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Catalogue of the Books belonging to the Library Company of Philadelphia. Vol. 3. 8° Philadelphia, 1856.

of the Law Library at Hartwell House, Bucks. By William Henry McAlpine. 8° London, 1865.

CATULLUS (Q. Valerius). Veronensis liber, ex recensione Caroli Lachmanni. 8° Eerolini, 1861.

CHAFFERS (W.). Hall Marks on Gold and Silver plate, with tables of annual Date Letters employed in the principal Assay Offices of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 8° London, 1865.

CHAPPLE (William). Review of part of Risdon's survey of Devon; containing the general description of that county with corrections, annotations, and additions. 4° Exeter, 1785.

COLTON (Archbishop). Acts in his Metropolitan Visitation of the Diocese of Derry, A.D. 1397, with a rental of the See estates at that time, edited with an Introduction and Notes by the Rev. William Reeves (Irish Archl. Society). 4° Dublin, 1850.

COMTE (Auguste).-see Mill (J. S.).

COUNTY Court Judges. List of, Note on the abolition of certain Franchise Gaols. 8° London, 1865.

COWPER (B. H.). Syriac Miscellanies; or extracts relating to the first and second general Councils, and various other quotations, theological, historical, and classical, translated into English from MSS., in the British Museum and Imperial Library of Paris. 8° London, 1861. COWPER (Countess). Diary of Mary Countess Cowper, Lady of the Bedchamber to the Princess of Wales, 1714–1720. 8° London, 1864. CREASY (Sir Edward). Rise and Progress of the English Constitution. 12° London, 1865.

CROWE (J. A.) and G. B. CAVALCASELLE. A new History of Painting

in Italy, from the second to the sixteenth century; drawn up from fresh materials and recent researches in the Archives of Italy; as well as from personal inspection of the works of Art scattered throughout Europe. Vols. 1, 2. 8° London, 1864. CURETON (William, D.D.). Spicilegium Syriacum: containing remains of Bardesan, Meliton, Ambrose, and Mara Bar Serapion. 8° London, 1855.

Ancient Syriac Documents relative to the earliest establishment of Christianity in Edessa, and the neighbouring countries, from the year after our Lord's Ascension, to the beginning of the Fourth Century, with a Preface by W. Wright, LL.D. 4° London, 1864. CURRY (Eugene). The Battle of Magh Leana, together with the Courtship of Momera. 8° Dublin, 1855.

CUST (Reginald John). A treatise on the West Indian Incumbered Estates Acts. 12° London, 1865.

DARLING (James). Cyclopedia Bibliographica, a Library Manual of theological and general Literature, and guide to books for authors, preachers, students, and literary men. Subjects. Holy Scriptures. 8° London, 1859.

DAUBENY (Charles). Essay on the trees and shrubs of the Ancients; supplementary to his lectures on Roman Husbandry. 8° Oxford, 1865.

DAVIS (Sir John Francis, Bt.).

Essays and Notes. 12° London, 1865.

Chinese Miscellanies; a collection of

DE LA BECHE (Sir Henry), and Trenham REEKS. Catalogue of Specimens illustrative of the composition and manufacture of British Pottery and Porcelain, from the occupation of Britain by the Romans to the present time. 8° London, 1855. DELAMARE (A. H. A.).-see Algeria. DERBY (Edward, Earl of).-see Homer. D'ESCAYRAC DE LAUTURE (M. le Comte). Religion. 4° Paris, 1865.

Le Langage, son histoire, ses lois, applications utiles de ces lois. 4° Paris, 1865.

Mémoires sur la Chine.

DIRCKS (Henry). The Life, times and scientific labours of the Second

Marquis of Worcester; to which is added, a reprint of his Century of Inventions, 1663, with a Commentary thereon. 8° London, 1865.

DISSENIUS (Ludolphus).—see Tibullus.

DINDORF (W.).—see Herodotus.

DOLLFUS (Charles).-see Strauss (Frederick).

DOUËT D'ARCQ.-see France.

DOUGLAS (John William and John Scott). The British Hemiptera. Ray Society. 8° London, 1865.

Vol. 1. Hemiptera-Heteroptera.

DRUITT (Robert). Report on the cheap wines from France, Italy, Austria, Greece, and Hungary. 12° London, 1865.

DÜBNER (F.).—see Arrianus.

DUNDEE (Viscount). Memorials and Letters illustrative of the Life and Times of John Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee, by Mark Napier. 3 vols. 8° London, 1859.

DUNRAVEN (Caroline, Countess of). Memorials of Adare Manor, with historical notices of Adare, by her son, the Earl of Dunraven. 4° Oxford, 1865.

EDUCATION.-Public Colleges and Schools:

Report on the revenue and management of certain Colleges and Schools, and the Studies pursued and the instruction given therein. 4 vols. fol. London, 1864.

Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords on the Public Schools' Bill, Session 1865. fol. London, 1865. ELIOT (Sir John). A Biography, 1590-1632, by John Forster. 2 vols. 8° London, 1864.

FAUGÈRE (P.).—see Roland (Madame).

FERGUSSON (James). The Holy Sepulchre, and the Temple at Jerusalem. 8° London, 1865.

FORSTER (John).—see Eliot (Sir John).

FRANCE. Comptes de l'Hôtel des Rois de France au XIV et XV° siècles, publiés pour la Société de l'histoire de France, par L. DouëtDarcq. 8° Paris, 1865.

FRANQUEVILLE (Charles de). Les Institutions politiques, judiciaires, et administratives de l'Angleterre. 8° Paris, 1864.

FREEMAN (Edward A.). Remarks on the Architecture of Llandaff Cathedral, with an Essay towards a history of the Fabric. London, 1850.

FRISWELL (J. H.).-see Quotations.

FRY (John).-see Mary Queen of Scots.
FURNIVALL (F. J.).-see Arthur.


GEORGE (H. B.).—see ALPS.

GOETHE (J. W.). Faust, a dramatic poem, translated into English
Verse, by Theodore Martin. 12° London, 1865.

GONZALEZ (Tomás).-see Hall (Spencer).
GOUGH (Richard).

The History and Antiquities of Pleshy in the county of Essex. 4° London, 1803.

Handbook to the Birds of Australia. 2 vols. 8°

GOULD (John).
London, 1865.
GREEN (Joseph Henry). Spiritual Philosophy, founded on the teaching
of the late Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Edited, with a memoir of the
Author's life, by John Simon. 2 vols. 8° London, 1865.
GREENWOOD (Thomas). Cathedra Petri, a political history of the Great
Latin Patriarchate. Vols. 5, 6. Books 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. 2 vols.
8° London, 1861-1865.

GRIMM (Herman).-see Buonarroti.

GRIMM (J.). Register zu J. Grimm's Deutscher Grammatik von Dr. K. G. Andresen. 8° Göttingen, 1865.

GROTE (George). Plato, and the other companions of Sokrates. 3 vols. 8° London, 1865.

HACKET (Bishop John).

Account of his life and death, by Thomas Plume, D.D. Now edited, with notes, by Mackenzie E. C. Walcot. 12° London, 1865.

HALL (Fitzedward).-see Wilson (H. H.).

HALL (Spencer). Documents from Simancas, relating to the reign of Elizabeth, 1558-1568, translated from the Spanish of Don Tomás Gonzalez, and edited, with notes and an introduction. 8° London, 1865. HAMILTON (Sir William).-see Mill (J. S.).

HARDY (William).—see Waurin (Jehan de).


Continuation of the Court Leet Records of the Manor of Manchester, A.D. 1586-1602. Chetham Society, Vol. 65. 4° Manchester, 1865.

HAWKINS (Charles).—see Brodie (Sir B. C., Bart.).

HAWKINS (Ernest, B.D.). The Book of Psalms, as used in the daily service, with short headings and explanatory notes. 12° London,


HEAD (Sir Edmund, Bart.). Viga Glum's Saga. The Story of Viga Glum, translated from the Icelandic, with Notes and an Introduction. 12° London, 1866.

HEINE (H.). Sämmtliche Werke. 20 vols. 12° Hamburg, 1861. HERODOTUS. Herodoti Historiarum libri IX, recognovit et commenta

tionem de dialecto Herodoti, præmisit Guilielmus Dindorfius. Ctesiæ Cnidii et chronographorum, Castoris, Erastosthenis, etc. Fragmenta, dissertatione et notis illustrata, Carolo Mullero. 8° Parisiis, 1844. HIGDEN (Ranulph) Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden Monachi Cestrensis, together with the English translations of John Trevisa, and of an unknown Writer of the Fifteenth Century, edited by Churchill Babington, B.D. Vols. 1, 8° London, 1865. HOGARTH (William). Works, consisting of [

plates as engraved

by him. fol. London, 1764.

HOMER. The Iliad of Homer, rendered into English Blank Verse, by Edward, Earl of Derby. 2 vols. 8° London, 1865.

The Iliad of Homer translated into English verse in the Spenserian Stanza, by Philip Stanhope Worsley. Vol. 1. Books 1-12. 8° London, 1865.

The Iliad of Homer, translated into Blank Verse by Ichabod Charles Wright, M.A. 2 vols. 8° 1865.

HUGO (Victor). La Légende des Siècles. 12° 2 vols. Bruxelles, 1860.

Euvres Oratoires. 2 vols.

12° Bruxelles, 1853.

HUME (Alexander). Of the Orthographie and Congruitie of the Britain Tongue. A treates, no shorter than necessarie for the Schooles. Edited from the original MS. in the British Museum, by Henry B. Wheatley. 8° London, 1865.

HUMPHREYS (A. A. and H. L. Abbot). Report of the Physics and Hydraulics of the Mississippi River; upon the protection of the alluvial region against overflow, etc. 4° Philadelphia, 1861.

INGLEBY (C. M.). An Introduction to Metaphysic. 8° London, 1864. IRELAND (W. H.).—see Mary, Queen of Scots.

ITALY. Archivio Storico Italiano fondato da G. P. Vieusseux e continuato a cura della R. Deputazione, di Storia Patria per le province della Toscana, dell' Umbria e delle Marche. Serie Terza. Tomo 1. 8° Firenze, 1865.

JACKSON (Sir Charles). Vindication of the Marquess of Dalhousie's Indian Administration. 8° London, 1865.

JEAFFRESON (J. C.).—see Stephenson (Robert).

JEFFREYS (John Gwyn). British Conchology; or an account of the Mollusca which now inhabit the British Isles nd the surrounding

2 vols. 12° London, 1863.


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KEBLE (John). The Christian Year; Thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holy days throughout the Year. 8° Oxford, 1863.

KEMBLE (John M.). State Papers, and correspondence illustrative of

the social and political state of Europe from the Revolution to the accession of the House of Hanover. 8° London, 1857.

KING (Richard John).-see Hand-Books-Cathedrals.

KOEPPEN (Carl Friedrich). Die Religion des Buddha und ihre Entstehung. 2 vols. 8° 8° Berlin, 1857.

KERR (Robert). The Gentleman's House; or how to plan English Residences, from the Parsonage to the Palace. 8° London, 1865.

LACHMANN (C.).-see Catullus, Tibullus.

LALANNE (Ludovic).—see Brantome.

LANE (Edward William). An Arabic-English Lexicon, derived from the best and most copious Eastern sources. Book 1. Part 2. 4° London, 1865.

LAURENCE (John Zachariah). The Optical defects of the Eye and their consequences, Asthenopia and Strabismus. 8° London, 1865. LAWRENCE (William). Lectures on Comparative Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology, and the Natural History of Man. 12° London, 1845. LECKY (W. E. H.). History of the Rise and Influence of the spirit of Rationalism in Europe. 2 vols. 8° London, 1865.

LEECH (John). Originals from Punch of his Sketches in Oil. 4° London, 1862.

LEWIS (Lady Theresa).—see Berry (Mary).

LINCOLN (Abraham). Commemorative Proceedings of the Athenæum Club [New York] on the death of Abraham Lincoln. 8° [New York.] 1865.

LONDON. Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the existing state of the Corporation of the City of London, and to collect information respecting its Constitution, Order, and Government. fol. London, 1854.

LUARD (Henry Richards).—see Annales Monastici.

LUBBOCK (Sir John, F.R.S.). Pre-historic Times as illustrated by ancient remains, and the manners and customs of modern Savages. 8° London, 1865.

LUDLOW (John Malcolm). Woman's work in the Church. 12° London, 1865.

Popular Epics of the Middle Ages of the Norse-German and Carlovingian Cycles. 2 vols. 12° London, 1865.

LYELL (Sir Charles). Elements of Geology, or the ancient changes of the Earth and its inhabitants, as illustrated by Geological Monuments. Sixth edition. 8° London, 1865.

MCALPINE (William Henry).-see Catalogue.
MACDERMOTT (M.).—see Viollet le Duc.

MACGREGOR (John). The Tail of the Beagle. Privately printed. fol.
London, 1865.

MACHIAVEL et MONTESQUIEU. Dialogue aux Enfers entre, ou la politique de Machiavel au XIXe siècle, par un Contemporain, [ 12° Bruxelles, 1865.


MACPHERSON (Samuel Charters, C.B.).
edited by William Macpherson. 8°
MARKHAM (Clements R.).—see Pascual de Andagoya.

Memorials of Service in India,
London, 1865.

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