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SEA. The Loss of Life at Sea, also Collisions at Sea, Ships' Lights, and the Rule of the Road, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 581.) 8vo. 1866.

SELWYN. Professor Selwyn's Latin Lines on his Convalescence, with an English Version and Alma Mater's First Equine Epistle. (Ath. Coll., vol. 589.) 8vo. 1867.

SELWYN (William). The Iliad of Homer. Book V. The Prowess of Diomed. Book VI. The Parting of Hector and Andromache. Greek and English. (Ath. Coll., vol. 589.) 8vo. Cambridge, 1865.

SEWAGE. The Agricultural Value of the Sewage of London, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 585.) 1865.

see Hope (W.).

STANHOPE. Conjectures respecting an Inscription on the Portrait of Sir Michael Stanhope. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 31.) Royal 8vo. 1864. SHOWERS (Lieut.-Colonel). On the Cotton Question. (Ath. Coll., vol. 575.)

8vo. 1865.

SMITH (Augustus). Constitutional Reflections on the present Aspects of
Parliamentary Government. (Ath. Coll., vol. 578). 8vo. 1866.
SMITH (Goldwin). A Letter to a Whig Member of the Southern Inde-
pendence Association. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 40.) 12mo. Boston, 1864.
England and America; a Lecture. (Ath. Coll., vol. 576.)

8vo. Manchester, 1865.

2 The Song of Songs. A Hebrew Pastoral Drama. (Ath. Coll., vol. 589.) 8vo. 1867. [Translated by Col. Ouvry.] STALLARD (J. H.). Workhouse Hospitals. (Ath. Coll., vol. 587.) 8vo.


STANLEY (Arthur Penrhyn). The South African Controversy in its relations to the Church of England. (Ath. Coll., vol. 583.) 8vo. Oxford and London, 1867.

STOPFORD (Edward A.). Church Reform in Ireland, as concerning the Laws for the Union and Division of Parishes. (Ath. Coll., vol. 584.) 8vo. Dublin, 1863.

STREET (George Edmund). Some Remarks in explanation of his Designs for rebuilding and enlarging the National Gallery. (Ath. Coll., vol. 589.) 8vo. 1867.

SWINBURNE (Algernon Charles). Notes on Poems and Reviews. (Ath. Coll., vol. 590.) 8vo. 1866.

SYKES (Colonel). Storm Warnings; their Importance and Practicability. (Ath. Coll., vol. 592.) 8vo. 1867.

TEMPLE. Inauguration of the Library of the Middle Temple, by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. (Ath. Coll., vol. 596.) 8vo. 1861. THIRLWALL (Connop). A Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of St. David's. (Charges, vol. 19.) 8vo. 1866.

Reply to a Letter of the Lord Bishop of Capetown; with Appendix containing the Bishop of Capetown's Letter. (Ath. Coll., vol. 583.) 8vo. 1867.

The Episcopal Meeting of 1867. (Ath. Coll., vol.

582.) 8vo. 1867.

Rev. J. W. Joyce. THOMAS (Charles). Mining Fields of the West; Exposition of the Principal Mines and Mining Districts in Cornwall and Devon. (Ath. Coll., vol. 592.) 8vo. 1867.

Diocesan Synods, with Remarks on a Letter of the (Ath. Coll., vol. 582.) 8vo. 1867.

THOMAS (Edward). Sassanian Gems and early Armenian Coins. (Ath. Coll., vol. 590.) 8vo.

Early Armenian Coins. (Ath. Coll., vol. 590.) 8vo.

THOMPSON (H. Yates). Report on the progress of the Metric System in the United States of America. (Ath Coll., vol. 591.) 8vo. 1866. TRANSPORTATION. The British Convict in Western Australia. (Ath. Coll., vol. 595.) 8vo. 1865.

TREVELYAN (Sir Charles E.). The Purchase System in the British Army. (Ath. Coll., vol. 579.) 8vo. 1867.

The British Army in 1868. (Ath. Coll. vol.

579.) 8vo. 1868.

TULLOCH (John). Theological Controversy, or the Function of Debate in Theology, with Appendix on the study of the Confession of Faith. (Ath. Coll., vol. 582.) 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1866.

TURRET SYSTEM. Captain Coles and the Admiralty; with an Enquiry into the Origin and System of the Turret System of Armour-clad War Vessels. (Ath. Coll., vol. 580.) 8vo. 1866.

UNDERHILL (Edward Bean). Letter on the Condition of Jamaica, with illustrative Documents. (Ath. Coll., vol. 574.) 8vo.

VALPARAISO. The Bombardment of Valparaiso. Rear-Admiral Denman, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 574.) 8vo. Liverpool, 1866.

VARDEN (Richard). Hints on the Principles of Self-Government, and their application to Parliamentary Reform. (Ath. Coll., vol. 577.) 8vo. 1866. VERE (Aubrey de). The Church Settlement of Ireland, or Hibernia Pacanda. (Ath. Coll., vol. 584.) 8vo. 1866.

Ireland's Church Property, and the Right Use of it. (Ath. Coll., vol. 584.) 8vo. 1867. VICTORIA INSTITUTE. Scientia Scientiaram.

Account of the Origin and Objects of the Victoria Institute. (Ath. Coll., vol. 591.) 8vo. 1865. VISSCHERS (Aug.). Du premier Essai tenté en Belgique pour Peine de Mort. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 31.) Royal 8vo. VIVISECTION. Vivisection, is it necessary or justifiable? 587.) 8vo. 1866.

l'Abolition de la
Liége, 1864.
(Ath. Coll., vol.

sce Fleming (G.), and also Markham (W. O.). VOLPICELLA (Scipione). Delle Antichità d'Amalfi e Dintorni. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 31.) Royal 8vo. Napoli, 1859.

WADDILOVE (Alfred). The Amendment of the Law of Evidence, etc. (Ath. Coll., vol. 588.) 8vo. 1865.

Answer to the Question: What would be the best Mode of reducing the Law of England into a compendious Form. (Ath. Coll., vol. 588.) 8vo. 1866.

WAR. A Narrative of the War between Austria and Prussia; translated from "La Época." By Spencer Hall. (Ath. Coll., vol. 589.) 8vo. 1866. WAR DEPARTMENT. Remarks on the Organization of the War Department. (Ath. Coll., vol. 579.) 8vo.

WARING (Edward John). Cottage Hospitals; their Objects, Advantages,
and Management. (Ath. Coll., vol. 587.) 8vo. 1867.
WARNSTEDT (A. von). Staats und Erbrecht der Herzogthümer Schleswig-
Holstein. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 32.) Royal 8vo. Hanover, 1864.
WATER SUPPLY.-see Hemans (George Willoughby).

see Jerusalem.

see Macneill (Telford).

see Ormsby (Arthur Sydney).

WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. Report of the Committee of the British Association on Uniformity of Weights and Measures. (Ath. Coll., vol. 591.) 8vo. Nottingham, 1866.

WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.-see Lasteyrie (Ferdinand de).

see Levi (Leone).

WHITEHEAD (James). The Rate of Mortality in Manchester, etc., compared with that of Cathedral and County Towns. (Ath. Coll., vol. 587.) 8vo. 1864.

WHITTLE (James Lowry).
Coll., vol. 593.) 8vo.
WILBERFORCE (Bishop Samuel). A Charge to the Diocese of Oxford.
(Charges, vol. 19.) 8vo. Oxford and London, 1867.

Freedom of Education: what it means. (Ath. Dublin, 1866.

WILLIAMS (Joshua). A Few Words on Reform. (Ath. Coll., vol. 577.)

8vo. 1867.

WOLOWSKI (L.). Mémoire sur le Cours de Politique Constitutionnelle de
Benjamin Constant. (Ath. Coll., vol. 589.) 8vo. Paris, 1862.
Concours concernant l'Histoire de la Ligue Hanséatique.
(Ath. Coll., vol. 589.) 8vo. Paris, 1863.

Un Chapitre de l'Histoire Financière de l'Angleterre; la Suspension des Payements de la Banque et le Bullion-Report. (Ath. Coll. Misc., vol. 31.) Royal 8vo. Paris, 1865.

WOOLRYCH (Humphry W.).—see Public Records Commission. WROTTESLEY (Lord). On the recent Applications of the Spectrum Analysis to Astronomical Phenomena. (Ath. Coll., vol. 592.) 8vo. Wolverhampton, 1865.

YORK (William, Lord Archbishop of).

Work and Prospects. A Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of York. (Charges, vol. 19.) 8vo. 1865.




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