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6-NATURAL SCIENCE: Medical Science.


V. 7, 8.

Gosse. History of 18th century literature. M 9172. h. WORCESTER. + Dictionary of the English language, 1873.

W 2898. HAZLITT. Literature of the age of Elizabeth and Characters of Shakespeare's plays.

M 9191.1. MORLEY. English writers. v. 3, 4.


G. Poetry. 3. From the conquest to Chaucer.

BROWN. Sonnets of Shakespeare solved. K 1536.5. 4. The fourteenth century.

Book I.

CHAUCER. Poetical works. Ed. by Gilman. 3 v.
REES. Brotherhood of letters.
M 9368.

K 1084.p. STEDMA.3 and HUTCHINSON, edrs. Library of American

COLERIDGE and KEATS. Poetical works. 4 v. in 2.
M 9753.

K 1096.a. Contents : Literature of the Republic, 1835-60, part 3.

DUNSHEE. † The Knickerbocker's address to the Stuyvesant pear tree.

B 8531. F. Language and Phonography.

HALLECK. Poetical writings. Ed. by Wilson. K 1183.p. ANDERSON. History of shorthand.

W 1oto. JUVENAL, Persius, and others. Satires. Literally transl. BARDEEN. Verbal pitfalls : a manual of 1500 words

by Evans.

K 8235.e. commonly misused. W 2026. KEATS. Poetical works.

In v. 2 of K 1096.a. BROWNE's Phonographic monthly. v. 13 (Jan.-Dec. 1888). KNIGHT, edr. Wordsworthiana : selection from papers

read to the Wordsworth Society. CLARK. Indian sign language.

W 9555. LOCKHART, transl. Ancient Spanish ballads. HILL. Our English.

W 2203.0. OSSIAN.

Poems. Transl. by Macpherson. K 1339.a. RIGGS. Manual of the Chaldee language.

W 9724. POPE.

Poetical works. With memoir, explanatory notes, etc.

K 1355.0. Note.--"Chiefly from the German of G. B. Winer.” SKEAT. Concise etymological dictionary of English.

RILEY. Old-fashioned roses.

K 1373.2.
W 2409.
Pipes o' Pan at Zekesbury.

B 8531.
SMITH, Rev. W. Synonyms discriminated. 2d ed. by Rowell. † The sonnet in America.
H. P. Smith.

W 2412. SWINBURNE. Poems and ballads. 3d series.
WEDGWOOD. Origin of language.
W 1472. THOMAS. Lyrics and sonnets.

K 1437.1. WHITNEY. Century dictionary: an encyclopedic lexicon Virgil. Æneid : first six books. Transl. into English of the English language.

W 2897.
rhyme by Hamilton.

K 8460.h.

W 1537

K 1249. K 5272.

M 1373.

K 1431.

V. I.



D 9727.

D 5057

v. II, 12.

B 3512:


ogy. 2d ed.

A. Botany.

HERMAN and others. God's glorious creation ; or, the mighty marvels of earth, sea, and sky.

D 7618. ARCHER. Profitable plants.

E 1014.p.

HUSSAK. Determination of rock-forming minerals. Note.-Same as his “ Economic botany."

D 9218. DYER. Folk-lore of plants.

E 1130. ROSENBUSCH. Microscopical physiography of the rockGray. Elements of botany. Revised ed.

E 1604.1,

making minerals. - How plants behave.

E 1174.8. UNITED States.

Coast and Geodetic Survey. + Report of the superintendent for 1886.

D 7891. B. Chemistry and Chemical Technology.

Geological Survey. † 6th annual report, 1884-85.

D 8891. BRANNT and WAHL. Techno-chemical receipt book.

Geological Survey of the Territories. + 6th and 12th CALIFORNIA University. College of Agriculture. † Re- annual reports, 1873 and 1883.

D 8773. ports of experiments on methods of fermentation. + Miscellaneous publications, No. 12. History of

B 3512.
North American pinnipeds.

D 8773.6. DRAGENDORFF. Plant analysis: qualitative and quantita- - + Report


D 8891.6. tive.

E 1576. II. Monographs of North American rodentia. PINNER. Introduction to organic chemistry. 2d rev. ed. 12. Fresh-water rhizopods.

D 5353.a.

Signal Office. Tornado circular, No. 1. RICHARDS. Aluminium : its history, etc. D 5372. WHITNEY. "The U. S.: physical geography and material Ross. The blowpipe in chemistry, mineralogy, and geol

D 7788. D 5379. WRIGHT. Ice age in North America.

D 8796. SHEPARD. Elements of inorganic chemistry.

D 5403. Troilius. Chemistry of iron. 2d ed.

D 5768.

E. Medical Science.
WINKLER. Handbook of technical gas-analysis. D 5792.
WOLFF. Applied medical chemistry.
D 5793. Doty. Prompt aid to the injured.

F 4125.
DUFFEY. What women should know.

F 7576. C. Evolution, Biology, and Ethnology. Earle. Curability of insanity.

F 5579.6. BEHRENS. The microscope in botany.

E 520. GRAY. Anatomy, descriptive and surgical. Amer. ed. FERRIS. New theory of the origin of species. F 1147.

by Keen.

F 1836. Priest. American antiquities. E 9716. HARDAWAY. Essentials of vaccination.

F 5185. ROMANES. Mental evolution in man: origin of human JAMES. American health resorts, with notes upon their

E 9726.

climate. faculty:

F 2636. STARCKE. The primitive family in its origin and devel- KRAFT. | Electropathy, a curative in acute and chronic opment.

E 9421.

diseases. UNITED States. Bureau of Ethnology. 4th annual LEAMING. Philosophy of climatic treatment of chest report, 1882–83.

E 9891.

diseases. WALLACE. Darwinism.

F 2267.t. F 1465.d. LEWIS. Talks about people's stomachs. Natural selection.

F 1465. MCARTHUR. + Pulmonary tuberculosis and its treat

ment. D. Geology, Mineralogy, and Physical MANHATTAN Eye and Ear Hospital. † 17th report, 1886. Geography.

MORRIS. Book of health.

3d ed.

F 2690. DANA. Appendix to 5th ed. of [his] mineralogy. By NAPHEYS. Transmission of life: nature and hygiene of Brush and others. D 9568.6. thre masculine function.

F 7326.1.

B 3512.

B 3512.

B 15.

B 17.

B 20.

B 3512.

B 3512.

E 2794

F 5753

D 4022.

D 520. D 4053..

F 5739.

B 2517.

New York City. Cancer Hospital. fist-3d annual re- Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories. ports, 1885-87.

| Miscellaneous publications, No. 12.

D 8773.C. - Lodge and Association Hospital. Ist annual report, Contents: History of North American pinnipeds: a 1888.

B 8528. monograph of walruses, sea-lions, sea-bears, and seals. · Orthopædic Dispensary. † 20th annual report, 1888. By J. A. Allen.

B 3512.
- 7 Report. V. II, 12.

D 8891.c. Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital. † An- II. Monographs of North American rodentia. By nouncement, 1887-88.

E. Coues and J. A. Allen. Society for the Relief of the Ruptured and Crippled. 12. Fresh-water rhizopods of North America. By J. +24th annual report, 1887.

New York State. Homeopathic Asylum for the Insane at Wood. Homes without hands.

Middletown. + 16th annual report, 1887. B 3512. - + 18th annual report, 1889.

G. Physics and Astronomy. PLUNKETT. Women, plumbers, and doctors; or, household sanitation.

F 2354. BADT. Dynamo tender's hand-book. PUTNAM. Twenty-five years with the insane. F 5360. Beeton's Illustrated dictionary of the physical sciences. St. Mary's Free Hospital for children (N. Y. City). + 18th annual report, 1887.

B 3512. BOTTONE. Electric bells and all about them. St. Vincent's Hospital (N. Y. City). + 37th annual re- Electrical instrument making for amateurs. D 4053.f. port, 1887.

B 3512. BROOKLYN. Board of Comm’rs of Electrical Subways. SEGUIN. + Myelitis of the anterior horns.

+ 4th report, 1888. - 7 Opera omnia: essays (on medical subjects). F 739. Browne. Student's mechanics : introduction to the study SKENE. + Diseases of women.

F 7716.
of force and motion.

D 3061. STILLÉ. Cholera : its origin, etc.

F 5423. CUMMING. Electricity treated experimentally. New ed. Talcott. – Revision of laws relating to the insane.

N 4107.c. B 3512. CROLL. Stellar evolution and its relations to geological TAYLOR. Manual of medical jurisprudence. 8th Amer. time.

D 6105. ed. by Reese. F 6760. FORBES. Lectures on electricity.

D 4156. VALK. Errors of refraction and their correction with HERING. Dynamo-electric machines.

D 4197.d. glasses.

F 5774. HOSPITALIER. Modern applications of electricity. 2d
ed. by Maier.

D 4628.a.
F. Natural History.
KAPP. Electric transmission of energy.

D 4236.

Lockwood. Electricity, magnetism, and electric teleg. ABBOTT. Days out of doors. E 2001.d. raphy.

D 4663. BAILY. Our own birds.

E 7023. LODGE. Modern views of electricity. BAMFORD. Up and down the brooks.

E 4024. Magic lantern, The: its construction and management. BECHSTEIN. Natural history of cage birds. 3d ed.

D 3284. E 7034.n. MAIER. Arc and glow lamps : a practical handbook of Church. Flyers and crawlers ; or, talks about insects.

electric lighting:

D 4285. E 4089. PANCOAST. The Kabbala ; or, the true science of light. DULCKEN. Men, animals, and plants.

E 976.
FIGUIER. The insect world. Revised by Duncan. E 4149. PREECE and MAIER. The telephone.
HERMAN. The creator's wonders in living nature. E 618. REYNIER Voltaic accumulator.
JEFFERIES. Field and hedgerow.

E 229.f. SALOMONS. Management of accumulators and private LUNT. Across lots.

electric light installations. 4th ed.

D 4384. MACALISTER. Zoology. 2 v. in 1.

E 2277.a. SLOANE. Home experiments in science for old and young. MAYNARD. Manual of taxidermy. 2d ed.

E 2295 MERRIAM. Birds through an opera glass. E 7301. STEPHEN. Wrinkles in electric lighting. NELSON. + Natural history collections made in Alaska, STEWART and Ger. Elementary practical physics. 2 v. 1877-81. E 2866.

D 2421.6. TAYLOR. Playtime naturalist.

E 434.P.

1. General physical processes. TREAT. Injurious insects of the farm and garden.

2. Electricity and magnetism.

E 4446.i. SWINTON. Elementary principles of electric lighting. UNITED States. Commission of Fish and Fisheries.

Con+ Fisheries and fishery industries of the U. S. secs. THOMSON. Popular lectures and address.

E 5891.

stitution of matter. 3.-5.

D 438. 3. Fishing grounds of North America.

UNITED STATES, State Department. + Report of th : Elec4. Fishermen of the United States.

trical Conference at Philadelphia in 1884. D 4773. 5. History and methods of the fisheries. Vol. 1. WARNER Observatory. † History and work of the, 1883Text.


B 3512. 5. Same. Vol. 2. Plates.

D 3471. WEBB. Optics without mathematics.

2 v.

D 4272

D 3705. D 4357 D 4722.

E 274.

D 410. D 4421.

D 4431.

V. I.

v. 1.

PART 7.-POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES. A. Annals of Legislative Bodies and UNITED States. Interior Department. | Annual report

on receipt and distribution of public documents, Public Documents.


B 6551. + CONGRESSIONAL record.

v. 19. (10 pts. and index.) + Report of secretary. 2d session, 49th Congress. 50th Congress, ist session.

U 2821.
v. I, 2, 4.

U 2773.7. New York State. Assembly. Documents, whith session, + Same. Ist sess., 50th Congress. v. 1, 2, 5. U 2773.7. 1838. 10 v. in II.

U 2697

State Department. Appropriations and expendiSenate. + Documents, IIIth sess., 1888. 5v. U 2697.b. tures of the Dept. of State, 1789-1876. U 7891. State Department. + Manual for the use of the legis- | Papers relating to foreign relations of the U. S. lature, 1889.

1870, 1872 (pts. 1, 2 6 v.), 1873 (3 pts.), 1874, UNITED States. Congress. Official congressional direc- 1875 (2 pts.), 1876-79, 1881-83, 1885-87. 23 v. tory. 50th Congress, 2d session. C2773.y.

U 2773. 4.

U 2329.

7-POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES: Military and Naval Science.


X 7454.

X 7773. X 7794.

H 9354.

U 1044.

U 1095.

V 104.


2 v.

U 731.

B. Commerce and Navigation. UNION College (N. Y.) Alumni Association. By laws,

etc., 1889. GODDARD. Art of selling.

H 9171. United States. Bureau of Education. | Report of comMUTUAL Life Insurance Co., of N. Y. + Premium rates. missioner for 1886-87.

B 16. Woodward. The manual training school.
N. Y. Chamber of Commerce. 31st annual report, 1889. XAVIER Union (N. Y. City). Reports for year ending

U 8697
June 16, 1887.

B 8526. PACKARD. New manual of book-keeping and correspon- Yale University. Obituary record of graduates deceased dence. Toth ed.

H 9705.n.
in year ending June, 1888.

B 8526. PLATT. Business.

- Report for year ending July 1, 1887. B 8526. RINGWALT. Development of transportation systems in the U. S.

U 8875.

D. Government and Politics. St. Paul Chamber of Commerce. | Annual report for 1886.

B 6551. BLAIR. Prosperity of the south dependent upon the Smith. Science of business.

U 8412.

elevation of the Negro. TERRY. How to keep a store

15th ed.

H 9436. BRUCE. The plantation negro as a freeman. U 1061. UNITED States. Bureau of Statistics. Commerce and COCKER. Government of the United States. navigation for years 1886, 1887.

U 8773. CROCKER. Principles of procedure in deliberative assemPost-Office Department. † Report of postmaster-gen

blies. eral, ist session, 50th Congress.

U 8773.d. CUSHING Rules of proceeding and debate. Revised by – Senate. Report of select committee on interstate Sullivan.

V 108.a. U 8773 k. ENDICOTT, compiler. † Immigration laws of the U. S., State Department. Commercial relations of the U. S. 1887.

B 6552. with foreign nations, 1857. By E. Flagg. v. 2. DE FONBLANQUE, How we are governed. (British em

U 8891.a.
pire.] 16th ed. by Gordon.

U 116. - + Same, for 1858.

U 8891. HALSTEAD. History of national political conventions of - + Same for 1885-6, 1886-7.

U 8773.a.

U 1609. - † Map showing the location of the diplomatic and LAIDLAW, transl. + Declaration of independence and consular offices of the U. S., March I, 1888. constitution of the United States in German, French,

U 8991.
and English.

U 1654.

V 1671. - | Report from the consuls of the U. S. Nos. 97- MAINE. International law. 100, 103-105. U 8773.9. NABUCO. O abolicionismo.

U 9326. Same. New series, No. 1. Jan. 1889. U 8773.m. PHILADELPHIA Learned Societies. + Banquet in commemReport on relations between the U. S. and Cen- oration of the framing and signing of the constitral and South America. 48th Congress, 2d session. tution of the United States.

U 1871. U 8773.1. SCHAFF. Progress of religious freedom as shown in the -- + Same. 49th Congress, Ist session. U 8773.1. history of toleration acts.

TILDEN. + The N. Y. City“ Ring” discussed.

B 6551. Union League Club of N. v. Charter, by-laws, etc.) C. Education.


U 1454.6. ALBANY Young Men's Association for Mutual Improve UNITED States. State Department. + Case of the U. s. ment.

before the Tribunal of Arbitration at Geneva. † 54th annual report, 1887.

B 8528. AMHERST College. + Addresses of the Alumni, No. 2.

+ Claims against Great Britain. 7 v. 1888.

B 8526.

+ Opinions of the attorneys-general [on] international BELFIELD. Manual training and the public school.

B 8530.
law, treaties, etc., 1877.

V 1773.d.
WIGMORE. Australian ballot system.

U 789. BOONE. Education in the U. S.: its history. CALIFORNIA University. + Register, 1886–87, 1887–88.

B 8530.

E. Law. COMPAYRÉ. History of pedagogy.

X 7098. Coats vs. the Merrick Thread Co. Defendant's record Cooper Union (N. Y. City). † 20th-29th annual reports,

on final hearing

V 8557. 1887-88.

B 8528.

GUN. + Index to advertisements for next of kin, etc. GILMAN. Plea for the training of the hand. B 8530.

Pt. II.

B 6551. JACOBI. Primary education and the study of language.

X 7226.
- + List of names of persons abroad entitled to property.

B 6551. MONTAGUE. + Technical education.

B 17. THOMPSON. Patent law of all countries. 8th ed. V 8438. MOUNT Holyoke Female Seminary. + 50th annual cata- Title Guarantee and Trust Co. † Some interesting law logue, 1886-87.

B 8530.

B 16. New York City. Board of Education. | Directory: 1889. UNITED States. Department of Justice. | Annual report

of the Attorney-General for 1888.

U 2773.x. - Journal. 1888.

X 7697.a. State Department.' + Statutes of the U. S., ist session, Manual. 1889.

X 7329.a.
50th Congress, 1887-88.

V 3891. - Manual training in the common schools. B 8526. +47th annual report. 1887.

X 7697.b.

F. Military and Naval Science. New York City. College. +39th annual register, 1887–88.

B 8530. UNITED States. Navy Department. Report of the secNew York State. Regents of the University. + 100th

retary, ist sess., 50th Congress, 1887–88. G 7773.6. 102d annual reports, 1886–88.

X 7697.C.

Senate. | Report of the select committee on ordnance ORCUTT. School keeping : how to do it. 4th ed. X 7339.

and war ships.

G 7773.c. PREYER. Mind of the child.

Pt. 2.

Development of War Department. + Annual report [on] the U.S. the intellect.

X 7358.
Military Academy, 1886.

G 6773.a. ROCHESTER University. + 38th annual catalogue, 1887–88. - † Report of the secretary. 2d sess., 49th Congress, B 8526. 1886–87. v. 2 (pts. 1-3), 3, 4.

G 6773 SIMMONS. + Address at commencement of the Normal - + Same. Ist sess., 5oth Congress, 1887-88. v. 1, 2 College of the City of New York, 1887. B 8526. (pts. 1, 3, 4) and 4 (pt. I).

G 6773. - Higher education a public duty, 1888. B 8530. WARD. + Cadets admitted into the U. S. Military Acad.

B 18. - † Present condition and progress of education in the emy, West Point, from its origin till 1886. city of New York, 1888. B 8530. WHEELER. Art and science of war.

G 6479.

V 1773.c.

V 1773.

X 7051.

X 7329.

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U 9115.

B 6551.

B 8527.

3d ed.

U 4120.
U 4124.


2 v.

G. Political Economy and Finance. DAVITT. Leaves from a prison diary:

Fawcert. Pauperism : its causes and remedies. U 9144. BLODGETT. + The money famine and a few other reasons GREEN-Wood Cemetery. + Report for 1880. why the people are so poor.

B 20. N. Y. City. Board of Police Justices. | Annual report CLARKE, R. & Co., publishers. Catalogue of works on

for year ending Oct. 31, 1888.

U 9697.c. political economy, finance, etc. 1888.

Charity Organization Society. 6th annual report, CONVERSE. The Bible and land.

U 4099.

B 8528. DEXTER. Co-operative savings and loan associations. -- + New York charities directory.


X 8329. DONNELL. Outlines of a new science.

- Exempt Firemen's Benevolent Fund. + 22d annual FRANCIS. History of the Bank of England.

U 7594.a.
report, 1887.

B 8528. Gilman. Profit sharing between employer and employee. Society for the Prevention of Cruelly to Children.

U 4167.
+ Izih annual report, 1887.

B 8258. LEESON, J. R. & Co., publishers. Flax : shall it be N. Y. State. Factory Inspectors. † ist annual report for free protected "?

B 6552.

B 6552. MEDLEY. + Free trade unmasked.

B 18. Ohio Society of N. Y. + Constitution and by-laws, 1888. N. Y. State. State Assessors. † Annual report for 1886.

19. B 6552. PELHAM. Chronicles of crime ; or, the new Newgate State Board of Arbitration. fist annual report for calendar.

U 9707 1886.

B 6552. SCHAACK. Anarchy and Anarchists in America and EuSCHOENHOF. The industrial situation and the question


U 9734. of wages.

U 4394. SHELTERING Arms (N. Y. City). +230 and 24th annual UNITED States. Senate. Reports of the Silver Com

reports. 1887–88.

B 16. mission of 1876. U 7773.f. Smiley.' + Altruism considered economically.

B 6552 State Department. † Appropriations and expenditures STATESMAN's year-book for 1889. Ed. by J. S. Keltie. of the Department of State from 1789 to 1876.

U 6421 U 7891. U. S. Bureau of Pensions. Annual report of the com+International monetary conference in Paris, 1878.

missioner for 1887-88.

B 6551. U 7773.g.

Bureau of Statisti.s. + Statistical abstract of the Treasury Department. † Annual report of the secretary U. S., 1885-87.

U 6773.4. for 1887.

U 7773;

State Department. + Proceedings of the International + Laws of the United States relating to loans and Sanitary Conference of 1881.

F 2891. the currency, coinage, and banking. U 7773.h.

+ Quarantine laws of the U. S., 1887. B 6552.

VANDERBILT Benevolent Association of Charleston, S. C. H. Social Science and Statistics.

+ In remembrance of Hon. Wm. Aiken, 1887.

B 7516. ACTOR's Fund of America. + 7th annual report, 1888. WICKES. Sepulture : its history, methods, and sanitary

B 8528.

T 8789 AMERICAN Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. + 22d annual report, 1887.

B 8528.

I. Women. BAERNREITHER. English associations of working men.

U 9513. Association for the Advancement of Women. f 15th BROOKLYN Bureau of Charities. + 6th annual report, annual report, 1887,

В 19. 1887.

B 17. | CONVERSE. Marriage and divorce in the U.S. U 9099. BROOKLYN Children's Aid Society. 22d annual report, PENNY. 500 employments adapted to women, married or 1887.


U 9346.1. BYRNES. Professional criminals of America. U 9814. SNYDER. Geography of marriage ; or, legal perplexities CAMPBELL. Prisoners of poverty abroad.

U 9073.9.
of wedlock in the U. S.

V 5413.

B 17.

Y 2750.3:

V 2.

2 v.


A. Biblical Theology.
READE. Bible characters.

Y 2366.6.

SPENCE and EXELL, edrs. | Pulpit commentary : ! Blake. The book ; or, where and by whom the Bible


Y 2750.6. was written.

Y 2044.

Same : Genesis. 8th ed.
FARRAR. History of interpretation.

Y 2536...
Same : Jeremiah. v. 1.

Y 2750.6.
Introduction to the Holy Scriptures.

Ioth ed.
- + Same : Jeremiah.

Y 2750.. Y 2627. 4 v.

Same : Judges and Ruth. 4th ed.

Y 2750.. 1. Summary of the evidence for the Holy Scriptures.

Same : St. Mark. V. I. 2d ed.

Y 2750.m. By Rev. T. H. Horne. 2. Text of the Old Testament,

WILLSON. Wonderful story of old.

Y 2790 with a treatise on sacred interpretation. By Samuel

1. Old Testament history. 2. New Testament history. Davidson. 3. Summary of biblical geography and antiquities. By Rev. Thos. H. Horne. 4. Introduction to the textual criticism of the New Testament. By T. B. Doctrinal and Miscellaneous TheH. Horne and S. P. Tregelles.

ology. LITTLE. Biblical lights and side-lights : 10,000 illustrations. 2d ed.

Y 2662. AMERICAN New Church Tract and Publication Society. PARKER. The people's Bible.

v. 1-9.

Y 2706. † 22d annual report. 1. The book of Genesis. 2. The book of Exodus. CHRISTIANITY and Agnosticism : a controversy. Z 2087 3. Leviticus Numbers xxvi. 4. Numbers xxvii.-Deu. Dawson. Facts and fancies in modern science. Z 3115.f. teronomy. 5. Joshua-Judges v. 6. Judges vi.--I Sam- Modern science in Bible lands.

Z 3115.1. uel xviii. 7. I Samuel xviii.-1 Kings xiii. 8. 1 Kings FULLERTON. A plain argument for God. Y 6160. xv.-1 Chronicles ix. 9. i Chronicles x.-2 Chronicles xx. KEDNEY. Christian doctrine harmonized and its rationThe people's Bible : Acts of the Apostles. 3. v.

ality vindicated.

Y 6643. Y 2706.a. New York State. Young Men's Christian Associations. The people's Bible : Gospel of Matthew. 3 v.

+220 annual meeting of the state association. Y 2706.m.

B 8529

B 16.

2 v.

9-USEFUL AND FINE ARTS: Engineering.


2 4259.

Part 3.

New York City. Young Men's Christian Association. LAMB. The golden Bible ; or, the Book of Mormon : is + 35th annual report.

B 8529

it from God? – Young Women's Christian Association. †17th annual Mills. Tree of mythology: its growth and fruitage. report. B 8529.

2 8683. SPENCE and others. Thirty thousand thoughts [on] reli- Schermerhorn. Sacred scriptures of the world. Z 9734. gious and allied topics. 6 v. Y 5750. SINNETT. Esoteric Buddhism.

Z 8407. 1. Christian evidences. — The Holy Spirit. -The beat- Witt, Classic mythology,

Z 7487. itudes. — The Lord's prayer.-Man and his traits of character.

E. Occult Literature.
2. Man's nature and constitution.-The laws by
which man is conditioned.-—The epistles to the seven
churches of Asia.—The seven sayings on the cross. —

ASHBURNER. Animal magnetism and spiritualism. X 5510.
BAUGHAN. Influence of the stars.

X 5518. Virtues, including excellences (first part).

3. Virtues, including excellences (2d-5th part). — The Part 1. Astrology. Part 2. Chiromancy. Mosaic economy.

Physiognomy. 4. Jehovistic names and titles of God. - Attributes of BLAVATSKY. The secret doctrine: the synthesis of science, God. -Sins.-Christian dogmatics.

religion, and philosophy. 2 v.

X 5527.5. 5. Christian dogmatics (concluded).

1. Cosmogenesis. 2. Anthropogenesis. 6. Old Testament scripture characters (Male).—New FULLERTON. † Wilkesbarre letters on theosophy. B 19. Testament scripture characters (Male).

New York City. Thirteen Club. + 6th annual report. 1888. WRIGHT. + Realities of heaven.

B 8529. III.

B 16.

RAUE. Psychology applied to the solution of occult psy. C. Historical Theology.

chic phenomena. COMBA. History of the Waldenses of Italy.

Y 3557 CORNELL University Library. Catalogue of the histor- F. Philosophy, Mental and Moral.

ical library of A. D. White. 1. The Protestant Reformation.

M 8821. AMERICAN Temperance Union. † Memorial services in DORNER. History of Protestant theology particularly in honor of John B. Finch.

B 18. Y 6574.

ARGYLL. What is truth? Germany.

X 3014.W. FOTHERGILL. The will power: its range in action. X 3155. GALTON. Natural inheritance.

X 4597.n. D. Mythology and Various Religions.

KANT. Critical philosophy for English readers. By BEERS. The Mormon puzzle and how to solve it. Z 4033. Mahaffy and Bernard. V. I, 2.

X 3236.c. CAIRD. Introduction to the philosophy of religion. New

Kritik of the pure reason explained and defended. ed.

Z 9071. 2. Prolegomena to any future metaphysic. DICKINSON. New light on Mormonism. Z 4121. LOTZE. Outlines of logic.

X 6273

X 3277.f. Emerson. Indian myths; or, legends, traditions, and McCoss. First and fundamental truths. symbols of the aborigines of America. Z 8582. MANTEGAZZA. Testa: a book for boys.

X 9287.5. KALAKAUA. Legends and myths of Hawaii. Z 8642. PEREZ. First three years of childhood.

X 3347 KINGSLEY. The heroes; or, Greek fairy tales for my PLATO. Best thoughts. Compiled from Jowett's translachildren.


X 2354.6.

X 5719.

2 v.


2 7244.


G 9514.
G 9523.

H 1537

V. 2.

A. Agriculture, Horticulture, and Ani- BALDWIN. Hot-water heating and fitting.

BERG. Safe building. maliculture.

Brown. Contractors', builders', and carpenters' building table and estimate book.

G 9537 BEALE. Profitable poultry keeping. Ed. by Weld.

H 1031.
BRUNNER. Cottages; or, hints on economical building.

G 8537. BROWN. People's farm and stock cyclopedia. 2 v. in 1.

BURN. Building construction: timber, lead, and iron

G 9814.a. ELLWANGER. The garden's story; or, pleasures and trials of an amateur gardener.

H 2135.8.

CALIFORNIA University.. + Building stones of California. New York State. Commissioners of the State Reservation De FOREST. | Indian domestic architecture.

By A. W. Jackson.

B 3512.

G 8824. at Niagara. + 3d annual report for 1886. B2517: De Graff. Stair-builder's guide.

G 9824. - + Supplemental report. 1887.

B 2517.

DICTIONARY of technical and trade terms of architectural + 4th annual report for 1887.

B 2517.
design and building construction.

G 8573
Roe. The home acre.
H 2376.h.

2d ed.

G 9142. STOCKBRIDGE. Rocks and soils: their origin, composition, Faija. Portland cement for users.

Gwilt. Encyclopædia of architecture. New ed. by and characteristics.

H 1754.

G 8608. UNITED States. Agricultural Department. Examina

v. 2 (Oct., tion of wools and other animal fibres. By W. Mc. + Modern architectural designs and details.

1888 to March, 1889).

G 8863. Murtie.

H 1891. - Report of commissioner, 1886, 1887.

H 1773.a.

Mooney. American gas engineer and superintendent's hand book.

G 9315. Bureau of Animal Industry. +3d annual report. 1886.

H 1773.8:
OSBORNE. Art of house planning.

G 8339.

G 9716. Senate. | Report on the rights and interests of Ameri- Putnam. Improved plumbing appliances.

ises in wood-working for handicraft can fisheries and fishermen.


G 9891. State Department. + Cattle and dairy farming. 2 pts.

H 1773. f.

C. Engineering. B. Architecture and Building.

ADAMS. Notes in mechanical engineering.

G 1004. Strains in ironwork.

G 4004.S. AMERICAN Architectural Association. † American stairbuilder and instructor.

G 9902, 1 BOLLER.

Construction of iron highway bridges. G 4530.

H 1773.h. UNWIN. Exe

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