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He also describes the family arms, crest, and

motto. It would seem, therefore, that he was of CONTENT 8,-No 132.

ancient lineage and gentle birth. Berry states that NOTES :-J. Margetson, Archbishop of Armagh; the the archbishop's eldest son, James, of Cherry

Ancestry of Agatha, 2- Mrs. Sophia Williams, 3-Dr.
Baillie - Thomson, 4 – "Jymiams"-A May Custom Hinton, co. Cumberland, was buried Oct. 7, 1660.
S.T. Coleridge-Members of Parliament, 5- Anachronism I find that Margetson had two sons named James,
-" In Apple pie

Order"-Merks-Sterne's Plagiarisms-
Triplets-- Wise Women in Norfolk - The
Imitation of and if Berry's statement is correot, both

of them Christ,'6.

were alive at the same time. QUBRIBS :-Sussex Court Rolls-Dictionaries-—Isabella of

Mr. Bagwell, following the example of other France - " Pin”—The Oath of Varges'- Haymarket"The King's Head” - Rolland-Morphil”-Riding of writers, calls Major John Margetson the eldest Roclesiastics, 7 – “To gride". Translation Wanted

son of the primate-a mistake, beyond a doubt, as “N.C.P."-Prusias - Christmas Greetings_Macbeth Olympian Victors • Frank Farleigh' - Edinburghe

shall presently show. Grammar-Desmond'-Descendants of Flora Macdona

John and James, twin sons of the primate, 8-Prince of Wales, 1805-Domrémy-Battle of Naseb Simon de Montfort-Montcalm-Matthew Paris-Bay entered Trinity College, Dublin, on the same day, Postal Cover, 9.

May 27, 1672 (or more correctly 1673, as the REPLIES :-Lamb's Residence at Palston, 9 De Burghs; college year began on July 9), aged sixteen their

Karls of Ulster, 10-Churching of Women-"Mending"
Disestablishment - Lines in Cemetery Colley Cibber. Both of them graduated B.A. in 1676, and James

Ending"-Rev. Henry Stebbing, 11-Egg Service – next birthday, and were therefore born in 1666-7. Picnic-Macbride-Tower of London, 12_"Thirty days hath September" -- Breaking on the Wheel - Artificiai became M.A. in 1679. There

was a third son, Eyes-Beans–St. Edmund Hall, 13- Parents of Baldwin Robert, who entered April 6, 1677 (1678), ætatis 11.-Sir J. Germaine Dickens's Funeral. Canary Bird,” sixteen, and therefore born in 1661/2. 14-Folk-lore-"Niveling"-Kennedy-R. J. Thornton,

But there 15—Delescot-"Phrontistère"-Hairay: Barclay : Downie was an elder

son then alive, in the person of Thomas -Swift and Stella-Robert Brough-Italian Anthology

Margetson, M.D., who in 1666 was elected M.P. Capt. Cheney Bostock, 16-J. J. Smith -"Synall" Wellington and Waterloo - Queen's English, 17

The 15th for the city of Armagh, and in 1670 became Regius

-Axe Guards, 18, 19. Professor of Physic in the Dublin University. NOTES ON BOOKS:-Addy's The Hall of Waltheof'Langs Scott's Anne of Geierstein -Joyce's Old Celtic He married on Aug. 31, 1667, Mary, second Romances '-Magazines.

daughter of Sir George Carr, Knt., of Southey

Hall, Yorkshire, Clerk of the Council of Munster Hotes,

(she married, secondly, Dr. Michael Ward, Bishop

of Derry), and had issue one daughter, Mary, JAMES MARGETSON, ARCHBISHOP OF born Nov. 6, 1668, who married, in 1684, Maurice ARMAGH,

Keating, Esq., of Narraghmore, co. Kildare, and In the 'Dictionary of National Biography 'there their daughter Anne was second wife to Dr. is an account of this prelate by Mr. Richard Bag. Charles Carr

, Bishop of Killaloe, grandson of Sir like to add some particulars of him and his family and in 1676 his widow had a grant of lands in co. well, which I have read with interest. I should George Carr. Dr. Thomas Margotson died March 17,

and was buried in St. Patrick's March 19, 1673; in the pages of 'N. & Q.'

In a courteous letter which I received in 1883 Clare. He was baptized (as hereinafter mentioned) from the Incambent of Drigblington, Yorkshire, at Thornton Watlass, Bedale, Yorkshire, in 1631. the birthplace of the archbishop, hó mentioned in the Fun. Ent. Ulster Office his arms are given, a tradition existing there that Margetson was of identical with those of the primate, with a crescent humble birth, and began life as a gyp in Cam- for cadency, showing that he was a second son, bridge, but having attracted the attention of one and that he had an elder brother then living or of the Fellows, he was educated, and afterwards who had left issue. The arms of the primate, conmatriculated in Peterhouse College.

firmed by Roberts, “ Ulster," in 1629, were Sa., Now, in bis 'Sarrey Pedigrees,' Berry gives an

a lion pass. arg., armed and langued gules ; a chief extensive account of his family, beginning with engrailed or-almost the same as those described by John Margetson,

of Wakefield (A.D. 1400), whose Berry. son Richard, of Rotherham (1430), was father of Margetson had been rector of Thornton Watlass, Thomas, who was buried in January, 1540, aged and the present rector, the Rev. J. D. Anderson eighty-one. Thomas was father of John, of Wake-(like the great majority of incumbents to whom I field, buried at Birstall in October, 1680, whose have had occasion to apply), most courteously and son Thomas (baried Feb. 1, 1589) married, in kindly took the trouble of searching the almost 1560, Mary Lowther, and their son John, married illegible parish records, and informed me that James at Birstall

, Nov. 9, 1589, Mary Layton, and was Margetson's name, as rector, first appears in 1627 ; father of James, born 1600, the future archbishop. in which year, on March 20, his wife Ann was Berry adds in a note :

buried, apparently immediately after the birth of “The family possessed lands in the county of York in twin sons, who were baptized on the 16th of the the latter end of the

reign of Richard II. or beginning same month as James and Francis. The latter, of that of Henry IV. before 1400."

Francis, died young, and was buried on March 31,

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