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Página 96 - In 2 vols. History of Christian Dogmas, Translated. In 2 vols. Christian Life in the Early and Middle Ages, including his
Página 105 - Crown 8vo, 6s. History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reformation in Italy in the Sixteenth Century. Crown 8vo, 4s. History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reformation in Spain in the Sixteenth Century. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. Sermons, and Review of the
Página 22 - Maskelyne.— SHARPS AND FLATS : a Complete Revelation of the Secrets of Cheating at Games of Chance and Skill.
Página 206 - AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE CAUSES OF THE GREAT FALL IN PRICES which took place coincidently with the Demonetisation of Silver by Germany. 8vo. 6s. CURZON (George N., MP).— PERSIA AND THE PERSIAN QUESTION.
Página 115 - The Pilgrim Fathers — Collections concerning the Church or Congregation of Protestant Separatists formed at Scrooby, in North Nottinghamshire, in the time of James I., the Founders of New Plymouth, the Parent Colony of New England.
Página 68 - PARKER (JOSEPH). Ecce Deus : Essays on the Life and Doctrine of Jesus Christ. With Controversial Notes on "Ecce Homo.
Página 71 - Bode.— The Absence of Precision in the Formularies of the Church of England Scriptural and Suitable to a State of Probation : Being the Hampton Lectures for 1855.
Página 71 - AN ATTEMPT TO ILLUSTRATE THOSE ARTICLES Of the Church of England which the Calvinists improperly consider as CALVINISTICAL ; in Eight Sermons, preached before the University of Oxford in the year 1804, at the Lecture founded by J.
Página 65 - An Historical Enquiry into the Probable Causes of the Rationalist Character lately predominant in the Theology of Germany, to which is prefixed a Letter from Professor Sack upon the Eev.

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