Law and the Internet

Lilian Edwards, Charlotte Waelde
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2009 M09 10 - 708 páginas
This is the third edition of a successful book which offers students and practitioners an up-to-date overview of developments in Internet law and practice. The editors have once again assembled a team of specialist authors to write about those aspects of Internet law which are of special importance in the global regulation of the Internet and focussed around three principal themes- e-commerce, intellectual property, and privacy, data protection and cyber-crime with, in addition a major contribution on Internet Governance. This edition incorporates for the first time areas such as data protection, privacy and electronic surveillance, cyber crime and cyber security, jurisdiction and dispute resolution online. The sectionon IP contains clear and comprehensive analysis of the many and varied ways in which IP and the internet intersect including open source licenses and the IP problems around search engines. The new edition also takes account of all current cases and legislation, including the draft revised EC Telecoms Package and the Audio Visual Media Services Directive.

This book will be essential reading for students, teachers and practitioners interested in Internet law and practice as well as technologists and social scientists.

'The book is easy to read, and...has been well edited...and flows smoothly through the various topics. ...the book provides a worthwhile overview of this developing area of law throughout the world.'
Peter Walsh, International Trade Law Annual

'a thorough and stimulating survey. ...a good introduction for lawyers and students approaching Internet and e-commerce law for the first time, and a useful course text.'
Brian Hutchinson, The Irish Jurist

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Lilian Edwards is Professor of Internet Law at the University of Sheffield.
Charlotte Waelde is a Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the University of Edinburgh.

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