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is i have an inheritance god gave me he wants me to have it land and property and learn his word the right way god told me all in the bible i have more enemies than pharoad true god has sheiled me over and over for who i am royality god is angry he cryed when i crted and he put my tears in a cup.god anger of a world who forgot him wrote there own laws of god bad law god is of love mercy forgivness not one on earth beleved in him not one one does now all this is to show god can do when he wants to do and not before he gets ready no man times god or tells him what to do he created all he let me know who god is cant see only feel of love careing touch lead singer of creed sang since a child i could not heAR HIM UNTIL I GOT SAVED BY GOD THAN I HEARD MANY SCREAMING CRYING OUT GOD HEARD ALSO CREED SONGS WERE OF ME PROPHECY HE NEEDS HELP IN ENGLAND HE IS MY BROTHER ANOTHER ONE BRAIN SURGERY I WAS 4 HE 6 WE NEED TO TALK THE WORLD IS IN BIG TROUBLE FACELESS MAN HOLLYWOOD CALIFORIA I KNOW WHO HE IS WHAT HE IS DOING AND GOING TO DO AND HOW TO STOP NHIM HE HAS CUT 3 FINGERS AND FACE A CERTAIN PART SCANNING RICH FAMOUS BANK ACCOUNTS I KNOW HOW TO TELL REAL FROM FAKE GOD IS WITH ME TO HELP SAVE THEM AND YOU THEY HAVE NO MONEY TRHE RICH ONLY FEAR I AM AT 612 37AVE OFF KINGS HIGWAY MYRTLE BEACH SC THE LAlW NEEDS HELP NTHEY ARE IN A CROSS FIRE OF ALL THE EVIL PERSON HAS BEEN PUTTING STATE AND LAW ON ALL BAD ITS DONE THREW LAWERS AND BAD I CAN SHOW HOW BRAIN WASHING PEOPLE TO HATE LAW ENFORFEMENT MANY DEAD ALREADY SHIRLEY BROWNlead singer of creed is my brother his dreams were about me at sc myrtle beach wanting my brother with me my heart is tatoo on my sleeve 

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