The Letters and memorials of William, cardinal Allen: (1532-1594)

Nutt, 1882 - 480 páginas

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Página 356 - I rejoiced greatly, when the brethren came and testified of the truth that is in thee, even as thou walkest in the truth. 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
Página 72 - ... interdicti, aliisque •ecclesiasticis sententiis, censuris et poenis a jure vel ab homine quavis occasione vel causa latis, si quibus quomodolibet innodati...
Página 242 - A true, sincere, and modest defence of English catholiques that suffer for their faith, both at home and abrode: against a false, seditious, and slaunderous libel, intituled, The Execution of Justice in England, 8vo.
Página xlviii - The Duke of Guise and the Duke of Mayenne have told me that they have a plan for killing the Queen of England by the hand of a catholic, though not one outwardly, who is near her person and is ill-affected towards her for having put to death some of his catholic relations.
Página ci - Sixthly, His Catholic Majesty, besides the cause of the Catholic religion and the injuries which he has received from England, has in the vengeance due for the blood of the Queen of Scotland, which she herself commended to him, a most just ground and necessary cause for going to war, and therefore, if he seizes upon the kingdom in so just and praiseworthy a war, the title of conquest will be legitimate.
Página 84 - My lord, let us stick together, for we are the old and true inhabiters and owners of the isle of Brittany. These others be but usurpers and mere possessors.
Página xlix - England. As to putting to death that wicked woman, I said to him that I will not write about it to our Lord the Pope (nor do I), nor tell your most illustrious Lordship to inform him of it ; because, though I...
Página xli - ... things had gone so far that there could be no doubt about it, and that most certainly England was very well disposed at the present time for this movement being attempted there.
Página 304 - Apostolicis, necnon quibusvis etiam iuramento, confirmatione Apostolica, vel quavis firmitate alia roboratis statutis, et consuetudinibus, privilegiis quoque indultis, et litteris Apostolicis...
Página 398 - THE JESUITS' MEMORIAL for the intended Reformation of England, under their first Popish Prince.

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