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L'ESTRANGE (Thomas). Date of our Iliad and Odyssey. 8vo. Belfast,


L'ÉTANG (E. A. de). Des Livres Utiles et du Colportage comme Moyen moral et intellectuel. 8vo. Paris, 1866.

LEVINS (Peter). Manipulus Vocabulorum. A Dictionary of English and Latin Words arranged in the Alphabetical order of the last syllables. First printed A.D. 1570, now re-edited, with a preface, by Henry B. Wheatley. (Camden Society, 4to, vol. 95, and Early English Text Society, vol. 27. Svo.) London, 1867. LEVY (Michel).-see France. Recueil de Rapports, No. 19. LEWES (George Henry). History of Philosophy from Thales to Comte. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1867.

Vol. 1. Ancient Philosophy.

2. Modern Philosophy.

LILLY (John). Dramatic Works, with notes and some account of his Life and Writings. By F. W. Fairholt. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1858.

LINDSAY (John). A View of the History and Coinage of the Parthians, with descriptive Catalogues and Tables, illustrated with a complete set of Engravings of Coins. 4to. Cork, 1852.

LINWOOD (Gulielmus). De conjecturæ ope in Novi Testamenti emendatione admittenda. 8vo. 1867. LITTRÉ (E.). Auguste Comte et la Philosophie Positive. Svo. Paris,


See Brachet (A.).

LITURGY. The Annotated Book of Common Prayer; being a historical, ritual, and theological Commentary on the Devotional System of the Church of England. Edited by the Rev. John Henry Blunt. 4to. London, 1867.

Des livres de Liturgie des Eglises d'Angleterre, Salisbury, York, Hereford, imprimés à Rouen dans les XVe et XVIe Siècles par Edouard Frère. 8vo. Rouen, 1867.

LLOYD (William Watkiss).-see Rafael.

LONDON. Old London Papers, read at the London Congress of the Archæological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, July, 1866. Svo. London, 1867.

LONGFELLOW (Henry Wadsworth). Poetical Works. 4 vols. 12mo. Boston, 1866.

Prose Works. 3 vols. 12mo.

Boston, 1866.

The New England Tragedies.

12mo. London, 1868.

see Dante. LONGSTAFFE (W. H. D.).—see Barnes (Ambrose).

LOWE (Robert). Speeches and Letters on Reform. 12mo. London,


LOWTH (G. T.). Around the Kremlin, or pictures of Life in Moscow. 8vo. London, 1868.

LYELL (Sir Charles). Principles of Geology, or the modern changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants considered as illustrative of Geology. Svo. London, 1867.

LYNDESAY (Sir David). The Historie of ane nobil and wailzeand Squyer William Meldrum, with the Testament. Edited by F. Hall. (Early English Text Society, No. 35.) Sir David Lyndesay's Works, Part III. 8vo. London, 1868.

LYTTELTON (George Lord). Miltoni Samson Agonistes, Græce reddidit. 12mo. London, 1867.

MACCARTHY (Daniel). Life and Letters of Florence MacCarthy Reagh, Tanist of Carbery, MacCarthy Mor, with some portion of the History of the Ancient Families of the South of Ireland. 8vo. London, 1867.

MACCLESFIELD (Earl of). Correspondence of Scientific Men of the 17th Century, including Letters of Barrow, Flamsteed, Wallis, and Newton. Printed from the Originals in his Lordship's collection. Edited by Stephen Jordan Rigaud. 8vo. Oxford, 1841. MCCULLOCH (J. R.). The Principles of Political Economy, with some inquiries respecting their application. Svo. Edinburgh, 1864. MACENERY (J.). Cavern Researches, or Discoveries of Organic Remains, and of British and Roman reliques in the caves of Kent's Hole, Anstis Cove, Chudleigh, and Berry Head. Edited by E. Vivian. 8vo. London, 1859.

MACGREGOR (John). The Voyage alone in the Yawl, Rob Roy, from London to Paris, and back by Havre, the Isle of Wight, etc. etc. Second Edition. 12mo. London, 1868.

MACKENZIE (G. Muir and A. P. Irby). Travels in the Slavonic Provinces of Turkey in Europe. 8vo. London, 1867.

MACLEAN (John).—see Carew (Sir Peter).

MACRAY (William Dunn). Annals of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, A.D. 1598, A.D. 1867, with a preliminary notice of the earlier Library founded in the Fourteenth Century. 8vo. London, 1868.

see Ashmole (Elias).

MAGNA CARTA. King John, A.D. 1215. Photozincographed at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, with translation. Folio. Southampton, 1867.

MAGNE (J. H.).—see France. Recueil de Rapports, No. 21.

MAI (ANGELUS).—see Homer.

MAJOR (Richard Henry). The Life of Prince Henry of Portugal, surnamed the Navigator, and its results. 8vo. London, 1868. MALET (William Wyndham). The Olive Leaf; a pilgrimage to Rome, Jerusalem, and Constantinople in 1867. 12mo. 12mo. London, 1868. MALLESON (George Bruce). Essays and Lectures on Indian Historical Subjects. 12mo. London, 1866.

History of the French in India, from the founding of Pondichery, 1674, to the capture of that place in 1761. 8vo. London, 1868.

MALOUET. Mémoires de Malouet, publiés par son Petit-Fils le Baron Malouet. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1868.

MAN. Isle of. Valuation of and Report on the antient domain and Ecclesiastical possessions of the Duke of Athol in the Isle of Man, proposed to be purchased by the Crown. 2 vols. 4to. MS.

MAN (John). History and Antiquities, ancient and modern, of the Borough of Reading, in the county of Berks. 4to. Reading, 1816. MANCHESTER. A Volume of Court Leet Records of the Manor of Manchester in the Sixteenth Century. Compiled and Edited by John Harland. (Chetham Society. Vol. 63.) 4to. Manchester,


Continuation of the Court Leet Records of the Manor of Manchester A.D. 1586-1602. Compiled and Edited by John Harland. (Chetham Society. Vol. 65.) 4to. Manchester, 1865. MANSHIP (Henry). The History of Great Yarmouth. Edited by Charles John Palmer. 4to. Great Yarmouth, 1854.

The History of Great Yarmouth, designed as a continuation of Manship's History of that town, by Charles John Palmer. 4to. Great Yarmouth, 1856.

MARIANO (Raffaele). Lassalle e il suo Eraclito, saggio di Filosofia Egheliana. 12mo. Firenze, 1865.

MARKHAM (Garvis). The Famous Whore or Noble Curtizan, conteining the lamentable complaint of Paulina, the famous Roman Curtizan, sometimes Mes unto the great Cardinall Hypolito of Est. Edited by Frederic Ouvry. 4to. London, 1609. (Privately printed, 1868.) MARQUHARDT (Joachim).-see Becker (W. A.).

MARRYAT (Joseph). History of Pottery and Porcelain, Mediæval and Modern. Third Edition. 8vo. London, 1868.

MARSH (M. H.). Overland from Southampton to Queensland. 12mo. London, 1867.

MARSHALL (Julian).-see Catalogue.

MARTIN (M. le Pasteur). Souvenirs d'un Ex-Officier (1812-1815). 12mo. Paris, 1867.

MARTINEAU (James). Essays Philosophical and Theological. 8vo. London, 1866.

MARTY-LAVEAUX (Ch.).-see Corneille (Pierre).

MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS. Historical Memoirs of the Reign of, and a portion of the reign of King James the Sixth, by Lord Herries. 4to. Edinburgh, 1836.

Accounts and Papers relating to Mary, Queen of Scots. Edited by Allan J. Crosby and John Bruce. (Camden Society. Vol. 93.) 4to. London, 1867.

MASERES (Francisco).-see Duchesne (A.).

MAURY (L. F. Alfred). Les Fées du Moyen Age. Recherches sur leur origine, leur Histoire et leurs attributs, pour servir à la connaissance de la Mythologie Gauloise. 12mo. Paris, 1843.

see France. Recueil de Rapports, No. 5. MAYANS Y SISCAR (Gregorio).-see Spain, Escritores, etc. MAZZARELLA (B.). Della Critica, libri tre. 8vo. Genova, 1866. Vol. 1-2. Storia della Critica.

MEDICI VETERES. Medica Artis Principes post Hippocratem et Galenum, Græci Latinitate donati, et Latini, excudebat H. Stephanus. 2 vols. Folio. Paris, 1567.

MENANT (Joachim). Exposé des Éléments de la Grammaire Assyrienne. 8vo. Paris, 1868.

MERIVALE (Herman)-see Francis (Sir Philip).

MESONERO ROMANOS (Ramon de).—see Spain; Dramáticos contemporaneos, etc.

METEYARD (Eliza).-see Wedgwood (John).

MIDDLETON (Conyers). Examination of the Lord Bishop of London's Discourses concerning the Use and Intent of Prophecy, etc., with John Jackson's Remarks and Middleton's Letter to Jackson. London, 1749-1750.


MILL (John Stuart). Inaugural Address delivered to the University of St. Andrew's, February 1, 1867. 8vo. London, 1867.

MIRAND (Francois).-see St. Bertin.

MIRROR for Magistrates, in Five Parts. Edited by Joseph Haslewood.

3 vols. 4to. London, 1815.

MOMMSEN (Theodor). History of Rome. Translated by the Rev. William P. Dickson, with a preface by Dr. Leonard Schmitz. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1868.

MONLAU (Pedro Felipe).-see Isla (José Francisco de).
MONMERQUÉ. see Sévigné (Madame de).

MONTALEMBERT (Le Comte). Les Moines d'Occident depuis Saint
Benoît jusqu'à Saint Bernard. Vols. 1-5. 8vo.
8vo. Paris, 1863-1867.
MORA (José Joaquin).—see Granada (Fray Luis de).

MORATIN (Nicolas y Leandro Fernandez). Obras; ordenadas por Buenaventura Carlos Aribau. 8vo. Madrid, 1857.

MORESBY (R.) and Carless (T. G.).—see Maps.

MORETO Y CABAÑA (Augustin). Comedias escogidas, coleccionadas por Luis Fernandez-Guerra y Orbe. 8vo. Madrid, 1856.

MORGA (Antonio de). The Philippine Islands, Moluccas, Siam, Cambodia, Japan, and China, at the close of the Sixteenth Century. Translated from the Spanish, by the Hon. Henry E. J. Stanley. (Hakluyt Society. Vol. 39.) 8vo. London, 1868.

MORGAN (Octavius), and Wakeman (Thomas). Notes on Penhow Castle. 8vo. London, 1867.

MORNAY (Madame de). Mémoires publiés pour la Société de l'Histoire de France. Par Madame de Witt (née Guizot). Vol. 1. 8vo. Paris, 1868.

MORRIS (Richard).—see Dan Michel. Old English Homilies.

Moss (W. G.). History and Antiquities of the Town and Port of Hastings. 8vo. London, 1824.

MOTLEY (John Lothrop). History of the United Netherlands from the death of William the Silent to the Twelve Years' Truce, 1609. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1867.

MOTTLEY (John). History of the Life of Peter the First, Emperor of Russia, by John Mottley. Folio. London, 1739.

MUELLER (Ferdinand). Analytical Drawings of Australian Mosses.

1 Fascicle. 8vo. Melbourne, 1864.

Melbourne, 1864.

The Vegetation of the Chatham Islands. 8vo.

Fragmenta Phytographia Australia. Vols. 1-5. 8vo. Melbourne, 1858-1866.

MUELLER (Ferdinand). The Plants indigenous to the Colony of Victoria. 2 vols. 4to. Melbourne, 1864.

MÜLLER (Friedrich). Reise der Österreichischen Fregatte Novara um die Erde in den Jahren 1857, 1858, 1859, unter den Befehlen des Commodore B. von Wüllerstorff-Urbair. (Linguistischer Theil.)

4to. Wien, 1867.

(Max). Chips from a German Workshop. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1867.

MURCHISON (Charles).-see Falconer (Hugh).

(Sir Roderick Impey, Bart.). Siluria; a History of the Oldest Rocks in the British Isles and other countries, with sketches of the origin and distribution of Native Gold, the general succession of Geological Formations, and the changes of the Earth's surface. Fourth Edition. Svo. London, 1867.

see Davidson (Thomas).

MUSGRAVE (G. M.). By-Roads and Battle Fields in Picardy, with incidents and gatherings by the way between Ambleteuse and Ham, including Agincourt and Crécy. 8vo. Loudon, 1861.

MYRE (John). Instructions for Parish Priests. Edited by Edward Peacock. (Early English Text Society. Vol. 31.) 8vo. London, 1868.

NABER (S. A.).—see Fronto.

NAPOLÉON. Histoire de l'Empereur Napoléon Ier surnommé le Grand, par Nicolas Batjin. 2 tomes. 8vo. 1867.

NAVARRETE (Pedro Fernandez).-see Saavedra Fajardo.

NEGRI (Cristofero). La Storia Politica dell' Antichità paragonata alla Moderna. 3 vols. 8vo. Venezia, 1866.

Scritti Varii. 8vo. Torino, 1867.

NEUMAYER (George). Discussion of the Meteorological and Magnetical Observations, made at the Flagstaff Observatory, Melbourne, during the years 1858-63. 4to. Mannheim, 1867.

NEWMAN (John Henry). The Scope and Nature of University Education. 12mo. London, 1859.

NICHOLS (John Gough). The Herald and Genealogist. Vols. 1 to -. 8vo. London, 1863.

A Bibliographical Review of Works on the Sepulchral Antiquities of England. 4to. London, 1867.

see Book of Noblesse. Dingley (Thomas). NICOLAS (Nicholas Harris).-see Household Books. NINHAM (John).—see Fitch (Robert).

NISARD (Charles). Des Chansons Populaires chez les Anciens et chez les Français. Essai Historique, suivi d'une Etude sur la Chanson des rues contemporaine. 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1867.

NITZSCH (-). Pterylography.

Translated by W. S. Dallas, and edited by Philip Lutley Sclater. Folio. London, 1867. NOCEDAL (Candido).-see Jovellanos (Gaspar Melchor de). NORRIS (Edwin). Assyrian Dictionary, intended to further the Study of the Cuneiform Inscriptions of Assyria and Babylonia. Part I. Svo. London, 1868.

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