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INDIA. Hints on the Re-organization of the Indian Army, by an English Officer. (Ath. Coll. vol. 493.) 8° 1858.

A President in Council the best Government for India. (Ath. Coll. vol. 491.) 8° 1858.

The Government of India, as it has been, as it is, and as it ought to be. (Ath. Coll. vol. 490.) 8° 1858.

Practical Observations on the first two of the Proposed Resolutions on the Government of India. (Ath. Coll. vol. 491.) 8° 1858.

The Moral of the Indian Debate. (Ath. Coll. vol. 491.) 8° 1858.

Memorandum of the improvements in the Administration of India during the last Thirty Years. (Ath. Coll. vol. 492.) 8° 1858.

see Freeman.

The Familiar Epistles of Mr. John Company and Mr. John Bull. (Ath. Coll. vol. 516.) 8° 1858.

A Constitutional View of the India Question. (Ath. Coll. vol. 491.) 8° 1858.

Exeter Hall versus British India. (Ath. Coll. vol. 492.) 8° 1858.
India and its Future. (Ath. Coll, vol. 492.) 8° 1858.

Justice for India: a Letter to Lord Palmerston. (Ath. Coll, vol. 492.) 8°


Indian Patronage; Outline of a Scheme. (Ath. Coll. vol. 492.) 8° 1858. Telegraphic Communication with India, reprinted from "The Times" and "Morning Chronicle." (Ath. Coll. vol. 491.) 8° 1858.

-The Mutinies and the People; or Statements of Native Fidelity. (Misc. Coll. vol. 31.) 12° Calcutta, 1859.

Memorial to Lord Stanley from the Members of the Madras Native Association on Government Interference in Religious Matters. (Ath. Coll. vol. 492.) 8° Madras, 1859.

A Few Notes on a recent Trial illustrative of the Mofussil Judicature. (Ath. Coll. vol. 512.) 8° Calcutta, 1859.

Petition of the British Indian Association to the House of Commons, 1859. (Ath. Coll. vol. 494.) 8° Calcutta, 1859.

Comparative Statement of the Medical Services of H.M. Indian and English Armies, as affected by the New Warrants. (Ath. Coll. vol. 493.) 8° Calcutta, 1859.

Annual Report of the Superintendent of the Geological Survey of India. Ath. Coll, vol. 509.) 8° Calcutta, 1859.

see Briggs, Hough, Jochmus, Lewin, Pratt, Robertson, Sullivan.

Proselytism in.-see Abd-Al-Wahid, Norton, Parker.

Government.-see Bright, Burnes, Cairns, Jacob, Montalembert, Palmer, Parker, Sykes.

Mutiny.-see Crawshay, Orlich, Stocqueler.

Army.- -see Hoseason, Mouat, Norman, Osburn, Porter.

).—see Crawfurd, Hunter, Jacob.

Colonization.-see Andrew, Warden.

-see Sykes.

Education.-see Tucker.

Public Works. -see Sykes.


-see Mackenzie.

Railways.-see Doyne.

INDIGO. Selection from Papers on Indigo Cultivation in Bengal, with an Introduction and Notes by a Ryot. (Ath. Coll. vol. 490.) 8° Calcutta, 1858.

INGLEBY (C. M.). Evils of the Present System of Bankruptcy Administration. (Ath. Coll. vol. 513.) 8° 1857.

The Mutual Relations of Theory and Practice: a Lecture. (Misc. Coll. vol. 34.) 12° Birmingham, 1860.

INSANITY.-see Hood, Winn, Winslow.

IONIAN ISLANDS.-see Gardner, Macgachen.

IRELAND. The Royal Irish Ports: the Question of a Transatlantic Packet Station considered. (Misc. Coll. vol. 33.)


IRON. See Mallet.

IRVING (George Vere). On Treasure Trove. (Ath. Coll. vol. 515.) 8° 1859.
ITALY. The Italian Cause: its History and its Hopes. (Ath. Coll vol. 501.) 8° 1859.

A Few Words about the Italian Question. (Ath. Coll. vol. 501.) 8° 1859. Observations on the Negotiations respecting the Affairs of Italy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 501.) 8° 1859.

Mémoire sur les Affaires d'Italie. [et Lettres de Luigi Carlo Farini à Lord John Russell.] (Ath. Coll. vol. 498.) 8° Bruxelles, 1859.

Letters to Lord John Russell.

: its Condition. Great Britain: its Policy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 501.) 8° 1859.

Germany and Italy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 501.) 8° 1859.
Religious Toleration. (Misc. Coll. vol. 34.) 12°
Le Roi de Naples et l'Indépendance Italienne.
Paris, 1859.


(Ath. Coll. vol. 499.) 8°

Tuscany da Sé. (Ath. Coll. vol. 501.) 8° 1859.

The Fourth and Fifth Vials of the Apocalypse exemplified in the late Contest in Italy and the present Condition of the Roman States. (Ath. Coll. vol. 501.) 8° 1860.

see Austria, Prussia, Salerno.

Italian Question, 1858-60.—see About, Arnold, Barron, Catinelli, Farini,
Girardin, Napoleon III., Pape, Pautet, Salvagnoli.

War, 1859.-see Duhamel, Girardin, La Rochejaquelein, Pinelli, Richard, Sand.

JACOB (G. Le Grand). English Government of India. (Ath. Coll. vol. 494.) 8° 1860.

JACOB (John). Tracts on the Native Army of India, its Organization and Discipline. (Ath. Coll. vol. 493.) 8° 1858.

JENKINS (George Thomas). A Few Observations on the Ecclesiastical Commission and the proposed Transfer of the Episcopal Estates to the Commissioners. (Ath. Coll. vol. 517.) 8° 1859.

A Few Remarks on the Report of the Commissioners to consider the subject of the Registration of Titles, 1857. (Ath. Coll. vol. 512.) 8° 1857. Jerusalem under Bishop Gobat.—see Graham.

JOCHMUS (Lieut.-Gen.). Memorandum on India, with a preface by Fred. Mortimer Lewin. (Ath. Coll. vol. 491.) 8° 1858.

JOHNSTON (Capt. W. G.). A Few Plain Remarks addressed to the Shareholders of the Oriental Inland Steam Company. (Ath. Coll. vol. 488.) 8° Liverpool, 1860. JONES (Herbert George). A Letter on the judgment of the Court of Exchequer in the Case of Furber v. Sturmey. (Ath. Coll. vol. 513.) 8° 1858.

JOURDAN (Louis). La Guerre à l'Anglais. (Ath. Coll. vol. 495.) 8° Paris, 1859.

KENNEDY (Charles Rann). Swinfen v. Swinfen. Report of the Argument in the Common Pleas Michaelmas Term, 1856. (Ath. Coll. vol. 513.) 8° 1857. KENNEDY (Lt. Col. J. P.). National Defensive Measures: their Necessity, Description, Organization, and Cost. (Ath. Coll. vol. 505.) 8° 1860.

KENNEDY (Lt.-Gen. Shaw). Notes on the Defences of Great Britain and Ireland. (Ath. Coll. vol. 505.) 8° 1859.

KERGOLAY (Comte de). Exploitation Agricole de Canisy. (Misc. Coll. vol. 23.) 8° 1859.

Cours Législatif. Discours prononcé dans la discussion du projet de loi concernant le tarif des laines, des cotons et autres matières premières. (Ath. Coll. vol. 488.) 8° Paris, 1860.

KERR (R. Malcolm). An Effectual Revision of our Annual Legislation and a Consolidation of the Statute Law, obtainable by the creation of a Legislative Committee of the Privy Council. (Ath. Coll. vol. 513.) 8° 1858.

Kew Gardens.-see Hooker.

KING (Bryan).

Sacrilege and its encouragement; being an account of the St. George's Riots. (Ath. Coll. vol. 516.) 8° 1860. KIRKMAN (Rev. Thomas P.). On the 7 Partitions of X. (Ath. Coll. vol. 509.) 8° Manchester, 1857.

KNIGHT (Robert). The Inam Commission Unmasked. (Ath. Coll. vol. 491.) 8° 1859.

LABOURING CLASSES (Dwellings for).—see Roberts.

LA FORGE (Anatole de). L'Autriche devant l'Opinion. (Ath. Coll. vol. 500.) 8° Paris, 1859.

Land Bills. Address to the Landed Gentry of England on the Land Bills before Parliament. (Ath. Coll. vol. 513.) 8° 1859.

LA ROCHEJAQUELEIN (Marquis de). La Suspension d'Armes. (Ath. Coll. vol. 495.) 8° Paris, 1859.

LATHAM (R. G.). The Relation of the Lombards to the Angles. (Ath. Coll. vol. 514.) 8° LAW (Criminal).—

.-see Lewis (Sir G. C.). (Statute).- -see Kerr.

LAWSON (George).

Papers read to the Botanical Society of Edinburgh. (Ath. Coll. vol. 509.) 8° Edinburgh, 1858.

LAYARD (A. H.).—see Azeglio.

LEGOYT (Alfred). Ressources de l'Autriche et de la France. (Ath. Coll. vol. 500.) 8° Paris, 1859.

LENDRICK (William Edmonstone). The Ministry and the Parliament. A Review of the Session of 1858. (Ath. Coll. vol. 521.) 8° 1858. LEWIN (Malcolm). The Way to regain India. LEWIN (F. M.).— -see Jochmus.

(Ath. Coll. vol. 494.) 8° 1858.

LEWIS (Sir George Cornewall). On Foreign Jurisdiction and the Extradition of Criminals. (Ath. Coll. vol. 512.) 8° 1859.


Histoire d'une Demande en Autorisation de Journal, simple question (Ath. Coll. vol. 514.) 8° Paris, 1860.

A Summary of Facts, with a Report of the Annual Meeting, March 12, 1858. (Ath. Coll. vol. 515.) 8° 1858.

Answer to the Committee's Summary of Facts, by C. W. Dilke, Charles Dickens, and John Forster. (Ath. Coll. vol. 515.) 8° 1858.

LITURGY. Suggestions for a Revision of the Prayer-Book. (Ath. Coll. vol. 516.) 8°


Declaration of the Clergy against Alteration of the Book of Common Prayer, &c. (Ath. Coll. vol. 516.) 8° 1860.

Notes on the Declaration against a Revision of the Prayer-Book. (Ath. Coll. vol. 516.) 8° 1860.

-see Rupe.

Liturgical Revision.— LIVERPOOL. Descriptive and Historical Catalogue of the Pictures, Drawings, and Casts in the Gallery of Art of the Royal Institution, Colquitt-street, Liverpool. (Ath. Coll. vol. 510.) 8° Liverpool, 1858.

Livingstone (Dr.). The Farewell Livingstone Festival, Feb. 13, 1858. (Ath. Coll. vol. 515.) 8° 1858.

LLOYD (J.). On improving the Sanitary Condition of Large Towns. (Ath. Coll. vol. 508.) 8° 1858.

LONDON. A New and Simple Plan for preventing the inconvenience resulting from the Number of Streets and Places of the same name in London. (Ath. Coll. vol. 521.) 8° 1858.

LORIMER (James). Equal Representation: a Letter to Lord John Russell. (Ath. Coll. vol. 506.) 8° 1959.

LUDLOW (John Malcolm). The War in Oude.
LUNACY. An Address on the Laws of Lunacy.
LUNATIC ASYLUMS.- -see Conolly, Dickens.
LYTTELTON (Lord). New Zealand and the Canterbury Colony. (Misc. Coll. vol. 32.)
12° 1859.

MACGACHEN (Frederic Stewart). as it at present stands?

(Ath. Coll. vol. 493.) 8° 1858.
(Ath. Coll. vol. 512.) 8° 1858.

What is the position of Foreigners under our Law (Ath. Coll. vol. 521.) 8° 1858.

The Ionian Islands. (Ath. Coll. vol. 515.) 8° 1859.

MACGREGOR (John). A Word in Season on the Ballot. (Ath. Coll. vol. 506.) 12° 1859. MACKENZIE (J. T.). The Trade and Commerce of India. (Ath. Coll. vol. 494.) 8°


MACKINNON (Wm. Alex.). Speech in the House of Commons, 4th June, 1860. [on his motion for the postponement of Reform]. (Ath. Coll. vol. 507.) 8° 1860. MACONOCHIE (Captain). The Mark System of Prison Discipline. (Ath. Coll. vol. 520.) 8° 1859.

MAISTRE (Comte Joseph). La Maison de Savoie et l'Autriche. (Ath. Coll. vol. 495.) 8° Turin, 1859.

MAITLAND (S. R.). Notes on Strype. (Ath. Coll. vol. 515.) 8° Gloucester, 1858. Remarks on some Works of J. H. Frere, Esq. (Ath. Coll. vol. 516.) 8°


MAJOR (Joseph). Common Sense about the Murrain, Pleuro-pneumonia, or Cattle Epidemic. (Ath. Coll. vol. 488.) 8° 1858.

MALLET (Robert). On the Molecular Constitution of the Metals of Ordnance. (Ath. Coll. vol. 504.) 8° 1858.

On the Military and Naval Uses of very large Shells (Ath. Coll. vol. 504.) 8° 1858.

On Observation of Earthquake Phenomena. (Misc. Coll. vol. 32.) 12° 1859. On the Co-efficients of Elasticity and of Rupture in Wrought Iron. (Ath. Coll. vol. 504.) 8° 1860.

MANBY (Charles).- -see Sopwith.
Manchester Exhibition, 1857.-see Scharf.

MANN (James A.). The Cotton Trade of India. (Ath. Coll. vol. 488.) 8° 1860.
MANSEL (H. L.). Examination of the Rev. F. D. Maurice's Strictures on the Bampton
Lectures of 1858. (Ath. Coll. vol. 517.) 8° 1859.

MARCET (W.). An Experimental Inquiry into the action of Alcohol on the Nervous System. (Ath. Coll. vol. 518.) 8° 1860.

MARRIAGE with a Deceased Wife's Sister. The Woman's Question and the Man's Answer; or, Reflections on the Social Consequences of Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister. (Ath. Coll. vol. 513.) 8° 1859.

Remarks on Dr. M'Caul's Plea for Marrying a Deceased Wife's Sister. (Misc. Coll. vol. 32.) 12°.

see Blackburn, Phillpotts.

MARTIN (Vice-Admiral W. F.). Memoranda on Naval Reserves. (Ath. Coll. vol. 503.) 8° 1860.

MAYNE (H. B.). Sons of Indian Officers.-Sandhurst and Woolwich. (Ath. Coll. vol. 502.) 8° 1860.

Medal Engraving.-see Sainthill.

Medical Reform.-see Pearce.

MEDICINE.- -see Heberden, Ward.

MEEKINS (T. C. Mossom). Parliamentary Reform; should the Colonies be represented? (Ath. Coll. vol. 506.) 8° 1859.

METEOROLOGY. Report of the Meteorological Department of the Board of Trade. (Ath.

Coll. vol. 509.) 8° 1858.

MILITIA. The Militia the proper Field Force for the defence of the Kingdom against Invasion. (Ath. Coll. vol. 504.) 8° 1859.

MILITIA. Suggestions for the Reorganisation of the Militia. (Ath. Coll. vol. 504.) 8°


MILL (John Stuart). Thoughts on Parliamentary Reform. (Ath. Coll. vol. 507.) 8° 1859. MINING.- -see Pike.

Minton's Ceramic Manufactures.-see Wyatt.


On the Ethnography of the County of Bedford. (Ath. Coll. vol. 509.) 8° 1858. MONTAGU (Capt. M.). Ode to Fortune, &c. (Ath. Coll, vol. 514.) 8° 1858. MONTALEMBERT (Comte de). Un Débat sur l'Inde au Parlement Anglais. (Ath. Coll. vol. 490.) 8° 1858.

A Debate on India in the English Parliament. (Ath. Coll. vol. 490.) 8° 1858. Trial of le Comte de Montalembert and M. Douniol. (Ath. Coll. vol. 512.) 8° 1858.

Pie IX. et la France en 1849 et en 1859. (Ath. Coll. vol. 496.) 8° Paris, 1859. Monténégro (Le). (Ath. Coll. vol. 499.) 8° Paris, 1858.

MOORE (Morris). H.R.H. Prince Albert, and the Apollo and Marsyas by Raphael. (Ath. Coll. vol. 510.) 8° Paris, 1859.

see Batté.

MORRIS (William). The Proper System of Railroads for Ceylon. (Ath. Col. vol. 494.) 8° 1860.

Mot (Un) sur l'Orient à l'Occasion du Futur Congrès. (Ath. Coll. vol. 495.) 8° Paris, 1860.

MOUAT (Fred. J.). The British Soldier in India. (Ath. Coll. vol. 493.) 8° 1859. MURCHISON (Sir Roderick Impey). Address to the Geographical and Ethnological Section of the British Association. (Ath. Coll. vol. 509.) 8° 1860.

Supplemental Observations on the Order of the ancient Stratified Rocks of the North of Scotland. (Ath. Coll. vol. 509.) 8° 1860.

NAPLES.- -see Italy, Poerio.

Napoleon III. et l'Angleterre. (Ath. Coll. vol. 495.) 8° Paris, 1858.

et l'Italie. (Ath. Coll. vol. 498.) 8° Paris, 1859.

NATIONAL DEFENCES. Where shall England rally her Volunteers? National Defence, with incidental Remarks on Fortifications. (Ath. Coll. vol. 505.) 8° 1860.

The Invasion of England rendered impossible by a simple and practical mode of Defence. (Ath. Coll. vol. 505.) 8° 1860.

see Alexander, Baker, Douglas, Gore, Kennedy, Selkirk, Smith (Toulmin). National Gallery Difficulties solved. (Misc. Coll. vol. 32.) 12° 1857.

NAVY. Present Condition and Prospect of many Captains of her Majesty's Navy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 503.) 8°

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Thoughts and Suggestions on the subject of Manning the Navy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 503.) 8°

Unpunished Cruelties on the High Seas: a Letter to Samuel Whitbread, M.P. (Ath. Coll. vol. 520.) 8vo. 1859.

A Standing Navy, England's best Defence. (Ath. Coll. vol. 505.) 8° Winchester, 1860.

see Baring, Bowles, Clare, Hare, Martin, Ryder, Whitman, Wilmot. Naval Architecture.-see Fishbourne.

NEWMAN (F. W.). The Crimes of the House of Hapsburg. (Misc. Coll. vol. 31.) 12°


The Action and Reaction between Churches and the Civil Government; a Lecture. (Misc. Coll. vol. 32.) 12° 1860.

The Ethics of War; an Essay. (Ath. Coll. vol. 504.) 8° London, 1860. NEW ZEALAND.-see Lyttelton.

NOLLOTH (Captain M. S.). Magnetic Deviation on Compass Diagrams. (Ath. Coll. vol. 503.) 8° 1856.

Notes during a Cruize in the Mozambique.

(Ath. Coll. vol. 515.) 8° 1857.

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