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3-FICTION AND JUVENILE FICTION : Markoe, Elias, to Papier Mâché.


MARKOE, Elias. My lady's heart.

Mountain woman (A). By Elia W. Peattie. Marm Lisa. By Kate Douglas Wiggin.

MÜHLBACH, Louise. (Mrs. Clara Müller Mundt.] ConMarred in the making. By H. W. Shrewsbury.

spiracy of the Carbonari. Marriage (A) by capture. “By Robert Buchanan.

MUNDT, Mrs. Clara Müller. See MÜHLBACH, Louise. MARSHALL, Emma. Escape (An) from the tower : a story Murder of Delicia. By Marie Corelli. of the Jacobite rising of 1715.

Musick, John R. Mysterious Mr. Howard. MARTEL de Janville, Sibylle Gabrielle Marie Antoinette, My fire opal, and other tales. By Sarah Warner Brooks. comtesse de. See “Gyp."

My lady's heart. By Ellis Markoe. Martha, the parson's daughter. By W. Heimburg. My uncle Benjamin. By Claude Tillier. MARTIN, Mrs. Herbert. Lindsay's girl.

My village. By E. Boyd Smith. Mask and a martyr. By E. Livingston Prescott. My young master. By Opie Read. MASON, A. E. W. Courtship of Morrice Buckler. Mysterious Mr. Howard. By John R. Musick. Massacre of the innocents, and other tales. By Flemish Mystery of the inn by the sea shore. By Florence writers.

Warden. Master Ardick, buccaneer. By F. H. Costello.

Mystery of the Rue Soly. By Honoré de Balzac. Master craftsman. By Sir Walter Besant.

Nancy Noon. By Benjamin Swist. Master of fortune. By Julian Sturgis.

Nell Haffenden : a strictly conventional story. By Master spirit (A). By Harriet Prescott Spofford.

Tighe Hopkins. MASTERS, Caroline. Shuttle of fate.

NESBIT, Édith. [Mrs. Herbert Bland.] In homespun. MATHERS, Helen. The rebel.

Nets for the wind. By Una Taylor.
MATHEW, Frank. Wood of the brambles.

NEVINSON, Henry W. In the valley of Tophet.
MATTHEWS, Brander. Tales of fantasy and fact. New, Catherine McLaen. A woman reigns.
MAXWELL, Ellen Blackmar. Three old maids in Hawaii. New note (A). By Ella MacMahon.
MAYNARD, Cora. Some modern heretics.

New sporting stories. By G. G.
Me and Methuselar, and other episodes. By Harriet New virtue (The). By Mrs. Oscar Berringer.

NEWBERRY, Fannie E. Strange conditions.
MEADE, L. T. (Now Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas Smith.] Nicholson, Claud. Ugly idol.
Catalina : art student.

No proof. By Lawrence Lynch.
Jill : a London flower girl.

Noble blood : a Prussian cadet story. By Ernst von Princess of the gutter.

Wildenbrüch. Son of Ishmael.

Nobody's fault. By Netta Syrett.
Meg McIntyre's raffle, and other stories. By Alvan F. Nordau, Max. How women love, and other tales.

Soap bubbles.
Melincourt; or, Sir Oran Haut-on. By Thomas Love Norris, W. E. Clarissa Furiosa.

Dancer in yellow.
MEREDITH, Katharine Mary Cheever. ("Johanna Staats.") Not all the king's horses. By Katherine Elwes Thomas.
Green gates : an analysis of foolishness.

Notre-Dame de Paris. By Victor Hugo. MERRIMAN, Henry Seton. "[Hugh S. Scott.] Christian Note-Same as his Hunchback of Notre-Dame.” Vellacott, the journalist.

NYE, Edgar Wilson. (Bill Nye.") Guest at the LudFlotsam : the study of a life.

low, and other stories. Metropolitans (The). By Jeanie Drake.

OCHILTREE, Henry. Redburn. Mighty atom (The). By Marie Corelli.

O'GRADY, Standish. In the wake of King James. MILLINGTON, Rev. T. S. Ship Daphne.

Ulrick the ready : a romance of Elizabethan Ireland. Miss Armstrong's, and other circumstances. By John Old country idylls. By John Stafford. Davidson.

Old Dorset : chronicles of a N. Y. country side. By Miss Ayr of Virginia, and other stories. By Julia Robert Cameron Rogers. Magruder.

Old fogy. By Mrs. J. II. Walworth. Mist on the moors. By Joseph Hocking.

Old French romances. Done into English by William Misther O’Ryan. By Edward McNulty.

Morris. Mrs. Albert Grundy, observations in Philistia. By Old infant (The), and similar stories. By Will Carleton. Harold Frederic.

Old maid's club. By I. Zangwill. Mrs. Cliff's yacht. By Frank R. Stockton.

Old post-road. By M. G. McClelland. Mistress Dorothy Marvin. By J. C. Smith.

OLIPHANT, Mrs. Margaret O. W. Unjust steward; or, Mrs. Gerald. By Maria Louise Pool.

the minister's debt.
Mrs. Hallam's companion. By Mrs. Mary J. Holmes. On the verge. By Francis Prevost.
Mrs. Martin's company.
By Jane Barlow

One day's courtship. By Robert Barr.
Mistress of Brae Farm. By Rosa Nouchette Carey. One never knows. By F. C. Philips.
Mistress of Sherburne. By Amanda M. Douglas. One of God's dilemmas, By Allen Upward.
Mrs. Romney. By Rosa Nouchette Carey.

One of the Visconti : a novelette. By Eva Wilder Mistress Spitfire. By J. S. Fletcher.

Brodhead. MITCHELL, J. A. That first affair, and other sketches. Opals from a Mexican mine. By George De Vallière. MITCHELL, Langdon Elwin. Love in the backwoods, Oracle of Baal. By J. Provand Webster.

Two Mormons from Muddlety, [and] Alfred's wife. Original wager (An). By a vagabond. MITFORD, Bertram. White shield.

Ormisdal. By Earl of Dunmore. Mize, W. H. Gold, grace, and glory.

Other house. By Henry James. Modern Mrs. Malaprop. By Lydia Hoyt Farmer. (With OTTOLENGUI, Rodrigues. Crime of the century. her “Aunt Belindy's points of view.”)

Out of bounds. By A. Garry. MOLESWORTH, Mrs. Mary Louise. (Ennis Graham.") Out of the woods: a romance of camp life. By George Philippa.

Fisher, jr. MONCRIEFF, Hon. Frederick. The X jewel.

Out of town. With illustrations by Rosina Emmet SherMONTGOMERY, Florence, Colonel Norton.

wood. MONTRÉSOR, F. F. False coin or true ?

Outcast of the islands. By Joseph Conrad. MOORE, Frank Frankfort. Daireen.

Outland journey (An). By Walter Leon Sawyer. - Phyllis of Philistia.

Outlaw of Camargue. By A, de Lamothe. MOORE, George. Celibates.

OXENDEN, Maud. Interludes. MORGAN, George. John Littlejohn, of J.

PAGE, Stanton. See FULLER, Henry B. MORRISON, Arthur. Child of the Jago.

Palladia. By Mrs. Hugh Fraser. - Chronicles of Martin Hewitt.

Papier Mâché. By Charles Allen.

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Paradise Wold. By Alice V. Carey.

"Quo Vadis”: a narrative of the times of Nero. By PARKER, Gilbert. Adventurer of the north.

Henryk Sienkiewicz. Romany of the snows.

Rajah's sapphire. By M. P. Sheil. Seats of the mighty.

RALPH, Julian. Alone in China, and other stories. PAKKER, Joseph. Tyne folk.

RAND, Edward Augustus. Behind Manhattan gables. Parson's proxy. By Kate W. Hamilton.

(1663–1664.) Parting (A) and a meeting. By W. D. Howells. RATHBORNE, St. George. Bachelor of the Midway. Passing of Alix. By Mrs. Marjorie Paul.

READ, Opie. Captain's romance. PATER, Walter. Gaston de Latour : an unfinished My young master. romance.

Real issue. By William Allen White. PATERSON, Arthur. For freedom's sake.

Reason why: a story of fact and fiction. By Ernest E. Paul, Mrs. Marjorie. Passing of Alix.

Russell. Paying guest (The). By George Gissing.

Rebel (The). By Helen Mathers. PAYNE, Will. Jerry the dreamer.

Rebellious heroine. By John Kendrick Bangs. PEACOCK, Thomas Love. Gryll Grange.

Recruit (The). By Honoré de Balzac. (With his Melincourt; or, Sir Oran Haut-on.

“Juana.") PEATTIE, Elia W. A mountain woman.

Red inn (The). By Honoré de Balzac. (With his PEEL, Sir Robert. An engagement.

Juana.") PELLETREAU, Charles. Sylvester Romaine.

Red republic: a romance of the Commune. By Robert PEMBERTON, Max. A gentleman's gentleman.

Chambers. Puritan's wife.

Redburn. By Henry Ochiltree. Pennyroyal and mint. By Sophie Swett.

Reds of the Midi. By Félix Gras. Persephone. By Marah Ellis Ryan. (With her “Chance REEVE, James Knapp. Vawder's understudy: a study in child.")

Platonic affection. Persis Yorke. By Sydney Christian.

Regicides (The): a tale of early Colonial times. By Personal recollections of Joan of Arc. By Sieur Louis Frederick Hull Cogswell. de Conte. [Mark Twain.]

REID, Christian. (Mrs. Frances C. Fisher Tiernan.) Philippa. By Mrs. Molesworth.

Picture of Las Cruces : a romance of Mexico. PHILIPS, F. Ć. One never knows.

· Woman of fortune. PHILLIPS, Mrs. A. Birth of a soul : a psychological Release (The); or, Caroline's French kindred. By Charstudy.

lotte M. Yonge. PHILLIPS, W. S. Totem tales : Indian stories Indian Reluctant evangelist, and other stories. By Alice Spin

told Phyllis of Philistia. By Frank Frankfort Moore.

REMUS, Uncle. See HARRIS, Joel Chandler. Picture of Las Cruces : a romance of Mexico. By Rescued Madonna. By Harriet Cheever. Christian Reid.

Revenge! By Robert Barr. Pierrette. By Honoré de Balzac.

RHOSCOMYL, Owen. Battlement and tower. Pierrette. By Marguerite Bouvet.

Rich man's daughter. By Mrs. J. H. Riddell. Pirate gold. By F. J. Stimson.

Richard Savage : a romance of real life.

By Charles Platonic affections. By John Smith.

Whitehead. New ed. Point of conscience. By the Duchess.

RICKETT, J. Compton. Quickening of Caliban : a modPoker stories. Collected by John F. B. Lillard.

ern story of evolution. PONTOPPIDAN, Henrik. Emanuel; or, children of the RIDDELL, Mrs. J. H. Rich man's daughter. soil.

RIDDLE ring. By Justin McCarthy.

RIDEING. William H. Captured Cunarder.
Pool, Maria Louise.
In the first person.

RIDGE, W. Pett. Clever wife.
Mrs. Gerald.

Second opportunity of Mr. Staplehurst. Poor folk. By F. Dostoievsky.

Riggs, Mrs. George Christopher. See WIGGIN, Kate POUSHKIN, Alexander. Prose tales of. Transl. by Douglas. Keane.

Ring o'rushes. By Shan F. Bullock. PRATT, Cornelia Atwood. A book of martyrs.

RIVERS, George R. R. Governor's garden. - Daughter of a Stoic.

Robert Atterbury. By Thomas H. Brainerd. Premier (The) and the painter. By I. Zangwill.

Robert Urquhart. By Gabriel Setoun. PRESCOTT, E. Livingston. Apotheosis of Mr. Tyrawley. ROBERTS, Charles. Around the camp-fire. Mask and a martyr.

— Earth's enigmas : a volume of stories. PREVOST, Francis.

Rockwell case (The): a novel. By O. P. Caylor. PRICE, A. T. G. Simplicity : a novel.

ROD, Édouard. The white rocks. Princess of the gutter. By L. T. Meade.

Rodney Stone. By A. Conan Doyle. Princeton stories. By Jesse Lynch Williams.

ROGERS, Robert Cameron. Old Dorset : chronicles of a Princetonian (A): a story of undergraduate life at the Col- N. Y. country-side. lege of N. J. By James Barnes.

Will o'the Wasp: a sea yarn of the war of ’12. Printemps parfumé : roman Coréen. Traduction de J. H. Rogue's daughter (A). By Adeline Sergeant. Rosny.

Rogue's march: a romance. By E. W. Hornung. Professional lover (A). By Gyp.

ROKEBY, Charles. Dorcas Hobday. Professor's experiment. By the Duchess.

Romany of the snows. By Gilbert Parker. Promised land. By Henrik Pontoppidan.

Rome. By Émile Zola. 2 vols. l'rose tales. By Alexander Poushkin.

Rood, Henry Esmond. Company doctor. Puppet (The). By Clinton Ross.

Ross, Clinton. The puppet. Puppet-booth : twelve plays. By Henry B. Fuller.

Scarlet coat. Puritan Bohemia (A). By Margaret Sherwood.

ROUMANIA, Queen of. See SYLVA, Carmen.
Puritan's wife. By Max Pemberton.

RUDD, Jean Porter. Tower of the old schloss.
Quaint Crippen, commercial traveller. By Alwyn M. RUSSELL, Dora. A hidden chain.

RUSSELL, Ernest E. Reason why : a story of fact and Quest of the golden girl. By Richard Le Gallienne.

Question of time. By Gertrude Franklin Atherton. RUSSELL, Percy. Husband's ordeal :
Quickening of Caliban : a modern story of evolution. By Queensland.
J. Compton Rickett.

Russell, W. Clark. Copsford mystery; or, is he the Quicksands of Pactolus. By Horace Annesley Vachell.

On the verge.


romance of


3-FICTION AND JUVENILE FICTION: Russell, W. Clark, to Susannah.


RUSSELL, W. Clark. Frozen pirate.

Sleeping fires. By George Gissing. Golden Hope (The).

SMITH, E. Boyd. My village. Lady Maud" (The).

SMITH, Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas. See MEADE, L. T. " What cheer ?"

SMITH, F. Hopkinson. Tom Grogan. Ruth Farmer. By Agnes Marchbank.

SMITH, Gertrude. Dedora Heywood.
RUTHERFORD, Mark. (William Hale White.] Clara SMITH, John. Platonic affections.

Smoke. By Ivan Turgenev.
Ruthless avenger:
By Mrs. Conney.

SNAITH, J. C., edr. (?). Mistress Dorothy Marvin. RYAN, Marah Ellis. "Chance child, Comrades, Hendrex Snowball (The). By Stanley J. Weyman. and Margotte, and Persephone.

Soap bubbles. By Max Nordau. SANBORN, Alvan F. Meg McIntyre's raffle, and other Soldier stories. By Rudyard Kipling. stories.

Solomon Crow's Christmas pockets, and other tales. By SARDOU, Victorien. Alice de Beaurepaire.

Ruth McEnery Stuart. SAVAGE, Richard Henry. Checked through, missing Some correspondence, and six conversations. By Clyde trunk No. 17580.

Fitch. Her foreign conquest.

Some modern heretics. By Cora Maynard. Lost countess Falka.

Some women's ways. By Mary Angela Dickens. - and GUNTER, Mrs. Archibald Clavering. His Cuban Son of Ishmael. By L. T. Meade. sweetheart.

Son of Liberty. By Willis Boyd Allen.
SAWYER, Walter Leon. An outland journey.

Sonny. By Ruth McEnery Stuart.
Saxonhurst : a story of the old world and new. By Sons and fathers. By Harry Stillwell Edwards.
Daniel C. Eddy.

Spectre of the real. By Thomas Hardy and Florence Scarlet coat. By Clinton Ross.

Henniker. (With “In scarlet and grey,” by SCHALLENBERGER, V. See SIMMONS, Vesta S.

Florence Henniker.)
Scott, Duncan Campbell. In the village of Viger. SPEIGHT, T. W. Heart of a mystery.
SCOTT, Hugh S. See MERRIMAN, Henry Seton.

SPENDER, Harold. At the sign of the guillotine.
Scott, Meta C. Benjamin's sack.

SPINNER, Alice. Reluctant evangelist, and other stories. Scripture reader of St. Mark's. By K. Douglas King. SPOFFORD, Harriet Prescott. A master spirit. Sealskin cloak. By Rolf Boldrewood.

Sprightly romance of Marsac. By Molly Elliot Seawell. Seats of the mighty. By Gilbert Parker.

Spring Farm, and other tales. By Mrs. Mary J. Holmes. SEAWELL, Molly Elliot. Sprightly romance of Marsac. (With her“ Mrs. Hallam's companion.”) Strange, sad comedy.

STAATS, Johanna. See MEREDITH, Katharine Mary. Virginia cavalier.

Stable for nightmares. By J. Sheridau Le Fanu and Sir Second book of tales. By Eugene Field.

Charles Young,
Second opportunity of Mr. Staplehurst. By W. Pett STAFFORD, John. Old country idylls.

Stanhope of Chester. By Percy Andreae.
Select conversations with an uncle. By H. G. Wells. STANNARD, Mrs. H. E. V. See WINTER, John.
Self-denying ordinance. By M. Hamilton.

Star sapphire. By Mabel Collins.
Sentimental sex. By Gertrude Warden,

Start in life. By Honoré de Balzac. Sentimental Tommy. By J. M. Barrie.

Statement of Stella Maberly. By F. Anstey. SERGEANT, Adeline. Failure of Sibyl Fletcher.

STEVENSON, Robert Louis. Body-snatcher (The). - Idol-maker.

Weir of Hermiston. Marjory Moore.

STIMSON, F. J. (J. S. of Dale.") King Noanett: story Rogue's daughter (A).

of old Virginia and Massachusetts Bay. SETOUN, Gabriel. Robert Urquhart.

Pirate gold. Shadow of Hilton Fernbrooke : a romance of Maoriland. STOCKTON, Frank R. Captain Chap; or, the rolling By Atha Westbury.

stone. Shapes in the fire. By M. P. Sheil.

Mrs. Cliff's yacht. SHARP, Luke. See Barr, Robert.

Stonepastures. By Eleanor Stuart. SHARP, William. Wives in exile : a comedy in romance. Stories by English authors : Africa. SHAW, Edward Richard. Legends of Fire Island beach, Stories by English authors : England. and the south side.

Stories by English authors : France. SHEIL, M. P. Rajah's sapphire.

Stories by English authors: Germany, etc. Shapes in the fire.

Stories by English authors : Ireland. SHERWOOD, Margaret. Puritan Bohemia (A).

Stories by English authors : Italy.
Ship Daphne. By Rev. T. S. Millington.

Stories by English authors : London.
SHIPMAN, Louis Evan.
Urban dialogues.

Stories by English authors : Scotland.
SHREWSBURY, H. W. Marred in the making.

Stories by English authors : the Orient. Shuttle of fate. By Caroline Masters.

Stories by English authors : the sea. SIDGWICK, Mrs. Alfred. See DEAN, Mrs. Andrew. Stories from the " Chap-book.' Siegfried the mystic. By Ida Worden Wheeler.

Stories of a sanctified town. By Lucy S. Furman. SIENKIEWICZ, Henryk. Quo vadis”: a narrative of the Story of Hannah. By W. J. Dawson. times of Nero.

Story of the heavenly camp-fires. By one with a new Sign of the cross. By Wilson Barrett. Silk of the kine. By L. McManus.

Strange conditions. By Fannie E. Newberry. Silver baron : a novel. By Carlton Waite.

Strange, sad comedy. By Molly Elliot Seawell. SIMMONS, Vesta S. (V. Schallenberger.") A village Strange tales of a Nihilist

. By William Le Queux. drama.

STREET, G. S. Autobiography of a boy.
SIMOLIN, Baron. Two queens : Caroline Matilda of STUART, Eleanor. _Stonepastures.

Denmark and Marie Antoinette of France ; a his. STUART, Esmé. Footsteps of fortune.
torical novel.

STUART, Ruth McEnery. Solomon Crow's Christmas Simplicity: a novel. By A. T. G. Price.

pockets, and other tales. Singing mouse stories. By E. Hough.

Sir George Tressady. By Mrs. Humphry Ward.

Stumbler in wide shoes (A).
Sir Mark : a tale of the first capital. By Anna Robeson Sturgis, Julian. Master of fortune.

Successors to the title. By L. B. Walford.
Sister Jane : her friends and acquaintances. By Joel Summer in Arcady. By James Lane Allen.
Chandler Harris.

Susannah. By Mary E. Mann.


2 v.


SUTCLIFFE, Halliwell. The XIth commandment. Unclassed (The). By George Gissing.
SWAN, Maggie. Late awakening.

Uncle Scipio. By Mrs. Jeannette H. Walworth.
Swett, Sophie. Pennyroyal and mint.

Under fire: a tale of the Shenandoah Valley. By T. P. SWETT, Susan Hartley. Field ciover and beach grass.

James. SWIFT, Benjamin. Nancy Noon.

Under sealed orders. By Grant Allen. Sylva, Carmen. [Queen of Roumania.] Legends from Under side of things. By Lilian Bell. river and mountain.

Unjust steward; or, the minister's debt. By Mrs. OliSylvester Romaine. By Charles Pelletreau.

phant. SYRETT, Netta. Nobody's fault.

Unknown masterpiece, and other stories. By Honoré de
Tales from a mother-of-pearl casket. By Anatole France. Balzac.
Tales from “ Town topics.” No. 1, Sept. 1891. Unsatisfactory lover (An). By the “Duchess."
Tales of fantasy and fact. By Brander Matthews. UPWARD, Allen. Crown of straw.
Tales of our coast. By S. R. Crockett and others.

One of God's dilemmas.
Tame surrender: a story of the Chicago strike. By Capt. Urban dialogues. By Louis Evan Shipman.
Charles King

Ursule Mirouët. By Honoré de Balzac.
Taquisara. By F. Marion Crawford. 2 v.

VACHELL, Horace Annesley. Quicksands of Pactolus. TAYLOR, Una. Nets for the wind.

VAN DEVENTER, E. Murdoch. See LYNCH, Lawrence. Temptress (The). By William Le Queux.

VAN ZILE, Edward S. The Manhattaners. Thane oí Wessex. By Charles W. Whistler.

VANAMEE, Lida Ostrom. Two women. That fiddler fellow. By Horace G. Hutchinson. Vanished emperor. By Percy Andreae. That first affair, and other sketches. By J. A. Mitchell. Vawder's understudy: a study in Platonic affection. By Things that matter. By Fannie Gribble.

James Knapp Reeve. THOMAS, Katherine Elwes. Not all the king's horses. Venus and Cupid; or, a trip from Mount Olympus to THOMPSON, Basil. Court intrigue.

London. By the author of "The fight at Dame THOMPSON, Judge D. P. Locke Amsden; or, the school- Europa's school."

Vera Vorontzoff. By Sonia Kovalevsky.
Those good Normans. By Gyp.

VERNE, Jules. Floating island.
Three old maids in Hawaii. By Ellen Blackmar Maxwell. Topsy-turvy."
THURBER, Alwyn M. Quaint Crippen, commercial trav- Victory of Ezry Gardner. By Imogen Clark.

Village drama (A). By Vesta S. Simmons.
TICKNOR, Caroline. Hypocritical romance, and other Violet (The). By Julia Magruder.

Virginia cavalier. By Molly Elliot Seawell.
TIERNAN, Mrs. Frances C. Fisher. See REID, Christian. VYNNE, Nora. Comedy of honour.
TILLIER, Claude. My uncle Benjamin.

WAITE, Carleton. A silver baron: a novel.
TINSEAU, Léon de. In quest of the ideal.

WALFORD, L. B. Successors to the title.
Titus : a comrade of the cross. By Florence Morse WALWORTH, Mrs. Jeanette H. An old fogy.

Uncle Scipio.
Tom Grogan. By F. Hopkinson Smith.

Wandering heath : stories, studies, and sketches. By Q. Tomalyn's quest. By G. B. Burgin.

WARD, Mrs. T. Humphry. [Mrs. Mary Augusta Ward.] TOMPKINS, Elizabeth Knight. Broken ring (The): a Sir George Tressady. 2 v. romance.

WARDEN, Florence. [Mrs. F. A. James.] Forge and * Topsy-turvy.” By Jules Verne.

furnace. Totem tales : Indian stories Indian told. By W. S. Mystery of the inn by the sea shore. Phillips.

Wharf by the docks. Touch of sorrow : a study.

WARDEN, Gertrude. The sentimental sex. Tower of the old schloss. By Jean Porter Rudd. Washer of the ford. By Fiona Macleod. TRACY, J. P. Heart of Virginia.

WATERLOO, Stanley. Man (A) and a woman. TRACY, J. P. See also JAMES, T. P:

WATSON, Rer. John Maclaren. Sce MACLAREN, Ian. TRACY, Louis. The final war.

Way they loved at Grimpat: village idylls. By E. Ren. Tragic idyl. By Paul Bourget.

toul Esler. Train, Elizabeth Phipps. "Autobiography of a profes- WEBSTER, J. Provand, edr. (?) Oracle of Baal. sional beauty.

Weir of Hermiston. By Robert Louis Stevenson. Trains that met in the blizzard. By R. Pitcher Woodward. | Wells, H. G. Island of Doctor Moreau : a possibility, TRAVERS, Graham. Fellow travellers.

Select conversations with an uncle. Triumph of destiny. By Julia Helen Twells.

Wheels of chance : a bicycling idyll. TRUEBA y La Quintana, D. Antonio de. Cid campeador Wessex tales. By Thomas Hardy. (The): a historical romance.

West Point parallel : an American cadet story: By Capt. Trumpeter Fred. By Capt. Charles King.

Charles King. (With “Noble blood," by E. von Truth-tellers (The). By John Strange Winter.

Wildenbrüch.) TURGENEV, Ivan. Smoke.

WESTBURY, Atha. Shadow of Hilton Fernbrook : a roTURNER, Ethel. Little duchess, and other stories.

mance of Maoriland.
TWAIN, Mark. Sce CLEMENS, Samuel Langhorne. Weyman, Stanley J. Little wizard.
TWELLS, Julia Helen. Triumph of destiny.

Snowball (The).
Twin sisters : a love story. By Florence Nightingale Wharf by the dock. By Florence Warden.

“What cheer?” By W. Clark Russell.
Two Mormons from Muddlety. By Langdon Elwyn WHEELER, Ida Worden. Siegfried the mystic.

Mitchell. (With his “ Love in the backwoods.") Wheels of chance : a bicycling idyll. By H. G. Wells. Two queens: Caroline Matilda of Denmark and Marie When Greek meets Greek. By Joseph Hatton,

Antoinette of France: a historical novel. By Where the Atlantic meets the land. By Caldwell Lipsett. Baron Simolin.

Whirl asunder (A). By Gertrude Atherton. Two women. By Lida Ostrom Vanamee.

WHISTLER, Charles W. Thane of Wessex. TYNAN, Katharine. (Mrs. H. A. Hinkson.] An isle in WHITE, Eliza Orne. Coming of Theodore. the water.

White, Percy. Andria. Tyne folk. By Joseph Parker.

WHITE, William Allen. Real issue. Tytler, Sarah. [Miss H. Keddie.] A bubble fortune. WHITE, William Hale. See RUTHERFORD, Mark. Ugly idol. By Claud Nicholson.

White aprons: a romance of Bacon's rebellion, Virginia, Ulrick the ready: a romance of Elizabethan Ireland. By 1676. By Maud Wilder Goodwin. Standish O'Grady.

White rocks (The). By Èdouard Rod.

3-FICTION AND JUVENILE FICTION: White shield, to Don Malcolm.


White shield. By Bertram Mitford.

ASPINWALL, Alicia. Short stories for short people. White virgin. By George Manville Fenn.

At Agincourt. By G. A. Henty. WHITEHEAD, Charles. Richard Savage : a romance of AUSTEN, Frances V. and Edward J. Elfie and the katyreal life.

did. WIGGIN, Kate Douglas. [Now Mrs. George Christopher Bad Penny (A). By John T. Wheelwright. Riggs.] Marm Liza.

Baffling the blockade. By J. Macdonald Oxley. Wilcox, Ella Wheeler. Ambitious man.

BAILEY, Miss. See LYALL, Edna. WILDENBRÜCH, Ernst von. Noble blood : a Prussian BANGS, John Kendrick. Mantel-piece minstrels, and cadet story.

other stories. WILKINS, Mary E. Madelon.

Baritone's parish. By James M. Ludlow. Will o' the Wasp: a sea yarn of the war of '12. By Barstow, Charles H. Old Bond's atonement. Robert Cameron Rogers.

Bashful fifteen. By L. T. Meade. WILLIAMS, Jesse Lynch. Princeton stories.

Beneath the sea. By George Manville Fenn. WILLIAMS, Neil Wynn. Bayonet that came home. Birds' Christmas carol. By Kate Douglas Wiggin. Winning hazard (A). By Mrs. Alexander.

Black dog, and other stories. By A. G. Plympton. WINTER. John Strange. [Mrs. H. E. V. Stannard.] I Black Tor : a tale of the reign of James I. By George married a wife.

Manville Fenn. - Truth-tellers (The).

BLAKE, M. M. When the century was young. Wisdom's folly : a study in feminine development. By BLAKELEY, Elizabeth S. Fairy Starlight and the dolls. A. V. Dutton.

BLANCHARD, Amy E. Taking a stand. Witch of Withyford. By Gratiana Chanter.

Blue and the Gray on land series. See OPTIC, Oliver. With fortune made. By Victor Cherbuliez.

Bockers and his chum Peggy. By Margaret Compton. Wives in exile : a comedy in romance. By William Book of wonder voyages. Ed. by Joseph Jacobs. Sharp.

Boone and Kenton series. See ELLIS, Edward S. Wizard (The). By H. Rider Haggard.

Bound to succeed series. See STRATEMEYER, Edward. WOLF, Alice S. House of cards (A).

Boy captain (The). By James Otis. WOLF, Emma. Joy of life.

Boy tramp ; or, across Canada. By J. Macdonald Oxley. Woman intervenes (A). By Robert Barr.

Boyar of the Terrible. By Fred. Whishaw. Woman of fortune. By Christian Reid.

Boys of the Central : a high-school story. By I. T. Woman reigns (A). By Catherine McLaen New.

Thurston. Woman with a future. By Mrs. Andrew Dean. (Mrs. BRAINE, Sheila E. To tell the king the sky is falling. Alfred Sidgwick.]

BROOKS, Elbridge S. Under the tamaracks. Woman's courier (A): a tale of the famous forty conspir- - and ALDEN, John. Long walls (The): an American acy of 1696. By William Joseph Yeoman.

boy's adventures in Greece. Won under protest. By Celia E. Gardner.

Bushy: a romance founded on fact. By Cynthia M. Wonderful wheel. By Mary Tracy Earle.

Westover. Wood of the brambles. By Frank Mathew.

BUTTERWORTH, Hezekiah. The wampum belt; or, the Woods, Katherine Pearson. Crowning of Candace.

fairest page of history.' WOODWARD, R. Pitcher. Trains that met in the blizzard. Zigzag stories of history, travel, and adventure. WOTTON, Mabel E. Day-books.

By the light of the fire : collection of short stories. By Wrong man (The). By Dorothea Gerard.

B. L, C. Griffith. X jewel (The). By Hon. Frederick Moncreiff.

Cape May diamond. By Evelyn Raymond. Yekl: a tale of the N. Y. Ghetto By A. Cahan. Captain John Crane, 1800-1815. By Thomas W. Knox. YEOMAN, William Joseph. A woman's courier : a tale CASTLEMON, Harry. (Chas. Austin Fosdick.] Houseof the famous forty conspiracy of 1696.

boat boys. YONGE, Charlotte M. Release (The); or, Caroline's Mystery of Lost River Canyon. French kindred.

Young game-warden. Young Greer of Kentucky. By Eleanor Talbot Kinkead. Cave in the mountain. By Lieut. R. H. Jayne. (No. 4 Your money or your life. By Edith Carpenter.

of his “War whoop” series.) ZANGWILI, I. Big Bow mystery.

Note.-Sequel to his “In the Pecos country.” Old maid's club.

Cecil's summer.

By E. B. Hollis. Premier (The) and the painter.

CHAFFEY, M. Ella. Youngsters of Murray Home. ZOLA, Émile. The fat and the thin. (Le ventre de Paris.] CHAMPNEY, Elizabeth W. Witch Winnie in Holland. Rome. 2 v.

CHEEVER, Harriet A. Fairies of Fern Dingle.

Chilhowee boys at college. By Sarah E. Morrison. B. Juvenile Fiction alphabetically ar- Christine's career : a story for girls. By Pauline King.

Chodsko, Alex. Fairy tales of the Slav peasants. ranged by Authors and Titles. CLARKE, Miss Sarah J. See SHIRLEY, Penn.

Clevely Sahib : a tale of the Khyber Pass By Herbert ADAMS, E. Davenport Holiday prize (The): a modern Hayens. fairy tale.

COLLINGWOOD, Henry. Log of a privateersman. ADAMS, William Taylor. See Optic, Oliver.

COMPTON, Margaret. Bockers and his chum Peggy. Admiral J. of Spurwink. By J. Otis.

Adolph and how he found the “beautiful lady." By CONVERSE, Frank H. Lost gold mine.
Francis J. Taylor.

Mystery of a diamond.
Air castle Don. By B. Freeman Ashley. (“Young Court of King Arthur. By Wm. Henry Frost.
America " series.)

Cricket at the seashore. By Elizabeth Westyn Timlow. ALDEN, Mrs. G. R. See PANSY.

CROCKETT, S. R. Sweetheart travellers. ALGER, Horatio, jr. Frank Hunter's peril.

Danes in England : a tale of the days of King Alfred. Young salesman.

By Alfred H. Engelbach.
All-over-the-world library, 3d series. See Optic, Oliver. Dash to the Pole. By Herbert D. Ward.
ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. Snow queen, and other Davis, Rev. J. A. Young Mandarin.
fairy tales.

DENISON, Mary A. An every-day heroine : a story for ARMSTRONG, Jessie. Kitty Landon's girlhood.

girls. ASHLEY, B. Freeman. · Young America" series: Air Dick and Jack's adventures on Sable Island.

By B. castle Don.

Freeman Ashley. (* Young America " series.) Dick and Jack's adventures on Sable Island. Dominique's vengeance. By E. Everett Green. Tan Pile Jim.

Don Malcolm. By I. T. Thurston.

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