines from the Pinturas Formation southern Argentina
Chapter 4 Sedimentary paleoenvironments of fossil platyrrhine localities Miocene Pinturas Formation Santa Cruz Province Argentina
Chapter 5 Models for the origin of the anthropoid postcranium
Chapter 6 Locomotor adaptations of fossil platyrrhines
Chapter 7 The phyletic relationships of extant and fossil Pitheciinae Platyrrhini Anthropoidea
Chapter 8 The fossil record of callitrichine primates
Chapter 9 Platyrrhine evolution in the West Indies
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Dr. John Fleagle is a primatologist whose research combines field studies and functional morpho-logical analysis. He is interested in the adaptive radiation of primates during the last 50 mil-lion years. He has conducted paleobiological research in Egypt, Argentina, and Ethiopia and has studied living primates in Malaysia, Surinam, Brazil and Madagascar.
Fleagle is a MacArthur Fellow. In addition to authoring the textbook Primate Adaptation and Evolution, he is the Editor of Evolutionary Anthropology.

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