First (-Thirty-first) annual report of the trustees of the Peabody museum of American archćology and ethnology, Volumen2


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Página 545 - ... room, one for cooking and the other for a fire to warm the room; proof conclusive that they were not to the chimney born. They were in an apartment of one of the principal chiefs In a number of rooms are recesses like niches left in the wall, about two feet six inches wide and high, and about eighteen inches deep. These furnished places to set household articles in, in. the place of a mantel or shelf. We afterwards saw niches precisely similar at Taos, and thus used. It remains to consider the...
Página 183 - This also we humbly and earnestly beg, that human things may not prejudice such as are Divine ; neither that from the unlocking of the gates of sense, and the kindling of a greater natural light, anything of incredulity, or intellectual night, may arise in our minds towards Divine mysteries.
Página 92 - They have near their state house, a square piece of ground well cleaned, and fine sand is carefully strewed over it, when requisite, to promote a swifter motion to what they throw along the surface. Only one, or two on a side, play at this ancient game. They have a stone about two fingers broad at the edge, and two spans round : each party has a pole of about eight feet long, smooth, and tapering at each end, the points flat.
Página 77 - All around the inside of the building, betwixt the second range of pillars and the wall, is a range of cabins or sophas, consisting of two or three steps, one above or behind the other, in theatrical order, where the assembly sit or lean down; these sophas are covered with mats or carpets, very curiously made of thin splints of Ash or Oak, woven or platted together...
Página 654 - Hay en esta gran plaza una muy buena casa como de audiencia, donde están siempre sentados diez o doce personas, que son jueces, y libran todos los casos y cosas que en el dicho mercado acaecen y mandan castigar los delincuentes. Hay en la dicha plaza otras personas que andan continuo entre la gente mirando lo que se vende y las medidas con que miden lo que venden, y se ha visto quebrar alguna que estaba falsa.
Página 92 - ... a few yards each darts his pole anointed with bear's oil, with a proper force, as near as he can guess in proportion to the motion of the stone, that the end may lie close to the stone — when this is the case, the person counts two of the game, and, in proportion to the nearness of the poles to the mark, one is counted, unless by measuring, both are found to be at an equal distance from the stone.
Página 24 - Observations upon the Cranial Forms of the American Aborigines, based upon specimens contained In the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.
Página 161 - Trustees of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology in connection with...
Página 82 - They often sleep over those tombs ; which, with the loud wailing of the women at the dusk of the evening, and dawn of the day, on benches close by the tombs, must awake the memory of their relations very often : and if they were killed by an enemy, it helps to irritate and set on such revengeful tempers to retaliate blood for blood.
Página 539 - The mortar in these walls is still sound, so that it requires some effort of strength to loosen a stone from the wall and remove it. But this adobe mortar is adapted only to the dry climate of Southern Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, where the precipitation is less than five inches per annum. The rains and frosts of a northern climate would speedily destroy it. To the presence of this adobe soil, found in such abundance in the regions named, and to the sandstone of the bluffs, where masses are...

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