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For sale only by the Federal Power Commissior, Tashington 25, D. C.

Price 25 Cente

When ordering, this publication may be referred to as F.P.C. A-27

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the Commission', Rules of Practice and Procedure Proscribed by Order No. 132 offective September 11, 1946, apply to pleadings and other papers filed in proceedings before the Commission initiated on or after September 11, 1946.

It lo desired that in so far as possible the roqulronents of the new rules vith regard to forn, service, and number of copies be folloved hereafter in cases initiatod prior to September 11, 1946.

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General Rules

Rules of Practice and Procedure
(Effective September 11, 1946)


By its Order No. 132, on August 23, 1946, the Commission adopted and authorized publication in the Federal Register of the following General Rules, to be included and designated in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as "Subchapter A--General Rules" of "Chapter I--Federal Power Conmission", Title 18 of the Code.

Subchapter A, entitled General Rules, a new subohapter, contains the following parts:




Course and Method of Operation
Substantive Rules, General Policy

and Interpretations
Rules of Practice and Procedure
(Effective September 11, 1946)


The individual sections of the parts are designated by the number of the part in which the section is contained, followed by a serial decimal number assigned to the section within the part. Thus, the section number given to the 15th section (or Rule 15) in Part 1 is Sec. 1,15, and should be cited "18 CFR 1.15".

In Subchapter A references are made to rules and regulations of the Commission contained in other subchapters of Chapter I, Title 18 of the Code. The other subchapters are:

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