A Treatise on the Law of Promissory Notes and Bills of Exchange, Volumen1

J. B. Lippincott & Company, 1873
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Página 77 - No action shall be brought whereby to charge any person upon any promise made after full age to pay any debt contracted during infancy, or upon any ratification made after full age of any promise or contract made during infancy, whether there shall or shall not be any new consideration for such promise or ratification after full age.
Página 340 - ... there must be no unreasonable or improper delay. Whether there has been in any particular case reasonable diligence used, or whether unreasonable delay has occurred, is a mixed question of law and fact, to be decided by the jury acting under the direction of the Judge, upon the particular circumstances of each case.
Página 9 - ... and also every such note payable to any person or persons, body politic and corporate, his, her or their order, shall be assignable or indorsable over, in the same manner as inland bills of exchange are or may be, according to the custom of merchants...
Página 323 - ... still his attention may reasonably be lessened by the assertion that the call itself makes to him in fact, though no assertion may be made in words. And the fault, if he pays on a forged signature, is not wholly and entirely his own, but begins at least with the person who thus calls upon him. And though where all the negligence is on one side it may perhaps be unfit to inquire into the quantum, yet where there is any fault in the other party, and that other party cannot be said to be wholly...
Página 171 - ... of some of its officers be used, it should be declared on and treated as a promise to the corporation And there is no so safe criterion as the consideration.
Página 129 - It is not essential to a partnership that one partner should have power to draw bills and notes in the partnership firm to charge the others : they may stipulate between themselves that it shall not be done ; and if a third person, having notice of this, will take such a security from one of the partners, he shall not sue the others upon it, in breach of such stipulation, nor in defiance of a notice, previously given to him by one of them, that he will not be liable for any bill or note signed by...
Página 655 - Such damages shall be in lieu of interest, charges of protest, and all other charges incurred previous to, and at the time of giving notice of non-payment ; but the holder...
Página 453 - ... Precision and certainty are often of more importance to the rules of law, than their abstract justice. On this point there is no other rule that can be laid down, which will not leave too much latitude as to place and distance. Besides which, it is consistent with analogy to other cases, that the indorser should stand committed, in this respect, by the conduct of the maker. For his absconding or removal out of the kingdom, the indorser is held, in England, to stand committed...
Página 9 - ... to pay to any other person or persons, body politic and corporate, his, her, or their order, or unto bearer, any sum of money mentioned in such Note, shall be taken and construed to be, by virtue thereof, due and payable to any such person or persons, body politic and corporate, to whom the same is made payable...
Página 332 - A creditor shall not be permitted to split up a single cause of action into many actions, without the assent of his debtor, since it may subject him to many embarrassments and responsibilities not contemplated in his original contract.

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