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3) Fiesta Membership: To be eligible for membership in this class the person sceking admission must have been a Ranch member and who notifics thc Secretary-Treasurer in writing of his election to change membership status from Ranch to Fiesta, or who is transferred to Fiesta membership automatically as provided for in Paragraph 7 of CONDITIONS.

In the evenil total membership in this class is less than thirty-four (34) members, it nomince may be admitted to this class without regard 10 the qualification that he must have bcen a Kanch member and without The qualifications necessary for Ranch membership provided however that Ranch members who clcct to transfer to l'iesta incmbership shall have the unqualified right to do so at any time, irrespective of the right of a member to nominate candidates who are not qualified for Ranch membership and irrespective of the number limitation for this class set forth in "(C)" under “Classes of Membership".

Should the number limitation rcfcrred to in “(C)" under "Classes of Membership" bc cxcccded by reason of Transfers 'Irom Ranch to l'iesta membership, then no new candidates shall be admilled until such time as the numbers of liesta members is below 34.

4) Honorary Members: There shall be no special or separate rules for membership in this class. Admission thereto being solely at the discretion of the Directors.


1) All persons nominated, initiated and remaining in good standing in accordance with such standards, rules and procedures as the Board of Directors may adopt, shall be members of Conquistadores Del Cielo.

2) Eligibility of members for attendance at the Ranch meeting shall be determined in accordance with the following sequence:

1. Life members.
2. Ranch inembers.
3. Initiatcs.
4. Honorary mcmbers.
5. Guests of Life and Ranch members who are directly associa-

ted with aerospace activities.
6. Fiesta members.
7. Guests of Life and Ranch menibers who are not directly

associated with aerospace activities. 8. Guests of Fiesta members who are directly associated with

aerospace activities. 9. Guests of Fiesta members who are not directly associated

with aerospace activities. The selection of guests, in accordance with the above sequence, shall be made by the Directors who may delegate their authority to sclect to any one of the Chairman of the Board, President, Secretary-Treasurer, Chairman of the Membership Committee, or to a Committee comprising some or all of the above named officials.

Subject to the provisions outlined in the sequence shown above, Fiesta members will be accepted only after payment of the full dues for Ranch membership in the year for which the member proposes to attend the Ranch mecting plus the Ranch fees.

3) Eligibility for allendance at the Spring liesta meeting shall be in accordance with the following sequence:

1. Lilc members.
2. Ranclı members.
3. Honorary meinbers.
4. l'icsta members.
5. Guests of Life and Ranch menibers.
6. Guests of Ficsta members.

The selection of guests in accordance with the above sequence shall be made in the same manner as provided in 2 above.

4) Tiach member is entitled to nominate one (1) guest for the Ranch mecling. The same person may not altend the Ranch mecting for two (2) consecutive years as a guest. The same person may not attend more than three (3) Ranch meetings as a guest. Each member is entitled to nominate one (1) guest for the Spring Fiesta Meeting.


1) Meeting attendance requirements do not apply to Life members.

2) A Ranch member who does not attend Ranch meetings two years in succession must then attend two years in succession or forfeit his membership. A member who does not attend a Ranch mccting may be excused from allendance by action of the Board of Directors. Absence may be cxcused for a compelling personal reason such as, but not limited to, accident or illness, inability to travel due to accident or illness, serious accident or illness of a member of the member's immcdiatc family, death of a member of the member's immcdiate family, confinement to a hospital, compulsory attendance at a judicial or quasi judicial procecding. Insofar as possible members seeking to be cxcused should do so in writing, addressed to the Secretary-Treasurer prior to the mecting of the Board of Directors regularly held at the Ranch Meeting.

3) A Ranch member upon becoming a fiesta member shall become ineligible to again become a Ranch member.

4) A Fiesta member who does not attend cither a Ranch Meeting or a Fiesta Mecting for three (3) consecutive years beginning September 1973 shall forfeit his membership. Failure to attend a meeting, as provided for above, may be excused in the same manner set forth in (2) above of this article.

5) Members will be notified of the time and place of the Ranch and Fiesta Meetings. The time within which to nominate guests and of any special conditions pertaining thereto, such as guest fees to be paid, accommodations available, the cutoff date for guest selection. Compliance with the potice shall be the responsibility of the member in order to insure proper consideration of a nominated guest.

6) The Directors shall have the power to expel any member of the club by the affirmative vote of at least twelve (12) of their members at a regular or special mccting of the Board, is, in their judgment his conduct has been prejudicial to the interests of the Conquistadores Del Ciclo, provided at least onc month's previous notice in writing shall have been given to the member, together with a copy of the charges against him and a request that he appear before the Board of Directors al a lime lixed in the notice.

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7) Ranch members initiated after September 1967 shall continue as Ranch members coincident with their being directly associated willi acrospace activites. In the cvcnt a Ranch member initiated aller that dile shall ccase to be so directly associated will acrospace activities lic shall be automatically transferred to l'iesta membership. This condition shall not apply to a member who retires from direct association will acrospace activities in accordance with a plan of retirement established by his employer or who is on Icave of absence from his employment.


The entrance fees, if any, and annual dues of Ranch and Fiesta mc bers and any dues of Honorary members, shall be fixed by the Board of Directors and are subject to change. The Board may fix rates of annual dues varying as between classes of membership.

Lise members arc not to be charged ducs for the remainder of their lifc. No member shall attend a Ranch or Ficsta meeting while delinquent in the payment of dues.

Each year the Secretary-Treasurer shall forward a written notice by registered mail to those members who are delinquent in the payınent of ducs for a period of threc (3) months. The threc (3) month period to start running from the time of mailing of the bill for annual dues to each member.

The notice shali advise the member that continued delinquency for a period of thirty (30) days beyond the period of three months shall result in the member being dropped from the rolls. If payment of dues is not received in accordance with the notice, the Secretary-Treasurer shall so advise thic President who shall thereupon cause the name of the delinquent member to be stricken from the rolls. INCORPORATION BY REFERENCE

These Rules for Membership in Conquistadores Del Cielo and Rules Pertaining to Guests are hereby incorporated into and become a part of the By-Laws of Conquistadores Del Cielo by Reference, as of the date of their adoption by the Board of Directors, and become effective as of that date. They shall have no retroactive effect except as follows:

1) As to the Chairman of and members of the Membership Committee now in office they shall continuc under their existing appointincnt until their term expires.

2) Persons nominated for membership need not be renominated.

3) Thc prohibition against attendance at a Ranch meeting by a guest for two (2) consecutive ycars and the prohibition against a guest attending three (3) Ranch mcctings is cffective retroactively.

4) The provisions applicable to forlciture of Ranch membership by reason of non-allendance at meetings have been in effect since 1963 and similar provisions applicable to forfeiture of liosta membership are effective September 1973.

A member elected or appointed to a high state or federal office (other than appointment to a temporary comission or similar body) shall, for the duration of his term of office, not be obligated to pay dues or attend meetings.

The rights and privileges of such member shall remain in suspense for the duration of his term of office. Upor. completion of his term of office he shall automatically revert to his former status as a member, provided his eligibility for continued membership exists in accordance with these rules for membership. (5/11/74)


69-394 O. 76 - 12




How many years has your corporation been a member of the
Business Roundtable?

The Company has been a member since the spring
of 1973.


Please list any officials or employees who at any time
have been members of the Business Roundtable and how many
meetings of the Business Roundtable or its committees have
been attended by employees of your company.

Mr. W. F. Rockwell, Jr., Chairman of the Company,
is the Company's representative on the Business
Roundtable and its Environmental Task Force.
Mr. Rockwell attended only one meeting, a meeting
of the Business Roundtable which was not one of
its annual meetings.

Mr. C. J. Oles, Vice President Personnel of the
Company, is a member of the Labor/Management Com-
mittee of the Business Roundtable and has attended
approximately 1l meetings of the Committee. He
also attended one annual meeting of the full Round-
table (as an observer but not as a participant) and
one meeting of the Policy Committee for the purpose
of reporting on Labor/Management Committee activities.


What legislative interests has your company pursued through
the Business Roundtable? Please indicate specific bills
and areas. What other activities and interests has your
company pursued through the Business Roundtable or any of
its committees?

The Company has not pursued any of its legislative
interests through the Business Roundtable. The
Company has used the organization as a source of
information concerning the status of various
legislative or regulatory matters.


How is policy formulated in the Business Roundtable and
to what degree has your corporation participated in forming
positions of the organization? Are members bound by such
policy decisions?

Roundtable policy is formulated by its Policy Committee and at the organization's annual meetings. Except for the attendance as noted above by Mr. Oles, no Company officials or employees have attended any of these meetings.

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