Memoirs of Angelus Politianus, Actius Sincerus Sannazarius, Petrus Bembus, Hieronymus Fracastorius, Marcus Antonius Flaminius, and the Amalthei: Translations from Their Poetical Works: and Notes and Observations Concerning Other Literary Characters of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

Cadell & Davies, Strand, 1801 - 211 páginas

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Página 79 - Unblam'd through life, lamented in thy end. These are thy honours; not that here thy bust Is mix'd with heroes, or with kings thy dust; But that the Worthy and the Good shall say, Striking their pensive bosoms — Here lies GAY.
Página 89 - ... century, at a cheaper rate than they could obtain it from Egypt, where it was then extensively made. The first sugar plantations established in Spain were at Valencia, but they were soon after extended to Granada and Murcia. Prince Henry, the navigator, carried sugar-cane from Sicily to Madeira. Towards the end of the fifteenth and the commencement of the sixteenth centuries, it was conveyed to the Canary islands, where plantations were formed, especially on Gomera and Grand Canary. From Gomera...
Página 78 - Ceeculus hie noster, maluit esse Leo. Quid tibi cum magno commune est, Talpa, Leone ? Non cadit in turpes nobilis ira feras. Ipse licet cupias animos simulare Leonis, Non Lupus hoc genitor, non sinit Ursa parens. Ergo aliud tibi prorsus habendum est, Caecule, nomen ; Nam cuncta ut possis, non potes esse LEO.
Página 146 - Garda was no less pleasing — hills rising in alternate succession met the view — the sometimes disturbed and tumultuous billows of the lake — the charming peninsula of Catullus — vessels with expanded sails, and fishing barks seen approaching from a remote distance, and numerous towns and hamlets seated on the sunny promontories. Beneath, lay Bardoleno, its declivities crowned with olives and orange trees — the hilly summits here embrowned with shady woods, there spreading a green and luxuriant...
Página 7 - CUM referam attonito, Medices, tibi carmina plectro, Ingeniumque tibi serviat omne meum, Quod tegor attrita ridet plebecula veste; Tegmina quod pedibus sint recutita meis; Quod digitos caligae, disrupto carcere, nudos Permittunt coelo liberiore frui; Intima bombycum vacua est quod stamine vestis, Sectaque de caesa vincula fallit ove.
Página 39 - Miscellanies," and not letters. — However, among so many discordant opinions of those who write, or who give rules for writing letters, I do not despair of finding an apology. — One will say, for instance, " these letters are very unlike Cicero's.
Página 197 - The borrower must return this item on or before the last date stamped below. If another user places a recall for this item, the borrower will be notified of the need for an earlier return. Non-receipt of overdue notices does not exempt the borrower from overdue fines.
Página 127 - 1 puro e dolce idioma nostro, Levato fuor del volgar uso tetro, Quale esser dee, ci ha co '1 suo esempio mostro.
Página 3 - ... of the best and most learned men, respecting this phenomenon, were suddenly cut off; for being at Florence, he was attacked by a fever, which carried him off in 1494, aged only 33. ANGELUS POLITIANUS. THIS very learned man, whom we have had occasion to mention in the...
Página 176 - Thou wak'st to life the torpid mind, To deathful slumbers else consign'd : And pleas'd to share thy tranquil smile. Man with new vigour meets his toil. Betimes the sprightly traveller wakes : The sturdy ox his stall forsakes. Patient his sinewy neck to bow, And bear the yoke, and drag the plough; His fleecy charge the shepherd leads To graze beneath the sylvan shades. Lull'd in his fair one's gentle arms, The lover if thy voice alarms ; If with regret the attractive couch He leaves, and blames thy...

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