Rerum Britannicarum Medii Ævi Scriptores: Or, Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland During the Middle Ages


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Página 2 - III.—Registrum Fratrum Minorum Londoniae. Edited by JS BREWER, MA, Professor of English Literature, King's College, London. 1858. This volume contains the original materials for the history of the settlement of the order of Saint Francis in England, the letters of Adam de Marisco, and other papers connected
Página 6 - Yorkshire. 1861-1868. The first three volumes contain the historical works of Gerald du Barry, who lived in the reigns of Henry II., Richard I., and John, and attempted to reestablish the independence of Wales by restoring the see of St. Davids to its ancient primacy. His works are of a very miscellaneous nature, both in
Página 5 - ANGLICANA. 449-1298. Edited by HENRY RICHARDS LUARD, MA, Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1859. The author, a monk of Norwich, has here given us a Chronicle of England from the arrival of the Saxons in 449 to the year 129S, in or about which year it
Página 15 - VULGO DICITUR, HISTORIA MINOR. Vol. III. Edited by Sir FREDERIC MADDEN, KH, late Keeper of the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum. ANNALES MONASTICI. Vol. IV. Edited by HENRY RICHARDS LUARD, MA, Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Trinity College, and Registrary of the University, Cambridge. WILLELMT
Página 4 - ad eundem Regem spectantia. Edited by JAMES GAIRDNER, Esq. 1858. The contents of these volumes are—(1) a life of Henry VII., by his poet laureate and historiographer, Bernard André, of Toulouse, with some compositions in verse, of which he is supposed to have been the author; (2) the journals of
Página 12 - to maintain its acquisitions, and of its relations to the governing institutions of the country. In addition to the private affairs of the monastery, some light is thrown upon the public events of the time, which are however kept distinct, and appear at the end of the history of each abbot's administration. 21 44.
Página 363 - recommended that Indexes and Calendars should be made to the Public ^Records, and thirty-six years afterwards another Committee of the House of Commons reiterated that recommendation in more forcible words ; but it "was not until the incorporation of the State Paper Office with the Public Kecord Office that the
Página 9 - to 1406, from MS. VII. in the Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge : and an account of the past benefactors of St. Albans, written in the early part of the fifteenth century, from MS. VI. in the Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. In the fifth volume begins a history of the abbots of St.
Página 12 - ENGLETERE. Edited by JOHN GLOVER, MA, Vicar of Brading, Isle of Wight, formerly Librarian of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1865. These two treatises, though they cannot rank as independent narratives, are nevertheless valuable as careful abstracts of previous historians, especially
Página 7 - Earl of Suffolk ; and a portion of the correspondence of James IV. of Scotland. 25. LETTERS OF BISHOP G ROSSETESTE, illustrative of the Social Condition of his Time. Edited by HENRY RICHARDS LUARD, MA, Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1861.

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