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HOMER-see Arnold (Matthew). Gladstone.

+HOPE (A. J. B. Beresford). The English Cathedral of the nineteenth century. 8° London, 1861.

HORN ET RIMENHILD. Recueil de ce qui reste des Poëmes relatif à leurs aventures composés en François, en Anglois, et en Ecossois dans les 13°, 14°, 15°, et 16° siècles, publié par Francisque Michel. (Bannatyne Club). 4° Paris, 1845.

HORWOOD (R.). Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster, the Borough of Southwark, and parts adjoining, showing every house. fol. London, 1799.

HUNTER (John). Essays and Observations on Natural History, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, and Geology. 2 vols. 8° London, 1861.

+INGLEBY (C. M.). Complete View of the Shakspere Controversy concerning the authenticity, &c. of MS. matter published by J. P. Collier. 8° London, 1861.

INNES (Thomas). Civil and Ecclesiastical History of Scotland. A.D. 80-818. (Spalding Club). 4° Aberdeen, 1853.

JAMES VI. of Scotland.

Correspondence with Sir Robert Cecil and others of England during the reign of Q. Elizabeth, with an appendix containing papers illustrative of transactions between K. James and Robert, Earl of Essex; edited by John Bruce, F.S.A. (Camden Society, vol. 78). 4° London, 1861.

JAMES (Sir H.).—see Domesday Book.

JAMITZER (Wenzel).—see Nuremberg.
JONES (Owen).-see Moore.




Atlantic Monthly, devoted to Literature, Art, and Politics. 1861
vols. 8° Boston, 1861 -
Gazette des Beaux-Arts, Courrier Européen de l'Art et de
la Curiosité. 1859 to
vols. 8° Paris, 1859
Journal Asiatique, ou recueil de mémoires, d'extraits et de
notices relatifs à l'histoire, à la philosophie, etc., des peuples
orientaux. 5° série. 1861 to
vols. 8° Paris,

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1861 —

Macmillan's Magazine; edited by David Masson.
London, 1859
Natural History Review: a Quarterly Journal of Biological
Science. 1861 to·
vols. 8° London, 1861
Revue Archéologique, ou recueil de documents et de mémoires
relatifs à l'étude des Monuments, à la Numismatique et à la
Philologie de l'Antiquité et du Moyen Age. Nouvelle série.
1o Année, 1860. tome 1 to -. - vols. 8° Paris, 1860
Revue Germanique, Française et Etrangère. 1861 to

vols. 8° Paris, 1861 Revue Indépendante, Politique, Philosophie, Littérature, Sciences, Beaux-Arts. 8° Londres, 1859.

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KEITH (Field-Marshal James). A fragment of a memoir, written by

himself. A.D. 1714-1734. (Spalding Club). 4° Edinburgh, 1843. KING (C. W.). Antique Gems: their origin, uses, and value as interpreters of ancient history, and as illustrative of ancient art. 8° London, 1860.

KNIGHT (Charles).-see Encyclopædia.

KUGLER (Franz). Handbuch der Kunstgeschichte, bearbeitet von Wilhelm Lübke. Text. Vol. 1, 2. 8° Stuttgart, 1861.

Bilder Atlas-see Lübke (W.)

Handbook of Painting; the German, Flemish, and Dutch Schools; enlarged and for the most part re-written, by Dr. Waagen. 2 Parts. 8° London, 1860.

LACK (H. Reader). The French Treaty and Tariff of 1860, with an historical sketch of the past commercial legislation of France. 12° London, 1860.

Préliminaires de la Question Romaine, de
Londres, 1860.

LA GATTINA (F. P. de.).
Edmond About. 8°
LAVERGNE (Léonce de). Essai sur l'Economie rurale de l'Angleterre,
de l'Ecosse, et de l'Irlande. 12° Paris, 1858.

Economie rurale de la France depuis 1789. 12° Paris, 1861. LAW (William). Serious Call to a devout and holy life. 12° London, 1857.


Domenico Ghirlandaio, and his fresco of the death of St. Francis. (Arundel Society). 8°. London, 1860.

Giovanni Sanzio, and his Fresco at Cagli. (Arundel Society). 8° 1860.

LEGOUVÉ (Ernest).—see Martin.

Letters from Roundhead Officers, written from Scotland, and chiefly addressed to Captain Adam Baines. July, 1650-June, 1660. (Bannatyne Club). 4° Edinburgh, 1856.

LEWES (George Henry). The Biographical History of Philosophy from its origin in Greece down to the present day 8° London, 1857. +LEWIN (Thomas). The Invasion of Britain by Julius Cæsar. 8° London, 1859.

Jerusalem, a sketch of the City and Temple from the earliest times to the siege by Titus. 8° London, 1861.

LIDDELL (Henry G.). History of Rome from the earliest times to the establishment of the empire. 2 vols. 8° London, 1855.

Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels.-see Bible.

LONDON.- -see Munimenta.

+LONGMORE (George). Pilgrims of Faith, in three Cantos. 8° Cape Town, 1860.

LUARD (Henry Richards).-see Grosseteste.

LÜBKE (Wilhelm). Denkmäler der Kunst von den ersten Künstlerischen Versuchen bis zu den Standpunkten der Gegenwart. Neue Ausgabe. Text, von Lützow und Lübke. 2 vols. 8° Stuttgart, 1858.

Bilder Atlas, von Lübke und Caspar. 2 vols. fol. Stuttgart,

LÜBKE (Wilhelm).-see Kugler (F.)

Lützow (Carl Fr. von),—see Lübke (W.)

+LYTTELTON (Lord), and W. E. GLADSTONE. Translations. 12° London, 1861.

MACAULAY (Lord). History of England from the accession of James the Second. 8 vols. 12° London, 1859.

8° London, 1860.

Miscellaneous Writings. 2 vols.
Speeches. 8° London, 1860.

see Paget (John). Dixon (Hepworth).

MCCAUL (Alexander). Hebrew Primer, intended as an introduction to the spelling and reading of Hebrew with the points. 8° London, 1848.

MCCRIE (Thomas).

History of the progress and suppression of the Reformation in Spain in the Sixteenth Century. 8° London, 1829. +MCGRIGOR (Sir James, Bart.), late Director-General of the Army Medical Department. Autobiography and Services. 12° London, 1861.

+MACKAY (Alexander). Western India: Reports addressed to the Chambers of Commerce of Manchester, Liverpool, Blackburn, and Glasgow. 8° London, 1853.

+MACRORY (Edmund). A few notes on the Temple Organ; second edition. 12° London, 1861.

MAINE (Henry Sumner). Ancient Law; its connexion with the early history of society, and its relation to modern ideas. 8° London, -1861.

MAITLAND (S. R.). A review of Fox the Martyrologist's History of the Waldenses. 8° London, 1837.

+MALTON (Thomas). Tour through the cities of London and Westminster, illustrated. 2 vols. 4° London, 1792. (Imperfect).

+MANO (G. A.) L'Orient rendu à lui-même. 8° Londres, 1861.

MARKHAM (C. R.)—see Ursua.

MARSH (George P.). Lectures on the English Language. First Series. 8° London, 1861.

MARTIN (Henri). Daniel Manin, précédé d'un souvenir de Manin par Ernest Legouvé. 8° Paris, 1859.

MARTIN (Theodore).-see Catullus.

MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS.-Warrant to execute, 1587. Facsimile by Arthur P. Harrison. 4° London, 1860.

+MAUDE (F. P.), and C. E. POLLOCK. Compendium of the Law of Merchant Shipping; with an Appendix containing all the Statutes and Forms of practical utility. 8° London, 1861.

MAURY (L. F. Alfred). Histoire des Religions de la Grèce Antique depuis leur origine jusqu'à leur complète constitution. 3 vols. 8° Paris, 1857.

La Magie et l'Astrologie dans l'Antiquité et au Moyen-Age, ou étude sur les superstitions Païennes qui se sont perpetuées jusqu'à nos, jours. 12° Paris, 1860.

MAYNE (R. G.). Expository Lexicon of the terms, ancient and modern, in Medical and General Science; including a complete Medico-Legal Vocabulary. 8° London, 1861.

MELROS. Liber Sancte Marie de Melros.

Munimenta Vetustiora Monasterii Cisterciensis de Melros. (Bannatyne Club). 2 vols. 4° Edinburgi, 1837.

+MERYON (Edward). History of Medicine, comprising a narrative of its progress from the earliest ages to the present time, and of the delusions incidental to its advance from empiricism to the dignity of a science. Vol. 1. 8° London, 1861.

+Messiah (The). 8° London, 1861.

+METEOROLOGY. Results of the Magnetical and Astronomical Observations made at Greenwich, 1859. 4° London, 1861.

see Trade (Board of).

+MICHEL (Francisque). Du Passé et de l'Avenir des Haras, recherches sur le commerce, les dénominations, et la production des Chevaux, principalement en France avant 1789. 12° Londres, 1860.

see Bible (Psalterium).

Philippe de Reims.

MILL (John Stuart). Considerations on Representative Government. 8° Loudon, 1861.

+MILL (W. H.) Observations on the attempted application of Pantheistic principles to the theory and historic criticism of the Gospel; edited by the Rev. Benjamin Webb. Second Edition. 8° Cambridge, 1861.

Part 1. - see Brydges'

Mirour for Magistrates, by John Higgins.

British Bibliographer. Vol. 4. +MISSIONS.-Conference on Missions held at Liverpool. 8° 1861. +MONTAGU (M.). Fifty Sonnets on various subjects, with some account of that poem. 8 London, 1860.

Fifty more Sonnets. 8° London, 1861.

+MOORE (Thomas). Paradise and the Peri; illuminated by Owen Jones and Henry Warren. 4° London, 1861.

+MOTLEY (John Lothrop). History of the United Netherlands from the death of William the Silent to the Synod of Dort; with a full view of the English-Dutch struggle against Spain, and of the origin and destruction of the Spanish Armada. 2 vols. 8° London, 1860. MOYSIE (David). Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, 1577-1603. (Bannatyne Club). 4° Edinburgh, 1830.

MULLER (Max). Lectures on the Science of Language, delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in 1861. 8° London, 1861. Munimenta Gildhalla Londoniensis; Liber Albus, Liber Custumarum, et Liber Horn. Edited by Henry Thomas Riley, M.A. 3 vols. 8° London, 1859-1860.

Vol. 1. Liber Albus, compiled A.D. 1419.
2. Parts 1, 2. Liber Custumarum.

MUNK (William). The Roll of the Royal College of Physicians of London, compiled from the Annals of the College and from other authentic sources. 2 vols. 8° London, 1861.

Vol. 1. 1518 to 1700.

Vol. 2. 1700 to 1800.

NAPIER (John, Baron of Merchiston).

De arte Logistica, libri qui supersunt. (Bannatyne Club). 4° Edinburgi, 1839. +NAPLES.—A Run to Naples and back in the summer of September, 1860. 12° London, 1860.

+NEWTON (Sir Isaac). Neutoni Genesis Curvarum per umbras, seu Perspectivæ universalis elementa; exemplis Coni sectionum et Linearum tertii ordinis illustrata. 8° Londini, 1746.

+NORTON (John Bruce). Topics of Jurisprudence, or Aids to the office of the Indian Judge. Part 1. 8° Madras, 1860.

Memories of Merton.

12° London, 1861. 12° London, 1861.

Nemesis, a poem.

+NUREMBERG. Die Nürnbergischen Künstler geschildert nach ihren Leben und ihren Werken. Heft 3. (Wenzel Jamitzer, Goldschmidt.) 4° Nürnberg, 1828.

+O'BYRNE (W. R.) Naval Biographical Dictionary.

Vol. 1. fol. 1861.

New Edition.

OGBORNE (Elizabeth). History of Essex from the earliest period to the present time, with Biographical notices. 4° London, 1814.

ORLANDI (F. P. A.).—see Serie degli Uomini.

+ORMEROD (George).

Strigulensia: Archæological Memoirs relating to the district adjacent to the confluence of the Severn and the Wye. 8° London, 1861.

+OWEN (Richard). Palæontology, or a systematic Summary of extinct Animals and their Geological relations. Second Edition. 8° Edinburgh, 1861.

Oxford English Prize Poems. 12° Oxford, 1828.

PAGET (John). Inquiry into the evidence relating to the charges brought by Lord Macaulay against William Penn. 12° London, 1858. PAINTERS, Lives of-see Serie degli Uomini.

+PALGRAVE (Francis Turner). The Golden Treasury of the best Songs and lyrical poems in the English language. 12° London, 1861. Paradise of Dainty Devices, reprinted from a transcript of the first edition, 1576, edited by Sir Egerton Brydges. (British Bibliographer, Vol. 3.)

+[PARIS (Le Comte de)]. Damas et le Liban: Extraits du journal d'un Voyage en Syrie au printemps de 1860. 8° Londres, 1861.

+PATON (A. A.). Melusina, a new Arabian Night's Entertainment. 8° London, 1860.

+ — Researches on the Danube and the Adriatic, or contributions to the modern history of Hungary and Transylvania, Dalmatia, &c. 2 vols. 12° Leipsic, 1861.

PENN (William).-see Dixon.

+PERCY (John). Metallurgy: the art of extracting Metals from their ores and adapting them to various purposes of Manufacture. 8° London, 1861.

†PERIGAL (F.). The Year 1800; or the Sayings and Doings of our fathers and mothers Sixty Years ago. 8° London, 1860.

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