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Subtitle B—Other Regulations Relating to

National Defense


Part 1600 Maintenance of high ethical and moral standards of conduct by officers and

employees of the Selective Service System 1602 Definitions. 1603 Selective Service personnel in general. 1604 Selective Service officers. 1605 Compensated civilian employees. 1606 General administration. 1607 Finance administration. 1608 Payment for personal services. 1609 Expenditures other than for personal services. 1610 Property accountability. 1611 Duty and responsibility to register. 1612 Registration duties. 1613 Registration procedures. 1617 Registration certificate. 1619 Cancellation of registration. 1621 Preparation for classification. 1622 Classification rules and principles. 1623 Classification procedure. 1624 Appearance before local board. 1625 Reopening and considering anew registrant's classification. 1626 Appeal to appeal board. 1627 Appeal to the President. 1628 Physical examination. 1630 Volunteers. 1631 Quotas and calls. 1632 Delivery and induction. 1641 Notice. 1642 Delinquents. 1643 Parole.

Registration of United States citizens outside of the United States and classification of such registrants.

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