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CONGREVE (Richard). Mr. Broadhead and the Anonymous Press. (Ath. Coll., vol. 596.) 8vo. 1867.

CONINGTON (John). The Style of Lucretius and Catullus as compared with that of the Augustan Poets. (Ath. Coll., vol. 590.) 8vo. Oxford,


CONSTABLE (H. Strickland). The Cattle Plague. (Ath. Coll., vol. 587.) 8vo. York, 1865.

Observations suggested by the Cattle Plague, about Witchcraft, Credulity, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 587.) 8vo. 1866. The Cattle Plague, with remarks upon the Drainage of Farm Buildings, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 587.) 8vo. York, 1866.

COOPER (C. P.).-see Public Records. Commission.

CORNU (M. A.). Recherches sur la Réflexion Cristalline. (Ath. Coll., vol. 592.) 8vo. Paris, 1867.

COTTON (Sir Arthur). The Famine in India. (Ath. Coll., vol. 575.) 8vo. 1866.

COWELL (John Welsford). La France et les États Confédérés. (Ath. Coll.
Misc., vol. 32.) Royal 8vo. Paris, 1865.
Cox (Edward W.). Representative Reform.
Reform Bill. (Ath. Coll., vol. 578.) 8vo.
CRAWFURD (John). On Cæsar's Account of Britain and its Inhabitants in
reference to Ethnology. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 31.) Royal 8vo. 1866.
CRONIN (Denis). The Cattle Plague; its Origin, Development, and Treat-
ment. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 41.) 12mo. 1866.

Proposal for a Constitutional 1866.

DANILEWSKY (C.). Coup d'œil sur les Pêcheries en Russie. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 32.) Royal 8vo. Paris,

DAUBENY (Charles). On University Extension. (Ath. Coll., vol. 593.) 8vo. Oxford and London, 1865.

Address to the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 589.) 8vo. 1865. Christianity and Rationalism in their relations to Natural Science; a Protest against certain Principles advocated in Mr. Lecky's History of the Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe. (Ath. Coll., vol. 592.) 8vo. Oxford and London, 1867.

DEVON (Frederick).—see Public Record Commission.

DICKINSON. Mr. Dickinson and Dhar; Sequel to the Review of Mr. John Dickinson's "Dhar not restored." (Ath. Coll., vol. 575.) 8vo. Calcutta, 1864.

(John). Notes on a Minute of Mr. R. D. Mangles in the Mysore Parliamentary Papers. (Ath. Coll., vol. 575.) 8vo. 1866. and Ludlow (John Malcolm). Letters to Malcolm Ross. (Ath. Coll., vol. 575.) 8vo. 1866. DISRAELI (Benjamin). Two Speeches delivered by him in Edinburgh on 29th and 30th October, 1867. (Ath. Coll., vol. 586.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1867.

DODDS (James). The Hudson's Bay Company, its Position and Prospects. (Ath. Coll., vol. 574.) 8vo. 1866. DRYSDALE (Charles R.). Report of the Committee for the Prevention of Venereal Diseases, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 587.) 8vo. 1867. DUFF (Mountstuart E. Grant). Inaugural Address delivered to the University of Aberdeen on his installation as Rector. (Ath. Coll., vol. 590.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1867.

595.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1867.

A Glance over Europe. (Ath. Coll., vol.

EARDLEY-WILMOT (A. P.). What our Transports did in the Crimea in the embarkation of the Turkish Army from Bulgaria to Eupatoria, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 580.) 8vo. 1867.

(Sir John E.). A Safe and Constitutional Plan of Parliamentary Reform. (Ath. Coll., vol. 578.) 8vo. 1865. EDGAR (Andrew). The Court of Final Appeal in Ecclesiastical Causes. (Ath. Coll., vol. 588.) 8vo. 1865. EDUCATION.-see Acland (T. D.).

see Brandreth (Henry).
see Butler (George).

see Daubeny (Charles).

see Göschen (George J.).

see Higgins (M. J.).

see Hubbard (John Gellibrand).
see Kay-Shuttleworth (Sir James).
see Kennedy (Benjamin Hall).
see Lowe (Robert).

see Whittle (James Lowry).

ELLIOT (John Lettsom). A few words on the "Reform Bill." (Ath. Coll., vol. 577.) 8vo. 1860.

ELPHINSTONE (Howard Warburton). Interpretation, and its application to Ecclesiastical Documents. (Ath. Coll., vol. 582.) 8vo. 1865.

On the Borrowing Powers of Railway Com

panies. (Ath. Coll., vol. 586.) 8vo. 1866. EUROPE. Letters by Vigil. (Ath. Coll., vol 579.) 8vo. 1867. EYRE (Vincent). The Sikh and European Soldiers of our Indian Forces. (Ath. Coll., vol. 579.) 8vo. 1867.

FARADAY (Michael).-see Rive (A. de la).

FINLAY (George). Thoughts about the Coinage of the Achaian League. (Ath. Coll., vol. 590.) 8vo.

FISHER (Herbert W.). Considerations of the Origin of the American War. (Ath. Coll., vol. 40.) 12mo. 1865.

FLEMING (G.). Essay on Vivisection. (Ath. Coll., vol. 587.) 8vo. 1866. FORBES (George). The Meteoric Shower of the 14th of November, 1866. (Ath. Coll., vol. 591.) 8vo. St. Andrew's, 1866.

(James D.). The British Association considered with reference to its History, Plan, and Results, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 591.) 8vo. Dundee, 1866.

FOWLER (William). The Crisis of 1866; a Financial Essay. (Ath. Coll., vol. 586.) 8vo. 1866.

FRASER (Sir William). London Self-Governed. (Ath. Coll., vol. 41.)


GASSIOT (John P.). Monetary Panics and their Remedy, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 586.) 8vo. 1867.

GERVAIS (Marcus). A Charge

addressed to the Clergy of the Dioceses of Armagh and Clogher, etc. (Charges, vol. 18.) 8vo. Dublin, 1865.

GIBBS (Frederick Waymouth).
(Ath. Coll., vol. 582). 8vo. 1865.

Once a Clergyman, always a Clergyman.

GILLESPIE (William Honyman). The Modern Anthropology, as developed into a Universal Ape Ancestry, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 589.). 8vo. Edinburgh, 1867.

GIRL OF THE PERIOD. The Girl of the Period. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 40.) 12mo.

GLADSTONE (J. H.). Theology and Natural Science. Their mutual Relations. (Ath. Coll., vol. 591.) 8vo. 1867.

(W. E.). Historical Remarks on the Royal Supremacy, extracted from a Letter published in 1850. (Ath. Coll., vol. 582.) 8vo. 1865.

On the Place of Antient Greece in the Providential Order of the World. (Ath. Coll., vol. 590.) 8vo. 1865.

The Financial Lessons of 1866. (Ath. Coll., vol. 586.)

8vo. 1867. GÖSCHEN (George J.). Speech on the Oxford University Tests Abolition Bill. (Ath. Coll., vol. 594.) 8vo. 1865.

GRAY (Bishop Robert). A Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of Cape

Town. (Charges, vol. 19.) 8vo. Cape Town, 1865.

GREENWOOD (James). A Night in a Workhouse; reprinted from the "Pall
Mall Gazette." (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 40.) 12mo. 1866.
GROVE (William R.). On Taxation of Permanent and Precarious Incomes.
(Ath. Coll., vol. 586.) 8vo. 1867.

GURNEY (J. H., jun.). Summary of Occurrences of the Grey Phalarope in Great Britain during the Autumn of 1866. (Ath. Coll., vol. 592.) 8vo. 1867.

GUY (W. A.). The Evils of England, Social and Economical. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 41.) 12mo. 1865.

H. (J. P.). Articles and Letters about the Indian Land Tax. (Ath. Coll., vol. 575.) 8vo. Bombay, 1866.

HALSTED (Rear-Admiral). The Navy unarmed still. An Appeal to both Houses of Parliament. (Ath. Coll., vol. 581.) 8vo. 1865.

Suggestions for a Reform Bill. (Ath. Coll., vol.

HAMILTON (A. Douglas).

577.) 8vo. 1867.

HARDY (Thomas Duffus).—s
-see Public Records Commission.

HEMANS (George Willoughby). On the future Water Supply of London. (Ath. Čoll., vol. 585.) 8vo. 1866.

HENDRICKS (Frederick). Decimal Coinage; a plan for its immediate Extension in England, in connection with the International Coinage of France, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 586.) 8vo. 1866.

HENNESSY (J. Pope). Napoleon III. and the Rhine. (Ath. Coll., vol. 595.)

8vo. 1866.

HENRY (William Charles). A Biographical Notice of the late Very Rev. Richard Dawes, Dean of Hereford. (Ath. Coll., vol. 589.) 8vo. 1867. HERON (Robert M.). Further Suggestions for a Public Code. (Ath. Coll.,

vol. 588.) 8vo. 1865.

HIGGINS (M. J.). Papers on Public School Education in England in 1860. (Ath. Coll., vol. 594.) 8vo. 1865.

HILTON (John). The Hunterian Oration for the Year 1867. (Ath. Coll., vol. 587.) 8vo. 1867.

HOMER.-See Selwyn (William).

HOPE (W.). The Sewage of the Metropolis; a Letter in reply to the Report of the Coal, Corn, and Finance Committee, to the Corporation of the City of London. (Ath. Coll., vol. 585.) 8vo. 1865.

HOSEASON (John Cochrane). On the Inefficiency of the Steam Navy for General Service and Purposes of War. (Ath. Coll., vol. 581.) 8vo. 1866.

HOWE (Joseph). Letter on the relations of England with her Colonies. (Ath. Coll., vol. 576.) 8vo. Hamilton, 1863.

HOWE (Joseph). On the Commercial Relations of Great Britain and the United States. (Ath. Coll., vol. 576.) 8vo. 1865.

Confederation considered in relation to the Interests of the Empire. (Ath. Coll., vol. 576.) 8vo. 1866.

The Organization of the Empire. (Ath. Coll., vol. 576.)

8vo. 1866. HUBBARD (John Gellibrand). The Conscience Clause of the Education Department, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 593.) 8vo. 1865.

HÜBNER (Emil). Bericht über eine Epigraphische Reise nach England, Schottland und Irland. (Ath. Coll., vol. 589.) 8vo. Berlin, 1867. HUTTON (Henry Dix). The Record of Title in Ireland, its Working and Advantages. (Ath. Coll., vol. 596.) 8vo. Dublin, 1867.

The Prussian Land-Tenure Reform and a FarmerProprietary for Ireland. (Ath. Coll., vol. 596.) 8vo. Dublin, 1867.

ILLINGWORTH (William).—see Public Records Commission.

INDIA. India as it should be; a Paying instead of a Burdensome Possession of the British Crown. (Ath. Coll., vol. 575.) 8vo.

see Cotton (Sir Arthur).

see Dickinson (John).

see H. (J. P.).

see Mouat (F. J.).
see Oudh.

see Showers (Lieut.-Col.).

IRELAND. The Church Establishment in Ireland, past and present, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 584) 8vo. Dublin, 1863.

The Present and Future of Ireland as the Cattle Farm of England, and her probable Population, with Legislative Remedies. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 31.) Royal 8vo. Dublin, 1865.

see Hutton (Henry Dix).

see Jones (W. Bence).

see Lifford (Lord).

see Rosse (Earl of).

IRISH CHURCH.-see Brady (W. M.).

see Ireland.

see Lee (Alfred T.).

see Stopford (Edward A.).
see Vere (Aubrey de).

JACKSON (John). A Charge delivered to the Clergy and Churchwardens of
the Diocese of Lincoln. (Charges, vol. 19.) 8vo. 1867.
JAMAICA. Who is to Blame? Reprinted from the 'Eclectic Review.' (Ath.
Coll., vol. 574.) 8vo.

see Pim (Bedford).

see Underhill (Edward Bean).

JERUSALEM. Notes on the Water Supply of Jerusalem. (Ath. Coll., vol. 585.) 8vo. 1866.

JEULA (Henry). A few Statistics relating to Shipping Casualities. (Ath. Coll., vol. 581.) 8vo. 1867.

JOHNES (Arthur James). Remarks on the Report from the Select Committee on Bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Bill now pending, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 588.) 8vo. 1866.

JONES (Ernest). Democracy Vindicated. (Ath. Coll., vol. 578.) 8vo.

(W. Bence). Twenty-five Years' Work in Ireland. (Ath. Coll., vol. 596.) 8vo. 1865.

JUKES (J. Beete). Notes for a comparison between the Rocks of the SouthWest of Ireland, and those of North Devon, and of Rhenish Prussia. (Ath. Coll., vol. 591.) 8vo. Dublin, 1865.

Geological Survey of the United Kingdom, and its connection with the Museum of Irish Industry in Dublin, and that of Practical Geology in London. (Ath. Coll., vol. 591.) 8vo. Dublin, 1867.


Memorandum on Popular Education.

(Ath. Coll., vol. 594.) 8vo. 1868. KENNEDY (Benjamin Hall). On the Public Character of Shrewsbury School, and on its interest, as affected by the Public Schools Bill. (Ath. Coll., vol. 593.) 8vo. Cambridge, 1865.

On some probable instances of the Locative Case in Latin. (Ath. Coll., vol. 590.) 8vo. 1864. KERR (Walter). A Charge to the Clergy and Churchwardens of the Diocese of Salisbury. (Charges, vol. 19.) 8vo. Salisbury, 1867.

LACERDA (D. José de). "Portuguese African Territories." Reply to Dr. Livingstone's Accusations and Misrepresentations. (Ath. Coll., vol. 590.)

8vo. 1865.

LAND-LAW. Remarks, with reference to the Land-laws of England, on some passages in Mr. J. S. Mill's Principles of Political Economy and M. Louis Blanc's "Letters on England.' (Ath. Coll., vol. 588.) 8vo.


LAND-LAWS. The Land-Laws of England discussed, with reference to some recent Writings of Professor Fawcett and others. (Ath. Coll., vol. 588.) 8vo.

LASTEYRIE (Ferdinand de). L'Histoire du Travail à l'Exposition Universelle,

(Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 32.) Royal 8vo. Paris, 1867.

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LAW. Observations on a Digest of Law.

(Ath. Coll., vol. 588.) 8vo.

Practical Proposals for a thorough Reform of our Judicial System and entire Reconstruction of the whole Law. (Ath. Coll., vol. 588.) 8vo. 1867. see Badeley (Edward).

see Cheere (Robert).

see Edgar (Andrew).

see Heron (Robert M.).

see Johnes (Arthur James).

see Waddilove (Alfred).

LAWSON (William John). The Bank of England as it is, and as it ought to be. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 41.) 12mo. 1865.

LEE (Alfred T.). The Irish Episcopal Succession. The Recent Statements of Mr. Froude and Dr. Brady, respecting the Irish Bishops in the Reign of Elizabeth, examined, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 584.) 8vo. 1867.

(Edwin). The State of the Medical Profession further exemplified. (Ath. Coll., vol. 587.) 8vo. 1867.

L'ÉTANG (E. A. De). Souvenirs et Enseignements, France et Russie, 1787– 1859. (Ath. Coll., vol. 593.) 8vo. Paris, 1860.

LEVI (Leone). Report on the Exhibition of Weights, Measures, and Coins, at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, 1867. (Ath. Coll., vol. 591.) 8vo. 1866.


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