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Has the company leased, owned, or at any time used hunting facilities in Labrador or Arkansas to entertain officials of the Department of Defense or NASA? If so, please provide dates such entertainment was provided, names of guests from these two agencies, and costs associated with such entertainment.

The Company has not leased, owned or used hunting
facilities in Labrador or Arkansas, to entertain
officials of the Department of Defense or NASA.


Please provide a list of the members of the Conquistadors, a summary of its activities, names of government officials who have been guests at any time, and a copy of the by-laws of the organization....

(a) Attachment D is a list of the members of
the Conquistadores as taken from the organization's
most recently published roster.

(b) The activities of the organization are des-
cribed in Article 1, Section 1, of its by-laws.

(c) The organization's guest lists for the last
three years do not show any Government officials.

(d) Attachment E is a copy of the by-laws of the organization, and the Rules referred to in Article 2.

Attachment D


Alvin P. Adams
Lawrence C. Ames
Oscar M. Love
Robert F. Six
George A. Spater
John B. Walker
C. Edward Acker
Richard M. Adams
Robert Anderson
Neil Armstrong
William F. Ballhaus
Armin Baltensweiler
Wellwood E. Beall
Edward A. Bellande
William B. Bergen
Frank Borman
E. H. Boullioun
John C. Brizendine
John S. Brown
Charles A. Bucks
Neil Burgess
Dan W. Burns
Hugh W. Coburn
Burt Cochran
E. 0. Cocke
Harry B. Combs
William M. Crilly
Vernon G. Crudge
Donald W. Douglas, Jr.
Welko E. Gasich
Charles C. Gates
Gene W. Goble
Harry J. Gray
John W. Guilfoyle
Sherlock D. Hackley
Knut Hagrup
Floyd D. Hall
Frank E. Hedrick
Samuel Logan Higginbottom
Wayne M. Hoffman
Edward E. Hood, Jr.
Rea E. Hopper
H. M. Horner
Leonard M. Horner
Robert C. Jackson
Frank Gard Jameson
Thomas V. Jones
Arthur F. Kelly
A. Carl Kotchian
Warren E. Kraemer

Winston W. Kratz
Harding L. Lawrence
David S. Lewis
John M. Lockhart
Stewart G. Long
William Francis Long
Forbes Mann
Erle Martin
Mitchell May, Jr.
Jackson R. McGowen
Russell W. Meyer, Jr.
Mark R. Miller
J. B. Montgomery
James L. Murray
John W. Myers
J. Gilbert Nettleton, Jr.
F. E. Newbold, Jr.
Tore H. Nilert
Hilliard W. Paige
Jack S. Parker
Wayne W. Parrish
Raymond I. Petersen
R. James Pfeiffer
William V. Platt
Thomas G. Pownall
Robert W. Prescott
Allen E. Puckett
J. Donald Rauth
Dominic P. Renda
John H. Richardson
George A. Roberts
Willard F. Rockwell, Jr.
William F. Schmied
Guy C. Shafer
John H. Shaffer
James R. Shepley
Barry J. Shillito
Clyde Skeen
Thomas R. Stuelpnagel
James B. Taylor
Paul Thayer
Charles C. Tillinghast, Jr.
s. Warren Towle, Jr.
A. L. Veltschi
Teddy F. Walkowicz
Roy Eric Wendahl
Harry H. Wet el
Marvin Whitlock
Clarence F. Wilde
F. C. Wiser

Carlos C. Wood
G. Ray Woody
Leopold S. Wyler
Richard D. DeLauer
Charles M. Forsyth
Henry P. Huff
Edward J. LeFevre
Francisco A. Lorenzo
Daniel P. Reid
Julio R. Serrano, M.D.
John L. Winkel
R. Green Annan
Raymond P. Caldiero
Sanders Campbell
Theodore C. Coleman
Raymond A. Cook
Ken Ellington
John J. Elmore
Clyde S. Fullerton

B. Allison Gillies
William P. Gwinn
Karl G. Harr, Jr.
Carl E. Hartnack
Leonard D. Henry
Wilmer Kenneth Houpt
L. Patton Kline
John R. LeBosquet
Robert S. LeSage
Thomas B. McFadden
John Monsarrat
Will D. (Billy) Parker
Edward M. Powers
Charles A. Rheinstrom
Stanley R. Shatto
Arthur E. Smith
Ray G. Sparks
Alexander D. Thomson
George E. Tubb


Curtis E. LeMay

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SECTION I. The general object of this organization shall be the development and promotion of interest in acrospace activities. The general piip of operation shall be the giving and sponsoring of cducational, social, recreational, and athletic cvents and functions which will loring lugether and inite in fellowship persons interested in the general object of the corporation, and any other activities which such lellowstop shall kindle and inspire, agrecable to the general object. This corporation shall be conducted without pecuniary profit to the membership, and application of all receipts aller paying all expenses of the corporalion shall be toward such purposes consonant with the Leneral object and plan of operation of the corporalion as the Board or Directors may from time to limc dcterminc.


The Rules for Menibership in Conquistadores Del Ciclo and rules perlaining to guests adopted by the Board of Directors in April 1972 are incorporated by reference and become a part hercof as if fully set forth herein.


SECTION 1. Corporate Powers. The corporate powers of this organization shall be vested in the Board of Directors. SECTION 2. The Board of Directors shall consist of cighlcen (18) members divided into three (3) classes, each consisting of six (6) dircctors. The tern of office of each director is threc (3) years and six (6) shall be clccted ai cach annual clection to take the place of the six (6) whose terms cxpire at that timc. Directors nced not be residents of the State of New Mexico but must be Ranch Members of the organization. Thc Chairman of the Membership Committcc and General Counsel shall be ex officio members of the Board of Directors. SECTION 3. At any mccting of the Board of Directors thrce (3) members shall constituic a quorum for the transaction of business; provided, however, that the Chairman of the Board shall be present and a nicmber of the quorum. SECTION 4. Removal. Any director may be removed al any time, with or without causc, by Ilic affiria!ive voic of the majority of Ranch Members present at a special mccting of nicmbers called for that pur

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