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UNITED STATES. Report on the Fine Arts, by Frank Leslie. (Paris Universal Exposition, 1867.) 4to. Washington, 1868.

UNITED STATES. Catalogue of Books added to the Library of Congress from 1867-1868-1869. 4to. Washington, 1869.

URQUHART (W. Pollard). Dialogues on Taxation, Local and Imperial. 12mo. Aberdeen, 1867.

VACHEROT (E). Histoire Critique de l'Ecole d'Alexandrie. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1846-1851.


Neerlands Streven tot Openstelling van Japan door den Wereldhandel. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1867. VENN (John). The Logic of Chance. 12mo. London, 1866. VERNON (Lord).—see Dante.

VILES (Edward) and FURNIVALL (F. J.).—see Awdeley (John).
VIRGIL. The Second Book of the Eneid of Virgil, a specimen of a
new Translation in Blank Verse, by G. K. Rickards. (Privately
Printed.) 8vo. London, 1869.

VOGEL (Ch.).-see Friedländer (L.).

WADE (Thomas Francis). Yü-Yen Tzu-Erh Chi, a Progressive Course of Colloquial Chinese. 4to. London, 1867.

WALLACE (Alfred Russel). The Malay Archipelago; the Land of the Orang-Utan and the Bird of Paradise. A Narrative of Travel, with Studies of Man and Nature. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1869. WAR. Views of the Crimean. Folio. London.

WAR OFFICE LIBRARY. Index to the several articles in the Periodical publications received in the War Office during 1867. 4to. London, 1868.

WAY (Albert). Hydriotaphia Cambrensis. Ancient Interments and Sepulchral Urns found in Anglesey and North Wales, from notices collected by the Hon. William Stanley. 8vo. London, 1868. WEBSTER (Edward). The Member of Parliament's Assistant dure of the House. 12mo. London, 1868.


WHEATLEY (Henry B.).—see Merlin.

WHIST. Baldwin (J. L.), Laws of Short Whist, and a Treatise on the Game, by J. C. [J. Clay.] 18mo. London, 1869.

Blyth (A. F.), The Whist Player, the Laws and Practice of Short Whist explained and illustrated. 12mo. London, 1866. "Cavendish," The Laws and Principles of Whist. 18mo. London, 1868.

Pole (William), The Theory of the modern scientific Game of Whist. 12mo. London, 1870.

By Major A., with an Essay by Professor Pole. 12mo. London, 1865.

see Bohn (H. G.).

WHITE (Henry). The Massacre of St. Bartholomew, preceded by a History of the Religious Wars in the reign of Charles IX. 8vo. London, 1868.

WIFFEN (Benjamin B.). Life and Writings of Juán de Valdés, Spanish Reformer in the 16th Century; with a Translation from the Italian


of his Hundred and Ten Cons deratons,' by John T. Bettsa 8vo. London, 1865.

WILLIAMS (Arthur John). The Appropriation of the Railways by the State. 12mo. London, 1869.

WILLIAMS (Daniel). Memoirs of the Life of Daniel Williams, D.D. 12mo. London, 1718.

WILSON (Professor).

Works. Edited by his Son-in-law, Professor Ferrier. 12 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1855. WOLFERSTAN (F. S. P.). The Law and Practice of Election Petitions.

12mo. London, 1869.


L'Or et l'Argent. Vol. 1. 8vo. Paris, 1868.
8vo. Paris, 1869.

Le Change et la Circulation.

La Liberté Commerciale et les résultats du Traité de Commerce de 1860. 8vo. Paris, 1869. WRIGHT (Thomas).—see Ludlow.

YONGE (Charles Duke).-see Liverpool.

ZINCKE (F. Barham). Last Winter in the United States, being Table Talk collected during a Tour through the late Southern Confederation, etc. 12mo. London, 1868.

ΧΑΝΤΣΕΡ (Κωνσταντινου), Ελληνικος Νεος Παρνασσος. 12mo. Αθηναις, 1841.


JOURNALS. Academy (The); a Monthly Record of Literature, Learning, Science, and Art. Vol. 1 to 4to. London, 1870.

Architect (The); a Weekly Illustrated Journal of Art, Civil Engineering, and Building. Folio. Vol. 1 to London, 1869.

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Beffroi (Le). Arts, Héraldique, Archéologie, par W. H.
Weale. Tome 1 to 1866 to 4to. Bruges, 1866.
Bibliophile Français (Le).
de Livres, d'Estampes et de haute
Paris, 1869.

Gazette Illustrée des Amateurs
Curiosité. Tome 1 to 8vo.

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Geological Magazine, or Monthly Journal of Geology. 1870 to 8vo. London, 1870.

Kottabos. Trinity College, Dublin. Parts 1 to Dublin, 1870.

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Nature; a Weekly Illustrated Journal of Science. Vol. 1 4to. London. 1870.

Portfolio (The); an Artistic Periodical, edited by Philip Gilbert Hamilton. Vol. 1 to 4to. London, 1870. Vanity Fair; a Weekly Show of Political, Social, and Literary Waves. Folio. Vol. 1 to 1868 to London. Westminster Papers (The); a Monthly Journal of Whist, Games of Skill, and the Drama. 4to. 1870 to

London, 1870




JOURNALS. Zeitschrift für Aegyptische Sprache und Alterthumskunde, herausgegeben von Professor Dr. R. Lepsius und Professor Dr. A. Brugsch. January to 1870. 8vo. Berlin.

Folio. London, 1816.

Economist, 1846 to
Saturday Review, 1855 to



Folio. London, 1855.


MAPS. ABYSSINIA. Line of March of the Army under Lieut.-General Lord Napier of Magdala, 1868. 1 Sheet. Southampton, 1869. Charts. Wind Charts, 1856.

Board of Trade. London.


showing the Surface Temperature of the South Atlantic Ocean in each Month of the Year. Folio. London, 1869. FINMARK. Friis (J. A.). Ethnographisk Kart over Finmarken. Sheets 1 to 10. Christiania, 1861. FRANCE et États Limitrophes.

Trois Cartes. 4to. Paris,

GERMANY, etc. Raab (G. J. G.). Special Karte der Eisenbahnen Mittel- Europa's mit Angabe aller Eisenbahn-, Post- und Dampfschiff-Stationen, etc. 4to. Glogau, 1869.

Special Karte von Deutschland, der Schweiz und benachbarten Länder, etc. Von Ludwig Ravenstein. Hildburghausen.

HAUTES ALPES. Massif du Mont Blanc. Réduction Photographique, par L. I. Bardin. Folio. Paris, 1869.

NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN. Chart showing Deep Sea Soundings, and the Tracks of the Telegraph Cables laid between Europe and America in 1865, 1866, 1869. 4to. London, 1869.

SUEZ. Canal Maritime de Suez. Carte de l'Isthme, dressée sous la direction de M. Voisin, etc. 4to. Paris, 1866.

Canal de l'Isthme de Suez. 8vo. Paris.

Stanford's Geological Map of London, showing Superficial Deposits. December, 1869.

of Metropolitan Railways, Tramways, and Miscellaneous Improvements. 1 Sheet. 1870. Guide Map to the Constituencies of England and Wales, Ireland and Scotland, etc. 8vo. London, 1868.



ACLAND (T. D.). Remarks on the Principles and Practice of Volunteer Discipline, with special reference to Administrative Regiments. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 43.) 12mo. London.

Letter to Colonel Erskine, containing Proposals for the further Organization and Instruction of the Volunteer Force. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 43.) 12mo. London, 1868.

The Principles and Practice of Volunteer Discipline, with Proposals for a Reserve Staff Corps. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 43.) 12mo. London, 1868.

AKIN (C. K.). Ideen zur Reform des höheren Unterrichtswesens. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 33.) Royal 8vo. Pesth, 1868. (Károlytól). Faraday Mihály.

(Ath. Coll., vol. 613.) 8vo. Pesth,


ANDREWS (Thomas). The Church in Ireland. (Ath. Coll., vol. 602.) 8vo. London, 1869.

ARMY.-See Baker; Bevan-Edwards; Cole; [F. M.]; Hoseason; Majendie; M'Murdo; Moncrieff; Noake; [Officer Roy. Engin.]; Ouvry; Trevelyan; Walker; Wyatt.

ARNOLD (R. Arthur). Plan for the Temporary Employment of Operatives and Workmen in Casual Distress. (Ath. Coll., vol. 603.) 8vo. London, 1868.

ARNOTT (Neil). Observations on some of the Fundamental Principles and existing Defects of National Education. (Ath. Coll., vol. 611.) 8vo. London, 1869.

ART.-see British Archæol. Soc.; Gem; Gullick; New Law Courts; O'Neil; Parker; Perkins; Rossetti; St. Patrick's Church; Street.

BAGEHOT (Walter). A Practical Plan for assimilating the English_and American Money, as a step towards a Universal Money. Ath. Coll., vol. 612.) 8vo. London, 1869.

BAILY (Walter). A Scheme for Proportional Representation. (Ath. Coll., vol. 605.) 8vo. London, 1869.

BAKER (Valentine). Army Reform. (Ath. Coll., vol. 608.) 8vo. London, 1869.

BARNES (Ralph). Thoughts on Mr. Gladstone's Chapter of Autobiography, in its Legal Aspect. (Ath. Coll., vol. 614.) 8vo. London, 1869. [BARRISTER.] Thoughts on the Abolition of the Established Church as a means of pacificating Ireland. (Ath. Coll., vol. 600.) 8vo. Dublin,


BARRON (Sir H. Winston, Bart.). The Irish Difficulty. (Ath. Coll. vol. 598.) 8vo. London, 1868.

BARRY (Sir Redmond). Address on the opening of the Free Public Library of Ballarat East. (Ath. Coll., vol. 615.) 8vo. Ballarat, 1869.

BAXTER (Robert). The Irish Tenant-Right Question. (Ath. Coll., vol. 599.) 8vo. London, 1869.

BEATTY (Andrew). Thoughts on Ireland, by an Irish Soldier; a Letter to the Earl of Beauchamp. (Ath. Coll., vol. 598.) 8vo. Nice, 1869.

BEGG (James). The late Dr. Chalmers on the Establishment Principle and Irish Protestantism, with some forgotten chapters of Free Church History. (Ath. Coll., vol. 600.) 8vo. London, 1868.

BEKE (Charles T.). King Theodore and Mr. Rassam. (Ath. Coll., vol. 615.) 8vo. London, 1869.

Confutation of Mr. Layard's Calumnies. (Ath. Coll., vol. 615.) 8vo. London, 1868. BEMIS (George). Hasty Recognition of Rebel Belligerency, and our right to complain of it. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 33.) Royal 8vo. Boston, 1865. American Neutrality its Honourable Past; its Expedient Future. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 33.) Royal 8vo. Boston, 1866. BERGMANN (Frédéric-Guillaume). La Priamèle dans les différentes Littétures Anciennes et Modernes. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 33.) Royal 8vo. Strasbourg, 1868.


BEVAN EDWARDS (J.). An Organization for the Army of England. (Ath. Coll., vol. 608.) 8vo. London, 1868.

BOTTALLA (Paul). The Papacy and Schism. Strictures on Mr. Ffoulkes' Letter. (Ath. Coll., vol. 610.) 8vo. London, 1869.

BOURNE (John). Indian Works and English Engineers. (Ath. Coll., vol. 606.) 8vo. London, 1870.

BOWEN (Charles S. C.). The Alabama Claims and Arbitration. (Ath. Coll., vol. 607.) 8vo. London, 1868.

BRADY (W. Maziere). Remarks on the Irish Church Temporalities. (Ath. Coll., vol. 600.) 8vo. Dublin, 1865.

The alleged Conversion of the Irish Bishops to the Reformed Religion, and the assumed Descent of the present established Hierarchy in Ireland from the Ancient Irish Church disproved. (Ath. Coll., vol. 600.) 8vo. London, 1866.

Two Letters in Reply to certain "Observations" of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for Ireland on a Letter to the Times,' concerning Irish Church Revenues. (Ath. Coll., vol. 600.) 8vo. London, 1868.

BRANDRETH (Henry). On modern Education. (Ath. Coll., vol. 611.) 8vo. London, 1868.

BRIDGES (J. H.). Irish Disaffection. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 42.) 12mo. Bradford, 1868.

BRISTOW (William) and WHITAKER (William). On the Chesil Bank, Dorset. Raised Beach at Portland. (Ath. Coll., vol. 612.) 8vo. London, 1869. BRITISH ARCHEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF ROME. Report of Proceedings 1868-69. (Ath. Coll., vol. 616.) 8vo. Rome, 1869.

BUSK (Hans). A Reply to the Apology of the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, contained in his "Chapter of Autobiography." (Ath. Coll., vol. 614.) 8vo. London, 1868.

BUTLER-JOHNSTONE (H. A.). Ireland. Letters reprinted from the Morn

ing Post.' (Ath. Coll., vol. 597.) 8vo. London, 1868.

CAIRD (James). Our Daily Food, its Price, and Sources of Supply. (Ath. Coll., vol. 614.) 8vo. London, 1868.

The Irish Land Question. (Ath. Coll., vol. 599.) 8vo.

London, 1869. [CALICO-PRINTER.] Depression of Trade; the French Treaty and Hostile Tariffs of other Countries, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 603.) Svo. Manchester

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