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Subtitle B—Other Regulations Relating to

National Defense


Part 1600 Maintenance of high ethical and moral standards of conduct by officers and

employees of the Selective Service System. 1602 Definitions. 1603 Selective Service personnel in general. 1604 Selective Service officers. 1605 Compensated civilian employees. 1606 General administration. 1607 Finance administration. 1608 Payment for personal services. 1609 Expenditures other than for personal services. 1610 Property accountability. 1611 Duty and responsibility to register. 1612 Registration duties. 1613 Registration procedures. 1617 Registration certificate. 1619 Cancellation of registration. 1621 Preparation for classification. 1622 Classification rules and principles. 1623 Classification procedure. 1624 Appearance before local board. 1625 Reopening and considering anew registrant's classification. 1626 Appeal to appeal board. 1627 Appeal to the President. 1628 Physical examination. 1630 Volunteers. 1631 Quotas and calls. 1632 Delivery and induction. 1641 Notice. 1642 Delinquents. 1643 Parole. 1655 Registration of United States citizens outside of the United States and

classification of such registrants.

1660 Civilian work in lieu of induction.
1670 Records administration in Federal record depots.
1690 Determination of availability of members of the Standby Reserve of the

Armed Forces for order to active duty.
CROSS REFERENCE: Regulations governing standards for discharge under the Selective Service

Act of 1948: See Part 44 of this title.



Subpart A-General Provisions Sec. 1600.735-1 Conduct requirements in gen

eral. 1600.735-2 Definitions. 1600.735–3 Applicability to members of the

uniformed services. 1600.735–4 Informing employees of stand

ards of conduct. 1600.735-5 Counseling service. 1600.735–6 Reviewing statements and re

porting conflicts of interest. 1600.735–7 Disciplinary and other remedial

Subpart B-Ethical and Other Conduct and

Responsibilities of Employees 1600.735–20 Proscribed actions. 1600.735–21 Gifts, entertainment, and fa

vors. 1600.735-22 Outside employment and other

activity. 1600.735–23 Financial interests. 1600.735-24 Use of Government property. 1600.735-25 Misuse of information. 1600.735-26 Indebtedness. 1600.735–27 Gambling, betting, and lot

teries. 1600.735-28 General conduct prejudicial to

the Government. 1600.735-29 Miscellaneous statutory pro


Sec. 1600.735–62a Employee's complaint on filing

requirement. 1600.735–63 Employees not required to sub

mit statements. 1600.735-64 Time and place for submission

of employees' statements. 1600.735-65 Supplementary statements. 1600.735-66 Interests of employees' rela

tives. 1600.735–67 Information not known by em

ployees. 1600.735–68 Information prohibited. 1600.735-69 Confidentiality of employees'

statements. 1600.735–70 Effect of employees' statements

on other requirements. 1600.735–71 Specific provisions for special

Government employees. Appendix A-Bribery, Graft, and Conflict of

Interest Laws. Appendix B-Other Laws Concerning the

Conduct of Employees. Appendix C_House Concurrent Resolution

175, 85th Congress, 2d Ses

sion. AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 1600 issued under E.O. 11222 of May 8, 1965, 30 F.R. 6469, 3 CFR, 1965 Supp.; 5 CFR 735.104.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 1600 appear at 32 F.R. 14947, Oct. 28, 1967, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A-General Provisions $ 1600.735–1 Conduct requirements in

general. (a) The maintenance of unusually high standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality, and conduct by Government employees and special Government employees is essential to assure the proper performance of the Government business and the maintenance of confidence by citizens in their Government.

(b) Employees of the Selective Service System shall conduct themselves in such a manner that the work of the System is effectively accomplished; shall be courteous, considerate, and prompt in dealing with or serving the public; and shall conduct themselves in both their official and personal lives in a manner that will not bring discredit or embar

Subpart C-Ethical and Other Conduct and Re

sponsibilities of Special Government Employees 1600.735–41 Applicable regulations. 1600.735-42 Use of Government employ

ment. 1600.735-43 Use of inside information. 1600.735-44 Coercion. 1600.735–45 Gifts, entertainment, and fa

vors. 1600.735-46 Miscellaneous statutory pro


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Subpart D-Regulations Governing Statements of

Employment and Financial Interests 1600.735–61 Form and content of state

ments. 1600.735–62 Employees required to submit


rassment to the Selective Service Sys- the United States and is subject to all tem.

of the prohibitions imposed by the con(c) Employees shall observe the ap- Alict-of-interest laws.) plicable laws and regulations governing (e) "Uniformed services" has the participation in political activities; avoid meaning given that term by section any discrimination because of race, color, 101(3) of title 37 of the United States religion, national origin, or sex; eco- Code, which states that • 'uniformed nomically utilize, protect, and conserve services' means the Army, Navy, Air Federal property entrusted to them; and Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Coast conduct all their official activities in a and Geodetic Survey, and Public Health manner which is above reproach and Service." free from any indiscretions or acceptance

§ 1600.735–3 Applicability to members of gratuities or favors which would cast

of the uniformed services. doubt or suspicion upon themselves or the administration of the Selective Serv

The Executive order applies to all office System.

cers and employees in the executive

branch but the Civil Service regulations $ 1600.735-2 Definitions.

(5 CFR Part 735) and the regulations The following definitions shall govern in this part do not. Separate regulations in this interpretation of regulations in containing essentially the same provithis part.

sions will be published by the agencies (a) "Employee” means an officer or having jurisdiction over the members employee of the Selective Service Sys- of the uniformed services. tem including uncompensated persons, § 1600.735–4. Informing employees of but does not include a special Govern

standards of conduct. ment employee or a member of the uni

(a) The provisions of this part and formed services.

available counseling service shall be (b) “Executive order” means Execu

brought to the attention of all compentive Order 11222 of May 8, 1965. (c) “Person" means an individual, a

sated and uncompensated employees and

special Government employees of the corporation, a company, an association,

Selective Service System immediately a firm, a partnership, a society, a joint

after this part is issued and semiannually stock company, or any other organization

thereafter. New employees and special or institution,

Government employees shall be informed (d) “Special Government employees”

thereof at the time of their appointment. means a “special Government employee"

A copy of this part shall be kept peras defined in section 202 of title 18 of the

manently posted on all bulletin boards United States Code who is employed in

and a copy shall be given to each emthe executive branch, but does not in

ployee and special Government employee. clude a member of the uniformed sery

(b) A presentation on “ethics in ices. Excluding a person in the uni

government” shall be included in orienformed services, that section covers an

tation programs for new employees, in officer or employee who is appointed or

supervisory training courses, and in employed, with or without compensation,

staff training conferences. to perform temporary duties, either on a full-time or intermittent basis, for not § 1600.735–5 Counseling service. more than 130 days in any period of 365 (a) The Director of Selective Service consecutive days. (For the benefit of Re

shall designate a counselor for the serve and National Guard Officers it Selective Service System to serve as the should be noted that under that section

designee to the Civil Service Commission a Reserve or National Guard Officer, un- on matters covered by the regulations in less otherwise an officer or employee of this part. The counselor shall be responthe United States, is classified as a special sible for coordination of the counseling Government employee while on active service as provided in paragraph (b) of duty solely for training and if serving on this section and for assuring that active duty involuntarily is classified as counseling and interpretations on quesa special Government employee during tions of conflicts of interest and other the whole period of his involuntary matters covered by this part are available service. A Reserve or National Guard to deputy counselors. Officer who is involuntarily serving a (b) The Director of Selective Seryperiod of extended active duty in excess ice shall designate deputy counselors for of 130 days is classified as an officer of the Selective Service System. Deputy

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