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TABLE 27.-A 30-year summary of all injunction cases instituted by the Commission-1934 to June 30, 1963, by calendar year-Continued


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1 These columns show disposition of cases by year of disposition and do not necessarily reflect the disposition of the cases shown as having been instituted in the same years.

7 Includes 26 cases which were counted twice in this column because injunctions against different defend. ants in the same cases were granted in different years.

Includes 99 defendants in 22 cases in which injunctions have been obtainod as to 56 codefendants. * Includes (a) actions dismissed (as to 698 defendants); (b) actions discontinued, abated, abandoned, stipulated, or settled (as to 55 defendants); (c) actions in which judgment was denied (as to 18 defendants); (d) actions in which prosecution was stayed on stipulation to discontinue misconduct charged (as to 4 defendants).


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