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1878. neay 23,
и Gill of

The Committee

wir Athenrium

This List contains all Works added by purchase or donation from November, 1859, to December, 1860.

Continuations of Works in progress, of Transactions, Journals, and other Periodical Publications, are not inserted.

Lists of the Abbotsford, Bannatyne, and other Publishing Clubs are added to facilitate reference.

Books thus marked t were presented.

Dec. 31, 1860.




Andrew (St.) Liber Officialis S. Knighthood. Book of the Order of

James 1st and 6th. Letters and State | Melros (Earl of). State Papers.

ADDRESSES to Young Children.—see (Rothschild).
AMADIS DE GAULA— Los quatro Libros de Amadis de Gaula, con un

Discurso preliminar y un Catàlogo razonado de los Libros de Cabal-
lerias por Don Pascual de Gayangos. 8° Madrid, 1857.

translated from the Spanish Version of Garcia Ordoñez de Mon-
talva, by Robert Southey. 4 vols. 12° London, 1803.
AMARI (Michele). Storia dei Musulmani di Sicilia. vols. 8°

Firenze, 1854.
AMÉ (Emile). Les Carrelages Emaillés du Moyen-Age et de la

Renaissance, précédés de l'histoire des anciens Pavages, Mosaique,

Labyrintes, Dalles incrustées. 4° Paris, 1859.
AMERICA. Reports of Explorations and Surveys to ascertain the most

practicable and economical route for a Railroad from the Mississippi
River to the Pacific Ocean, made under the direction of the Secretary

of War, from 1853 to 1856. - vols. 4° Washington, 1858. TANDERSON (Robert). Rudiments of Tamul Grammar, combining, with

the rules of Kodun Tamŭl, or the ordinary dialect, an Introduc-
tion to Shen Tamŭl, or the elegant dialect of the Language. 4°

London, 1821.
ANDREW (Saint). Liber Cartarum Prioratus Sancti Andree in Scotia e

Registro ipso in archivis Baronum de Panmure hodie asservato.

(Bannatyne Club). 4° Edinburgi, 1841. #Anstis (John). Register of the most noble Order of the Garter, from

its cover in black velvet usually called the Black Book ; with notes and an Introduction. 2 vols. fol. London, 1724.

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ARAGO (François). Euvres complètes, publiées d'après son ordre sous la direction de J. A. Barral. 16 vols. 8° Paris, 1854-57. Tomes 1--3. Notices Biographiques.

-8. Scientifiques.

Instructions, Rapports, &c.
10–11. Mémoires Scientifiques.
12 Mélanges, Notices, etc.

13—16. Astronomie Populaire. ARIOSTO (Ludovico). Orlando Furioso di Ariosto, with Memoirs and notes by Antonio Panizzi. 4 vols. 8° London, 1834.

see Bojardo. +ARISTOTELES. Flores Illustriores Aristotelis ex universâ ejus Philo

sophiâ collecti per Jacobum Bouchereau. 12° Paris, 1560. ARUNDEL SOCIETY. Engravings published by the Society —

Dante, painted by Giotto, in the Bargello at Florence, from a tracing by Seymour Kirkup.

Christ before Pilate: Photograph after Tintoretto.

Christ bearing the Cross : Photograph after Tintoretto. AUCHER (J. B.)—see Eusebius Pamphilus. AUFRECHT (S. Th.) und A. KIRCHOFF. Die Umbrischen Sprach

denkmäler, ein Versuch zur Deutung derselben. 2 vols. 4° Berlin,

1849. AUSTIN (Robert Godwin).-—see Forbes. AUSTRALIA-Early Voyages to Terra Australis, now called Australia ;

a collection of documents and extracts from early MSS. Maps, illustrative of the History of Discovery on the coasts of that vast Ísland from the beginning of the Sixteenth Century to the time of Captain Cook: edited by R. H. Major. (Hakluyt Society, vol. 25. 89).

London, 1859. BABINGTON (Benjamin Guy).-see Beschi, Hecker, Babington (Churchill)-see Pecock. +BABRIUS. Babrii Fabulæ Æsopeæ cum fabularum deperditarum frag

mentis recensuit et breviter illustravit G. C. Lewis. 8° Oxonii,

1846. + -, e codice manuscripto partem secundam nunc primum edidit

G. C. Lewis. 8° Oxonii, 1859. Bacon (Roger). Opera quædam hactenus inedita. ļ. Opus Tertium.

II. Opus Minus. III. Compendium Philosophiæ : edited by J. S.

Brewer. 8° London, 1859. . BAILLIE (George), of Jerviswood. Correspondence, 1702-1708. (Banna

tyne Club). 4° Edinburgh, 1842. BAIN (Alexander). The Emotions and the Will. 8° London, 1859. +BALLANTYNE (James R.). Elements of Hindi and Braj Bhākhā

Grammar. 4° London, 1839. +- A Grammar of the Mahratta Language. 4° Edinburgh,

1839. BALLARD (George). Memoirs of several Ladies of Great Britain who have

been celebrated for their writings or skill in the learned Languages,

Arts, and Sciences. 4° Oxford, 1752.
BANKING AND PAPER CURRENCY.-see Overstone, Tracts, vol. 2.

BANNATYNE CLUB PUBLICATIONS :Aberbrothoc, Liber S. Thome de, James VI. Papers on his Marriage. 1178-1929.

Kelso. Liber S. Marie de Calchou, Registrum Nigrum.

1113-1567. Aberdeen. Registrum Aberdonensis. Laing. Scottish Seals. Andree, S. Liber Cartarum.

Lanercost. Chronicon de Lanercost. Baillie of Jerviswood, Correspondence. Lauder of Fountainhall, Memoirs. Bannatyne Miscellany, vol. 3.

Leven and Melville Papers. Berwic (North), Carta de.

Leslie (J.) History of Scotland, Bothwell. Affaires du Comte de.

1436-1561. Brechin. Registrum Episcopatus Mailros. Chronica de Mailros. Brechinensis.

Melvil Diary. Catalogue of the Abbotsford Library. Melvil's Memoirs. Chalmers. Sculptured Monuments Moray. Registrum Epis. Moraviensis, of Angus.

1400-1623. Clerk of Eldin (John). Series of Morton. Registrum de Morton. Etchings, 1773-1779.

Newbattle. Chartulary of Neubotle. Dempster. Hist. Eccles. Scotorum. Ragman Rolls. Dunfermelyn, Registrum de.

Rothes. Kirk of Scotland. Glasgow. Munimenta Univ. Glag. Scon. Liber Insule de Scon. guensis.

Scotland. Acts of the Kirk. Gray (Lord). Letters and Papers.

Letters on Eccles. Affairs. Holland. Book of the Howlat.

Collection of Scottish ProInchaffery. Liber Insule Missarum. phecies. James V. Excerpta, 1525-1533.

Spalding. Troubles in Scotland. -e libris Domicilii.

Virgil, translated by G. Douglas. +BAPTISM. À Chronological Catena

of Ancient Fathers and Councils, together with the teaching of the Reformers and more recent Divines of our Church on Spiritual Regeneration in Holy Baptism. 8°

Oxford, 1850. BARNES (William). Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect, with a Dissertation and Glossary. 12° London, 1847.

Hwomely Rhymes; a second Collection of Poems in the Dorset Dialect. 12° London, 1859. BARRAL (J. A.)-see Arago. BARTLETT (W. H.) Walks about the City and Environs of Jerusalem.

8° London, 1859. +BASTARD (Comte Anguste de). Inventaire de Sources Historiques,

Manuscrits et Imprimées, pour servir de preuves à la Généalogie de

la Maison de Bastard. fol. Paris, 1847. t - Armoiries de la Maison de Bastard, originaire du Comté Nantais,

existant encore en Guienne, au Maine, en Bretagne, et en Devonshire. fol. Paris, 1847.

Armoiries des Maisons alliés à la Maison de Bastard. fol. Paris, 1847. BELEZE (G.) Dictionnaire Universel de la Vie Pratique. 8° Paris, 1859. BELLENDEN (John).--see Boece. BELZONI (G.). Plates illustrative of the Researches and Operations in

Egypt and Nubia. fol. London, 1820. + BENNETT (George). Gatherings of a Naturalist in Australasia ; being

Observations principally on the animal and vegetable Productions of New South Wales, New Zealand, and some of the Austral Islands. 8° London, 1860.

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