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MARTEILHE DE BERGERAC (Jean). Mémoires d'un Protestant condamné

aux galères de France pour cause de Religion. 12° Paris, 1865. MARTIN (Theodore).-see Goethe (J. W.). MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS :

The Legend of Mary, Queen of Scots and other ancient poems, now first published from MSS. of the sixteenth century, with an introduction, notes, and an Appendix. [By John Fry] 8° London, 1810.

The genuine letters of, to James, Earl of Bothwell, found in his Secretary's closet after his decease; and now in the possession of a gentleman of Oxford, translated by Edward Simmonds. 8° Westminster, 1726.

Chatelar. Effusions of Love to Mary, Queen of Scotland, translated from a Gallic manuscript, interspersed with songs, sonnets, and notes explanatory by the Translator. [A Forgery by W. H. Ireland). 120 London, 1805.

WHITAKER (John). Mary, Queen of Scots vindicated. 3 vols. 8° London, 1787.

Inquiry, historical and critical, into the evidence against Mary, Queen of Scots, by William Tytler. 2 vols. 8° London, 1790. MERIVALE (Herman). Historical Studies. 8° London, 1865. MILL (John Stuart). Thoughts on Parliamentary Reform. 8° London, 1859.

Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy, and of the principal philosophical questions discussed in his writings. 8° London, 1865.

Auguste Comte and Positivism. 8° London, 1865. MONLUC (Blaise de, Maréchal de France). Commentaires et Lettres.

Edition revue sur les MS., et publiée avec les variantes pour la Société de l'Histoire de France, par Alphonse de Ruble. Tomes 1

8° Paris, 1864. MONTROSE (Marquis of). Memoirs of, by Mark Napier. 2 vols. 8°

London, 1856. MOREL (J. P. M.). Essais historiques et pittoresques, sur Saint Bertrand

de Comminges. 8° Toulouse, 1852. MORGAN (Octavius) and Thomas WAKEMAN. Notes on the ancient

Domestic residences of Ventre-Back, Crick, Ty-Mawr, the Garn, Crindau, and St. Julian's.

The Monastery of Austin Friars at Newport, with notes on the house of Black-Friars and other minor Ecclesiastical establishments, by Thomas Wakeman.

Notes on the ancient domestic residences of Tre-Owen, Killwch, and the Waen, by Octavius Morgan and Thomas Wakeman.

Notes on the ecclesiastical remains at Runston, Sudbrook, Dinham, and Llan-Bedr.

Notes on Wentwood, Castle Troggy, and Llanvair Castle. 8° Newport, 1858-1863. MORMON. The Book of Mormon, translated by Joseph Smith. 8°

New York.

MORRIS (Richard). Early English Alliterative Poems in the West Mid

land Dialect of the fourteenth century, with an Introduction, Notes,

and Index. 8° London, 1865. Mouat (Frederick J.). Rough notes of a trip to Réunion, the Mauritius,

and Ceylon, with remarks on their eligibility as Sanitaria for Indian

Invalids. 8° Calcutta, 1852. MUELLER (Ferdinand). The Vegetation of the Chatham-Islands. 8°

Melbourne, 1864. MÜLLER (Carolus). --see Arrianus. MUNCH (P. A.). The Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys, edited from the

MSS. in the British Museum, with historical notes. 8° Christiana,

1860. MYFYRIAN ARCHAIOLOGY of Wales, collected out of ancient MSS., by

Owen Jones, Edward Williams, and William Owen Pughe. vols. 8° Denbigh, 1861.

NAPIER (Mark).-see Dundee (Viscount). Montrose (Marquis of). NASMITH (David). The Chronometrical Chart of the History of

England, civil and military, religions, intellectual and social, from B.C. 55 to A.D. 1860, together with table of the Contemporary Sovereigns of Europe, from William the Conqueror to Queen

Victoria. fol. London, 1863. NEFFTZER (A.).—see Strauss (Frederick). NEGRI (Cristofero). La Storia Antica restituita a verità e raffrontata

alla moderna. 8° Torino, 1865. NETHERCLIFT (Frederick George). The Autograph Souvenir, a col

lection of Autograph Letters and interesting documents, executed in

facsimile. 4° London, 1865. NICOLAS (Sir Harry). History of the Battle of Agincourt, and of the

expedition of Henry the Fifth into France, in 1415; to which is added the Roll of the Men-at-Arms in the English Army. London, 1832.


O'DONOVAN (John). Book of Rights, now for the first time edited with translation and notes. Celtic Society. 8° Dublin, 1847.

Miscellany of the Celtic Society. 8° Dublin, 1849.
ORESME (Nicole). Traictie de la première invention des Monnaies de

Nicole Oresme, textes Français et Latin d'après les MS. de la
Bibliothèque Impériale et Traité de la Monnaie de Copernic, traduite

par M. L. Woloski. 8° Paris, 1864. OETTINGER (Edouard-Marie). Bibliographie Biographique Universelle.

Dictionnaire des Ouvrages relatifs à l'histoire de la vie publique et privée des personnages célèbres de tous les temps et de toutes les

nations. 2 vols. 8° Bruxelles, 1854. Owl (The). 4° London, 1864.

PALGRAVE (F. T.). --see Shakespeare.
PALGRAVE (William Gifford). Narrative of a Year's Journey through

Central and Eastern Arabia, 1862-1863. 2 vuls. 8° London, 1865. PARKER (John Henry). Introduction to the study of Gothic Archi

tecture. 18° Oxford, 1861.

PARKER (John Henry). The Ecclesiastical and Architectural Topography

of England. Parts 1 to 7. 8° London, 1848–55. PASCUAL DE ANDAGOYA. Narrative of the proceedings of Pedrarias

Davila in the provinces of Tierra Firme or Castilla del Oro, and of the discovery of the South Sea, and of the coasts of Peru, etc., edited by Clements R. Markham. Hakluyt Society, vol. 34. 8° London,


Jahrbücher für Deutsche Theologie, 1865 to 8o Gotha,

1865. Theologische Studien und Kritiken. Eine Zeitschrift für das gesammte Gebiet der Theologic. 1865 to

1865. Contemporary Review. Vol. 1 to - 8° London, 1866. Fortnightly Review, edited by George Henry Lewes. Vol. 1 to

8° London, 1865. Quarterly Journal of Science. Edited by James Samuelson and

William Crookes. Vol. 1 to - 8° London, 1864. PERKINS (Charles C.). Tuscan Sculptors : their Lives, works, and times;

with illustrations from original drawings and photographs. 2 vols.

8° London, 1864. Plato.--see Grote (George). PLUME (Thomas, D.D.).—see Hacket. PLUMPTRE (E. H.).—see Sophocles. PLUNKET (William Conyngham). Speeches at the Bar and in the Senate.

Edited by John Cashel Hoey. 12° Dublin, 1859. POLE (William).-see Stephenson (Robert). POPULATION. CENSUS OF GREAT BRITAIN, 1861. ENGLAND AND WALES. Numbers and distribution of the People.

General Report and Index. 3 vols. fol. London, 1863. SCOTLAND. Vol. 1.- Population Tables and Report.

Vol. 2.- Ages, Conjugal condition, Occupations and

Birth-places of the People. 2 vols. fol." Edinburgh,

1862. IRELAND. Part 1.- Area, Population, and number of Houses by

townlands and electoral divisions. Vols. 1 to

4. fol. Dublin, 1863. Part 2._Report and Tables on Ages and Education2

vols. fol. Dublin, 1863. Part 3. Vol. 1.- Vital Statistics. Report and Tables

relating to the Status of Disease. Vol. 2.--Vital Statistics. Report and Tables

relating to Deaths. 2 vols. fol.

Dublin, 1864.
Part 4.-Report and Tables relating to the Religious

Professions, Education, and Occupations of

the People. 2 vols. fol. London, 1863. Part 5.-General Report. fol. London, 1864.

POURTALÈS-GORGIER (M. le Comte de). Catalogue des Tableaux etc. qui

composent ses collections et dont la Vente aura lieu le Lundi 27

Mars, 1865. 8° Paris, 1865. PUBLIC SCHOOLS Calendar, 1865— 12° London, 1866. PUGHE (William Owen).—see Myfyrian Archaiology. PUSEY (E. B.). The Church of England, a portion of Christ's one Holy

Catholic Church. An Eirenicon. 8° Oxford, 1865. QUOTATIONS:

Dictionary of Latin Quotations, Proverbs, &c., classical and

mediæval. Edited by H. T. Riley. 12° London, 1856.
A Dictionary of Quotations from the Greek, Latin, and Modern

Languages. 12° London, 1865.
Familiar Words, an Index Verborum or Quotation Handbook, by

J. Hain Friswell. 12° London, 1865.
Book of Familiar Quotations. 12° London, 1865.

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RAVOISIÉ (A.).—see Algeria.
REEVES (William).-—see Colton.
RICHTHOFEN (Karl Freiherrn von). Altfriesisches Wörterbuch.

Göttingen, 1840.
RILEY (H. T.).-see Quotations.-Rishanger.
RISHANGER (Willelmus) quondam Monachi S. Albani et quorundam

Anonymornm chronica et annales, regnantibus Henrico tertio et Edwardo primo. Edited by Henry Thomas Riley, A.D. 1259-1307.

8° London, 1865. ROBERTS (Charles).-—see Calendarium Genealogicum. ROBERTSON (Frederick W.). Life and Letters, edited by Stopford A. Brooke. 2 vols.

2 vols. 12° London, 1865. Lectures and Addresses on Literary and Social topics. 12° London, 1861. ROLAND (Madame). Mémoires écrits durant sa captivité, nouvelle

édition revue et complétée sur les MS. autographes et accompagnée de notes et de pièces inédites, par P. Faugère. 2 tomes.

12° Paris, 1864. RUBLE (Alphonse de).-see Monluc (Blaise de). RUSSELL (John, Earl Russell). An Essay on the History of the English

Government and Constitution, from the reign of Henry VII. to the present time. 8° London, 1865.

SCHARF (George). Recollections of the scenic effects of Covent Garden Theatre during the Season 1838–39. 4° London, 1839.

Catalogue of the Pictures belonging to the Society of Antiquaries. 8° London, 1865. SCOTLAND. Transactions of the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland.

Vol. 1. 4° Edinburgh, 1792. SELWYN (William). Winfrid, afterwards called Boniface, A.D. 680-755.

8° Cambridge, 1864.

SELWYN (William). Waterloo, a Lay of Jubilee, for June, 1815.

Second Edition. 4° London, 1865. SERRADIFALCO (Domenico lo Faso Pietrasanta Duca di). Del Duomo di

Monreale e di altre chiese Siculo-Normane, Ragionamenti tre. fol.

Palermo, 1838. SHAKESPEARE (William), The Works of, [Globe Edition], edited by William George Clark and William Aldis Wright. 12° London,


Pericles, Prince of Tyre, the text from the third Folio Edition, published in 1664 (reprint). fol. London, 1865.

Songs and Sonnets, edited by F. T. Palgrave. 12° London, 1865.

Stray notes on the text of Shakespeare, by Henry Wellesley, D.D. 4° London, 1865. SHIPLEY (Orby). Lyra Messianica : Hymps and Verses on the Life of

Christ, ancient and modern, with other poems. Second Edition. 12°

1865. SIMON (John).-see Green (J. H.). SIMMONDS (Edward).—see Mary, Queen of Scots. SMILES (Samuel). Lives of Boulton and Watt, principally from the

original Soho MSS., comprising also a history of the invention and

introduction of the Steam-Engine. 8° London, 1865. Smith (Archibald).-see Belavenetz. Smith (Joseph).-see Mormon. SMITH (R. Murdoch, and E. A. Porcher). History of the recent dis

coveries at Cyrene, made during an expedition to the Cyrenaica in

1860–61. 4° Loudon, 1864. Smith (R. Payne). The third part of the Ecclesiastical History of John,

Bishop of Ephesus, now first translated from the original Syriac. 8°

Oxford, 1860. SMYTH (W. H.). Sidereal Chromatics; being a reprint with additions

from the "Bedford Cycle of Celestial Objects,” and its “Hartwell Continuation” in the colours of multiple Stars. 8° London, 1864.



ANNALI dell'Instituto di Corrispondenza Archeologica di Roma.

Vol l. to Folio and 8° Roma, 1829.
Bulletino. Vol. 1. to 8° Roma, 1829.

Dublin, 1840. Publications of. Vol. 1 to

4° Dublin, 1841.


1848. Works of. 1848 to folio. London, 1848.

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ARUNDEL Society. Instituted in London, 1848. Engravings

and Publications of the Society. 1848 to

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