The Spanish Conquest in America: And Its Relation to the History of Slavery and to the Government of Colonies, Volumen2

J.W. Parker, 1855

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Página 218 - For he walked in all the way of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, and in his sin wherewith he made Israel to sin, to provoke the LORD God of Israel to anger with their vanities.
Página 322 - Hay en esta gran plaza una muy buena casa como de audiencia, donde están siempre sentadas diez o doce personas, que son jueces y libran todos los casos y cosas que en el dicho mercado acaecen, y mandan castigar los delincuentes. Hay en la dicha plaza otras personas que andan continuo entre la gente mirando lo que se vende y las medidas con que miden lo que venden, y se ha visto quebrar alguna que estaba falsa.
Página 301 - Who shall describe Mexico, the Mexico of that age ? It ought to be one who had seen all the wonders of the world; and he should have for an audience those who had dwelt in Venice and Constantinople, who had looked down upon Granada from the Alhambra, and who had studied all that remains to be seen of the hundred gates of Thebes, of Babylon, and of Nineveh.
Página 301 - Like Granada, encircled, but not frowned upon, by mountains ; fondled and adorned by water like Venice ; as grand in its buildings as Babylon of old ; and rich with gardens like Damascus, — the great City of Mexico was, at that time, the fairest in the world, and has never since been equalled.
Página 300 - ... as a level, which went into Mexico, we remained astonished, and said to one another that it appeared like the enchanted castles which they tell of in the book of Amadis, by reason of the great towers, temples, and edifices which there were in the water, and all of them work of masonry. Some, even, of our soldiers asked, if this that they saw was not a thing in a dream...
Página 12 - Juan Bono acknowledged that never in his life had he met with the kindness of father or mother but in the island of Trinidad. 'Well, then, man of perdition, why did you reward them with such ungrateful wickedness and cruelty ? ' ' On my faith, padre, because they (he meant the Auditors) gave me for destruction (he meant instruction) to take them in peace, if I could not by war.
Página 287 - Vista la discordia y desconformidad de los unos y de los otros, no hube poco placer, porque me pareció hacer mucho a mi propósito, y que podría tener manera de más aína sojuzgarlos...
Página 510 - Y llegado al albarrada, dijéronme que pues ellos me tenían por hijo del sol, y el sol en tanta brevedad como era en un...
Página 109 - ... of Gracia, he was at the base of the earthly Paradise. He also, upon reflection, concluded that it was a continent which he had discovered, the same continent of the east which he had always been in search of; and that the waters, which we now know to be a branch of the river Orinoco, formed one of the four great rivers which descended from the garden of Paradise.
Página 278 - The Maquahuitl, called by the Spaniards Spada, or sword, as it was the weapon among the Mexicans which was equivalent to the sword of the old continent, was a stout stick, three feet and a half long, and about four inches broad, armed on each side with a sort of razors of the stone itzli (obsidian), extraordinarily sharp, fixed and firmly fastened to the stick with gum...

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