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CHASSANT (L. Alphonse). Paléographie des Chartes et des MSS. du XI

au XVIL Siècle. 12° Paris, 1862. CHESTER's Triumph in honor of her Prince as it was performed upon

St. George's day, 1610, in the foresaid citie. Edited by T****,

C**** (Chetham Society.) Vol. 3. 4° Manchester, 1844. CHETHAM SOCIETY. Remains, historical and literary, connected with

the Palatine counties of Lancaster and Cheshire, published by the Chetham Society. Vol. 1 to 4° London and Manchester, 1844.

General Index to the Remains, historical and literary, published by the Society. Vols. 1–30. 4° Manchester, 1863.

Chetham Miscellanies, vols. 1, 2. Chetham Society, vols. 24, 57. vols. 4° Manchester, 1851.

(Humphrey). Bibliographical Notices of the Church Libraries at Turton and Gorton, bequeathed by Humphrey Chetham. Edited by Gilbert J. French. (Chetham Society.) Vol. 38. 4° Manchester, 1855.

A Catalogue of the collection of Tracts for and against Popery published in or about the reign of James II., in the Manchester Library. Edited by Thomas Jones, B.A. (Chetham Society.)

Vol. 48. 4° Manchester, 1859. CIEZA DE LEON (Pedro de). Travels of, A.D. 1532—1550, contained in

the first part of his Chronicle of Peru ; translated and edited with notes and an introduction by Clements R. Markham. Hakluyt

Society. Vol. 33. 8° London, 1864. CLEVELAND (John). Works, containing his poems, orations, epistles,

with the Life of the Author. 12° London, 1687. COCKAYNE (Oswald). Leechdoms, Wörtcunning and Starcraft of Early

England, being a collection of documents illustrating the history of Science in this country before the Norman Conquest. 2 vols. 8°

London, 1864. COLENSO (Bishop J. W.). The Mosaic Origin of the Pentateuch consi

dered in connection with Parts II. and III. of Bishop Colenso's

“Critical Examination.” 8° London, 1864. COLLEGES and Schools-Education. Report on revenues and manage

ment, with the evidence. 4 vols. fol. London, 1864. CORSER (Thomas). Collectanea Anglo-Poetica, or a Bibliographical and

descriptive Catalogue of a collection of early English Poetry. (Chetham Society.) Vols. 52, 55. vols. 4° Manchester, 1860.

see Jumes (Richard).

see Robinson (Richard). CORY (Isaac Preston). Practical Treatise on Accounts mercantile,

partnership, solicitors, etc., with a plan for the amendment of the law of Partnership. 8° London, 1839—

Practical treatise on accounts mercantile, private and official, with proposals for tbe introduction of a uniform and centralized

system of accounts in all the Public Offices. 8° London, 1840. COUCHER Book, or Chartulary of Whalley Abbey. Edited by W. A.

Hulton. (Chetham Society.) Vols. 10, 11, 16, 20. 4 vols. 4° Manchester. 1847.

Cousin (Victor). Histoire Générale de la Philosophie depuis les temps

les plus anciens jusqu'à la fin du 18 ième siècle. 8° Paris, 1864. CROSSLEY (James).—see Potts (Thomas).

see Worthington (Dr. John).

DARIEN PAPERS. Being a selection of Original Letters and official

documents relating to the establishment of a colony at Darien by the Company of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies, 1695,

1700. (Bannatyne Club.) 4° Edinburgh, 1849. DAUNEY (William). Ancient Scottish Melodies, from a MS. of the

reign of James VI., with an introductory inquiry illustrative of the history of the music of Scotland. (Bannatyne Club.) 4° Edin

burgh, 1838. Davies (James Edward). --see Stamp (George). DAVILLIER (J. C.). Histoire des Faïences Hispano-Moresques à reflets métalliques. 8° Paris, 1861.

Histoire des Faïences et Porcelaines de Moustiers, Marseille et autres fabriques méridionales. 8° Paris, 1863. DENMARK. Lexicon over A delige Familier i Danmark, Norge og Her

tugdömmene udgivet af det Kongelige Danske Genealogiske og

Heraldiske Selksab. 2 vols. 4° Kiobenhaun. DERBY (Stanley, Earls of). The Earls of Derby and the Verse Writers

and Poets of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, by Thomas

Heywood. (Chetham Society.) Vol. 29. 4° Manchester, 1853. D'ESCAYRAC DE LAUTURE (Le Chc.). On the telegraphic transmission of the Chinese Characters. 4° Paris, 1862.

Mémoires sur la Chine. Histoire, Religion, Gouvernement, Coutumes. vols. 4° Paris, 1864. D'Escouchy (Mathieu). Chronique : nouvelle édition revue sur les

MSS. et publiée avec notes et éclaircissements pour la Societé de l'histoire de France par G. Du Fresne de Beaucourt. Vols. 1, 2, 3.

8° Paris, 1863– DIMOCK (James F.).—see Hugo. DINOTHUS (Richardus). De Bello Civili Gallico religionis causa suscepto

Lib. VI. 4° Basileæ, 1582. DODSON (John).-see Robinson (Christopher). DOUËT D'ARCQ (L.) —see Charles VI. DUFAURE (J. A. S.). Discours sur le Droit au Travail. 12° Paris,

1848. DUMON (S.). De l’Equilibre des Budgets sous la monarchie de 1830.

12° Paris, 1849. DUNFERMELING (Earle of). Teares for the death of Alexander, Earle of

Dupfermeling, Lord Chancellor of Scotland. (Bannatyne Club.)

Vol. 4. 4° Edinburgh, 1823. DU PERRON (Anquetil). Zend-Avesta ouvrage de Zoroastre, contenant

les Idées Théologiques, les cérémonies du Culte religieux et plusieurs traits importans relatifs à l'ancienne Histoire des Perses. 3 tomes. 4° Paris, 1771.

EASTLAKE (Lady).—see Jameson (Mrs.).
EDWARD THE FIRST. Year Books of the reign of King Edward the

First, Years 32–33. Edited and translated by Alfred J. Horwood.

8° London, 1864. EDWARDS (Jonathan). The works of President Edwards. 8 vols. 8°

Leeds, 1806-1811. EDWARDS (Thomas).—see Robinson (Christopher). ELLERTON (John Lodge). The Elixir of Youth, a Legend in four parts.

8° London, 1864. ELLIS.-see Goodwin (Harvey). Ellis (Robert Leslie). Mathematical and other Writings. Edited by

William Walton; with a memoir by Harvey Goodwin, Dean of Ely.

8° Cambridge, 1863. Ellis (William). Polynesian Researches during a residence of nearly

eight years in the Society and Sandwich Islands. 4 vols. 12°

London, 1859. EUTYCHIUS. Contextio Gemmarum, sive Eutychii Patriarchæ Alexan

drini Annales Arab. et Lat. interprete Edwardo Pocockio. 2 vols. 4° Oxonii, 1658–59.

Vindicatus, et suis restitutus orientalibus ; sive responsio ad Joannis Seldeniorigines auctore Abrahamo Ecchellensi. 4° Romæ, 1661. Evans (John). Flint instruments in the Drift : being an account of their discovery on the continent and in England. 4° London, 1860.

The Coins of the Ancient Britons. 8° London, 1864. EVELYN (John).—see La Quintinye (Jean de). EWALD (Heinrich). Abhandlung über Enstehung Inhalt und Werth der Sybillischen Bucher. 4° Göttingen, 1858.

Abhandlung über des Æthiopischen Buches Henókh, Enstohung, Sinn, und Zusammensetzung. 4° Göttingen, 1854.

Die Johanneischen Schriften übersetzt und erklärt. 2 vols. 8° Göttingen, 1861.

Die Sendschreiben des Apostles Paulus übersetzt und erklärt. go Göttingen, 1857.

Commentarius in Apocalypsin Johannis exegeticus et criticus. 8° Lipsiæ, 1828.

Die drei ersten Evangelien übersetzt und erklärt. 8° Göttingen, 1850. EXHIBITION OF 1862. Report of the Commissioners for the Exhibition

of 1862. 8° London, 1863.

- Exposition Universelle de 1862. Rapport de l'administration de la Commission Impériale sur la section Française. 8° Paris, 1864.

FARINGTON PAPERS. Selected from the MSS. at Worden, and edited

by Susan Maria Ffarington. (Chetham Society.) Vol. 39. 4°

Manchester, 1856. FAULKNER (Thomas). History and Antiquities of Kensington, inter

spersed with biographical anecdotes, and a catalogue of the Pictures in the Palace. 4° London, 1820.

FAULKNER (Thomas). Historical and Topographical description of Chelsea

and its environs, with biographical anecdotes of illustrious persons who have resided there. With additional plates and illustrations.)

2 vols. 8° London, 1829. FENN. Compendium of the English and Foreign Funds, debts, and

revenues of all nations, by P. L. Simmonds. 12° London, 1863. FERRETTE (Jules). —see Bible, -New Testament. FOULD (Louis).—see Chabouillet (A.). Fox (Charles James). Memoirs of his latter years, by John Bernard

Trotter. 8° London, 1811. FRANCE. Codes Français (Les) collationnés sur les Textes Officiels, par

Louis Tripier. 8° Paris, 1864. FRENCH (Gilbert J.). --see Chetham (Humphrey). FROISSART (Jehan). Le premier livre des Chroniques de Jeban

Froissart publié d'après un MSS. de la Bibliothèque du Vatican, par

M. le Baron Kervyn de Lettenbove. 2 tomes. 8° Paris, 1863. FROUDE (Richard Hurrell). Remains.

Part 1. 2 vols. 8° London, 1838.

2. 2 vols. 8° Derby, 1839. GAIRDNER (James).-see Richard III. and Henry VII. GASTRELL (Francis, D.D.). Notitia Cestriensis, or historical notices of

the diocese of Chester. Edited, with notes, by the Rev. F. R. Raines. (Chetham Society.) Vols. 8, 19, 21, 22. 4 vols. 4°

Manchester, 1845–1850. GEIGER (Abraham). Urschrift und Übersetzungen der Bibel in ihrer

Abhängigkeit von der innern Entwickelung des Judenthums. 8°

Breslau, 1857. GERICKE (J. F. C.). Javaansch-Nederdeutsch Woordenboek op last en

in dienst van het Nederlandsch Bijbelgenootschap, vermeerderd door

T. Roorda. 8° Amsterdam, 1847. GILPIN (William). Life of Bernard Gilpin. 8° London, 1752. GLOUCESTER. Historia et Cartularium Monasterii Sancti Petri Glou.

cestriæ. Edited by William Henry Hart. vols. 8° London,

1863. GODWIN (George). Another Blow for Life. 8° London, 1864. GOETHE (J. W.). Faustus, the Second Part, translated by John Anster,

LL.D. 12° London, 1864. GOLDSTÜCKER (Theodor). Pánini, his place in Sanskrit Literature, an

investigation of some literary and chronological Questions which

may be settled by a study of his work. 8° London, 1861. GOODALL (Walter). —see Mary Queen of Scots. Goss (Alexander, D.D.). Abbott's Journal. The Trials at Manchester

in 1694. (Chetham Society.) Vol. 61. 4° Manchester, 1864. Goya (Don Francisco). Los Desastres de la Guerra coleccion de

ochenta láminas inventadas y grabadas al agua fuerte, publicala la

R? Academia de Nobles Artes de San Fernando. fol. Madrid, 1863. GRAETZ (H.). Geschichte der Juden von den ältesten Zeiten bis auf die

Gegenwart. Vols. 3, 5, 6, 7, 8. vols. 8° Leipzig, 1863-4.


GRESLOU (Jules). Recherches sur la Céramique suivies de Marques et

Monogrammes des différentes fabriques. 12° Chartres, 1863. [Griffin, Gregory].— see Microcosm. Guizot (F.). Dictionnaire Universel des Synonymes de la Langne

Française. 8° Paris, 1863. GÜNTHER (Albert C. L. G.). Reptiles of British India. (Ray Society.)

Vol. fol. London, 1864. HAGGARD (John).-see Robinson (Christopher). HAMEL (Nicolas). A new French Grammar. 12° London, 1864. HAMILTON (Sir William, Bart.). Discussions on Philosophy and Litera

ture, Education and University Reform. 8° London, 1853. HAMMOND (William A.). Military medical and Surgical Essays pre

pared for the United States Sanitary Commission. 8° Phila

delphia, 1864. HAND-BOOKS : Hand-Book for Travellers in Ireland. Murray. London, 1864.

Sicily, including Palermo, Messina, etc. Murray. London, 1864.

North Italy, comprising Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, etc. Murray. London, 1863.

Southern Italy. Murray. London, 1862.

Central Italy, including Lucca, Tuscany, Florence, etc. Murray. London, 1861.

Rome and its Environs. Murray. London, 1864.

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. Murray.
London, 1858.

Durham and Northumberland. Murray. London, 1864.
Knapsack Guides :-

Switzerland. Murray. London, 1864.
Paris. Murray. London, 1864.

Norway. Murray. London, 1864.
Cathedrals of the United Kingdom, by Mackenzie
Walcot. 12" London, 1860.
BALL (John). A Guide to the Western Alps. 12° London, 1863.

The Central Alps, including the Bernese Overland, and
Switzerland, by John Ball. London, 1864.
Handbook to the Cathedrals of England. Western Division :

Bristol, Gloucester, Hereford, Worcester, Lichfield. 12°

London, 1864. HANSELL (E. H.).—see Bible-Novum Testamentum. [HARCOURT (Vernon)]. Letters by "Historicus” on some questions of

International Law. 8° London, 1863. HARDIMAN (James). Irish Minstrelsy, or Bardic Remains of Ireland,

with English poetical translations, notes and illustrations. 2 vols.

8° London, 1831. HARLAND (John). The Lancashire Lieutenancy under the Tudors and

Stuarts. (Chetham Society.) Vols. 49, 50. — vols. 4° Manchester,

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