A History of the Inquisition of Spain, Volumen1


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Página 580 - ... sit sede indultum, quod interdici, suspendi vel excommunicari non possint per litteras apostolicas non facientes plenam et expressam ac de verbo ad verbum...
Página 561 - ... escribano público que para esto fuere llamado, que dé ende al que se la mostrare, testimonio signado con su signo porque Nos sepamos en como se cumple nuestro mandado. Dada en la villa de Madrid á siete días del mes de marzo año del nascimiento de...
Página 612 - It is the one work now within reach of the young American student of to-day in which he may learn the connected story of the great battle that resulted in the overthrow of slavery and the rededicalion of the republic to unsullied freedom. In no other publication are these facts so concisely, so fully, and so well presented...
Página 611 - PROTHERO, Litt.D. and STANLEY LEATHES, MA To be Complete in Twelve Volumes, Royal 8vo, of which it is hoped that two can be issued in each year. These volumes will appear in two Series beginning respectively with VOL. I. (The Renaissance) and VOL. VII. (The United States) THE SCOPE OF THE WORK AS PROJECTED WILL INCLUDE I. The Renaissance II. The Reformation HI. The Wars of Religions IV. The Thirty Years
Página 612 - It has remained for Mr. Henderson to treat at all effectively in English in a short space the development of the German nation as a progressive and ever mobile whole. And to appreciate the difficulty of the task before him, we have only to glance at the powers and forces that work out their expression if not their fulfilment, on German ground and through German institutions." — Commercial Advertiser, New York. " Of very decided importance. . . . We have never seen in English a more satisfactory...
Página 612 - ... and so well presented, and the student who makes careful study of this work will fully understand, not only the actual causes which led to the war, but he will know how gradually they were developed from year to year under varying political power, until the nation was ripe for the revolution. . . . Taking the work all together, we regard it as the most valuable political publication of the age, and the intelligent citizen who does not become its careful student must do himself great injustice.
Página 223 - We, who are as good as you, swear to you, who are no better than we, to accept you as our king and sovereign lord, provided you observe all our liberties and laws: but if not, not.
Página 613 - one of the most distinguished additions to political and social science which this generation has seen. It has done, and wiH continue to do, a great work in informing the world concerning the principles of this government.
Página 580 - ... per litteras apostolicas, non facientes plenam et expressam, ac de verbo ad verbum, de indulto hujusmodi mentionem, et qualibet alia dicte sedis indulgentia generali, vel speciali...
Página 577 - Motu proprio, non ad alicujus nobis super hoc oblatae petitionis instantiam, sed de nostra mera deliberatione et ex certa nostra scientia...

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