Excurisons in the mountains of Ronda and Granada, Volumen2


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Página 412 - Algeciras, de Gibraltar, de las islas de Canaria, de las Indias Orientales y Occidentales, islas y tierra firme del Mar Océano, Archiduque de Austria. Duque de Borgoña. de Brabante y Milán. Conde de Abspurg, de Flandes, Tirol y Barcelona, señor de Vizcaya y de Molina, etc.
Página 412 - Don Carlos, por la gracia de Dios. — Rey de Castilla, de León, de Aragón, de las dos Sicilias, de Jerusalem, de Navarra, de Granada, de Toledo, de Valencia, de Galicia, de Mallorca, de Sevilla...
Página 11 - Curious to know what could be the motives for this Xerxes-like treatment of the earth, we turned out of the road to inspect their operations, and found they were driving a swarm of locusts into a wide piece of linen, spread on the ground some distance before them, wherein they were made prisoners.
Página 275 - T meanwhile continued his approaches, cast up a mount, and brought forward his machines. The country all around is mountainous, and seems formed for war. The river Salsus runs through the plains, and divides them from the mountains, which all lie upon the side of Ategua, at about two miles distance from the river. Pompey's camp was upon these mountains, within view of both the towns, but nearer to Ategua ; to which he could however send no relief, though his army consisted of thirteen legions. Of...
Página 412 - Occidentales, islas y Tierra-Firme del mar Océano, archiduque de Austria, duque de Borgofia, de Brabante y Milán, conde de Aspurg, Flandes, Tirol y Barcelona, señor de Vizcaya y de Molina, etc.
Página 294 - ... made myself particularly snug, and settled down to the undisturbed enjoyment of a book and a cigar. Great, therefore, was my disappointment when, at the last moment, a gentleman came hurrying along the platform, glanced into my carriage, opened the locked door with a private key, and stepped in. It struck me at the first glance that I had seen him before...
Página 413 - Numerary Commander of the Order of Charles III, Knight of the first class of the Royal and Military Order of St. Ferdinand, Officer of the Legion of Honor of France, Her Minister-Resident to the Swiss Confederation; His Majesty the Emperor of the French : Georges Charles Jagerschmidt, Officer of the Imperial Order of the Legion of Honor, Officer of the Order of Leopold of Belgium, Knight of the Order of the Red Eagle of...

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