Acts of the Privy Council of England: 1745-1766

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Página 238 - Merrimac River, at three miles distance, on the north side thereof, beginning at the Atlantic Ocean and ending at a point due north of a place called Pautucket Falls, and by a straight line drawn from thence due west...
Página 86 - Resolved, That it is the opinion of this committee, that it is just and reasonable that the several provinces and colonies of Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, be reimbursed the expenses they have been at in taking and securing to the Crown of Great Britain the Island of Cape Breton and its dependencies.
Página 576 - to the Northward, Our said Province shall be bounded by the Southern Boundary of Our Province of Quebec as far as the Western extremity of the Bay des Chaleurs ; to the Eastward by the said Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence...
Página 22 - America, and shall not have been absent out of some of the said Colonies for a longer Space than two Months at any one time during the said seven Years...
Página 88 - America, according to the act of Parliament made in the sixth year of the late Queen Anne, " for ascertaining the rates of foreign coins in the plantations...
Página 336 - An act for the better Ordering and Regulating such as are willing and desirous to be united for Military Purposes within this Province.
Página 498 - Assembly, we cannot but consider the proposition as subversive of all true policy, destructive to the interests of your Majesty's subjects, and tending to lessen that just dependence which the Colonies ought to have upon the government of the mother country.
Página 296 - That every three Acres, which shall be cleared and worked, as aforesaid, and every three Acres, which shall be cleared and drained, as aforesaid, shall be accounted a sufficient Seating, Planting, Cultivation and Improvement, to save...
Página 217 - ... for the hearing and determining all causes, as well criminal as civil, according to law and equity, and, as near as may be, agreeable to the laws of England...
Página 295 - Land accounted plantable, each Patentee shall be obliged, within three years after the Date of his Patent, to clear and work three Acres at the least, in that part of his Tract which he shall judge most convenient and advantageous; or else to clear and drain three Acres of swampy or sunken Grounds, or drain three Acres of Marsh, if any such be within the Bounds of his Grant; — That for every Fifty Acres of Land accounted barren, every Patentee shall be obliged to put and keep on his Land, within...

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