Catalogue of the J. Morgan Slade Library and Other Architectural Works in the Apprentices' Library


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Página 19 - VOL. I. :— The Constitution of Nature— Radiation— On Radiant Heat in relation to the Colour and Chemical Constitution of Bodies— New Chemical Reactions produced by Light — On Dust and Disease — Voyage to Algeria to observe the Eclipse — Niagara — The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy — Alpine Sculpture — Recent Experiments on...
Página 17 - CONTENTS : Europe before the Arrival of Man; The Arrival of Man in Europe; Our Aryan Forefathers; What we learn from Old Aryan Words; Was there a Primeval Mother-Tongue ? Sociology and Hero-Worship; Heroes of Industry; The Causes of Persecution ; The Origins of Protestantism; The True Lesson of Protestantism ; Evolution and Religion; The Meaning of Infancy; A Universe of Mind-Stuff; In Memoriam: Charles Darwin.
Página 19 - Medallist of 1870— The Copley Medallist of 1871— Death by Lightning — Science and the Spirits. Vol. II. — Reflections on Prayer and Natural Law — Miracles and Special Providences — On Prayer as a Form of Physical Energy— Vitality— Matter and Force— Scientific...
Página 16 - Atoms, Molecules, and Ether Waves — Count Rumford — Louis Pasteur, his Life and Labours — The Rainbow and its Congeners — Address delivered at the Birkbeck Institution on October 22, 1884 — Thomas Young — Life in the Alps — About Common Water — Personal Recollections of Thomas Carlyle — On Unveiling the Statue of Thomas Carlyle — On the Origin, Propagation, and Prevention of Phthisis — Old Alpine Jottings — A Morning on Alp Lusgen.
Página 18 - Contents: The foreigner at home; Some college memories; Old mortality; A college magazine; An old Scotch gardener; Pastoral; The manse: Memoirs of an islet; Thomas Stevenson; Talk and talkers; The character of dogs; " A penny plain and twopence coloured;" A gossip on a novel of Dumas's; A gossip on romance; A humble remonstrance.
Página 18 - The Social Organism. The Origin of Animal Worship. Morals and Moral Sentiments The Comparative Psychology of Man. Mr. Martineau on Evolution. The Factors of Organic Evolution.* CONTENTS OF VOLUME II.
Página 17 - Dumas — Mr. Stevenson's Works — Thomas Haynes Bayly — Theodore de Banville — Homer and the Study of Greek — The Last Fashionable Novel — Thackeray — Dickens — Adventures of Buccaneers — The Sagas — Kingsley — Lever — Poems of Sir Walter Scott — Bunyan — Letter to a Young Journalist — Kipling's Stories. "One of the most entertaining and bracing of books. It ought to win every vote and please every class of readers.
Página 41 - ARTS AND CRAFTS ESSAYS. By Members of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society. With a Preface by WILLIAM MORRIS. Crown 8vo., 2s.
Página 12 - CONTENTS:— The Reporter who made himself King — Midsummer Pirates — Richard Carr's Baby— A Football Story — The Great Tri-Club Tennis Tournament — The Jump at Corey's Slip — The Van Bibber Baseball Club— The Story of a Jockey.
Página 25 - Milton; Pope; Johnson; Burke; The muse of history; Charles Lamb; Emerson; The office of literature; Worn-out types: Cambridge and the poets; Bookbuying.

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