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HARLAND (John). Mamecestre : being chapters from the early recorded

history of the Barony; the Lordship or Manor; the Vill, Borough, or Town of Manchester. (Chetham Society.) Vols. 53, 56, 58. vols. 4° Manchester, 1861.

see Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe. Hart (William Henry). ---see Gloucester. HÄUSSER (Ludwig). Deutsche Geschichte vom Tode Friedrichs des

Grossen bis zur Gründung des deutschen Bundes. 4 vols. go

Berlin, 1861.
HAWKINS (Edward).—see Brereton (Sir William).

see Werburge. HAYWARD (A.).—see Wynn. HEFNER-ALTENECK (J. H. de). Costumes du Moyen-Âge Chrétien,

d'après les Monumens Contemporains. 3 vols. 4° Francfort,

1840-1854. HENRY III. Royal and other historical Letters illustrative of the reign

of Henry III., from the originals in the Public Record Office, selected and edited by the Rev. Walter Waddington Shirley, M.A.

Vol. 1. 1216—1235. 8° London, 1863. HERMANNUS (Godofredus). —see Bion et Moschus. HEXHAM. The Priory of Hexham: its Chronicles, Endowments, and

Annals. (Surtees Society.) Vol. 44. vols. 8° London,

1864. HEYWOOD (Thomas). —see Allen (Cardinal); Moore Rental ; Newcome

(Henry); Norris Papers ; Stanley Papers. Hook (Walter Farquhar). Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury.

Vols. 1 to 8° London, 1860— HORWOOD (Alfred J.).—see Edward the First. Howson (J. S.). Five Lectures on the character of St. Paul. 8°

London, 1864. HUGH (Saint).—see Hugo. Hugo (Hugh-Saint). Magna vita S. Hugonis Episcopi Lincolniensis,

from MSS. in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and the Imperial Library, Paris. Edited by the Rev. James F. Dimock. 8° London,

1864. Hugo (Victor). Les Voix Intérieures suivies de les Rayons et les Ombres. 12° Paris, 1851.

Châtiments, 1853. 12° Paris, 1862.
Les Contemplations, 1830, 1856. 2 vols. 12° Paris, 1863.
Napoléon le Petit, 1852.

William Shakespeare. 8° Paris, 1864.
HULTON (W. A.). —see Penwortham Priory. Coucher Book.
Huxley (Thomas Henry). Lectures on the elements of Comparative

Anatomy. 8° London, 1864.

INNES. Account of the Familie of Innes compiled by Duncan Forbes,

of Culloden, 1698; with an Appendix of Charters and Notes. (Spalding Club.) Vol. -4° Aberdeen, 1864.

IRELAND. Irish Glosses. A mediæval tract on Latin Declension, with

examples explained in Irish, to which are added the Lorica of Gildas with the Gloss thereon, and a selection of Glosses from the Book of Armagh. Edited by Whitley Stokes. Irish Arch. Society. Vol. –

4° Dublin, 1860. IRONMONGERS' Hall, London. Catalogue of the Antiquities and Works

of Art exhibited at Ironmongers' Hall, London, in the month of

May, 1861. 4° London, 1864. JACOBITE Trials at Manchester in 1694, from an unpublished manu

script. Edited by William Beamont, Esq. (Chetham Society.)

Vol. 28. 4° Manchester, 1853. JAMES (Richard, B.D.). Iter Lancastrense, a poem written, A.D. 1636.

Edited, with notes and an introductory memoir, by the Rev. Thomas

Corser. (Chetham Society.) Vol. 7. Manchester, 1845. JAMESON (Mrs.). History of our Lord, as exemplified in Works of Art

with that of his types, St. John the Baptist, and other persons of the Old and New Testament. Continued by Lady Eastlake. 2 vols,

8° London, 1864. JEFFERSON (Thomas). Writings, being his autobiography, corre

spondence, reports, messages, addresses, and other writings, official and

private. Edited by H. A. Washington. 9 vols. 8° Philadelphia, 1864. JEVONS (W. Stanley). Pure Logic, or the logic of Quality apart from

Quantity; with remarks on Boole's system, and on the relation of

Logic and Mathematics. 12° London, 1864.
JONES (Thomas).-see Catalogue-Bibliotheca Chethamensis.

see Chetham (Humphrey). JOHNSON (Samuel). A Dictionary of the English Language, edited by

Robert Gordon Latham. vols. 4° London, 1864. JOHNSTON (Keith). Index Geographicus, being a List alphabetically

arranged of the principal places on the Globe, with the countries and subdivisions of the countries in which they are situated, and their

Latitudes and Longitudes. 8° London, 1864. JORDANUS. The Wonders of the East, by Friar Jordanus, of the order

of Preachers, and Bishop of Columbum in India, the Greater, circa 1330; translated, with a commentary, by Col. Henry Yule.

(Hakluyt Society) Vol. – 8° London, 1863. Jost (J. M.). Geschichte des Judenthums und seiner Sekten. 3 vols.

8° Leipzig, 1859. JOURNALS, PERIODICALS. ---see Catalogue of Library, vol. 3. JOURNALS :

Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal ; edited by the Secre

taries. Vol. 1864 to 8° Calcutta, 1864. Bulletin International de l'Observatoire Impérial de Paris. 1864

to fol. Paris, 1864. Fisherman's Magazine, edited by Cholmondeley Pennell. Vol.

1 to 8° London, 1864-
Quarterly Journal of Science. Vol. 1. January, 1864, to

8° London, 1864.
London Society, an Illustrated Magazine. 1864 to

London, 1864.
Meteorological Society (British), Proceedings, 1861 to -

London, 1862

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8. 8°

KEMBLE (John M.). Horæ Ferales; or studies in the Archæology of

the Northern Nations. Edited by R. G. Latham and A. W. Franks.

4° London, 1863. KEMBLE (John Philip). Memoirs of his Life, including a history of the

stage from the time of Garrick to the present period ; by James

Boaden. 2 vols. 8° London, 1825. King (C. W.). The Gnostics and their remains, ancient and mediæval.

8° London, 1864.

LACAZE DUTHIERS (H.). Histoire Naturelle du Corail, organisation,

reproduction, pêche en Algérie, industrie et commerce. 8° Paris, 1864. LACHMANN (Karl).-see Lessing (G. E.). LAKE (1), J.).—see Prince Edward Island. LAMARTINE (A. de). Toussaint Louverture, Poème dramatique.

Paris, 1850. LA QUINTINYE (Jean de). The compleat Gardener, or directions for

cultivating Fruit Gardens and Kitchen Gardens. Translated by

John Evelyn. fol. London, 1693.
LATHAM (Robert Gordon). --see Johnson (Samuel).

see Kemble (John M.). LEAR (Edward). Views in the seven Ionian Islands. fol. London,

1863. LEE (John Edward). Isca Silurum, or an illustrated Catalogue of the

Museum of Antiquities at Caerleon. 8° London, 1862. LESSING (Gotthold Ephraim). Sämmtliche Schriften; herausgegeben

von Karl Lachmann, vermehrt von Wendelin von Maltzahn. 13

vols. 8° Leipzig, 1853. LEVI (David). Linguia Sacra. 5 vols. 8° London, 1803.

Part 1. Hebrew Grammar with points.

2. Hebrew-English Dictionary.

3. Appellative and Proper Words, &c. LEVIZAC (M. de). A theoretical and practical Grammar of the French

Language. 12° London, 1862. LIDDEL (Henry George). A Greek-English Lexicon. 4° London, 1863. LLOYD (William Watkiss). On the Homeric Design for the Shield of Achilles. 8° London, 1854.

Explanation of the groups in the western pediment of the Parthenon. 8° London

Essays on the Life and Plays of Shakespeare, contributed to the edition of the Poet by S. W. Singer, 1856. 12° London,

1858. Long (George). Decline of the Roman Republic. Vol. 1.-8° London,

1864. LUARD (Henry Richards),--see Annales Monastici. LUCRETIUS. Titi Lucreti Cari de rerum Natura libri sex, with a

translation and notes by H. A. J. Muuro, M.A. 2 vols. 8° Cam

bridge, 1864. LUSHINGTON · (Stephen). Judgment 25th June, 1862. Essays and

Revisws--Bishop of Salisbury versus Williams. fol. London, 1862.

LYTTON (Sir E. Bulwer, Bart.). Caxtoniana : a series of Essays on

Life, Literature, and Manners. 2 vols. 12° London, 1863. LYTTELTON (Lord). Ephemera. 12° London, 1865.

MACLAUCHLAN (Henry). The Roman Wall, and illustrations of the

principal vestiges of Roman occupatiou in the North of England. fol. London, 1857.

Memoir written during a survey of the Watling Street from the Tees to the Scotch Border in 1850 and 1851. 8° London, 1852.

Memoir written during a survey of the Roman Wall through the counties of Northumberland and Cumberland, in 1852—1854.

8° London, 1858. MACLEAN (John).—see Cecil (Sir Robert). MADDEN (Frederic W.). History of the Jewish Coinage, and of Money

in the Old and New Testament. 8° London, 1864. Malton (Thomas). Picturesque Tour through the cities of London

and Westminster, illustrated. (Imperfect.) 4° London, 1797. MARKHAM (Clements R.).-see Cieza de Leon. MARTENS (Le Baron Charles de). Causes Célèbres du droit de Gens.

Deuxième Edition. 5 tomes. 8° Paris, 1858. MARTIN (Frederick). The Statesman's Year Book. A statistical genea

logical and historical account of the States and Sovereigns of the

civilised world, for the Year 1864. 12° London, 1864— MARTINDALE (Adam). Life of, written by himself. Edited by the

Rev. Richard Parkinson, B.D. (Chetham Society.) Vol. 4. 4°

Manchester, 1845. MARTYKS. Letters of the Martyrs, collected and published in 1564;

with a preface by Miles Coverdale, with introductory remarks by the

Rev. Edward Bickersteth. 8° London, 1837. MARY Queen of Scots.—Letters now first published from the Originals,

collected from various sources, private as well as public, with an introduction and notes by Agnes Strickland. 2 vols. 12° London, 1845.

An examination of the Letters said to be written by Mary Queen of Scots to James, Earl of Both well, showing by intrinsic and extrivsic evidence that they are forgeries ; also an inquiry into the murder of King Henry, by Walter Goodall. 2 vols. . 12°

Edinburgh, 1754. MARRYAT (Horace). A residence in Jutland, the Danish Islands, and

Copenhagen. 2 vols. 12° London, 1860. MAZZARELLA (B.). Critica della Scienza. 8° Genova, 1864. Mazzini (J.). République et Royauté en Italie traduction et préface par George Sand. 12° Paris, 1850. .

Le Pape au dix-neuvième Siècle. 12° Paris, 1850. MICROCOSM. The Microcosm, a Periodical Work by Gregory Griffin, of

the College of Eton. 8° Windsor, 1787. MIDDLETON (Thomas Fanshaw). The doctrine of the Greek Article

applied to the criticism and illustration of the New Testament, revised by James Scholefield. 8° London, 1828.

Milton (John).-see Raleigh (Sir Walter).
MONTALEMBERT (Comite de). —see Beaugué (Jean de).
MOORE RENTAL. Edited by Thomas Heywood. (Chetham Society.)

Vol. 12. 4° Manchester, 1847.
MORRIN (James). -see Records—Ireland.
MORTARA (Il Conte Alessandro). Catalogo dei Manoscritti Italiani che

sotto la denominazione di “Codici Canoniciani Italici" si conservano

nella Bibliotéca Bodleiana a Oxford. 4° Oxonii, 1864. MOSELEY (Benjamin). Medical Tracts. 8° London, 1800. MÜLLER (Max) Lectures on the Science of Language delivered at

the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 1863. Vol. 2. 8° London,

1864. MUNRO (H. A. J.)-see Lucretius. MYLN (Alexander). Vitæ Dunkeldensis Ecclesiæ Episcoporum a prima

sedis fundatione ad annum MDXV. (Bannatyne Club.) 4° Edin

burgi, 1831. NAPIER (General Sir William). Life, edited by H. A. Bruce. 2 vols,

12° London, 1864. NASH (D. W.). Taliesin ; or the Bards and Druids of Britain. A

Translation of the remains of the earliest Welsh Bards, and an

examination of the Bardic mysteries. 8° London, 1858. NECKAM (Alexander). De Naturis Rerum libri duo ; with the poem of

the same author, De laudibus Divinæ Sapientiæ, edited by Thomas

Wright. 8° London, 1863. NEGRI (Cristofero). Memorie Storico-Politiche sugli antichi Greci e

Romani. 8° Torino, 1864. NEWCOME (Henry). Diary from Sept. 30, 1661, to Sept. 29, 1663.

Edited by Thomas Heywood. (Chetham Society.) Vol. 18. 4° Manchester, 1849.

Autobiography. Edited by Richard Parkinson, D.D. (Chetham Society.) Vols. 26, 27. 2 vols. 4° Manchester, 1852. NEWMAN (John Henry). Sermons bearing on Subjects of the Day. 8° London, 1844.

Apologia pro Vita Sua; being a reply to a pamphlet, What, then, does Dr. Newman mean? 8° London, 1864. NEUMAYER (George). Results of the Magnetical, nautical, and meteoro

logical Observations made and collected at the Flagstaff Observatory,

Melbourne. fol. Melbourne, 1860. NICOLAS (Michel). Etudes Critiques sur la Bible. Aucien Testament. 8° Paris, 1862.

Etudes Critiques. Nouveau Testament. 8' Paris, 1864. NICHOLS (John Gough). The family alliances of Denmark and Great

Britain, from the earliest times to the present. 8° London, 1863. NORMANDY. Narratives of the expulsion of the English from Normandy, 1449—1450. 8° London, 1863. Robertus Blondelli de reductione Normanniæ. Le recouvrement de Nor

mendie, par Berry Herault du Roy. Conferences between the mbassadors of France and England. Edited by

the Rev. Joseph Stevenson.

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