A History of the Episcopal Church in Narragansett, Rhode Island: Including a History of Other Episcopal Churches in the State, Volumen3

D.B. Updike, 1907

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Página 39 - The Council established at Plymouth in the County of Devon, for the Planting, ruling, ordering and Governing of New England in America" and to them and their Successors grants all the lands, &c., Viz.
Página 61 - Observing the anomalous state of society which existed in Rhode Island, it was not unnatural for the Episcopal Church to identify the institution of its own worship with the introduction of Christianity into that Colony. " The people were negligent of all religion," says its historian, " till about the year 1722; the very best were such as called themselves Baptists or Quakers.
Página 34 - ... forever, and to and for no other use, intent or purpose whatsoever...
Página 45 - America, and so much connected with my own researches. "Whether the Indians spring from the Ten Tribes of the Dispersion?" With respect to ancient tradition, the rule of Vincentius Lirinensis, though not infallible, is one of the best criteria. ' What has always been believed, by all, and everywhere." This is not traceable in the Indians. They have not at all times, and in all places, and all conjointly affirmed, " We are the Ten Lost Tribes of the Dispersion.
Página 67 - New York and Boston, the distance of 300 miles, and wherein are many Missions, there is not a congregation in the way of the Church of England that can pretend to compare with mine, or equal it in any respect ; nor does my Church consist of members that were of it when I came here, for I have buried them all ; nor is there any one person now alive that did then belong to it, so that our present appearing is entirely owing to the blessing of God upon my endeavours to serve Him.
Página 39 - Narragansett river or harbour, there to be accounted about sixty miles, and so up the western arm of said river to the head thereof, and into the land northwestward till sixty miles be finished, and so to cross over land southwestwards, to meet with the end of sixty miles to be accounted from the mouth of Connecticut up northwest, and abo all islands and islets, as well employed as within five leagues...
Página 36 - Island were in such repute that they were sent for at much trouble and expense, by some few who were choice in their selections.
Página 37 - My grandfather, Governor Robinson, introduced the famous saddle horse, the 'Narragansett pacer,' known in the last century over all the civilized part of North America and the West Indies, from whence they have lately been introduced into England as a ladies' saddle horse, under the name of the Spanish Jannette.
Página 60 - The church people grow now too numerous to be accommodated with seats in the old church^ and many more offered to join- themselves to the church communion," Mr. Honyman proposed to the church members, the building of a new church, and subscribed £30 himself for that purpose. The people heartily concurred, and he soon after obtained subscriptions amounting to £1000 of the currency of , the country; but it was estimated the building Would cost twice that amount. However, a sufficient sum. was raised,...
Página 30 - Church springing out of your own bowels. We conceive much hope that this remembrance of us, if it be frequent and fervent, will be a most prosperous gale in our...

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