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3-FICTION AND JUVENILE FICTION: Farrington, Margaret V., to Heimburg, W.


FARRINGTON, Margaret V. Fra Lippo Lippi.

Girl of the people. By L. T. Meade. Fatal choice, A. By Adeline Sergeant. (In “Twenty Gladys Fane: a story of two lives. By T. W. Reid. novelettes.")

Going into society. By C. Dickens. (With his “Haunted Fatal fiddle, A, [and other stories.] By E. H. Allen.

man.") Fate of a voice. By Mary H. Foote. (With her “ Last Gold that did not glitter. By Virginius Dabney. assembly ball.") Golden eagle, The; or, the privateer of 1776.

By S. Fate of Marcel. By C. Harlan. (With his “Ida Ran

Cobb. dolph.")

K 1186.i. GONCOURT, E. and J. de. Sister Philomène. Fated promise, A. By 0. P. Caylor.

Gooch, F. P. Miss Mordeck's father. Father Solon ; of, the helper helped. By Rev. De Los GORDON, J. (Mrs. Van Rensselaer Cruger.] A diploLull.

mat's diary. FAWCETT, E. Daughter of silence.

A successful man. - Evil that men do.

GOULD, S. Baring. See BARING-GOULD, S. - Fabian Dimitry.

GRAYSON, Pauline. Pyrrha : a story of two crimes. – How a husband forgave.

GREEN, Anna K. The forsaken inn. Fedor. By Laura Daintry.

A matter of millions. Feet of clay. By Amelia E. Barr.

GREENE, Sarah P. M. Leon Pontifex. Feet of love. By Anne R. Aldrich.

GRÉVILLE, H. (Mde. A. M. C. H. Durand.] Aline. FENN, G. M. Eli's children.

Sylvie's betrothed. - The fanfare. (In “ Twenty novelettes.")

GUNTER, A. C. Miss Nobody of Nowhere. – The haute noblesse.

GUTHRIE, F. A. See ANSTEY, F. - The Mynns' mystery.

Guy Ormsby. By Marian Calvert. FERGUSON, Kate L. Cliquot.

HÁBBERTON, J. All he knew. FEUILLET, O. An artist's honor.

Couldn't say no. - Madame de Maurescamp.

Hagar. By J. A. Macknight. Fiddler of Lugau. (By Miss M. Roberts.]

HAGGARD, H. R. Allan's wife. FIELD, E. A little book of profitable tales.

Beatrice. Fifty years, three months, two days. By J. Wolff.

and LANG, A. The world's desire. Finding his fate. By R. M. Ballantyne. (In “ Twenty HALIBURTON, T. C. The clockmaker. 16o. novelettes.")

Hans, the dreamer. By R. Lindau. (In “ Masterpieces FLETCHER, R. H. A blind bargain.

of German fiction.”) Flirt : a story of Parisian life. By P. Hervieu.

HARBEN, W. N. White Marie : a story of a Georgian Florence: a story of beginnings. By Alice Weber.

plantation life. Flower de Hundred. By Mrs. Burton Harrison.

Hardy Norseman, A. By Edna Lyall. FLOYD, I. H. Stolen America.

HARLAN, C. Fate of Marcel. (With his “Ida Randolph FOGERTY, J. Countess Irene.

of Virginia.”).

K 1186.i. Foggerty's fairy, and other tales. By W. S. Gilbert. HARLAND, H. (“ Sidney Luska.") Two women or one ? Fontelroy ; or, the web of crime. By F. A. Durivage. HARLAND, Marion. (Mrs. Mary V. Terhune.] With the FOOTE, Mary H. The last assembly ball, and The fate best intentions. of a voice.

HARRIS, J. C. (Uncle Remus.") Daddy Jake the runFor a mess of pottage. By S. Lyon.

away, and short stories told after dark. For money or for love. By Mona Caird. (In “ Twenty Harrison, Mrs. Burton. Flower de Hundred : the novelettes.")

story of a Virginia plantation. For one and the world. By M. B. Edwards.

HARRISON, L. A strange infatuation. Foreign match, A. By Mary Healy.

HARTE, B. Heritage of Dedlow Marsh, and other tales. FORRESTER, Mrs. Omnia vanitas.

- A waif of the plains. Forsaken inn. The. By Anna Katharine Green.

A ward of the Golden Gate. Fortunes and fate of Little Spangle. By H. Hopfen. HARTLEY, Mrs. M. L. See LAFFAN, May. (In “Masterpieces of German fiction.")

HARTMANN, F. Talking image of Urur. FOTHERGILL, Caroline. Diana Wentworth.

HARVEY, H. With Essex in Ireland. FOTHERGILL, Jessie. March in the ranks.

Note.-Introd. and ed. by Hon. Emily Lawless. Fra Lippo Lippi. By Margaret V. Farrington.

HATTON, G. M. See CAIRD, Mona. FRANCE, A. Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard.

HATTON, J. By order of the Czar. FRANCILLON, R. E. Romances of the law.

Haunted fountain. By Kath. S. Macquoid. FRANZOS, K. E. The chief justice.

Haunted house. By Č. Dickens. (With his Haunted FREDERIC, H. In the valley.

man.") -The Lawton girl.

Haunted man. By C. Dickens. Friend Olivia. By Amelia E. Barr.

Note.- Lovells Library, No. 267. From flax to linen. By Mrs. N. Conklin.

Hauntings : fantastic stories. By V. Lee. From the rauks. By Capt. C. King. (With his “The Haute noblesse, The. By G. M. Fenn. deserter.")

HAWTHORNE, J. Kildhurm's Oak. Frozen hearts. By G. W. Appleton.

HAY, Mary C. Dorothy's venture. Garden of Armida. By Anne Sheldon.

Hazard, A, of new fortunes. By W. D. Howells. 8'. GARDNER, Celia E. Seraph-or mortal ?

Same. 2 vols. 12". GARRETT, E. Life's long battle won.

He went for a soldier. By J. S. Winter. GASPÉ, P. A. de. The Canadians of old : an historical Healy, Mary. [Madame Bigot.) A foreign match.

HEARN, L. Chita : a memory of Last Island. Gems without polish. By Alice M. Douglas.

Heart of gold. By L. T. Meade. Geoffrey Hampstead. By T. S. Jarvis.

Heart's bitterness, A. By Bertha M. Clay. Gerald Ffrench's friends. By G. H. Jessop.

HEAVEN, Louise P. Chata and Chinita. GERARD, Dorothea. Lady Baby.

HECTOR, Mrs. Annie F. See ALEXANDER, Mrs. GIBBON, C. Dead heart.

Hedri ; or, blind justice. By Helen Mathers. GIFT, T. Dishonored.

HEERMANS, F. Thirteen stories of the far west. GILBERT, W. S. Foggerty's fairy, and other tales. HEIMBURG, W. [Bertha Behrens.] Cloister Wendhusen. GILMORE, J. R. ("* Edmund Kirke.") A mountain- Note. -Same as Magdalen's fortunes." white heroine.

- Lora, the major's daughter. Gipsy's daughter. By Bertha M. Clay.

Lucie's mistake. Giraldi ; or, the curse of love. By R. G. Dering.

Magdalen's fortunes.



HEIMBURG, W.-continued. Pastor's daughter.

JAMES, Mrs. F. A. See WARDEN, Florence. A sister's love.

JAMES, H. . The tragic muse. 2 vols. Heiress of Egremont. By Mrs. Harriet Lewis.

JANVIER, T. A. Aztec treasure-house. HELDER, A. Chronicles of a health resort.

JARVIS, T. S. Geoffrey Hampstead. Helen ; or, will she save him? By Mrs. S. M. Perkins. Jenny Harlowe, Romance of. * By W. C. Russell. HELMBOLD, M. P. Althea St. John.

Jenny's girl. By F. W. Robinson. (In “Twenty Henriette ; or, a Corsican mother. By F. Coppée.

novelettes."') HENRY, S. M. I. Beforehand : a companion volume to JEROME, J. K. Three men in a boat (to say nothing of re chance."

the dog). Note. -A temperance story.

JESSOP, G. H. Gerald Ffrench's friends.
Henty, G. A. Ashark's fin. (In “ Twenty novelettes.”) Jew, The. By J. I.' Kraszewski.
Her great ambition. By Anne R. Earle.

JEWETT, Sarah 0. Strangers and wayfarers.
Her last throw. By the Duchess.

Tales of New England.
Her sacrifice ; or, the hand of fate. By F. Pearson. Jezebel's friends. By Dora Russell.
Her strange fate. By Celia Logan.

Joe Cumming; or, the story of the son of a squaw in Heriots, The. By Sir H. S. Cunningham.

search of his mother. Written by himself. Heritage of Dedlow Marsh, and other tales. By B. Harte. JOHNSON, Evelyn K. (Flora McFlimsey.”) Tangles Heroines of Petosega. By F. A. Dean.

unravelled. HERVIEU, P. Flirt : a story of Parisian life.

JOHNSTON, R. M. Ogeechee cross-firings. Hester Hepworth. By Kate T. Woods.

Widow Guthrie. HETHERINGTON, Helen F. and BURTON, Rev. H. D. Joost Avelingh: a Dutch story. By M. Maartens. Paul Nugent, materialist.

Joshua: a Biblical picture. By G. Ebers. Note.-A reply to “ Robert Elsmere."

Jupiter lights. By Constance F. Woolson. HEYSE, P. L'Arrabiata. (In “ Masterpieces of German Kalani of Oahu. By C: M. Newell. fiction.")

KAMBA Thorpe. Sée BELLAMY, Elizabeth. Beppe, the star gazer. (In “ Masterpieces of German Keeper of the keys. By F. W. Robinson. fiction.")

KELLY, Florence F. On the inside. - Maria Francisca. (In “Masterpieces of German fic- KENDALL, May. "Such is life." tion.")

KENNARD, Mrs. E. A Homburg beauty. HIMMEL, E. von. The discovered country.

Kilburns, The. By Annie Thomas. His private character. By A. Ross.

Kildhurm's Oak. By J. Hawthorne. Honest hypocrite. By E. S. de G. Tompkins.

KING, Capt. C. Captain Santa Claus. (With his CamHOPFEN, H. The fortunes and fate of Little Spangle. paigning with Crook.”)

Q 2244 (In “ Masterpieces of German fiction.")

The colonel's Christmas dinner. - Trudel's ball. (In “ Masterpieces of German fiction.") Dunraven Ranch. HOLCOMBE, W. H. A mystery of New Orleans.

From the ranks. (With his The deserter.”) Homburg beauty, A. By Mrs. E. Kennard.

Mystery of 'Mahbin Mill. (With his " Campaigning House by the medlar-tree. By G. Verga.

with Crook.")

Q 2244 House of secrets. By Mrs. H. Lewis.

Plodder's promotion. (With his “Campaigning with House of the wolf. By S. J. Weyman.


Q 2244 House of the Wolfings. By W. Morris.

– Starlight Ranch, and other stories of army life on the Household of McNeil. By Amelia E. Barr.

frontier. How a husband forgave. By E. Fawcett.

Sunset Pass.
How came he dead? By J. F. Molloy.

Two soldiers.
HOWELLS, W. D. A hazard of new fortunes. 8°. KING, Katharine. Hugh Melton.
Same. 2 vols. 12°.

KING, R. A. Passion's slave.
Shadow of a dream.

King's talisman. By S. Cobb, jr. Undiscovered country.

KIPLING, R. Courting of Dinah Shadd, and other stories. HUDSON, W. C. (Barclay North.) Jack Gordon, Phantom 'rickshaw, and other tales. knight errant, Gotham, 1883.

Plain tales from the hills. Vivier of Vivier, Longman & Co., bankers.

Soldiers three. Hugh Melton. By Katharine King.

Story of the Gadsbys. Humble romance, and other stories. By Mary S. Kirk, Ellen 0. Walford. Wilkins.

Kit and Kitty. By R. D. Blackmore. HUME, F. Piccadilly puzzle : a mysterious story. Kit Wyndham ; or, fettered for life. By F. Barrett. HUNGERFORD, Mrs. See Duchess, The.

KRASZEWSKI, J. I. The Jew. Hunks. By J. S. Winter. (In “ Twenty novelettes.") Lady Betty. By Dorothea Gerard. Ida : an adventure in Morocco. By Mabel Collins. (With Lady Car: the sequel of a life. By Mrs. Oliphant. Smuggler's secret.”)

Lady Kildare. By Mrs. Harriet Lewis. Ida Randolph of Virginia : an historical novel in verse. LAFFAN, May. [Mrs. M. L. Hartley.] Ismay's children. By C. Harlan.

K 1186.7. Lament of Dives. By W. Besant. In God's way. By B. Björnson.

LANDER, Meta. [Margaret W. Lawrence.) Marion In love's crucible. By Bertha M. Clay.

Graham ; or, “higher than happiness. In low relief. By M. Roberts.

LANSDOWNE, A. A life's reminiscences of Scotland In the valley. By H. Frederic.

Yard. In the valley of Havilah. By F. T. Clark.

LANZA, Marquise Clara. Basil Morton's transgression. INGELOW, Jean. Quite another story.

- A modern marriage.
Ingomar ; or, the triumph of love. By N. D. Urner, Last assembly ball. By Mary H. Foote.
INNSLY, O. Penelope's web : an episode of Sorrento. Last love, A. By G. Ohnet.
Ironmaster, The. By G. Ohnet.

LATHROP, G. P. Would you kill him ?
Isaac Eller's money. By Mrs. A. Dean.

LAWLESS, Hon. Emily. With Essex in Ireland. ISAACS, J. Maria : a South American romance.

LAWRENCE, Margaret W. See LANDER, Meta, pseud. Ismay's children. By [May Laffan).

Lawton girl, The. By H. Frederic. Jack Gordon, knight errant. By W. C. Hudson.

Leah of Jerusalem. By E. P. Berry. Jack Horner. By Mary S. Tiernan.

LE CLERC, M. E. Mistress Beatrice Cope. JACKSON, Margaret C. A woman of to-day.

LEE, V. [Violet Paget.] Hauntings : fantastic stories. Jacob Valmont, manager. By G. A. Wall and G. B. Legacy of Cain. By W. Collins. Heckel.

Leon Pontifex. By Sarah P. M. Green.

3-FICTION AND JUVENILE FICTION: Leonard and Gertrude to Modern ghosts.


Leonard and Gertrude. By Pestalozzi.

Mamelons and Ungava. By W. H. H. Murray. LEWALD, Fanny. [Mrs. É. L. Stahr.] The aristocratic Man from the west. By A Wall Street man.

world. (In " Masterpieces of German fiction.") March in the ranks, A. By Jessie Fothergill. – Maid of Oyas. (In “ Masterpieces of German fic- Marcia. By W. E. Norris. tion.")

Margaret Byng. By F. C. Philips. LEWIS, Mrs. Harriet. The bailiff's scheme.

Margaret Maliphant. By Mrs. C. Carr. - Heiress of Egremont.

Maria: a South American romance.

By J. Isaacs. - House of secrets.

Maria Francisca. By P. Heyse. (In “Masterpieces of - Lady Kildare.

German fiction.”) - Old life's shadows.

Marigold. By Mrs. N. Conklin. - Sundered hearts.

Marion Graham ; or, “higher than happiness." By Life's long battle won. By E. Garrett.

Meta Lander.
Life's remorse.
By the Duchess.

Marooned. By W. C. Russell.
Lily Lass. By J. H. McCarthy.

Marriage at sea, A. By W. C. Russell. LINDAU, R. Ai in vain. (In"“ Masterpieces of German MARRYAT, Florence. Blindfold. fiction.”)

Brave heart and true. First love. (In “Masterpieces of German fiction.") Where the chain galls. (In “ Twenty novelettes.'') - Hans, the dreamer. (In “Masterpieces of German MARSH, C. L. Opening the oyster : a story of adventure. fiction.")

MARSHALL, Emma. The end crowns all. LINTON, E. Lynn. Sowing the wind.

Under Salisbury spire. Little book of profitable tales. By E. Field.

Martha Corey : a tale of the Salem witchcraft. By Con. Little chatelaine, The. By the earl of Desart.

stance G. Du Bois. Little journey in the world. By C. D. Warner.

Master of Ballantrae. By R. L. Stevenson. Little radical, A. By Jeannette H. Walworth.

Master of the magicians. By Elizabeth S. Phelps and Little widow. By Julia Edwards.

H. D. Ward. Locke, D. R. (Nasby.") The demagogue.

MASTERPIECES of German fiction. Locked desk, The. By Frances M. Peard.

Contents : Lindau, R. Hans, the dreamer ; All in Locksmith of Lyons. By Prof. W. H. Peck.

vain : First love.—Lewald, Fanny. The aristocratic LOGAN, Celia. Her strange fate.

world ; The maid of Oyas.-Eckstein, E. The visit to LONG, Lily A. Squire of low degree.

the lockup; The boarding school girls.— Wilbrandt, A. Looking further forward. By R. Michaelis.

The pilot captain. -Heyse, P.

Heyse, P. L'Arrabiata : Beppe, Note.-A reply to “ Looking backward.”

the star gazer ; Maria Francisca.-Hopfen, H. IruLora, the major's daughter. By W. Heimburg,

del's ball ; The fortunes and fate of Little Spangle.Lost lady of Lone. By Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth. Eckstein, E. Against the stream. LOTI, P. Rarahu ; or, the marriage of Loti.

MATHERS, Helen. Hedri ; or, blind justice. Love and war. By W. Westall. (In “ Twenty novel- Two brothers. (In “Twenty novelettes.") ettes.").

Matrimonial agent of Potsdam. By A. von Winterfeld. Lover of the beautiful, A. By Katherine Carmarthen. Matter of millions, A. By Anna K. Green. Lover or friend? By Rosa N. Carey.

MATTHEWS, B. A family tree, and other stories. LUBORMISKI, Prince J. The ace of clubs.

MAUPASSANT, G, de. The odd number : thirteen tales. Lucie's mistake. By W. Heimburg.

Pierre and Jean. Luck of the house. By Adeline Sergeant.

MEADE, L. T. A girl of the people. Lucy. By Katharine S. Macquoid. (In Twenty

Heart of gold. novelettes.")

Vaughan of Balliol. (In “Twenty novelettes.") LULL, Rev. De Los. Father; or, the helper helped. Memoirs of a millionaire. By Lucia T. Ames. LUSKA, Sidney, pseud. See HARLAND, H.

MENGER, R. Countess Loreley. LYALL, Edna. A hardy Norseman.

MEREDITH, G. Case of General Ople and Lady Camper. Lynch, L. L. A mountain mystery; or, the outlaws of The tragic comedians. the rocks.

MEREDITH, W. T. Not of her father's race. LYON, S. For a mess of pottage.

MERRILL, G. E. Crusaders and captives : a tale of the MAARTENS, M. Joost Avelingh : a Dutch story.

children's crusade. MCCARTHY, J. H. Lily Lass.

Metzerott, shoemaker. [By Katharine P. Woods.] - Roland Oliver.

MEYER, C. F. The monk's wedding. - and PRAED, Mrs. C. The rival princess.

MICHAELIS, R. Looking further forward. MCCLELLAND, M. G. Ten minutes to twelve.

Note.-An answer to “ Looking backward.” McCOMB, Florence. Montarges legacy.

Midnight marriage. By Amanda M. Douglas. MCCRAY, Florine T. Environment: a story of modern Mike Fletcher. By G. Moore. society.

Miner's right: a tale of the Australian goldfields. By R. MCFLIMSEY, Flora, pseud. See JOHNSON, Evelyn K.

Boldrewood. MACGAHAN, B. Xenia Repninå.

Misadventure. By W. E. Norris. MCGLASSON, Eva W. Diana's livery.

Miss Breckenridge: a daughter of Dixie. MACKNIGHT, J. A. Hagar.

Miss Brooks. By Eliza D. White. MACLAY, A. C. Mito Yashiki: a tale of old Japan.

Miss Eaton's romance.

By R. Allen. MACQUOID, Katharine S. At an old chateau.

Miss Mordeck's father. By Fani P. Gooch. Cosette.

Miss Nobody of Nowhere. By A. C. Gunter. Haunted fountain.

Miss Ruby's novel. By S. I. J. Schereschewsky. Hetty's revenge. (With her “ Haunted fountain.”) Miss Tweed's ghost story. By Sarah Doudney. (In - Lucy. (In “Twenty novelettes.”)

Twenty novelettes.") - Old courtyard.

Mistress Beatrice Cope. By M. E. Le Clerc.
Madame de Maurescamp: By O. Feuillet.

Mrs. Bob. By J. S. Winter.
Madonna Hall.
By Emily C. Pearson.

Mistress of Beech Knoll. By Clara L. Burnham.
Magdalen's fortunes. By W. Heimburg.

Mrs. Fenton. By W. E. Norris. Note.-Same as Castle Wendhusen."

Mito Yashiki : a tale of old Japan. By A. C. Maclay. Magnetic man, A, and other stories. By E. S. Van Zile. Modern ghosts. Introduction by G. W. Curtis. Maid of Oyas. By Fanny Lewald. (In “ Masterpieces Note.-"Selected and translated from the works of of German fiction.")

Guy de Maupassant, Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, AlexMail and Express (N. Y. City). 4th of July prize stories ander L. Kielland, Leopold Kompert, Gustavo Adolfo and poems.

Becquer, and Giovanni Magherini-Graziana."

Modern marriage. By Marquise Clara Lanza.

Paul Nugent, materialist. By Helen F. Hetherington Mohicans of Paris. By A. Dumas.

and Rev, H. D. Burton. MOLLOY, J. F. How came he dead ?

PAYN, J. The burnt million. Moment after, The. By R. Buchanan.

- The word and the will. Monk's wedding. The. By C. F. Meyer.

PEARCE, J. H. The miller's daughter. Montarges legacy. By Florence McComb.

PEARD, Frances M. The locked desk. MOORE, G. Mike Fletcher.

Pearl-powder. By •Annie Edwardes. More bywords. By Charlotte M. Yonge.

Pearson, Emily C. Madonna Hall. Morris, W. House of the Wolfings.

PEARSON, F. Her sacrifice ; or, the hand of fate. News from nowhere ; or, an epoch of rest.

Peck, Prof. W. H. The locksmith of Lyons.
Mountain mystery, The; or, the outlaws of the Rockies. Stone-cutter of Lisbon.
By L. L. Lynch.

PELLEW, G. Jane Austen's novels.

L 9708. Mountain-white heroine. By J. R. Gilmore.

PERKINS, Mrs. Sarah M. Helen ; or, will she save him? Murderer's confession, The. By B. L. Farjeon. (In PERRY, B. The Broughton House. Twenty novelettes.")

PESTALOzZI's Leonard and Gertrude. Transl. and MURRAY, W. H. H. Mamelons and Ungava.

abridged. Mynn's mystery, The. By G. M. Fenn.

Phantom 'rickshaw, and other tales. By R. Kipling. Mystery Evans. By Beth Baker.

PHELPS, Elizabeth S. and WARD, H. D. Come forth ! Mystery of M, Felix. By B. L. Farjeon.

Master of the magicians. Mystery of 'Mahbin Mill. By Capt. C. King. (With Philip; or, what may have been. By Mary C. Cutler. his “Campaigning with Crook.")

Q 2244. PHILIPS, F. C. Margaret Byng. Mystery of New Orleans, A. By W. H. Holcombe. Young Mr. Ainslie's courtship. Nameless wrestler, A. By Josephine W. Bates.

- and WILLS, C. ). The Scudamores. Nanon. By G. Sand.

Sybil Ross's marriage. Nasey, Petroleum V., pseud. See Locke, D. R. Phra, the Phoenician, Wonderful adventures of. By E. Nero: a romance. By E. Eckstein. 2 vols.

L. Arnold. NEWELL, C. M. Kalani of Oahu.

Piccadilly puzzle, The. By F. Hume. News from nowhere ; or, an epoch of rest. By W. Pierre and Jean. By G. de Maupassant. Morris.

PIERSON, E. De L. A vagabond's honor. NEWTON, E. M. Boscobel : a story of a winter in Florida. Pilot captain, The. By A. Wilbrandt. (In “MasterNICHOLSON, J. S. Toxar: a romance. [Anon.]

pieces of German fiction.”) Night of the 3d ult. By H. F. Wood.

Plain tales from the hills. By R. Kipling. NORRIS, Mary H. Dorothy Delafield.

Plodder's promotion. By Capt. C. King. (With his NORRIS, W. E. Baffled conspirators.

“Campaigning with Crook.")

Q 2244 - The duffer. (In “Twenty novelettes.”)

Polish blood. By Nataly, baroness von Estruth. Marcia,

Port Tarascon. By A. Daudet. Misadventure.

PORTER, Admiral D. D. Arthur Merton. Mrs. Fenton.

Porter, L. B. See Ross, A. Thirlby Hall.

PORTER, Rose. Driftings from mid-ocean. NORTH, Barclay, pseud. See HUDSON, W. C.

Note.-Sequel to

Summer drift-wood” and “The Not of her father's race. By W. T. Meredith.

winter fire. Vurse Revell's mistake. By Florence Warden.

Story of a flower, and other fragments twice gathered. Nutshell novels. By J. A. Sterry.

POYNTER, E. F. Failure of Elisabeth. ** O thou, my Austria !” By O. Schubin.

PRAED, Mrs. C. An Australian heroine. O'BRIEN, W. When we were boys.

Prince Fortunatus. By W. Black. Ocean tragedy. By W. C. Russell.

Princess Sunshine. By Mrs. J. H. Riddell. Odd number, The: thirteen tales. By G. de Maupassant. Pynt, F. The rag-picker of Paris. Ogeechee cross-firings. By R. M. Johnston.

Pyrrha : a story of two crimes. By Pauline Grayson. OHNET, G. The ironmaster ; or, love and pride.

QUEIROS, E. de. Dragon's teeth. A last love.

QUINCY, E. Wensley, and other stories. Rival actresses.

Quite another story. By Jean Ingelow. Soul of Pierre.

Quite at home. By F. C. Burnand. Old courtyard, The. By Katharine Macquoid.

RAFFENSPERGER, Mrs. A. F. Those Raebum girls. Old life's shadows. By Mrs. H. Lewis.

Rag-picker of Paris. By F. Pyat.
Old man Gilbert. By Elizabeth Bellamy.

RAJAH's heir, The.
OLIPHANT, Mrs. Lady Car : the sequel of a life. Rarahu ; or, the marriage of Loti. By P. Loti.
Oliver Knox, Concerning. By G. Colmore.

REID, Capt. M. Chris Rock ; or, a lover in chains. Omnia vanitas. By Mrs. Forrester.

REID, T. W. Gladys Fane: a story of two lives. On the inside. By Florence F. Kelly.

REMUS, Uncle, pseud. See HARRIS, J. C.
One of “Berrian's " novels. By Mrs. C. H. Stone. Reputed changeling. By Charlotte M. Yonge.
Opening the oyster. By C. L. Marsh.

Reverend gentleman, A. By J. M. Cobban.
OSBORNE, D. Robe of Nessus : an historical romance. REXDALE, R. Saved by the sword.
Osborne of Arrochar. By Amanda M. Douglas.

RIDDELL, Mrs. J. H. Princess Sunshine,
Ocher folks. By Mrs. N. Conklin.

“ Rita.” [Mrs. O. Booth.] Sheba." QUIDA.” (Louise De La Ramé.] Ruffino, and other Rival actresses. By G. Ohnet. stories.

Rival princess. By J. McCarthy and Mrs. C. Praed. Our erring brother. By F. W. Robinson.

Riversons, The. By S. J. Bumstead. Pactolus Prime. By A. W. Tourgée.

Roanoke of Roanoke Hall. By M. Bell. PAGET, Violet. See LEE, V.

Robe of Nessus. By D. Osborne. PALACIO VALDÉS, Don A. Sister Saint Sulpice.

Roberts, Miss M. Fiddler of Lugau. [Anon.] Pariah, The. By F. Anstey.

ROBERTS, M. In low relief.
PARR, Mrs. Louisa. Dumps.

ROBINS, G. M. Tree of knowledge.
Part of the property.
By Beatrice Whitby.

ROBINSON, F. M. Disenchantment: an every-day story, Passion's slave. By R. A. King.

Woman of the world.
Pastels in prose.
From the French.

ROBINSON, F. W. Keeper of the keys.
Pastor's daughter, The. By W. Heimburg.

- Jenny's girl. (In“ ìwenty novelettes.") Path to fame. By E. Ruben.

Our erring brother. Patience. By Anna B. Warner.

Rocks and shoals in the river of life. By Bella F. Swisher.

3-FICTION AND JUVENILE FICTION: Roe, E. P., to Thomas, Annie.


ROE, E. P. Taken alive, and other stories.

Standish of Standish : a story of the Pilgrims. By Jane Roland Oliver. By J. McCarthy.

G. Austin.
Romance at the Antipodes. By Mrs. R. D. Douglass. STANNARD, Mrs. H. E. V. See WINTER, J. S.
Romance of Dollard. By Mary H. Catherwood.

STAHR, Mrs. F. L. See LEWALD, Fanny.
Romance of Jenny Harlowe. By W. C. Russell. Starlight Ranch, and other stories. By Capt. C. King.
Romance of the law. By R. E. Francillon. .

STEPNIAK. Career of a Nihilist. Ross, A. (Linn Boyd Porter.] His private character. STERRY, J. A. Nutshell novels. RUBEN, E. Path to fame.

STEVENSON, R. L. Master of Ballantrae. Ruffino, and other stories. By “ Ouida.”

STIMSON, F. J. ("J. S. of Dale.) Sentimental calen. RUSSELL, Dora. Jezebel's friends.

dar : iwelve funny stories. Secret diary. (In “ Twenty novelettes.")

STOCKTON, F. R. Ardis Claverden. RUSSELL, W. C. Marooned.

The merry chanter. - Marriage at sea.

Stories of the three burglars. My shipmate Louise.

Stolen America. By Isobel H. Floyd. Ocean tragedy.

STONE, Mrs. C. H. One of Berrian's” novels. Romance of Jenny Harlowe, and sketches of maritime Stone-cutter of Lisbon. By W. H. Peck. life.

Stories of the three burglars. By F. R. Stockton. Russian refugee. By H. R. Wilson.

Story of a flower. By R. Porter. ST. JOHNSTON, A. A South Sea lover.

Story of Tonty. By Mary H. Catherwood. Salt master of Lüneburg. By J. Wolff.

Strange infatuation, A. By L. Harrison, SAND, G. (Mde. A. L. A. Dudevant.] The bagpipers. Strange true stories of Louisiana. By G. W. Cable. Nanon.

Strangers and wayfarers. By Sarah O. Jewett. Sant'Ilario. By F. M. Crawford.

Study in scarlet, A. By A. C. Doyle. Saved by the sword. By R. Rexdale.

STURGIS, J. Comedy of a country house. SCHEFFEL, J. V. von. Ekkehard : a tale of the 10th Subdued Southern nobility. By one of the nobility. century. 2 vols.

Successful man, A. By J. Gordon,
SCHERESCHEWSKY, Mrs. S. I. J. Miss Ruby's novel. Such is life." By M. Kendall.
SCHUBIN, O. Asbeïn. From the life of a virtuoso. SULLIVAN. J. R. Day and night stories.
- Erlach Court.

Summer in a cañon. By Kate D. Wiggin. - "O thou, my Austria !”

Sundered hearts. By Mrs. H. Lewis. Scudamores, The. By F. C. Philips and C. J. Wills. Sunset Pass. By Capt. C. King. SEAWELL, Molly E. Throckmorton.

Susan : a winter scene. By L., B. Walford. (In Secret diary, A. By Dora Russell. (In “Twenty Twenty novelettes.") novelettes.")

SUTTNER, A. G. von. Djambek the Georgian.
Sentimental calendar, The: twelve funny stories. By J. Sweet Cymbeline. By Charlotte M. Braeme.
S. of Dale. (F. J. Stimson.]

SWISHER, Bella F. Rocks and shoals in the river of life. Seraph-or mortal ? By Celia E. Gardner.

Sybil Ross's marriage. By F. C. Philips and C. J. Wills. SERGEANT, Adeline. A fatal choice. (In Twenty Sylvie's betrothed. By H. Gréville. novelettes.")

Taken alive, and other stories. By E. P. Roe. Luck of the house.

TALES from “ Blackwood. 3d series, Nos. 4-9. A true friend.

4. My treasure.-Who were they ?- Maltese appariSergeant Von; or, the long chase. By Inspector tion.— Within his danger: a tale from the Chinese. Byrnes.

The factor's shooting.–A magnetic mystery. Sforza : a story of Milan. By W. W. Astor.

5. Dellenbough, F. S. A singular case.- Bradley, Shadow of a dream. By W. D. Howells.

Miss M. Pentock. Shark's fin, A. By G. A. Henty. (In “Twenty novel- 6. Lewes, C. L. Dragon-tree of Telde.-Last ettes.”)

words of Joseph Barrable. -Lumoden, Miss Katharine "Sheba.” By“ Rita.”

M. How I fell among thieves. — Burton, Miss M. E. SHELDON, Mrs. G. That dowdy.

Fiddlers three. --Stirling, M. C. Ghost of Morcar's - Trixy ; or, the shadow of a crime.

tower.- Blackie, John Stuart. Ancram Moor: a histor"Short Sixes." By H. C. Bunner.

ical ballad. Sidney. By Margaret Deland.

7. Hamley, Maj.-Gen. W. G. A medium of last cenSIENKIEWICZ, H. With fire and sword.

tury.-Hope, André. Alive, and yet dead.-Gray. MaxSius, G. R. Dramas of life.


. An unexpected fare.--Reminiscence of a march. Where is Mrs. Smith ? (In “ Twenty novelettes.") 8. Burton, Mrs. Don Angelo's stray sheep.- The SINCLAIR, E. Victor.

twins: From the Chinese of Wu Ming.–Bradley, A. G. Sir Charles Danvers. Sequel to “ The Danvers jewels." The doctor : an old Virginia fox-hunter.- Johnstone, (Bound with Danvers jewels.")


The enchanted bride : a legendary ballad. Sister Philomène. By E. and J. de Goncourt.

9. Such pity as a father hath. --Coincidences ??-A Sister Saint Sulpice. By Don A. P. Valdés.

dead man's vengeance. --Story of James Barker. Sister's love, A. By W. Heimburg,

Tales of New England. By Sarah O. Jewett. Slaves of Sabinus. By Charlotte M. Yonge.

Talking image of Urur. By F. Hartmann, Smuggler's secret, A. By F. Barrett.

Tangles unravelled. By Evelyn K. Johnson. Social diplomat, A. By Flora A. Darling.

Taylor, B. F. Theophilus Trent : old times in the oak Soldiers three. By R. Kipling

openings. Son of Issachar :'a romance of the days of Messias. TEETZEL, Mrs. F. G. The dynamite cartridge. By E. S. Brooks.

Ten minutes to twelve. By M. G. McClelland. Sons of the soil. By H. de Balzac.

TERHUNE, Mrs. Mary V. Sce HIARLAND), Marion. Soul of Pierre. By G. Ohnet.

THANET, O. Expiation. South Sea lover, A. By A. St. Johnston.

That dowdy. By Mrs. G. Sheldon. SOUTHWORTH, Mrs. E. D. E. N. Lost lady of Lone. That other woman. By Annie Thomas. Sowing the wind. By E. Lynn Linton.

Theophilus Trent : old times, in the oak openings. By B. SPARHAWK, Frances C. A chronicle of conquest.

F. Taylor. SPIRITO Gentil. Earth born !

Thirlby Hall. By W. E. Norris. Splendid spur, The. Edited by Q.

Thirteen stories of the far west. By F. Heermans. Squatter's dream: a story of Australian life. By R. THOMAS, Annie. (Mrs. P. Cudlip.] Beau sabreur, Le. Boldrewood.

The Kilburns. Squire of low degree. By Lily A. Long.

That other woman.

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