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de could find co indication that current managecent officials were either applying pressure or were aware of any irregularities la £itepting to exploy the case requested candidates. Further, we found no evidence pointed to the existence of a plan to favor forder Soria Abericso Rockwell employees, as alleged in the Subcommittea Peport,

He sould point out that are bas been a change in the leadership of be Z2 Så Personnel Oiiice as well as several key staff changes in the simport jobs oz the ofiice. Hopefully these changes will result in isroverents in Personnel anezerent in the agency as well as preventing a recurrerce of the types of actions we found to have taken place in the past.

in addition to the cases cited in the House Report, ning nane requests nede by USA during 1973-74 were also reviewed. Out of the nine, there is evidence of prezential treatment in one case. In this 10312.ce, preferential treatment appears to rave been accorded the 2200 requested candidato primarily because of pressures coming from outside the Departsant.

To deal with the problecs we found we are requiring lipTSA to:

- Subait a revised promocion plen to us within 60 days. - Develop and edainister en orientation program for managers and supervisors on tee proper use oi serit staffing procedures. All carazers are to rave received the required training witein 120 days of this report.

-Teminate all icproper details and establish controls on future details within 30 days.

Tht's report does not isclude an investigation of the four name requests zace by the Adainistrative Office of the United States Courts and cited in the Souse Report. Our plans, presently, ere to corduct a general personnel cenazedent evaluation at the Courts and at that tine review the four cases. We anticipate degiming this review the latter part oi this year.

We will advise you of our fisdings in those cases upon the conclusion of our evaluation.

Sincerely yours,
'Simard) F E. Hampton

9174/14 Robert E. Hacpton Chairman

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This will acknowledge receipt of your letter of September 12, 1974, transmitting the Commission's comprehensive report dealing with fourteen name requests cases at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cited in House Report No. 93-925.

The Committee is in accord with the requirements the
Commission has placed upon the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration as a result of our combined efforts.

I look forward to receiving the report on the name requests made by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, as cited in the House report. I also look forward to receiving the report on your investigation, on a sampling basis, of 100 positions filled at various agencies as a result of name requests, as outlined in your letter of May 10, 1974.

I want to thank you again for your cooperation, and that of your staff, in this entire matter.

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This refers to your letter of February 24 enclosing, in order to complete the record of the Joint Committee's recent hearings on standards of conduct, a list of additional questions and a list of material to be supplied for the record.

The information requested by these lists is set out in the enclosed memorandum and I would appreciate it if this letter and the enclosed memorandum were made part of the record.

The enclosed memorandum is based, in part, on my personal recollection and, in part, on investigations I requested be made by others in the Company. I believe the statements in the memorandum to be as accurate and complete as we have been able to develop.

Our responses are made as of the date of the hearing and cover the period of the prior three years, consistent with the procedure followed in the Company's

The Honorable William Proxmire
Page 2
March 15, 1976

response to your letter of October 31, 1975, as clarified by Senator Tower's letter of January 2, 1976.

I wish to thank you and the other members of the Committee for the courtesies extended to me in connection with these hearings.



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